Nearly 2 dozen dogs found inside downtown L.A. RV and their pups need new homes

Nearly 2 dozen dogs found inside downtown L.A. RV and their pups need new homes

It’s always heartbreaking when we hear stories about abandoned dogs, but few things tug at the heartstrings like finding out puppies have been left behind. Such a case was discovered by Deity Animal Rescue last week, when a broken-down RV was discovered to have nearly two dozen dogs living inside, in deplorable conditions.

Alarms were raised when multiple dogs were sighted, climbing over each other to look out of the window – their only source of entertainment. Once inside, dogs and puppies were discovered to be living in a filthy environment, often sleeping in their own excrement.

A disturbing video was shared by the rescuers, which was later posted on Inside Edition, showing the terrible conditions the pups were living in. Worse still, because the animals weren’t spayed or neutered, it became apparent that these dogs needed help more than ever.

An unnamed woman, who had been living with the dogs, agreed to surrender the animals to the rescue after she was convinced that their state of living was putting the dogs under further stress.

When the animal rescue stepped up to help, they soon realized that many of the bitches were already pregnant and so the number grew from 21 dogs to many, many more. As such, the rescue centre is desperately searching for loving homes for the entire pack, after promising that no dog would be euthanized.

With some of the dogs needing immediate medical intervention, Ellan Ballon Dante – the executive director of Deity Animal Rescue – released a short statement. In it, she advised that all of the dogs requiring medical attention would get the help they so desperately needed. As well as this, they promised that all of the dogs would be spayed and neutered, before finding their forever homes.

For more information on how you can adopt the pups, go to

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