Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

So, why do dogs like squeaky toys? Anyone who has dogs knows that they sometimes go wild for squeaky toys. In fact, they might even make them go a little barking mad on occasion and many dogs will delight in playtime when a squeaky toy is involved. But have you ever wondered why dogs like these toys so much? Whether it’s plush toys or those plastic squeaky ones you can find in most pet shops, older dogs and puppies are often totally mesmerized when it comes to these games. While not all dogs love them, the ones that do seem super passionate about them and a squeaky toy is a brilliant way to engage their brain or entertain them when you leave the house. So, let’s take a look at why some dogs love them, and others don’t. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘why do dogs like squeakers’? then this article is for you.

Golden retriever dog playing with a rubber toy

It All Comes Down to Instinct

While we’ve domesticated our dogs over the centuries, one thing is still certain: they still have those animal instincts that would have benefited them tremendously in the wild. This natural desire to chase anything that squeaks harks back to what is known as they ‘prey-drive’ and thus the squeaky sound triggers some instinctual part of them that wants to catch said prey. This is why the squeaker in these toys is so effective. It mimics the sound a prey animal might make in the wild. If your dog goes wild when the squeaker is around, it might link back to this slightly wild part of them that associates the squeak with an animal they might like to catch. Dogs have ancestral connections to the wolf and thus despite hundreds of years of domestication, they still have that wild instinct. It often comes out to play when squeaky toys are involved.

Squeaky Toys Are Interactive

When your dog chews on that squeaker they get a reaction from the toy. It thus gives them feedback and they thrive off the reaction. This might especially be the case if your dog is home alone and needs some entertainment. Squeaky toys talk to them in a sense and react to their chewing. If your dog is often home alone, it’s important to get them interactive games and toys that will keep them occupied and their minds stimulated. A squeaky toy is one such item and will go a long way in entertaining your dog and bringing some fun into their life.

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They Result in Human Attention

Another reason why your dog might enjoy those dog squeaky toy sounds is because it results in attention from their humans. And any dog lover knows that this is their number 1 goal. They want to receive love and attention from their human and the cleverly know that a toy that makes a squeak will get them just this. Play games like fetch with your pup when they squeak their toy as this will strengthen your bond and enhance their happiness.

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They Offer an Immediate Reward

Dogs enjoy instant gratification and a squeaky toy offers them just this. They bite on their toy and the squeaker immediately lets off a squeak. This feedback delights them and shows them that one simple bite can lead to an impressive squeak and this will offer your dog hours of endless fun and happiness.

Why Toys Are Important

There are a number of brilliant dog toys that will delight your pup and offer them hours of mental and physical stimulation. Always opt for toys that have been tried and tested and that adhere to certain safety protocols and standards. Squeaker toys are a brilliant option (provided you don’t mind the noise), however, there are numerous other styles of toys that will also impress them and offer endless hours of entertainment and fun. If you live in an apartment or in close proximity to your neighbors you might also want to opt for some quieter options too. You don’t want to be known as that neighbor who has the dog with a squeaky toy. Thus, opt for a diverse array of toys that will impress your dogs and not only the squeaky ones.

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Dog with a rubber ball

Why the Safety of Your Toy Is So Important

When it comes to choosing dog toys it’s imperative to opt for brands that are tried and trusted. Opt for dog toys that have been approved by vets and that are BPA free and void of harmful or toxic chemicals. if you have a puppy it’s also essential to supervise them when they are playing with their toys. When left unsupervised, puppies and even adult dogs could choke on certain toys. Thus, ensure that they are safe and only purchase from reputable brands. When it comes to your dog, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Choose a toy that has been approved by professionals and if you’re unsure, ask your vet about the dog toy that you plan on purchasing.

Check out our amazing list of awesome dog toys if you’re on the hunt for something special for your dogs. From puzzle toys to balls that they can chase when they’re on their adventures, our list is filled with a number of brilliant picks that they are bound to like or even love. Toys are an important part of life for any dog and enable them to play, relax, and have fun. They can be interactive and enjoyed by dogs and owners alike and thus any squeak toy or interactive toy will be a total hit with your dog.

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When it comes to your dog, you understandably only want the best. This is why our list is such a hit. It explores a diverse range of popular toys and offers dog lovers a great range of options. Whatever you choose, we know your pooch will be super impressed.


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