West Ham Defender Kurt Zouma Filmed Kicking His Cat to Be Prosecuted by RSPCA

West Ham Defender Kurt Zouma Filmed Kicking His Cat to Be Prosecuted by RSPCA

RSPCA will prosecute Kurt Zouma and his brother Yoan under the Animal Welfare Act

Kurt Zouma, better known as the defender for the English soccer team, West Ham United, was recently filmed slapping and kicking his pet cat. The video in question was filmed by his younger brother Yoan, who is now facing prosecution for animal cruelty alongside his brother.

After the video was released there was a tremendous outcry from both within and outside the soccer community for Zouma to face punishment for his mistreatment of a defenseless animal. The fury sparked by Zouma’s actions led to the Frenchman being fined two weeks of his wages by the West Ham club.

Immediately following the incident, an investigation was put underway by the RSPCA into the wellbeing of Zouma’s cats and whether or not he should be considered a danger to them. The cats were immediately removed from his custody and placed under the care of the RSPCA whilst the investigation took place.

Zouma’s condemnation by all that have seen or heard of the video even extends to West Ham fans, having received boos from both sides during the matches that have followed the incident. A petition submitted on Change.org calling for Zouma’s persecution also received over 225,000 signatures amidst the ever-growing backlash from the public.

The West Ham club, having fined Zouma an estimated £250,000, has stated that the money received will be donated to multiple animal welfare charities. In a statement, the club has said that the club is in full support of the RSPCA’s investigation into the behavior of Zouma. They go on to describe how “Kurt is extremely remorseful and, like everyone at the club, fully understands the depth of feeling surrounding the incident and the need for action to be taken.”

Following a lengthy, in-depth investigation, the RSPCA has now announced that they have begun the proceedings to have both Kurt and Yoan Zouma prosecuted for their actions under the Animal Welfare Act. Furthermore, they have clarified that the two cats previously owned by Zouma will be remaining in the custody of the RSPCA moving forward.

In the meantime, Kurt will continue to play for West Ham United, whilst his brother Yoan, who had formerly been suspended from his own club, Dagenham & Redbridge, will also be returning to the field after a four-week suspension. According to a statement from Dagenham & Redbridge, their justification for the return of Yoan to the team is because “any further suspension from the team would be detrimental to both the club and Yoan.”

Following the recent incident, Adidas, the official personal kit provider for Zouma, has announced that they have cut ties with the defender. Meanwhile, the Blue Cross, a national pet charity based in the United Kingdom, has branded the incident “truly horrifying” and the French animal rights group known as the 30 Million Friends Foundation has also condemned it as a “heinous act”, adding their own voices to those of the people calling for prosecution.

A court date has not yet been confirmed, however, the RSCPA has expressed their gratitude for those that have shown such concern for the two felines.

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