Two-time Oscar Winner Rescues Lost Dog

Two-time Oscar Winner Rescues Lost Dog

When Chelsea Blackwell’s dog went missing, she did the first thing we all do in such a moment of panic – she took to the streets, calling for her lost dog, hoping to find him.

It seems that he had gotten out from Blackwell’s backyard while playing with Ladybug, the second dog of the family.
Blackwell drove for a solid hour before finding a line of squad cars and people with cameras and feared the worst. Fortunately, despite the ruckus, no one had been injured.

In fact, Blackwell had stumbled upon a set and its movie crew!

“I pulled over and thought, oh man, did someone get shot? What’s going on?” she said. “I mean, there were like eight police cars. There were like all these people with cameras.”

Unbeknownst to Blackwell, she would quickly discover her pup – waiting for her in the arms of dog lover Hilary Swank.

After asking around, the crew quickly told her who had found her dog, and they were reunited an hour later.
Swank, Blackwell, and Blue took a photo together to commemorate the occasion. It’s not every day your lost dog is picked up by one of your favorite actresses, after all!

“I was just, I was losing my mind because I’ve had Blue since he was a little puppy,” Blackwell mentioned in an interview. “After losing my mom and my cousin, I didn’t want to lose my best friend, too.”

We’re happy to say that 15-year-old Blue is back where he belongs.

About Dogs and Hilary Swank

Swank has a history of rescuing dogs and even has a foundation set up that combines her name and that of her rescue pup. Hilaroo foundation pairs abandoned animals with at-risk youth, hoping to spark a bond between them and give young people more responsibility and an animal to care for and bond with.

In 2021, she told People Magazine that every dog she’s ever rescued has had their own, unique way of being in the world. She’s known for being a bit of a dog magnet, but Blackwell could have never imagined that she’d find her missing pup in the celebrity’s arms.

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