Breakaway collars can be the difference between life and death for some dogs. Replacing your dog's collar with a breakaway collar helps to protect your dog's neck against injury, strangulation, and entanglement. These quick-release collars work by having a safety release buckle that can be easily accessed in case of emergencies. So if you have a particularly boisterous pup with a tendency to get into trouble, you might want to take a look at our list of the best breakaway dog collars on the market today, along with some friendly advice that might help you narrow down your options.

The 10 Top Rated Breakaway Dog Collars

Bottom Line
Kruz Pet
S, M, L, XL
Available in 4 sizes, has reflective stitching
Not available in a size XS
Though not his is a durable collar ideal for large dogs owing to the sturdy construction and reflective elements.
P, S, M, L, XL
Simple durable construction, designed to prevent strangling
No reflective element, Red color is closer to pink
This is a simple collar that is excellent for dogs that don’t have a habit of pulling too hard.
9-14”, 9-16”, 12-19”, 14-23”
Available in multiple fun patterns, smart ID tag included
The band is only 1 inch wide maximum
A beautiful selection of collars with the bonus of a smart tag. But the 1” band may be too narrow.
10 patterns to choose from, comfortable leather material
10 patterns to choose from, comfortable leather material
Only three size options are available
Though these collars can be a bit bulky for small dogs, they are adorable and comfortably made.
XS, S, M, L, XL
Available in four color options, easy quick-release buckle
Not suitable for chewers due to rhinestones
An extremely fun design for little dogs, but should not be worn by puppies that could chew off the rhinestones.
XS, S, M, L
Six design options, made from durable polyester fabric
Requires regular cleaning to keep design clear
Unfortunately unavailable for large dogs, these collars are safe, durable, and fun to look at.
S, M, L
Comes in packs of 2, bell helps to keep track of dog’s whereabouts
Only three size options are available
These collars are whimsically designed and beautiful with a clear, easily accessible quick-release buckle.
The thick comfortable fabric used, strong quick release buckle
Only for small and tiny breeds
The clear quick-release button on this collar makes it especially safe in emergencies, and the pattern is an added bonus.
S, M
The collar is released by an easily accessible button, comes in a pack of 12
Only suitable for puppies
These are puppy-only color-coded collars ideal for new litters to help owners keep track of each of the babies.
Love Dream
S, M, L
Soft fabric doesn’t cause any chaffing, the bows add cuteness
Can pull on the hairs on long-furred dogs
Adorable collars are made from a soft material that is better suited to less lively dogs as they are not as durable as nylon.

1 Kruz PET KZV006 Reflective Dog Collar

Kruz PET KZV006 Reflective Dog Collar
Key features:
  • Available in four sizes and colors
  • Made from heavy-duty nylon material
  • Reflective stitching for low light conditions
  • 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Adjustable for a better fit

The Kruz reflective breakaway collar is a great fit for particularly large and strong dogs that have a habit of pulling on the lead. The use of super-strong nylon as the core material for construction means this collar can take a beating when it comes to high-energy activities and regular walks. Available in four colors and four sizes, this collar is suitable for a wide range of dog breeds.

Furthermore, the breakaway buckle is carefully placed at the front of the collar and supported by the nylon strap. Should your dog manage to open the clasp (which is intentionally is a position that is difficult for a dog to get to), the collar will expand outwards, but not come away completely. This means the Kruz break-away collars make excellent choices as training collars, thanks to the added security and reduced likelihood of your dog escaping its collar completely.

  • Reflective stitching is great for walking at the side of the ride
  • Durable material is ideal for large breed dogs
  • Not available for extra small dogs due to lack of the XS size option
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2 Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar

Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar
Key features:
  • Available in five size options
  • Three color options for personalization
  • Includes quick auto-release breakaway design
  • Can be used with a leash for daily walks
  • Available in for color options

This Petsafe Keepsafe break-away collar is designed with a clever auto-release catch that will be triggered with enough pressure from your dog to help them in an emergency if you’re unable to reach them yourself. This makes it an excellent choice for owners that need to keep the dog tethered in the garden at certain times, as they will be able to play safely without you having to worry about them getting caught up in the tether whilst you’re not looking.

Like many breakaway collars, this collar also includes an easily accessible and reusable buckle, so you won’t have to worry about replacing the collar once it has been used. However, it is advised that you check the clasp and buckle on a regular basis to ensure everything is working properly. This is a collar made from nylon, meaning it has high tensile strength and can withstand daily wear and tear. Nylon is also quick and easy to clean, making it a low-maintenance collar for your pup.

  • Simple construction great for breakaway collar newcomer
  • The two D rings included in the design provide added security
  • Not strong enough to be used with dogs that pull a lot
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3 WAUDOG Adjustable Nylon Breakaway Dog Collars

WAUDOG Adjustable Nylon Breakaway Dog Collars
Key features:
  • Available in four size options
  • Smart ID tag included
  • Comes in seven varied designs
  • Made using fade-proof smooth nylon material
  • The plastic buckle has a quick-release button

Immediately eye-catching and fantastically whimsical! The WAUDOG breakaway collars certainly catch the eye in the most fun way possible, with brightly colored designs ranging from avocados and unicorns to comic books and spacemen. Each design is printed in highly durable and comfortable smooth nylon. This choice of material also means the collar will not typically fade in a normal wash cycle (though avoid using a hot was where possible).

Not only is this collar a fun design, but it’s also a smart ID collar, with a smart ID tag included, that can be programmed using an app on your phone. A smart tag uses a QR code for people to scan in order to find out details about the dog and how to contact the owner. Furthermore, the durable plastic release buckle has a clear, accessible blue button for rapid release in an emergency.

  • The quick-release button is brightly colored and easy to find.
  • The smart ID tag is quick and easy for people to use.
  • The band only goes between 3/5-1″ wide.
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4 Pipidog Adjustable Bowtie Leather Breakaway Collars

Pipidog Adjustable Bowtie Leather Breakaway Collars
Key features:
  • Available in ten pattern options
  • Available in three size options
  • Adjustable strap for a better fit
  • Stainless steel D rings for ID attachment
  • Removable bow detail attached by elastic

The Pipidog break-away collar is the perfect way to get your pup to stand out from other dogs at the dog park. The adorable bowtie detail adds some individuality to your dog’s getup. Furthermore, the collar itself is made using printing denim over soft, durable leather and the bowtie itself can be removed and swapped for other designs or accessories thanks to its elastic backing.

The use of soft denim makes this an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive necks, or especially thin fur that may not protect them against chaffing (which can quite often be seen with nylon). However, this is not recommended for dogs that like to chew because the material is not durable enough to withstand heavy chewing and the bow could be easily destroyed.

  • Soft leather material is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin
  • The company offers a full refund for any problems
  • The soft material is not made to endure heavy chewing
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5 Mummimi Blingbling Rhinestone Quick-Release Collar

Mummimi Blingbling Rhinestone Quick-Release Collar
Key features:
  • Available in five size options
  • Soft microfiber leather material
  • Multicolored rhinestone decoration
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee included
  • Available in four color options

The Mummimi break-away collar is a great way for dog owners to give their pooch a little more character than a regular collar. The bright sparkling rhinestones will shine through any thickness of fur, thanks to the way they catch the lights. Additionally, unlike other decorative breakaway dog collars, this one is actually made with small dogs AND large breeds in mind, as it is available in five size options – something most collar manufacturers don’t think to do with collars such as these.

The easy-to-reach quick-release plastic buckle makes this collar easy to get on and quick to remove to prevent accidents from happening and keep your dog safe. The leash clip D-ring on this collar is made using durable metal, whilst the collar itself is made from soft, lightweight microfiber to prevent discomfort. Though, for this reason, we would not recommend this collar for large boisterous dogs as it’s not designed to withstand heavy pulling or destructive behavior.

  • The quick-release buckle is easy to use in urgent situations
  • The rhinestones are reflective and stand out
  • Rhinestones will not withstand destructive behavior
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6 ZEE.DOG Adjustable Dog Collars

ZEE.DOG Adjustable Dog Collars
Key features:
  • Available in six pattern options
  • Made of soft polyester material
  • Fully adjustable for a better fit
  • Strong plastic quick-release buckle clip
  • Available in four size options

ZEE.DOG dog collars have a proven track record as high-quality and trustworthy for owners of a wide range of dogs. The durable, yet comfortable material used in this design means it can be worn by larger breeds that are more likely to pull, as the fabric is not only fashionable but capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. The extra-strong large breakaway clip is designed to allow dogs to apply pressure to it without popping open but can be easily released in a time of emergency.

Additionally, the buckle has been designed to contrast the collar both in color and width, so even if your dog has got a long coat, you should be able to at least feel out the buckle easily if you’re unable to spot it amidst the fur. It has been placed close to the leash clip D-ring so that dog owners can find it quickly owing to its position. This is a great collar for large and small dogs alike, though it does require regular cleaning, as polyester can pick up dirt quite easily.

  • The range of patterns is a fun way to personalize your dog’s style
  • The release clip is large and obvious, making it easily accessible
  • Polyester can become dirty quite easily and need regular cleaning
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7 Faleela Breakaway Dog Collar with Bells

Faleela Breakaway Dog Collar with Bells
Key features:
  • Available in three size options
  • Comes in multi-packs of two
  • Four color combinations are available
  • Durable plastic quick-release buckle
  • Fully adjustable for a better fit

Faleela’s breakaway dog collar is designed to help your dog stand out from other dogs with an adorable collar that features a large decorative flower for a bit of extra flair. Not only does this flower serve as a beautiful addition to what is already a lovely patterned collar, but it also sits in close proximity to the quick-release buckle, making it easy to locate quickly at a glance in an urgent situation.

Just like other patterned fabric collars, the Faleela designs can pick up grime easily, as they’re made from soft polyester material. Though they can be machine washed, it’s recommended that you let them dry naturally so as not to destroy the flower. These collars also come in multipacks of two, meaning whilst one is being washed, you have a backup, so your dog never has to go without. The only downside is that they have a limited size range, so especially small dogs and extra-large breeds won’t be able to have them.

  • The flower detail is bold and great for both long and short fur
  • The release buckle is easy to find because of its color and position
  • This collar only has a limited size range available
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8 PetsHome Patterened Safety Release Dog Collar

PetsHome Patterened Safety Release Dog Collar
Key features:
  • Available for small and x-small dogs
  • Button-triggered quick-release buckle
  • Adjustable strap for a better fit
  • Made from durable nylon fabric
  • Available in three pattern options

PetsatHome is a well-established provider of pet supplies and is trusted to provide quality and reassurance for its customers. The PetsatHome safety release break-away collar is made using thick, durable, smooth nylon that can easily withstand daily wear and tear. Additionally, this collar has a clever, button-activated quick-release buckle that can only be triggered with enough pressure from the owner, making it near impossible for a dog to escape.

However, it is worth noting that these adorable collars are only available for particularly small breeds and are only offered in two sizes; small, and extra-small. The correct size can be achieved for your pup with the adjustable strap, allowing your dog to feel comfortable in its new collar right away. It’s even offered in multiple pattern options from classic green striped to elegant flower patterning – a great way to give your pup some added character!

  • A thick and durable material used for a lasting collar
  • The button for the quick-release is easily accessible
  • There is no size option available above a size small
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9 GAMUDA Adjustable Breakaway Puppy Collars

GAMUDA Adjustable Breakaway Puppy Collars
Key features:
  • Made for small dogs and puppy litters
  • Pack contains 12 collars total
  • Each collar is a different colors
  • Protected quick-release buckle
  • Metal D-ring ID collar

This GAMUDA selection of breakaway collars is perfect for small dogs and puppies kept in groups as a way to quickly identify which pup is which. Each collar has a distinctly different color that can’t be mistaken for another, which means if you’re a dog breeder with a little bundle of puppies on the way, this is a selection well worth investing in.

This listing includes 12 collars available for between 7.5-10″ and 9-12″ necks, but the biggest perk is the quick-release feature. Every one of these collars is equipped with a protected buckle that can be unclipped with the press of a button. The round protective case around the buckle is perfect for preventing other clambering pups from opening the collar by accident, but the breakaway feature is ideal to prevent accidents if the pups become entangled with one another whilst being fed.

  • Can be used as training collars to get puppies used to the feel
  • Easy to spot the difference between each dog thanks to different colors
  • Nylon construction could be rough for puppies with delicate skin
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10 Love Dream Breakaway Dog Collar with Bow Tie

Love Dream Breakaway Dog Collar with Bow Tie
Key features:
  • Available in six color options
  • 100% money-back guarantee for quality
  • Detachable bow tie detail
  • Adjustable strap for a better fit
  • Durable plastic release buckle

The classic smart-dog design of a bow tie combined with the safety of a break-away collar. The Love Dream break-away collar is designed using soft, durable cotton fabric to guarantee a comfortable fit and a highly reduced chance of chaffing. Though be mindful that this type of soft material, while durable, is not designed to withstand destructive behavior, or particularly boisterous dogs like to pull hard against the collar whilst out on a walk.

This is a simple, yet fun design with six color options to choose from, and with the bow having an elasticated back, it can be easily detached – or even interchanged if you have more than one collar accessory you use. Love Dream even offers an adorable doggie bandanna that can be tied to the collar as an additional creative touch. However, with whichever accessory you choose, be careful not to cover the buckle, as easy-release is the entire point of a breakaway collar!

  • The soft material is great for dogs with sensitive skin
  • The adorable detachable bow detail is interchangeable
  • The bow elastic can catch and pull on the hair of long-furred dogs
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Breakaway Dog Collars: Buying Guide & FAQs

What is a Breakaway Dog Collar?

Breakaway collars are specifically designed to protect your dog against entanglement and strangulation. They are designed with a safety-release buckle built into the collar so that dog owners and dog trainers alike can free the dog from its collar at a moment’s notice. A breakaway is effectively designed to keep your dog safe where they otherwise may not have been with a standard dog collar design.

Why You Need a Safety Breakaway Collar for Your Dog

Dogs have a tendency to get themselves into all kinds of sticky situations – especially during the early years when their energy knows no bounds. Generally speaking, a breakaway collar is just a good way to of ensuring your dog’s safety on a daily basis. Dogs that particularly enjoy exploring the garden can get caught on fences and bushes during their exploration.

It is then common for a dog to panic if it can’t immediately become unstuck. Once they start to panic they put themselves in danger of injury or strangulation as they start pulling against their collar or twisting themselves to try and escape it.

Some break-away collars are designed for a dog to escape itself given the right amount of pressure, though they can be trouble when attached to a leash if your dog likes to pull a lot. Other break-away collars are designed like a regular collar, but with a quick-release buckle attached near the leash ring so that owners can release them in an instant if the dog is stressed. Some even have buttons to make the release even easier and less fiddley.

Funny brown puppy on the city street.

Things to Look For in a Breakaway Dog Collar

There are few things you may want to take into account before you seriously consider purchasing a break-away collar for your pup, such as environment, personality, build, and budget. Here’s a little but more detail as to the

What is Your Dog Like?

A Break-away collar really is well worth having if you have a dog that’s particularly curious, or boisterous. Boisterous dogs are generally less careful with what they do, whereas curious dogs just can’t resist an intriguing object or area, which could lead to them getting themselves stuck. This is most commonly seen with puppies, though certain breeds are also known to have a curious nature throughout their lives such as cocker spaniels, Bedlington terriers, and almost every breed of sighthound.

Your Dog’s Build

If you have a particularly muscular or powerful dog, you will definitely need to ensure you pick a collar that is going to be able to withstand their strength, especially if you intend to use it whilst out on walks to allow them safe time off the dog leash to explore their surroundings. Some collars are designed with two D-rings to provide additional security, whereas others have metal buckles and additional strap material as a failsafe.


As with buying anything, there are cheap and affordable options, and there are expensive options (be it due to the brand or the construction). More heavy-duty collars tend to be a little more expensive, but you’re paying for security. Smaller, more lightweight collars are usually more affordable. Try and figure out what type you’ll need and set a budget based on the average price for that style.

Your Dog’s Environment

If your dog spends a lot of time in an environment where they are likely to become snagged or trapped, you may want to pick a collar that has a latch that will release with pressure from the dog as opposed to relying on your intervention. These collars are better for outdoor dogs that may become stuck whilst you’re in the house, unable to monitor them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Not necessarily. Though some dog collar brands are indeed more expensive than others, a breakaway collar doesn’t generally cost any more than a standard collar. However, just be sure to select the right design for your pup. If you have a strong dog that is more destructive you may need to pay a little bit more for an extra-strong collar that won’t break under pressure unless intended to.

Absolutely! They’re actually the safer option to regular collars as they’re specifically designed to be easy enough for your dog to escape in an emergency, should they become stuck or entangled somehow.

You can use a breakaway collar whilst your dog is in training, but try to stick with one that has an extension on the collar when it comes unbuckled, as opposed to one that opens completely, as this way they won’t be able to run away the second the collar unclips and it can give you time to react. Though particularly feisty and boisterous dogs would be better with a normal collar during training sessions.

Eloise Hands

Eloise is the owner of a Malamute/Akita cross, a first-time mum, and an animal enthusiast from England. She comes from a family which has never gone a day without a pet (or 3!), and over the years has learned all the best tips and tricks to raising a difficult pet. A knowledge that she has put to good use, to help others navigate the limitless world of pet care.

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