1 Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Dog Supplement

Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium Dog Supplement
Key features:
  • Harvested from some of the purest and cleanest waters in the world
  • Derived from a plant source
  • Flavorless and virtually odorless
  • High digestibility
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Easy to feed

Firstly, we have Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium, which provides calcium derived from a plant source, ensuring bioavailability and purity. It is harvested from the seabeds off Ireland’s southwest coast, some of the purest and cleanest waters globally. Not only does this supplement come from a pure source, but it is also easy to feed your dog. All you need to do is add one teaspoon to each pound of your dog’s home-prepared diet.

The high digestibility of the product means a low amount is required per feed, which makes your money go further, too. The powder is flavorless and virtually odorless, so you shouldn’t experience any resistance from your dog. Not only is this natural calcified red seaweed a great source of calcium, but it also provides zinc, boron, and magnesium.

What others say about it:

Easy to use source of calcium for those of us that make homemade dog food for our pups. Most homemade recipes do not have enough calcium on their own. This supplement makes it easy to make sure they are getting enough. Good size bag and they don’t seem to mind it on their food as it all gets gobbled up.

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2 NaturVet All-In-One Soft Chews Multivitamin For Dogs

NaturVet All-In-One Soft Chews Multivitamin For Dogs
Key features:
  • Four supplements in one
  • Give with each meal
  • Soft chew
  • Supports overall health, joints, skin and coat, and digestion

As you probably gathered from the name of this product, it offers four supplements in one, meaning four times the benefit. NaturVet All-in-One 4-in-1 Support for Dogs provides support for overall health, joints, skin and coat, and digestion. It contains chondroitin, which providers extra support for your dog’s joints, ensuring healthy joint function. It also has a range of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin C and B2, which support overall health. Omegas-3 6 and 9 are included for a healthy and shiny coat and skin, as well as digestive enzymes to support a healthy digestive tract and proper digestion.

This supplement is designed for dogs that are over the age of 12-months. It comes in the form of a soft chew, which is easy for your dog to digest. Dogs up to 30 lbs. should have two soft chews per meal. Give four soft chews to your dog if it weighs between 31 and 50 lbs., give him six soft chews he weighs between and 51 to 75 lbs., and if your dog is over 75 lbs., eight soft chews are ideal. You can divide the chews between AM and PM if you would prefer.

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What others say about it:

my dog is about 8 years old. i’ve been giving her these for about a year now. as she got older she stayed active but noticeably would have joint pains and wouldn’t get up as fast after laying for a while. these worked very noticeably the next day after giving them to her. much more mobile and no pains, checks out just fine at the vet. thats why i keep ordering this, i highly suggest them for the older dogs. i have been giving her these everyday for a year and shes as healthy as ever

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3 UPCO Bone Meal For Dogs

UPCO Bone Meal For Dogs
Key features:
  • Supports proper bone growth in growing animals
  • Completely natural
  • Easy-to-use
  • Can also be given to cats

Upco Bone Meal Steamed Bag Supplement is easy-to-use and completely natural. It promotes proper bone growth in growing dogs, as well as proper development of offspring. Not only does it offer a natural source of calcium, but also it contains phosphorus and other essential minerals that are necessary for fast growing puppies. It is a concentrated source, which is designed to be fed as a supplement to your dog’s regular diet.

It can also be given to cats. The product is brown, which is because it is natural and has not been bleached. Also, most customers have remarked that their dogs have enjoyed the taste of this product, which is always a big plus for pet owners, as it means you won’t have a struggle on your hands when getting your dog to consume the Upco Bone Meal Steamed Bag Supplement.

What others say about it:

I have been making homemade dog food for my two mini aussies, I add whatever boneless chicken is cheap(thighs or breast), and any low in fat sale meat, liver, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, brown rice, a little blueberries, fish oil, a vitamin powder supplement for dogs and this Bone meal .

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4 PetAg Sure Grow 100 Tablet Multivitamin For Puppies

PetAg Sure Grow 100 Tablet Multivitamin For Puppies
Key features:
  • Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin supplement
  • Fast absorbing
  • Fast results
  • Delicious flavour that dogs love
  • Exclusive and unique formulation

Next we have Sure Grow tablets, which are calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin supplements. These tablets are designed to promote optimal tendon, ligament, and bone development in puppies. The formulation is exclusive and unique, containing vitamin A and D, as well as phosphorus and calcium. The product is made in the USA, and it features a delicious flavour that dogs love. Sure Grow tablets promise fast results because they are fast absorbing. You can either mix the tablet wit food or you can feed it to your dog on its own.

How much you give your dog will depend on how much he weighs. If your dog weighs between five and 15 lbs., you should give him half a tablet twice per day. If your dog weighs between 16 and 30 lbs., give him one tablet twice per day. You should then give your dog one and a half tablets twice per day if your dog weighs between 31 and 60 lbs., and two tablets twice per day if your dog weighs between 61 and 100 lbs. This product can be especially beneficial for dogs that have poor ligament growth, rickets, lowered pasterns, bandy legging, cow hocking, and hip dysplasia. It is also recommended for lactating and pregnant bitches.

What others say about it:

This was recommended by my breeder as a supplement for our new puppy. She’s growing well and evenly, no odd growth spurts. Very healthy and seems to love these. She eats them right up like treats.

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5 Nutrition Strength Calcium Phosphorus Supplement

Nutrition Strength Calcium Phosphorus Supplement
Key features:
  • 365-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.
  • Chewable tablets for easy administering.
  • Human-grade non-GMO tablets.
  • Helps to stimulate hormone secretion.
  • Supports healthy bone development.
  • Strengthens the nervous system.

Specifically designed for growing puppies, to assistant in healthy, strong bone development. Nutrition Strength has formulated easy-to-administer tasty calcium chews that your pooch will love to chomp down on. Not only do the Nutrition Strength Calcium Phosphorus chews assist in bone development, however. Like any good supplement, they also work to strengthen the nervous system, to protect your pup as they grow and explore the world around them. With the human-grade, non-GMO ingredients, these chews guarantee your four-legged friend is getting the very best; and if you’re not happy with the results Nutrition Strength offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Whilst they have been formulated with growing puppies in mind, these calcium supplements are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. In fact, they are particularly helpful for nursing mothers, as they help to stimulate hormone secretion and strengthen their bones and teeth, as breastfeeding can take its toll on a mother’s ability to properly absorb minerals for herself.

What others say about it:

I am using this as an additive for my GS puppy, she is on a raw foods’ diet. Her
ears are getting stronger and she is growing before my eyes. Thank you for such
a good supplement.

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6 American Pet Botanicals Seaweed Calcium For Dogs

American Pet Botanicals Seaweed Calcium For Dogs
Key features:
  • 100% wild harvested Icelandic calcareous marine algae
  • Supports bone, teeth and nail health
  • Promotes heart, nerve and kidney health
  • FDA GRAS approved, EU Health certified
  • Plant-based, highly bio-available finely milled powder

Looking for high-quality, bio-available, plant-based calcium supplement for your dog? Nature’s Best Seaweed Calcium for Pets checks all the right boxes. This bundle includes two 14-oz jars full of beneficial nutrients for pets, including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, iodine and 72 other trace marine minerals. The ingredients are 100% wild harvested Icelandic calcareous marine algae, so the product is vegan and of excellent quality. Nature’s Best Seaweed Calcium is also EU Health Certified and FDA GRAS approved, so maximum quality is ensured.

Completely natural, this supplement will help your pup build strong bones, teeth and nails, and will also promote heart health by supporting proper contractions in the heart muscle. The supplement is also great for nerve, skin and coat health, making it ideal for pets who eat solely or mostly homecooked meals. To administer it, add one teaspoon for every 1.5 pounds of home prepared food – mix a little, and voila – your pet probably won’t even notice the supplement is there.

What others say about it:

I started making my dog homemade dog food. This supplement is easy to add and adds the extra nutrients. He loves the food and eats it up quickly. Would purchase again and recommend to anyone making homemade dog food

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7 Vitality Science Calcium Supplements For Dogs

Vitality Science Calcium Supplements For Dogs
Key features:
  • Seaweed harvested from the seabed from southwest Ireland
  • 100% natural, plant-based
  • Supports bone and joint health
  • Promotes healthy digestion, helps with mild to chronic diarrhea
  • Finely milled powder, made in the USA

Made from Lithothamnium calcareum, or red algae of the Corallinacea family, the Vitality Science’s Lithothamnium Calcium Supplement for Dogs is 100% natural and safe. Containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc and other minerals, it promotes strong bones and healthy joints in both dogs and cats. The supplement is also beneficial for pets suffering from mild to chronic diarrhea as it’s very absorbent and able to dry liquid stools fast. Importantly, it’s free from any fillers and flowing agents so it’s perfectly safe even for sensitive dogs and cats.

The Lithothamnium Calcium supplement is made in the USA and formulated in small batches, so freshness is always guaranteed. It comes in a 5.3 oz jar or 150 g which is plenty of product. To use it, you should sprinkle it on your pet’s normal food (commercial dry or wet or homemade) once or twice a day. The recommended dosage is ¼ of a teaspoon for each 20 pounds of animal.

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How to Choose the Best Calcium Supplements for Dogs

What are Calcium Supplements?

Cute fluffy jack russel dog laying on floor by bowl and jar for supplements kitchen interior panorama with copy space

Calcium supplements are available for your dog in tablet, powder, and liquid form. They provide an extra dose of calcium for dogs that are deficient or require it for health reasons. Simply adding calcium supplements to your dog’s diet is not the norm. However, there may be cases whereby it is necessary. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is talk to your vet, and they will be able to advise further.

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Why is Calcium Important for Dogs?

Man's hand giving cute small black and white dog medicine

It helps with…

Cell signaling
Muscle contraction
Nerve impulse transmission
Blood coagulation
Formation of teeth and bones

What are the Signs of a Calcium Deficiency?

If your dog does not get enough calcium, it can suffer from major skeletal abnormalities. This is because of a significant decrease in bone mineral content.

Does Your Dog Need a Calcium Supplement?

Owner giving medicine in a pill to his sick dog

There are several different ways that your dog can get calcium. This includes calcium supplements, whole foods, and enriched dog foods. We will reveal the best natural food sources of calcium for your dog below. In terms of enriched dog food, you can buy dog food that contains the recommended calcium dosage per day to ensure your dog gets the nutrients it needs this way. Of course, the other option is to give your dog a calcium supplement. Your dog does not need a calcium supplement, but it does need calcium, so it is up to you how you decide to make sure your dog gets this in their diet.

The best thing to do is consult with your vet. In most cases, supplements are best suited for dogs with a calcium deficiency in their diet and those with certain conditions. There are several situations whereby calcium deficiencies arise. Some dogs become deficient in calcium during lactation or pregnancy. Moreover, if your dog is on a raw food or homemade diet, there is a chance that he will not be getting enough calcium.

What Quantity of Calcium Does Your Dog Need per Day?

essential element and minerals for humans doctor recommends taking calcium

A dog’s recommended dose of calcium per day is 1 gram per average. This is according to the National Research Council, a National Academy of Sciences division. Nevertheless, this is just a general guideline, as several factors influence how much calcium your dog requires. This includes the likes of condition, genetics, age, and breed. This is why it is wise to consult closely with a vet to determine how much calcium your dog should be getting. Your vet will be able to ensure that your dog has a diet customized for his needs while being nutritionally balanced. The National Research Council has stated for healthy adult dogs, you can calculate the right amount of calcium by giving your dog around 50 mg per kilogram of body weight.

Are Calcium Supplements for Dogs Safe?

hand in gloves holding pills and close-up medicine and medications that are important in dogs

Calcium supplements are safe so long as they are given to dogs sensibly. If you give your dog the recommended amount as instructed by your vet, then the calcium supplements will not have an adverse impact. However, giving your dog too much calcium can create an imbalance or an overdose, which can be just as damaging as your dog not having enough calcium. If you look at a packet of calcium supplements, you will see that most have upward of 500 mg of calcium per tablet. This will become excessive over time if you regularly give it to an animal without a calcium deficiency. This is why you must ensure you give your dog the right dosage. If you give your dog too much calcium, they could suffer some of the following side effects; kidney failure, kidney stones, upset stomach, vomiting, and nausea. If you continue to give your dog too much calcium for an extended period, this can result in hypercalcemia. This is the medical term for elevated calcium levels in dogs.

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What are Natural Sources of Calcium for Dogs?

Calcium Rich Foods for Healthy diet eating and For Immune Boostig

Dogs have many natural sources of calcium, which you can include as part of their diet instead of giving them calcium supplements. This includes a variety of whole foods, including dairy products, like cheese and yogurt. Nevertheless, you should ensure that your fluffy friend is not intolerant to lactose, as dairy can result in sensitivities in certain dogs. Other natural sources of calcium include fish, salmon, and tuna being particularly rich in calcium, beans, spinach, broccoli, other legumes, and vegetables. Another natural calcium-rich food is ground-up eggshells which give this to your dog. Eggshells contain 50 mg of calcium per 3.50 oz. Yogurt contains 450 mg per 8 oz., cheese contains 204 mg per one oz., broccoli contains 40 mg per 3.5 oz., salmon has 10 mg per 3 oz., and finally, spinach contains 245 mg per 8 oz. this should give you a good idea regarding how much calcium your dog will get based on what you serve them.

Hopefully, you now better understand the importance of calcium in your dog’s diet and whether or not calcium supplements are the best source for this. If so, make sure you try one of the fixed calcium supplements that have been presented for the best results.


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