why does my cat sleep on my head?

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Head?

You just spent $49 on a good quality cat bed to give your cat all the luxuries she deserves and she still loves to sleep on your head. Is there any way out of this situation? This is, in fact, a very common situation for most cat owners. What on this world makes them behave in such a way? Out of all the places, why do they insist on sleeping on your head? You would be surprised to know the reason behind this quirky behavior. Let’s find out.

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They Seek the Warmth of Your Body

Your cat’s body temperature is normally higher than yours. Their temperature ranges from 100.5 to 102.5 Fahrenheit on an average day. This means your cat tends to get cold very easily which is the reason they keep seeking a warmer place, especially when they want to sleep. Did you ever notice your cat sleeping on electrical devices, near a stove or in a place where the sun rays fall directly? Well, they get the same pleasure when they sleep on your head. Your body heat escapes from your head and is at a higher temperature than other parts of your body. What can be a better place for your cat to sleep on other than their favorite human’s head? So don’t get too annoyed when they come to you; it is beneficial for both cats and humans if they sleep close together.

cat sleeps on human's head

They Like Your Fragrance

Smell is one of the best things that affect your cat immensely. They identify their potential prey and enemies by recognizing their smell. They have scent glands all over their body and they use it to leave aroma marks on objects. And, it is amazing when it’s you who they want all the time. Your smell tops their list as they can relate it to someone who cares so much for them. Therefore at night, they go straight for your head, to sleep a long night bathing in your fragrance. You may wake up to your cat “grooming” you by licking your hair, an adorable trait and a blatant show of affection on their part. Give your cat a good rub in the morning, after all, they deserve it!

They Feel Safe

Although your cat stays with you at home, bedtime is when they want to feel completely safe. They want protection from any possible attacks on them while they are deep asleep. This is a typical behavior for any animal of the wild; even the lion will climb up a tree before they fall asleep to feel safe and secured. In that case, your cat feels that your head is one of the safest places they could ever sleep on. Your presence makes them feel protected. After all, you are the human who provides them with food and shelter and looks after them in all respects.

They Want to Spend More Time with You

While you’re away from home all day for work, your cat misses you a lot, without you realizing it. No matter how many cat toys and other furry companions they have, they still miss the affection that only you can give them. Once you return home from work, they get very excited and they run to rub themselves by your feet. Cats love the physical touch and that’s also one of the reasons why they prefer sleeping next to or on top of your head. Your soft hair makes for a very comfortable bed!

You Are One of Their Properties

Cats are majestic creatures. They like to think we are serving them like the royalty that they are. Your cat regards you as their property, to do whatever with you as they please. These creatures of elegance want to be at the top of your priority, have your full attention and stay on top of your mind, literally. This should explain why they think sleeping on your head and ditching their expensive bed is a brilliant idea.

What Can Be a Comfortable Solution?

So we get that your cat jumps on your head several times during the night. Unlike us humans, cats don’t sleep for hours straight. If you cannot sleep because of your cat’s nocturnal personality and they keep moving or playing around, here are some things you can try out that will let you and your cat sleep at night:

  • Make sure your cat’s bed is warm and cozy and only then will they be attracted to sleeping there. Otherwise, they will still be wandering near your head.
  • It’s important for your cat to undergo some exercise or activities before bedtime. This would exhaust them physically, after which you can feed them a nice and tasty meal. The filling meal and tiredness combined would guide them through the next steps, i.e. they will groom themselves to sleep eventually.
  • The best course of action, however, would be to train your cat to stay outside your room all night. Just simply close your bedroom door, although they might scratch at the door or whimper to let them in for a few days soon enough, they will get used to it. Ensure that your cat has everything they need such as water, food, cat bed, litter box and their scratching post and they will not bother you anymore.

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cat sleeping on a child's head

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Bottom Line

You know, cats are big sleepers and love resting. Your fluffy friend might take several naps throughout the day yet wake up tired as ever. It’s no surprise that you always find them in funny places around your house because we all know cats like to explore. Your cat loves sleeping on your cosy head because it’s a sign of affection and it’s a bond that you’ll cherish forever.

Does your cat sleep on your head? Do their purring wake you up in the morning or lull you to sleep? Let us know in the comments below!


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