Hill’s Cat Food Review

Last Updated July 6, 2020

One thing pet owners need to have on lockdown is the food they feed their little ones. The fact that they are animals does not mean that their taste buds are inhibited. As much as the food is nutritious, it equally needs to be tasty. On these two platforms, Hill’s cat food has got everything covered. Everything from chicken to salmon is used to make sure your pet has the best feeding experience altogether. Anyone looking for a brand to get behind for a highly natural and tasty diet will be impressed with the array of options that Hill’s cat food has to offer.

Hill’s Cat Food Review


Not leading a healthy lifestyle is a doorway for a lot of disadvantages, but it does not necessarily have to be a death sentence. In order to tackle this from an easier viewpoint, Hill’s Science Cat food has introduced a product that ensures that you do not end up with an obese cat. In order to lead a healthier life as a whole, your feline friend needs an extra nudge. Thankfully, Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food is just what the doctor ordered. It is made especially to give your cat just the right amount of energy.

It’s not just that, it also promotes health in a more general sense. It does this by making use of high-quality protein as well as natural fibers. This goes a long way to curb hunger pangs that may occur in between meals. The natural fibers also ensure that your feline friend has a healthy digestive system. In fact, the evidence will be in the litter box seeing as it’ll be a lot easier to clean once your pet is on this diet. Even better is the fact that all the ingredients used are globally known, so it’ll be no mystery as to what is actually going into your pet’s system.

Specially formulated for indoor cats

Combines the finest protein and natural fibers

Recommended by veterinarians

Has anti-oxidant benefits

  • Brand: Hill’s Science Diet
  • Model: 8873
  • Weight: 15.5 pounds


Obesity in cats is a serious issue that could lead to an array of health issues. Thankfully, there are many ways to tackle this, and changing their diet is a go-to option. The success rate of Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food For Weight Management is enough to convince anyone of its viability. More than 70% of cats have experienced weight loss in just 10 weeks of using this food. Anyone looking to get their pet down to a healthy weight is in for a treat with this one. The best part is that its savory chicken flavor brings a lot to the table.

This is an incredibly tasty option that will have even the pickiest eaters looking forward to mealtimes. Only the most natural of ingredients have been put into this blend. At the forefront is an excellent protein source that enriches the life of your pet as a whole. The protein content also goes a long way to ensure that pets are full enough to refrain from eating between meals. All this and more come together to make a wholesome and healthy product.

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It is great for weight management

Contains clinically-proven anti-oxidants

Made with natural ingredients

Offers a wide variety of ingredients

  • Brand: Hill’s Science Diet
  • Model: 2968
  • Weight: 3 pounds


Growing old is inevitable for all living things and it is common knowledge that it can be a tumultuous time. Rather than giving in and going with the motions, a healthy diet can improve your aged pet’s quality of life. The Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food For Senior Cats will buy you a lot more time with your furry little friend. This special formula will give your pet just what he/she needs as they age and best believe that it will be gracefully too.

A combination of high-quality protein and natural fibers are used here to ensure that your pet has it all. The proteins ensure that they take the right portion sizes. There will be no eating between meals or any of those shenanigans here because they will be full enough to get by. Then, the fibers safeguard the health of their digestive systems. The litter box will bear you witness on this front. Altogether, there are an array of ingredients in Hill’s cat food that will elevate your pet’s quality of life altogether. So, if the aim is to have your pet around a lot longer, this is the right route to take.

Formulated to give extra energy

Made from finest proteins

Contains natural fibers

Void of artificial flavors and preservatives

  • Brand: Hill’s Science Diet
  • Model: 8874
  • Weight: 15.5 pounds


Infancy is equally a very important time in any living being’s life. At this stage, if your kitten does not get the right building blocks, then a lot could go wrong. These bundles of energy need a proper energy source that can keep them growing happily. On this front, among others, the Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food For Kittens is a great choice. The research has been done and the work as well, hence this is the perfect option for those early days.

It is actually made with the developmental needs of kittens in mind. For that reason, Hill’s Science diet kitten food is packed with DHA derived from fish oil. This goes a long way to promote eye and brain development. There’s also a solid protein content which helps with the all-around development of muscles. Additionally, there’s a perfect blend of minerals that go a long way to build up strong teeth and bones. With all these and more in the mix, your kitten is sure to have a very healthy and fun first year.

Contains DHA from fish oil

Provides balanced minerals

Made with all-natural ingredients

It’s a great source of protein

  • Brand: Hill’s Science Diet
  • Model: 9391
  • Weight: 7 pounds


One major issue with healthy food is the way it tastes. Sacrificing in terms of taste for quality is a common thing on this front. But that is completely out of the question when it comes to the Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food. The flavors here are incredibly uncharacteristic of a healthy food option. Based on that alone, it’ll have your cat looking forward to mealtimes. This particular formula happens to be packed with high-quality protein as well as oxidants that have been clinically-proven. Even better is the variety that this one food option brings to the table.

There’s a supple combination of roasted chicken and rice that will have even the pickiest eaters coming back for more. Not only is this a healthy choice, but it is incredibly easy to digest, thanks to the array of natural ingredients that go into its production. Your cat will not put on any unnecessary weight while eating this in the right proportions.

The cherry on the top here is the boost that this Hill’s Science Diet Wet cat food gives the immune system. Say goodbye to the days your pet fell victim to one ailment after another. Hill’s cat food is definitely rightfully one of the greats.

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Made with easily digestible ingredients

Contains a blend of important nutrients

Contains antioxidants and Vitamin C+E

Made with natural ingredients

  • Brand: Hill’s Science Diet
  • Model: 10445
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds


For pets with medical issues that require a carefully managed diet, Hill’s have put together their Hill’s Prescription range. And one of the most popular is this urinary care formulation, especially for cats.

If your cat has bladder issues, including bladder or kidney stones, their diet can exacerbate their problems. But with Urinary Care for Cats, you know your kit is in safe hands. This delicious wet formula with chicken has all the vital nutrients your pet needs for optimum health and urine PH levels, whilst carefully managing the minerals that can lead to the formation of urinary stones, including magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. This careful balance can also help to dissolve existing struvite (kidney) stones as well as work to prevent new crystals forming.  Add in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids and you have a tasty recipe for the long-term management of urinary issues in your pet.

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Specially formulated for urinary care

PH and magnesium managed for UTI health

Helps the prevention of bladder and kidney stones

Easy to eat meat pate formula

  • Brand: Hill’s Prescription
  • Weight: 9 pounds


For kits with a sensitive system, Hill’s Prescription Science Digestive Care is a tasty and nutritious way to keep their life in balance. Developed with veterinarians, this dry formula works to improve your cat’s digestive health and stool formulation for a more regular, calmer pet, particularly if they suffer from diarrhea. At the heart of Digestive Care is whole chicken, of no less than 32% with added vitamins and minerals for all-round good health. It does contain corn so be careful if this is a trigger for your cat, but the ingredient list has been designed to be highly digestible to support maximum absorption of its nutrients. It is also high in electrolytes and B vitamins, which may be lost if loose stools are a problem. And added antioxidants help to support your kit’s immune system. At around 396 calories per dry portion, this is a suitable diet for cats of all ages and can really help to bring their healthy digestive system back into play without denying them taste and mealtime satisfaction.

Highly digestible dry formula

Eases the gut and regulates stool formation

Chicken protein: minimum content 38%

Added antioxidants, B vitamins and electrolytes

  • Brand: Hill’s Science
  • Model: 8694
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds

Hill’s Cat Food Buying Guide

This brand as a whole has tapped into the potential of science. After all, there’s no better way to figure out what pets need nutritionally. None of your furry little friends is left behind when it comes to Hill’s Science Cat Food. The Hill’s Science brand itself is marketed by a subsidiary of the Colgate-Palmolive Company known as Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Incorporated. Since 1960, they have scaled the market, producing and providing pet nutrition like no other.

The creator of the original formula was Dr. Mark Morris Sr., he mapped out the correlation between poor health and poor diet in animals. Something that was first sold out of his basement is now dominating the global market seeing as it is available in a total of 86 countries.

Why Choose This Brand?

  • Makes use of high-quality and tasty ingredients

More often than not the taste and flavor of cat food are sacrificed for the quality. One of the numerous things that Hill’s cat food can boast of is an unmatchable flavor. Best believe that this flavor is combined with equally stellar nutritional value. All the food produced by them is made using top-shelf ingredients including salmon, chicken, and lamb. Users can rest assured that their pets are enjoying their food while getting the most out of it for their all-around health.

  • Highly recommended by veterinarians

Who better to put a stamp of approval on food that’s meant for animals than veterinarians? They are armed with everything they need to know about your pet’s health as a whole. For this reason, a lot of professionals have to look closely at all their ingredients in order to deem it fit for pets of different ages and lifestyles. Guess what? Hill’s cat food vitalizes your pet using biology-based nutrition. Vets highly recommended this route. All this is a result of their partnership with renowned vets all over the world.

  • Safety and quality

This is one of those brands that have a strong sense of attention and compassion for animals. In fact, it is well embedded in their origin story that they are very pet-oriented. So, you best believe that it translates into their food. They are committed to delivering quality food for the all-around safety of pets. The ingredients are thoroughly vetted down to their profile and makeup. Even the manufacturing facilities are checked periodically to ensure that everything moves smoothly and the final product is up to standard.

  • Balanced diet

Every pet owner should have this at the top of their list when it comes to finding the right food option. Thankfully, this is another strong point for the Hill’s Science brand as a whole. The proportions and blends themselves are based on avid research which happens to be evidence-based. All this is tailored to your pet’s age, size, lifestyle and so much more. It is almost as if pets get a personalized experience when using this brand.

Cat food in metal bowl

Ingredient Analysis

  • Proteins

Protein is usually the first among Hill Science diet cat food ingredients as a whole. It is even better than the options used here are incredibly tasty and of a high-quality. In this case, ingredients such as chicken, salmon, and lamb. There’s also an array of dairy products that equally contribute to building strong cells in your furry little friend’s body.

  • Fiber

Especially when it comes to indoor or elderly pets, this is an incredibly important ingredient. Fiber is already known as one of those ingredients that are quite filling, for an animal that does not lead an active lifestyle, this could be quite beneficial. Furthermore, this goes a long way to promote weight management and uphold digestive health as a whole. So, even though they are not exercising as much as they should be, these pets should be able to enjoy an obesity-free existence.

  • Fish oil

This is another vital ingredient most especially for fur babies; there is no doubt that they need an extra boost to ensure that they develop properly. Fish oil is a power-packed ingredient as a whole. It contains nutrients that make it a must-have ingredient in most food options for pets. For instance, they are a great source of  Omega -6 and 3 fatty acids which are great when it comes to the well-being of the skin and coat. Equally, they contain vitamin A which promotes good vision while also arming up the immune system.

  • The food itself is tailored to lifestyle, age, and size among other personalized characteristics
  • It is made with only high-quality, well-vetted ingredients that happen to taste great
  • The production process is held to the same standards that food made for humans requires
  • It is a bit on the pricey side
  • In some products, pets have issues with the kibble sizes
  • It is not every cat’s cup of tea, especially in terms of finicky eaters
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