The Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs (Review) in 2021

Last Updated April 13, 2020

It is not surprising that cranberry supplements are recommended by veterinarians to augment the antibiotic treatment for dogs suffering from urinary tract infections. However, it is crucial that only cranberry supplements specifically formulated for dogs should be used. And if you have a pet that is in need of cranberry supplementation, we’ve got your back. Our list of the 5 best cranberry supplements for dogs should help you feel more confident about returning your pet’s urinary functioning to the fullest.

The Best Cranberry Supplements For Dogs


Zesty Paws’ Cranberry Treats is one of the most popular brands of cranberry supplements for dogs because of its unique formulation of all-natural ingredients using a proprietary technology known as Bio-Shield to lock-in all the health-giving and urinary tract-protecting benefits of its Cran-Max formulation.

Each soft chew of the Zesty Paws provides 14 milligrams of proanthocyanidins as well as other ingredients that are intended primarily to boost immune system functioning, aid in the removal of bacteria and toxins from the urinary tracts of dogs especially the bladder, and promote optimum health of the dog’s urinary system. And since it comes in smaller, super-soft, and chicken liver-flavored chews, administration is quite easy.

Contains 200 mg of cranberry extract per soft chew

Provides 14 mg of proanthocyanidins per soft chew

Contains organic marshmallow root, astragalus, licorice, d-mannose, and nettle seed

Cran-Max concentrate and Bio-Shield technology

Comes in chicken liver flavor

Manufactured in cGMP- and NSF- compliant and FDA-registered facilities

  • Brand: Zesty Paws
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces


True to the philosophy of Nutramax, their single-ingredient Crananidin Pet Supplement only contains pure cranberry extract, delivering 16 mg of proanthocyanidins per chewable tablet. This is quite remarkable since Crananidin only contains 93 mg of cranberry extract per chewable tablet compared to Zesty Paws’ 200 mg per soft chews yet Crananidin contains more of the active ingredient proanthocyanidins (Zesty Paws only contains 14 mg per soft chews).

Crananidin gives your pet better protection against bacterial adhesions on the inner walls of the urinary tract. The tablets are scored, too so dividing it in half is not a problem.

Contains 93 mg of cranberry extract per chewable tablet

Delivers 16 mg of proanthocyanidins per chewable tablet

Scored tablet preparation for easier halving

  • Brand: Nutramax Laboratories
  • Model: 01-1100-01
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


What separates the Cranberry Chews for Dogs of Amazing Nutritionals is that it only includes two active ingredients in each chewable tablet. Unlike other products that come with other nutraceuticals, Amazing Nutritionals only come with 150 mg of cranberry extract plus apple cider vinegar in each chewable tablet.

Everyone knows what apple cider vinegar can do especially in the acidification of urine and the different structures of the urinary tract. This can help augment the urinary tract health-giving benefits of cranberries. It’s also excellent for controlling pain and inflammation especially after antibiotic therapy for canine urinary tract infections. The bacon and liver flavor formulation is also a welcome change to the more conventional chicken flavor.

Contains 150 mg of cranberry extract per chewable tablet

Added with apple cider vinegar

Comes in bacon and liver flavor

Comes with 28-day 100% money-back guarantee

Manufactured in cGMP-compliant facility

  • Brand: Amazing Nutritionals
  • Model: AN-Cranberry-01-Single
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


It is disheartening to see your pet in pain and discomfort that is mostly due to digestive and urinary issues. Not to worry, as we have the best solution as far as these dog-related urinary problems go. Newly introduced is the Max cranberry pills for dogs. It’s a cranberry supplement made to ease digestive pain as well as maintain urinary tract health. Administration of these cranberry chews are easy and your dog will love them as they make great complimentary treats as well as save unnecessary trips to the vet. Along with preventing urinary tract infections, they also eliminate pain, resolve digestive issues and serve effectively as antibiotics. Also working as antibiotics, your dog is further protected from bacteria causing infections. They are, without doubt, one of the best cranberry supplement for dogs.

Eliminate urinary tract infection in dogs

Made as a supplementary antibiotics

Aid in digestive related issues

Serve as complementary chewable treats

Great pain relief for crumps

Protection against bacteria causing infections

Very edible with its delicious cranberry taste

Very affordable

  • Brand: Mighty Petz
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Pala-Tech’s Cranberry Plus has almost the same formulation as the Cranberry Relief of NaturVet. The only difference is that Cranberry Plus comes in a scored chewable tablet form for an even easier administration. It also comes with 210 mg of cranberry extract, although there is no indication as to the exact amounts of proanthocyanidins per chewable tablet.

The cranberry extract is beefed up with the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-boosting properties of vitamin C (in the form of sodium ascorbate), echinacea, and Oregon grape root. It also comes in chicken liver flavor so your dog will have no issues munching on it like a treat.

Contains 210 mg of cranberry extract per chewable tablet

Enriched with Oregon grape root, vitamin C, and Echinacea

Comes in chicken liver flavor chewable tablet form

Scored tablet form for easier cutting

  • Brand: Pala Tech
  • Model: 034507
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


Cranberry Relief provides not only one of the highest concentrations of cranberry extracts in this list at 210 mg per powdered scoop. Unfortunately, there is no information as to the actual amount of proanthocyanidins present in each serving size. It also comes with vitamin C, Oregon grape root, and echinacea, all of which contribute to improved urinary tract health, reduced inflammation, and enhanced immune system functioning.

Because it comes in powdered form, it can be easily mixed with your dog’s food and be used on dogs as young as 6 weeks old. However, some folks simply don’t like powdered formulations since there is a tendency that the dog will not eat all of its food resulting in under-dosing and wasting of the supplement. Nevertheless, Cranberry Relief is still an excellent choice for preventing urinary tract infections in dogs.

Contains 210 mg of cranberry extract per scoop

Enriched with Echinacea, vitamin C, and Oregon grape root

Can be given to dogs at least 6 weeks old

Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee

Manufactured in cGMP-compliant and FDA-audited facility

  • Brand: NaturVet
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


Another best cranberry supplement for dogs is Dr. Mercola’s Bladder Support. This is another must-have for the prevention of urinary tract infections. It alleviates pain and reduces the risk of frequent urination in both cats and dogs. Bladder support has wonderful benefits to digestive health, particularly in ailing dogs. These cranberry extracts are gluten-free with no genetically modified organisms and the ingredients are natural with no synthetic additives. Buying this product also reduces the risk of incurring negative side effects for your pet as they are gluten-free, soy-free and come highly recommended.

Alleviate pain in urination

Gluten and soy-free

Eliminate urinary tract infections in pets

Does not contain genetically modified organisms

Accessible and affordable

For general use by both felines and canines

No negative side effects

Promote good digestive health

  • Brand: Dr. Mercola
  • Weight: 12 ounces


For inflammation of the lower urinary tract in dogs, bacteria play the most important role. They sit on the skin in the vicinity of the genitals and can ascend via the urethra into the bladder (so-called ascending infections). To eliminate them, the Potassium Citrate Cranberry Granules will come in handy. Formulated for felines and canines, these supplements work effectively in the eradication of urinary tract infections. no doubt, cranberry extract has shown to also enhance urinary health and especially contains Potassium Citrate which prevents the formulation of calcium oxalate stones in the bladder. This essentially leads to free urine flow.

In addition to the above, this supplement also contains certain essential fatty acids for a healthier coat and rejuvenation from the inside out. For administration, it can be mixed with water or added to foods for use. All in all, this is a great supplement that has been made with care for maximum clinical benefits and is a wonderful choice for bladder support. When used regularly, surgical treatment for bladder stones is no longer necessary.

Granules formula, powdery for easy use

Potassium citrate to prevent the formation of bladder stones

Helps to eradicate UTI in pets

General use by both cats and dogs

Essential fatty acids for shiny fur and hair coats

Edible natural chicken flavor

Affordable and convenient packaging

No need for surgical procedures.

  • Brand: Pala Tech
  • Model: 70030
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Looking for a natural remedy to cure UTI in dogs? The Bestlife for pets dog UTI and bladder support is recommended. Made with effective herbs, this product cures UTI in dogs and maintain a healthy bladder. Users do not have to worry about dog leaks and other kidney related issues.

Kidney stones becomes  a thing of the past. Painful urination is eliminated with the product. The natural plants extract in the product detoxifies and cleans the entire system of pets. We are talking about the urethra, bladder, kidney, lungs, heart, liver for optimum health.

As an all natural extract, it is without any side effects. Suitable for young and old dogs to protect against bladder infections. Painful urination, kidney stones and failure are prevented. Add prescribed amount of this product to your dog’s food or water and watch it work. Highly recommended cranberry supplement for dogs only.

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All natural extract supplement

Designed for use by all types of dogs

Eliminates painful urination

No side effects

Serves as a great detox for dogs.


Prevention of kidney failure and stones

Cures bladder stones

  • Brand: BestLife4Pets
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces


UTI’s can also be caused by urinary crystals or stones. The crystals or stones irritate the mucous membrane of the bladder and urethra, thus disturbing their defense mechanisms. Changes in the anatomical structures of the urinary tract can then lead to inflammation. For eradication, this all-natural cranberry supplement has been specially designed for both dogs and cats and comes in highly recommended. Use it for the treatment of urine retention, and incontinence to maintain a normal PH in your pet.

D-Mannose is highly effective in defending the urinary tract lining and aiding with digestion which leads to inflammation relief and encouragement of healthy urine flow. Your pet’s immune function and digestive system will get a major boost. And that’s not all – it’s also a great source of vitamin C which offers powerful free-radical protection. As for its taste, the strong chicken flavor is irresistible and the solution can be mixed into food and water.

Wonderful chicken liver flavor

A great source of antioxidant and vitamin c

Aids digestion and bowel cleansing


General use for both cats and dogs

Safe use for pregnant pets

Kidney protection

Eliminates UTI’s in pets.

  • Brand: Pet Health Pharma
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces

Best Cranberry Supplements Buying Guide

Cranberry supplements are usually given to dogs that have urinary tract infections because cranberry contains a certain substance that helps prevent the adhesion of bacteria on the inner surface of the walls of the urinary tract. More than this, however, it provides other benefits, too. Like other pet products, not all cranberry supplements for dogs are the same. That’s why you need to know how to pick the right one.

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What Makes Cranberries So Healthy?

There are many reasons why cranberries can be very healthy for both you and your pet. First of all, cranberries contain more than 2 dozen phytonutrients that give this berry its amazing antioxidant properties. It is through the presence of these phytonutrients that cranberries can also help reduce the levels of triglycerides and sugar in the blood while also reducing the accumulation of fat in the dog’s body.

These berries are also known to contain a class of polyphenol known as proanthocyanidin. This substance is believed to play a role in preventing the adhesion or attachment of bacteria, toxins, and other harmful substances on the epithelial lining of the inner wall of the urinary tract from the ureters to the bladder and the urethra. Interestingly, apples especially Granny Smith and Red Delicious varieties actually contain more proanthocyanidins than cranberries or any other food, with the exception of cocoa beans.

In addition to proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins, cranberries also contain ellagic acid which some experts believe can cause cancer cell death. It is also low in calories at only 46 calories per cup and contains as much as 87% water so there’s no risk of developing obesity in your pet.

Cranberries are also rich in Vitamins C, E, and K as well as the minerals manganese and copper for better all-around health, better blood clotting, and improved immune system functioning. These also have an excellent ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for better anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects.

Benefits of Cranberry Supplements for Dogs

Aside from the fact that cranberry supplements for dogs are primarily indicated in the prevention of urinary tract infections, the promotion of optimum urinary tract health, and as an adjunct to the treatment of urinary tract infections in dogs, these are not the only benefits that cranberry supplements can provide for our dogs. Because of the very nature of proanthocyanidins and the other nutrients found in cranberries, you can expect the following benefits, too.

  • Help Prevent the Build-up of Plaque on Your Dog’s Teeth

Dental plaques are produced by bacteria present in the dog’s oral cavity. These microorganisms leave a very thin biofilm on the surface of the teeth to help shield them from being removed. Since cranberries have antimicrobial properties, together with an improvement in immune system functioning, there is a reduction in the number of bacteria in the dog’s mouth. While it helps, cranberry supplements are not substitutes for good dog toothpaste, dog toothbrush, and vet dental visit.

  • Slow Down the Decline in Canine Cognitive Functioning

This is related to the antioxidant properties of cranberries. Dogs that are already in their senior years may already show signs of cognitive decline such as poor memory and loss of coordination or balance. While cranberries do not treat these conditions, at the very least it can lessen the impact of such symptoms.

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  • Prevent Macular Degeneration

The antioxidant properties of cranberries can also help in the prevention of canine eye diseases such as macular degeneration. This can help reduce the risk of blindness in your dog.

  • Improve the Functioning of the Heart and Blood Vessels

The polyphenols, flavonoids, and antioxidants present in cranberries provide better functioning of the blood vessels as well as the heart. These substances help relax blood vessels leading to a reduction in blood pressure which, in turn, helps relieve pressure in the heart.

Can Cranberry Supplements Help in Treating Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs?

While it is true that cranberries can help dogs with UTI by preventing the adhesion of certain types of bacteria on the wall of the urinary tract, it should be understood that it is not a treatment for canine UTI.

In order for a substance to be considered as treatment, it should be backed by solid scientific evidence. It should also be classified as such by a regulatory body. Considering that cranberry supplements do have scientific evidence supporting their claim, the absence of the second requirement prevents it from being classified as a treatment. As we have said in our other articles, supplements are not considered as therapeutic agents or as treatments by the FDA for the simple fact that there is no rigorous testing involved in its classification. Supplements are also not subjected to very strict regulations.

That being said, if you’re thinking of cranberry supplements as treatment for canine urinary tract infections, then you’re grossly misinformed. Only antibiotics can kill the causative organism that produces the infection. Furthermore, the scientific studies showing the benefits of cranberries only point to its effectiveness in preventing the adhesion of Escherichia coli only. As such, there is a question as to how effective it will be if the UTI is caused by a different kind of bacteria.

However, cranberry supplements can be used to support the ongoing treatment of canine UTI. While antibiotics kill the microorganisms causing the UTI, cranberry supplements can help prevent the adhesion of these microorganisms so that they are more effectively killed by the antibiotics.

Possible Risks of Trying Cranberry for Your Pet’s UTI

Generally, cranberries should be safe for your pet unless it has a rather very sensitive stomach. However, cranberries contain a lot of substances that can have serious effects on certain types of dogs. Here are some of the possible substances that cranberries contain and why these can be risky for your pet.

Oxalates: Cranberries actually contain what are called oxalates. The problem with these substances is that they usually form into crystals or stones. If you have a pet that is at an increased risk for developing kidney stones, then you might want to refrain from giving your pet cranberry supplements as this will only increase the chances of forming renal stones.

Vitamin C: We all know the many health benefits of vitamin C. Unfortunately, vitamin C also increases the risk of calcium oxalate stone formation. When vitamin C is metabolized in the liver, oxalates are formed. We already mentioned above that oxalates can increase the risk of developing kidney stones in dogs. So you may be helping your dog get rid of its UTI but you are also increasing its risk for kidney stones.

Cranberry supplements can help your dog get through its urinary tract infection a lot better especially when used in conjunction with antibiotics. Its benefits are not only limited to the dog’s urinary system, however, as cranberries can also have benefits on the immune system, the cardiovascular system, the teeth, the eyes, and cognitive functioning. Do take note, however, that cranberries also contain other substances that may be risky for your pet. So, before you give your pet any supplement make sure you talk with your vet first.

Q: What dose is best for my dog?

A: Most illnesses come with specific treatment. The right dose can be recommended by your local vet. If one is not available, check out the detailed instructions on the medication you purchased.

Q: Can I feed my dog fresh cranberries?

A: Yes, dogs are general food consumers who would eat up to everything being fed to them. With allergies into consideration, if your dog isn’t allergic to cranberries then you can feed it.

Q: Can I give my dog cranberry juice for a urinary tract infection?

A: No you can’t. For a urinary tract infection, your dog will require much more than cranberry juice. Although very healthy it’s not the remedy for UTI. Instead of juice, a cranberry supplement for dogs is the answer.


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