Have you missed the gorgeous new trend in the coolest dog accessories? Just in case you have, it’s the dog bandana! They are essentially just a square of fabric that you secure around your dog’s neck but it’s fast becoming the most sought-after fashion statement for dogs.

You will be amazed at how many colors and styles there are – something to suit all tastes. Whilst some dogs take a little while to get used to them, most wear their bandanas with pride. You can even get some that will cool your pooch down on a hot day or can help when they are injured. We’ve spent hours picking out the very best ones for your furry friend so take a look at what we have selected.

The 12 Top Rated Dog Bandanas

1 Costume Adventure USA Flag Dog Bandana

Costume Adventure USA Flag Dog Bandana
Key features:
  • Patriotic stars and stripes design
  • Made from durable nylon
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Suits dogs of all breeds and sizes

A totally patriotic bandana for dogs! Not only is the unique stars and stripes design a cool look for your pooch but it’s made from a durable nylon so it will survive a lot of rough and tumble. It comes pre-folded and ready to wear.

The dimensions are 22 x 22 inches so it will suit medium-sized and larger dogs but you can buy it for smaller pooches too. You simply have to fold it over again to reduce the size. It comes packed in an attractive package and makes a perfect gift. You could even buy a matching one for yourself and you could be patriots together!

2 BINGPET Dog Birthday Bandana and Hat

BINGPET Dog Birthday Bandana and Hat
Key features:
  • Attractive ‘Birthday Boy’ printed design
  • Available in blue
  • 27 inches long to fit medium and larger dogs
  • Machine washable

The birthday boy will look very dapper in this special bandana dog collar. It’s available in blue and printed with ‘Birthday Boy’. The fit will be great for medium and large dogs as long as their neck circumference is under 23 inches.

It is essentially a triangular piece of material with cords that can be tied at the back of the neck and measures 27 inches in total. For smaller dogs, you would need to roll it up a bit to fit. The bandana is made from 35 per cent polyester and 65 per cent cotton so you can pop it in the washing machine when it gets dirty.

3 Pets First NHL New York Rangers Bandana For Dogs

Pets First NHL New York Rangers Bandana For Dogs
Key features:
  • Reversible pet bandana
  • Ideal fabrics for both calm and playful dogs
  • Has most of the NHL team logos
  • Officially licensed by the NHL

There’s only one way to really showcase your pets’ patriotism to the family – get him/her a team bandana. Being part of the family, it’s only natural that they get to show the whole world (or neighborhood) the team they support. The NHL New York Rangers Bandana for Dogs and Cats is officially licensed by the NHL, so you know it’s the real deal. It comes with a printed team logo and vibrant colors that represent the desired team.

It would be rude to show up to a game without your lucky charm clad in this stylish collar to boost team spirit. Plus it’s delicate enough on the skin to ensure comfort and breathability throughout the period of the game. The soft and comfortable bandana sports a durable mesh design on one side and a comfy poly-cotton fabric on the other side. Take advantage of this quality bandana and have your dog rock it from any side he prefers to wear per time.

4 ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana

ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana
Key features:
  • Cooling technology for hot days
  • Fits medium dogs
  • Velcro fastening
  • Non-toxic and safe

This is the bandana dog collar that is cool in more ways than one! On a hot day, all you have to do is soak the bandana in cold water and put it on your dog to keep them cool and comfortable for several hours. Heat stroke is a serious issue for dogs and this bandana has been scientifically designed to help cool your pooch down.

The water evaporates from the special material and takes heat away from your dog’s body. It’s secured in place with Velcro fastening and the medium size measures 11 x 11 x 0.4 inches which will suit a small/medium dog. Other sizes are available.

5 Tail Trends Birthday Dog Bandana

Tail Trends Birthday Dog Bandana
Key features:
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Fancy curlicue writing on a gold foil print
  • Boomerang shape that ensures comfort
  • Machine washable

One of the best ways to celebrate a pet is to regularly adorn them with stylish wears that show the world just how special they really are. And what better day to properly adorn them than their very own Birthday? Say no to dull moments with the Tail Trends Happy Birthday Dog Bandana, perfect for capturing the best memories. Let them strut around with this fancy designer made bandana on their birthday weekend and it’s sure to make them feel loved.

To suit their skin type it’s made with 100% cotton ensuring comfortability and breathability all birth-day long. The bandana is also designed to deliver comfort giving them enough space via the boomerang shape that suitably narrows down. To ensure durability and protect it from gnawing teeth, the edges are adequately stitched and properly reinforced. Capture the most dapper moments on camera with this bandana adding color and fabulosity to your pets’ style.

6 Taobaby 8 Piece Classic Dog Bandanas Set

Taobaby 8 Piece Classic Dog Bandanas Set
Key features:
  • Pack of eight bandanas
  • Fits medium to large dogs
  • Soft material
  • Machine washable

If you simply can’t decide what design of puppy bandanas to choose for your four-legged friend, this is the pack for you! You will get eight attractive bandanas in different classic plaid prints that will always be in fashion. One for every day of the week and one spare.

The cotton and velveteen material is soft for maximum comfort and gets even softer once you have washed it, which you can do in a washing machine. The bandanas will fit any medium to large pooch.

7 Segarty Bandana Scarfs

Segarty Bandana Scarfs
Key features:
  • Durable dyed cotton
  • 17.5×17.5 inch bandana
  • 4 pcs with reversible sided
  • Machine washable

Get eyes turning with this totally cool and adorable Segarty Dog Triangle Bibs Reversible Bandana. Sure to set a pet apart on the road and give them the street credibility they rightly deserve. With a unique design and 8 different styles to play around with, always go out in style showing off your adorable dog. Whether it’s a short hike, walk around the block, or a visit to friends and family or even indoors, keep your pet looking dapper and outstanding.

The bandana is made with dyed cotton which is quite suitable for their coat especially for long periods of time. It’s also designed with a double layer making it a lot more durable while giving it a thick, lush feel. The long length of it can be folded to the desired size and worn around the neck, face, head or arms. Constantly switch up your loyal companion’s style with this double-sided, classic plaid design bandana. Let them always show up to any occasion looking pampered, stylish and privileged.

8 Combofix Multi Coloured Dog Bandana

Combofix Multi Coloured Dog Bandana
Key features:
  • Pack of four
  • Pretty floral designs on both sides
  • Stand up well to washing
  • Fits medium sized breeds

Another four-pack of pretty tie-on bandanas. Different, colourful floral patterns are printed on each side of the bandana to give a great choice for any occasion.

They are handmade from high-quality cotton and are absorbent and breathable. The bandanas stand up well to repeated washing. They fit any medium-sized dog perfectly but may be a bit too small for large dogs.

9 Pet Show Puppy Bandana Bibs

Pet Show Puppy Bandana Bibs
Key features:
  • 100% cotton
  • 17.7 x 17.7 inches
  • Reversible sides
  • 10 different patterns to rock

You know just how cool your dog is, so now it’s time to show the whole world! The Pet Show Pet Dog Triangle Head Scarf Accessories will help do just that with their fancy, vibrant colors for girls and lads. The edges have been adequately reinforced with tightly sewn seams made to last in the long run. Each design would look fabulous on the little diva making the boys know she’s no ordinary dog. It can be worn around the neck, head or arms with both sides fancily designed to ensure she has several style options. Five pieces of this comfortable cotton bandana deliver 10 different styles that can be rocked anywhere. Plus the breathable material is perfectly safe for their fluffy, delicate skin. Its triangular shape enhances comfort giving her enough space and breathability while strutting around and looking fabulous. With a size that fits both pups and grown dogs, never dial down on their style again.

10 Bingpet Dog Birthday Bandana

Bingpet Dog Birthday Bandana
Key features:
  • Pretty pink colour
  • Birthday girl design
  • Fits dogs with necks under 23 inches
  • Comes in a bag with a zipper

A very special treat for a very special birthday girl. This is a pretty pink bandana, that will fit your little princess as long as her neck is less than 23 inches. It’s made from 65 per cent cotton mixed with 35 per cent polyester and has ties at the back to secure it.

Your dog will be happy to wear it all day as it’s soft and comfortable. When the party is over, you can pop it back in the zippered back ready for next year!

11 Hecho Dog Birthday Bandana

Hecho Dog Birthday Bandana
Key features:
  • Bright blue colours for digital photography
  • ‘Birthday boy’ in white font
  • Comfortable 100 per cent cotton
  • Machine wash

No birthday is complete without a birthday party outfit bandana. With this one, you’ll get a gorgeous pic to share with your friends and family on social media too. The design is custom screen printed in a light and dark blue bone, paw and cupcake print which shows up beautifully in digital photographs. ‘Birthday Boy’ is emblazoned across the front in a bright white font so there is no mistaking who the star of the show is!

On a practical note, the bandana is 21 x 21 inches and will fit a pooch with a neck of between 15 – 23 inches so that’s most medium-sized breeds. It ties on at the back after you have folded it diagonally. Your pooch will find the pre-softened, 100 per cent cotton fabric very comfortable and when it comes to washing, just pop it in the washing machine and air dry.

12 Tail Trends Patriotic Peace Dog Bandana

Tail Trends Patriotic Peace Dog Bandana
Key features:
  • 100 cotton material
  • 4th of July themed
  • Well stitched seams
  • Machine washable

If your dog likes wearing scarves, kerchiefs and the likes they’ll love the Tail Trends 4th of July Dog Bandanas. Do not let another Independence day pass without showing how patriotic your little pooch is. Not only is this fashionable but it sends a strong message to others reminding them to stay true to their country. People are inspired by a range of things, and even a little fashion statement can go a long way to pass a silent message. Designed for both large and small dogs, this patriotic, affordable piece will definitely fit a wide range of pets.

Handmade with love, the seams are well stitched in to ensure longevity and sturdiness – not to forget the amazing photo perfect pictures your pet wearing this on Memorial Day would make. Take the most adorable pictures with this quality cotton bandana and post them on a desired social media platform. Watch your special friend take the center stage with this star-studded piece on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.

Dog Bandanas Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Bandanas

Dog bandanas are becoming more and more popular so you will have a big choice! Here are some things that you may want to consider while looking for the best dog bandanas:

Will Your Dog Wear it?

Most doggies like to think that they look extremely smart when they are wearing their bandana and will parade down the street with great pride. However, there are some pooches who are very fussy and do not even like to wear a dog collar. Why not practice with an old handkerchief or small towel for a few minutes to see how they take to it?

What is it Made of?

No dog is going to like something coarse or stiff around their neck. Many bandanas are made from 100 percent cotton whilst others are a combination of cotton and nylon. Some puppy bandanas seem to be softer after they have been washed. The fabric needs to be robust and durable because dogs will be dogs after all! Fabric that frays easily is not going to be much use.

How do You Secure it?

The majority of bandanas are tied either by simply knotting the fabric together or with cords that are stitched onto the ends. Some are secured with fabric. This may be the safer choice but may come off more easily.

Will it Fit Your Dog?

A bandana that is too small is a bigger problem than one that is too big.

The owners of larger dogs (Labradors and bigger) often struggle to find one that will fit and some enterprising owners even end up sewing on extra cords to tie them. There are plenty of bandanas for medium and smaller dogs. If the small dog bandanna is too big, you could fold it over a few times.

What is the Design Like?

This is a matter of personal preference. Some doggy moms and dads prefer a quirky or novelty design such as a patriotic stars and stripes flag whereas others opt for a more traditional floral pattern. You can get puppy bandanas for special occasions, such as a birthday, with an appropriate slogan printed on them. It’s a great way for your pooch to feel that they are dressing up for a special occasion. For even more variety, you can get a bandana printed with a different design on each side.

How is the Dog Bandana Packaged?

Some come gift wrapped and make an ideal present for a friend’s dog. Others are in a zipped bag which is useful for storage.

Is it Useful?

Some dog scarves bandanas can be used to cool down your dog on a hot day because they are made of special fabric. Not only does it look good but it’s making your pooch more comfortable.

Woman Walking The Puppy

Dog Bandana Maintenance

Dog bandanas can get a little mucky, especially if your pooch eats their food with it on. It is important that you are able to wash it to keep it in perfect condition.

Most bandanas are made from cotton or from a combination of cotton and nylon so they should stand up to a gentle hand wash in cool water. Some bandanas are advertised as being machine washable but it would be sensible to err on the side of caution and use a gentle wash. Most need to be air dried.

However, it is worth noting that a problem can arise with the fabric dye on the bandana. Some owners have reported that the dye ran when their pooch was wearing the bandana or in the wash. It may be worth checking that the dye is colorfast to prevent any issues.

dog with green bandana


A bandana is a square or triangular piece of fabric that is worn around a dog’s neck. They are usually fastened at the back of the neck with ties or Velcro.

Bandanas are only safe if they are used sensibly. As with any other dog accessory, there is a risk of it getting caught or stuck on a sharp object and this could cause injury. For this reason, they are best for indoor use and should never be left on a dog that is running free. They should also not be left on dogs that are unsupervised.

In rare cases, they can cause irritation so choose a natural fabric such as cotton, limit the length of time that it is worn and be vigilant.

Yes. It is not safe for a dog to wear a bandana when it is not being supervised and that includes at night. It could get caught on something and cause strangulation or it may fall off and get chewed which presents a choking hazard.

It may be easier to stand behind your dog to put on the bandana. Once you have tied a secure knot (so that it will not move) you must be able to fit two fingers in between the bandana and your dog’s neck. If you cannot, it is too tight and needs to be put on again.

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