Dog Saved From Under Volcano

Dog Saved From Under Volcano by a GPS Tracker and Vlogger Adventurer

A super hero vlogger has made a daring rescue of a dog trapped down a void in a live volcano in Hawaii and has captured the entire rescue for the world to see. Kawika Singson
is a local adventurer and photographer but that day he became the Number One dog hero on the island. He was the ideal man to launch a rescue into a volcano thanks to his experience in taking photographs in daring locations near active volcanoes and lava streams. When the call went out for help to rescue that trapped dog, he rushed to the scene with helpers and a full kit of safety equipment.

In the gripping YouTube video, the brave rescuer is seen preparing sophisticated rock climbing kit complete with brightly colored ropes. His support team watch on with concerned expressions as he expertly swings his legs over the gaping chasm and lowers himself steadily into the gloomy darkness.

We hear him calling reassuring words to the stricken pooch and says “Coming down Malka” to let the terrified dog know that help is on the way!
As Kawika Singson reaches 25 feet under the surface, we see him greet Malka by the light of his helmet torch. Poor Malka had been trapped below ground for two whole days so it is hardly surprising that we hear her whimpering with relief at the sight of her rescuer.

However, the rescue is still not complete and Singson now has to lift himself out of the volcano whilst holding Malka in one of his arms. Finally, he reaches the surface and Malka is able to haul herself to safety. The video ends with a shot of Singson’s delighted face after a job well done!

This story could have had a different outcome if it were not for the GPS tracker that Malka’s sensible owners had attached to her collar. It enabled them to locate exactly where she was trapped and appeal for rescuers to help. This is a fantastic example of modern technology and human bravery working in perfect harmony to rescue man’s best friend.

Featured Image Photo By Kawika Singson

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