Do Cats Laugh

Do Cats Laugh? Everything You Need to Know

Cats are intelligent creatures with a very cunning attitude. They like to play around and enjoy their time with you doing silly things to make you laugh. But have you ever stopped to wonder if cats smile? Nowadays you can find lots of pictures on the internet of a laughing cat. So, do cats smile? The answer is no, they can’t smile. Okay, but can cats laugh? The answer is still a no! It is simply their normal expression which makes them look like they are smiling. So, how is it possible that even after carrying out their mischievous pranks on you, they are still unable to smile or laugh? Let’s find out!

Even though cats are unable to express themselves, it won’t be fully logical to say that they are devoid of any kind of emotions. If you have a pet dog at home, chances are you have noticed that your dog is able to express his/her emotions by goofing around or nearly grinning when happy. However, your cat, on the other hand, is unable to express themselves through facial expressions. But there are other ways of finding out if your cat is happy or not. Go through the ways listed below to find out more!

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How Can You Tell That Your Cat Is Smiling?

  • The Purring Sound

Why do cats purr? Experts believe that cats purr in various ranges to express their emotions. While you can hear some purrs while lying next to them, others can be heard from quite a distance. They mostly purr when they are happy and content with themselves. However, they may also purr when in sorrow or pain as a self-soothing mechanism. It allows them to calm down and relax in such situations.

They also purr while eating as a sign of happiness. It is said by some experts that the purring sound of a cat may be equivalent to a smile only expressed differently. So whenever you see your cat making a purring sound, you’ll know that they are either happy or trying to calm down.

  • Eyes

While expressing our emotions, our eyes can give away a lot about how we feel at that very instance. The same rule applies to cats. When confused, look into their eyes. They’ll tell you a lot more than their actions. If you see your cat blinking slowly, with dilated eyes, it only means that they are happy and comfortable in their surroundings. Bright eyes may also indicate that he/she is satisfied.

  • ‘Meow-ing’

Cats usually ‘meow’ when they are happy. But you must consider the pitch of the sound in order to comprehend their emotion. A ‘meow’ with a high pitch is likely to be a happy one while a low pitched ‘meow’ may indicate sadness. So the next time you see your cat meowing in a high pitch, you’ll know that he/she is very happy.

  • Tails

You can tell a great deal about your cat’s emotions by taking a single look at their tail. Like dogs, they don’t wag their tail to show happiness. If you see your cat’s tail trembling, it means that they are irritated, uncertain and scared. However, it’s easier to tell when they are happy because their tails shoot up at an angle of 90 degrees towards the sky. They usually do this when they are extremely happy and excited.

  • Ears

You can tell that your feline is smiling if their ears are straight and pointed upwards. This shows that they are in a very good mood and attentive towards their surroundings. On the other hand, flattened ears may be a sign that your kitty is frightened or annoyed.

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  • Kneading

Kitties usually knead while around their mother. Kneading is a sign of complete satisfaction and happiness for felines. They also purr with closed eyes when they are kneading from time to time.

  • Soft Fur

Flattened and mellow furs give away the indication that the cat is comfortable and happy. However, when their fur is stiff and pointy, they are most likely to be bothered or worried.

  • Belly

Showing off their furry belly to you might be the most you can get out of your cat as a sign of showing their love for you. So whenever they are one their backs allowing you to pat or massage on their belly, it is an indication that they are happy and at their utmost comfort.

  • Playing

Cats are mostly playful around their favorite humans. You can seriously tell that they are enjoying themselves thoroughly climbing onto your head or shoulders scratching and biting. The more playful the cat, the happier it is.

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  • Pranks

This might be annoying news for you but your cat is actually very capable of pulling up practical jokes. So if you see him/her doing things out of the blue to grab your attention of annoying you by smashing objects to the floor, it means that they are simply enjoying themselves. So get ready to be annoyed from time to time when your cat is in a mood for some exciting action.

Felines are mysterious creatures with unexplainable behavioral traits. It is often quite hard for the human brain to understand why cats do what they do even after living with them for years. So, what’s the deal then?

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Do Cats Have A Sense Of Humor?

This is a debatable issue. Till now, there hasn’t been any proven scientific research on this matter yet. Therefore the facts on this are still unknown. However, most cat owners believe that cats have a unique sense of humor. They can actually pull off practical jokes on you leaving you baffled. Hence it is okay to think that they are probably laughing at your condition even though they are unable to express it. As they have emotions, it is not completely illogical to say that they have a sense of humor.

However, have you ever wondered how they feel while sitting on your book while you’re reading it? Or when they startle you with a sudden jump from the corner of a room? Why do you think they still end up doing these even when they are fully aware of your reaction? Needless to say that they actually enjoy it even if it means annoying you for a while. On the other hand, some people completely disagree on this matter due to lack of enough proof and information.

Even though cats lack the ability to express their emotions to you, it is still your duty to keep them happy. They depend on you for everything so even if you are busy, take some time to pay attention to them. Cats love getting some extra love and attention. Also, now that you are aware that there are other physical features that you can look for to find out if your cat is happy, it should be an easy task for you.

Spend time with them as much as possible and take them out for an outing from time to time! Make it a habit to make them exercise and do not forget to give them occasional treats or toys to play with and keep them happy!


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