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It is quite customary among many cultures to give a tip to persons who have done them a great or exceptional service. You often see this in the food and beverage industry as well as in hotel and accommodations. Sometimes, even financial services are not exempted from such tip-giving practices. But the question most dog owners have is whether they should also tip their dog groomers or not. If so, how much should they provide as a tip?

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Factors that Can Affect the Tipping Behavior

Even before you start mulling on how much to give your dog groomer as tip, you may need to understand some of the factors that may well play a role in determining just how much you would like to give to your groomer. Understand that some folks can give an amount which is several times higher than the actual cost of the service itself while there are also those that will only give spare change. Looking at and understanding these factors should help you determine how much you are going to tip your dog groomer.

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Customer orientation 

This essentially talks about how well the dog groomer made you feel at ease and confident about his abilities grooming your pet. It also talks about how receptive he is to your needs as well as your dog’s. This may include answering your questions in a very informative and delightful manner or even explaining to you the things he is going to perform on your pet every step of the way. Did he make you feel more at ease about the whole process? If so, then you should be prepared to give him a higher tip.

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General comfort of your dog 

Most dogs don’t like being handled by people other than their masters. You can easily tell if your pooch was overly stressed by the process itself. So, you’d have to ask yourself if the dog groomer did everything he can to soothe your pet and make it more comfortable for it to endure the grooming process.

Grooming a little dog

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Outcome of the grooming process 

Of course, you are expected to tip handsomely if the outcome of the grooming was way better than what you had in mind. Conversely, if you feel the grooming fell short of your expectations, do you think it is right to give the dog groomer a handsome tip? That said, it is important to be clear of your expectations to have a better idea whether these were met or not.

How Much Should You Tip Your Dog Groomer

Once you’ve carefully evaluated these three factors in the grooming process, you can now decide on how much to tip your dog groomer. Typically, it is perfectly okay to tip your dog groomer between 15 and 20 percent of the cost of the service. Again, depending on where he is in relation to the 3 factors cited above, you can give the minimum 15% or perhaps even lower at 10% or you can tip the higher at 20%. Like we already said, some really don’t mind giving more than 100% tip if they are really happy with the whole dog grooming experience.

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