how to train your cat to love it’s bed

How to Train Your Cat to Love Their Bed

Whether your kitten is just really mischievous or your cat is just plain fickle about its chosen sleeping spots, it can be really difficult to get them to sleep in their own beds that have been bought especially for them.

A cat generally sleeps for about thirteen to fifteen hours a day and is liable to constantly shifts places. Therefore, a very common complaint from cat owners is the fact that their pet doesn’t like to sleep in its own bed. From choosing the right bed to finding a perfect location to set up multiple beds in several spots, owners have to be very careful in order to remain partial towards the preferences of their cat.

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Finding the Right Location

Observing where your cat likes to sleep plays a big role in helping your cat get used to a bed that you might have bought. Cats generally prefer warm, sunlit areas which are usually elevated, as it gives them a feeling of security from the so-called ‘predators’.

Placing the bed in less frequented areas, such as under a table or a guest room, is another recommended trick since maintaining personal space is one of the strongest feline tendencies. It is also suggested to switch the location if the cat continues to ignore the bed.

Encouraging Your Cat to Use Its Bed

Chances are that when you buy a new bed for yourself, it smells like the factory it came from and most likely has picked up a ton of new smells along the way. Cats don’t like the unfamiliar smells presenting themselves especially when they are asleep and their guard is down.

To overcome this problem, try lining the bed or box with some old clothes or catnip to make it more familiar and homely. If a cat suddenly stops using a bed, it will be most likely because the bed is filthy and is in dire need of a wash.

Placing some of your cat’s toys on the bed will help your cat get acquainted with the bed as well. Keep in mind to offer treats only when your cat gets into the bed on its own without receiving any help from your side.

Choosing the Right Bed

When you get your cat home for the first time, chances are that you may not have a proper cat bed for your feline. In such a situation, the best way to get started is to select an appropriate spot and convert an existing box/basket into a bed by lining it with old clothes of soft material. As days go by and it is time to get a cat bed for your pet, following are the parameters you must bear in mind:

  • Size: The bed should be sufficiently big for the cat to be able to stretch, turn around and feel snug.
  • Material: It could be made of wool, foam or cushions, but it should be comfortable and offer the flexibility to be customized as per the weather.
  • Shape: A bed could be open, high, cave-like or cushiony and you need to choose one depending on your cat’s personality.

Be sure to read our review of the best cat beds to help you decide.

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Final Word

Having your cat snuggle against you at night is a good feeling, especially since it shows how much your pet loves you and regards you as family. However, being nocturnal creatures, cats do have a tendency to move around at night which could be disturbing and this is reason enough for you to encourage them to sleep in their bed.

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