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The Best Dog Hoodies (Review) in 2020

Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Dog Hoodie

Scheppend Original Adidog Dog Hoodie

Ellie Dog Zip Up Hoodie with Hook & Loop Pockets

Ellie Dog Zip Up Hoodie with Hook & Loop Pockets

Howstar Pet Clothes Puppy Dog Hoodie Sweater

Howstar Pet Clothes Dog Hoodie

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Nicole Ellis
Published 14:23 pm

It’s not unusual to see a pooch walking down the sidewalk dressed better than you are! Dog clothing is getting cuter every year and dogs all over the US are loving it. Now you can get a dog hoodie for when your pooch needs that smart/casual look. Dog hoodies look great in photographs and come in all sorts of colors and designs.

All you need to do is measure your pooch to make sure that the hoodie fits them correctly. Most manufacturers supply a size chart that you can refer to and there is usually a wide range of sizes available. Dog hoodies also help to keep your pooch nice and warm on a cool day by supplying an extra layer next to their coat. This is especially useful for dogs that have a sparse or thin coat. There are plenty of dog hoodies to choose from so to help you make your selection, check out our useful guide.

The Best Dog Hoodie


Just what you need for your stylish pooch! There are so many sizes of this hoodie available that you will have no problems finding the best fit. There is a useful size chart for you to refer to as well. All you have to do is take some careful measurements of your pooch. Even larger breeds are catered for with this hoodie.

There are many colors available and the ‘Adidog’ logo in high-quality printing combines the style of contemporary sportswear with a bit of fun! Your dog will be the talk of the neighborhood. The dog jump suit is made from the same cotton material that is used to make human sweatshirts so it is both comfortable and breathable. On colder days, it provides the soft Sherpa fleece lining will keep your pooch cozy and the elastic is dog-friendly for total comfort. It’s fixed on using durable buttons and is double stitched for strength. It needs to be hand washed in cold water and laid flat to dry.

Available in many sizes

Will fit larger breeds

Many colors to choose from

Soft fleecy lining

  • Brand: Scheppend
  • Model: WL-23
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Dogs look super cute in it

Strong stitching

Very soft and comfortable


May take some trial and error to get the best fit

Need to take care washing or lettering will deteriorate


This basic dog hoodie is made from comfortable sweatshirt material. The soft cotton gives a cozy fit that your pooch will be happy to wear. It has ribbed sleeves and a strong hem to keep your dog comfortable.

The hoodie is available in six sizes and there is a size chart to help you make the right selection. It is also available in 10 sizes so you will be able to get just the right fit for your pooch. The hoodie is supplied with a polybag, a hangtag and a hanger for easy storage when you are not using it. It is made from 65 % polyester mixed with 35 % cotton. Several colors are available including ultraviolet. There is a handy slit at the back of the neck for fitting a leash. It can be machine washed on a cold program and gentle cycle and can be line dried.  

Ribbed sleeves for comfort

Available in several sizes

Comes with a hanger

Basic, no-fuss design

  • Brand: Zack & Zoey
  • Model: US2101 16 94
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces

Slit to fit a leash

Machine washable

Lots of sizes


Can’t be used with a harness

Size chart is a bit misleading


This attractive dog hoodie combines comfort with style – it looks great on all breeds of dog. It has a lovely plaid pattern and is available in red, blue and grey. The dog hoodie is styled just like a human hoodie and has strong trims as well as a pouch pocket sewn onto the back which can be used for carrying toys or snacks.

The premium flannel material is both warm and comfortable as well as being lightweight. You can put it on your dog in seconds and secure it with a strong button. It has a cute hood that is detachable. This hoodie can be machine washed and is available in eight sizes.

Available in three colors

Pouch pocket on the back

Warm and comfortable

Available in eight sizes

  • Brand: PAWZ Road
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces

Excellent fit

Not too tight at the neck

Very useful to be able to remove the hood


Some dogs end up peeing on it!

No opening for harness


An adorable winter dog hoodie for your sweet pooch. It’s made from a blend of soft cotton and will keep your pup both warm and comfortable. Dress them up for a special occasion or for your very own photo shoot.

It is available in four sizes and there is a size chart to help you choose. It has a cute printed message with a heart and a paw print design with black lettering. You have a choice of six lovely colors.

Made from soft cotton blended material

Keeps dogs warm and comfortable

Available in four sizes

Size chart available

  • Brand: Howstar
  • Weight: 5 ounces

Very durable

Great customer service

Lovely colors available


May have to roll the sleeves up on small dogs

Material is not very stretchy


This camo dog hoodie is available in three contemporary colors and six sizes. The classic camouflage pattern looks great on dogs of all breeds. The XX-Large size is big enough to fit a Great Dane.

It has some lovely design features including a Kangaroo pocket and ribbed sleeves. The lining is made from a soft fleece for warmth and comfort. It’s made from a poly-cotton blend fabric which can be machine washed.

Available in three contemporary colors

Largest size will fit a Great Dane

Neat Kangaroo pocket

Soft fleece for warmth and comfort

  • Brand: Casual Canine
  • Model: ZA602 24 43
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces

Keeps dogs warm in cold weather

Rugged with strong stitching

Handy leash access slit


Sleeves are very large

Fabric is not that thick


everyone who spots your pooch smile. They are made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester to make them super comfortable for your pooch.

They are available in six sizes and a size chart is provided. The sleeves and waist are ribbed to ensure that it fits snugly. You can choose from four lovely colors and you can machine wash and dry them.

Classic hoodie design

‘Security’ printed on the front

Made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester

Sleeves and waist are ribbed

  • Brand: BINGPET
  • Model: BA1002-1C002
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces

Excellent cut and fit

Drawstrings just like a regular human hoodie

Stands up to washing very well


Lettering can peel

Male dogs may get pee on it


This stylish hoodie comes with a real hood that protects your dog’s head in the rain and looks great in photographs. It also comes with a strong hook and loop pocket that can be used for storing toys or poop bags.

It is available in seven possible sizes and is also adjustable for a perfect fit. The hoodies are fixed on to a dog using a drawstring and a zipper. There is insulation to keep your dog warm but it allows for plenty of movement so that your dog can stay active.  The double stitching is strong and durable and the hoodie can be worn with a harness. It comes in a plain black color and is machine washable.

Has a real hood

Available in seven possible sizes

Does not restrict your dog’s movement

Fixes with a drawstring and zipper

  • Brand: Ellie Dog Wear
  • Model: ELD-h001
  • Weight: 5 ounces

Soft, high-quality fabric

Fits well across the chest

Easy to get on and off


Can get pee on it

Zipper can break


Your pooch will be the coolest dog on the block with this denim and soft cotton fabric hoodie. They will certainly stand out from the crowd. It’s available in six lovely color combinations and in six sizes which you can select using the handy size chart.

You secure it onto your pet using a button closure so it is quick and easy to put it on and take it off.

Denim and soft cotton

Available in six colors

Button closure

Easy to put on and take off

  • Brand: SILD
  • Weight: 1.44 ounces

Does not restrict movement

Lovely design detail

Dogs can take a pee when wearing it!


Only suitable for small dogs

Lightweight so not great for very cold weather


This fun hoodie has ‘Adidog’ and a bone design printed in bold black letters across the back. It is available in seven sizes so measure your pooch carefully and use the size chart provided when ordering. The edges of the sleeves and body are ribbed for style and comfort.

This hoodie can be purchased in yellow, black, gray or red and is made from a soft, cotton material. It will keep your pooch warm as well as looking great.

Bold black lettering

Available in seven sizes

Ribbing for style and comfort

Available in four bright colors

  • Brand: Idepet
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Great quality

Dogs love wearing it

Keeps dogs warm


Logo can crack and peel

Sizing is a bit small


This cute and stylish dog outfit looks just like a striped top and denim dungarees. As well as looking great, it provides protection for your dog and keeps them nice and warm in cool weather. It comes in six sizes and there is a size chart to help you order the right size for your pooch.

It’s made from hard-wearing denim but is soft and comfortable against your dog’s skin. The shirt is sewn into the pants so they will not separate.

Combined shirt and pants outfit

Available in six sizes

Size chart provided

Soft and comfortable

  • Model: YF17A029AAM01
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Dogs look adorable in it


Very good fit


Sizing can be a bit tricky

Stitching can come undone

Best Dog Hoodie Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Hoodie

Most dogs love to wear a hoodie but before you rush out and buy one, take a look at these things that you should consider.

  • Will it fit your dog?

This is the most important consideration. If the hoodie is too big or too small for your dog, they will find it uncomfortable and will not wear it. Most dog sweatshirts with hoods are available in at least six sizes. It is not hard to find puppy hoodies for smaller dogs but large dog hoodies are more widely available now too. Just make sure that you are very careful when you are measuring your dog so that you order the correct size. Clear sizing charts are available for all dog hoodies.

  • Is it comfortable?

If the dog hoodie is not comfortable, you will struggle to persuade your dog to wear it. Therefore, choose a brand that is made from soft and flexible fabric. You don’t want any sharp seams sticking into them as they move around. Most dog hoodies are made out of sweatshirt material.

  • Can your dog move around in it?

Hoodies that restrict a dog’s movement are not appropriate and you should avoid them. You can reduce the chances of this happening by purchasing an appropriate size. When your pup grows out of it, buy a bigger size! Take a look at the reviews and make sure that other owners were happy with the way the hoodie let their dog move.

  • Can your dog pee in it?

Check that your dog can pee when they are wearing the hoodie. It is not unusual for dogs to get some pee on the hoodie but it should not restrict any bodily functions!

  • Is it durable?

Any garments that are worn by dogs should be built to last. The stitching should be strong and the fabric should not tear. If there are buttons or zippers, they must be built to last.

  • How do you wash it?

A pet hoodie is always going to get dirty so the method of cleaning it is an important consideration. If it is hand wash only, do you have the time to do this? Always think about how it needs to be dried and if this fits in with how you do the rest of your laundry.

  • Can you use it with a leash or harness?

When you are out and about, it is quite likely that you will want to use a leash or a harness. Check if the pet hoodie is compatible with either of these. Often there is a slit on the back to fit a leash. It is less usual for hoodies to be compatible with a harness.

  • How easy is it to get on and off?

A dog zip up hoodie should be fairly easy to get on and off your dog. If you take a long time to put it on, your dog will soon get impatient and will not like the hoodie. Some hoodies have buttons instead of a zipper and you may prefer this. It is a matter of personal preference.

  • Design

This really is up to you. You may prefer a plain and classic hoodie or you may prefer something more ornate. Sometimes, the hoods are removable which is a useful feature. Some hoodies have drawstrings just like a human hoodie. This is something that may appeal to you or it may be something that you would rather avoid if your pooch likes wandering in the undergrowth and you are worried that they may get hurt.

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dog wearing hoodie

Why You Should Buy a Dog Hoodie

  • Dog clothing is becoming more and more popular

Perhaps you now feel that your pooch is missing out if they do not have some cool threads to show off around town. There are some compelling reasons why you should get a dog hoodie and they are not all to do with vanity! Here are the main ones.

  • Dogs love them

Believe it or not, most dogs love wearing their hoodies. They think they look very smart in them and they love to show off to other dogs. Obviously, you want to make your pooch happy so this could be a good start.

  • They look great in pics

Who doesn’t want their pooch to look great on Instagram? With a stylish hoodie, the two of you can take the best selfies. You could even buy matching hoodies.

  • They make you smile

Some hoodies come in cute designs or have amusing logos such as ‘Addidog’ that will make you and everyone you meet on your evening walk smile.

  • They are great in the winter

If your pooch needs a little more insulation to keep them warm in the winter, a hoodie is ideal.

  • They are great in spring and fall

Sometimes, a dog vest is just too hot, especially for dogs that have thick coats. Therefore, a hoodie is a great alternative. It provides some protection but is not too hot.

  • They can help sick dogs

If your pooch has been unwell and is just starting to go outside again, you will not want them to get a chill. They may have lost weight and be feeling the cold more than they used to. A dog fleece hoodie is the ideal thing to get them back outside and active. They will soon be back to their old active ways. Puppy hoodies are also great for when a young pup first starts to explore the outside but gets a bit chilly!

Best Dog Hoodie FAQ:

Q: What is a dog hoodie?

A: Dog hoodies are not that different to human hoodies. They are an item of dog clothing that is usually made out of a sweatshirt-type material. A cotton or cotton-blend is often used. They cover your dog’s chest and there are often arm holes where they put their front limbs. Some have holes for the back limbs too but most end around the abdominal area.

Their main purpose is to make your pooch look super cute and for you to get some fantastic pics to share with your friends and family. However, they also help to keep your dog warm in cooler seasons. Most dogs love their hoodies and are very proud to wear them.

Q: At what temperature does a dog need a hoodie?

A: There is no fixed temperature at which a dog needs to wear a hoodie because they are all different. Some larger breeds, such as the hunting dogs, have very thick coats and are used to bounding around the country in cold conditions without suffering any ill-effects. On the other hand, some of the smaller lap-dog breeds can suffer in cooler weather and would benefit from a cozy extra layer to keep them warm.

You will be able to tell if your pooch is cold. They will tremble and shake and will appear to be hunched over. Some dogs need a hoodie more when it is raining or windy as well as being cold.

Dog standing in park looking away with a shirt and hood on

Q: How do I get my dog to wear a hoodie?

A: Most dogs love wearing clothing and will parade around your neighborhood with great pride. They will even want to show off to other dogs. Some, on the other hand, are not so sure at first and may need a little persuading.

There’s plenty that you can do to coax your pooch into wearing their new hoodie. Your aim is for your dog to associate wearing the hoodie with positive things. Tasty treats work very well!

When you first bring the hoodie into your house, it will smell very unfamiliar so let your pooch explore it at their own pace. Let your dog have a good sniff and then give them a reward. Once you have established this, try to drape the hoodie over their back so they can feel the weight of it on their body. Again, give them a tasty treat when you are doing this so that they associate the hoodie with something good.

Next, put the hoodie onto your dog but only leave it on for a few seconds before taking it back off again. Give them a treat when they are wearing it. Gradually, build up the length of time that your dog is wearing the hoodie. Give them plenty of praise and a treat. Eventually, they will love the hoodie just as much as you do.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for a dog hoodie is available in many sizes and comes with a useful size chart. Unlike some other dog clothes, even larger breeds are catered for.

There are many colors of these large dog hoodies to choose from – each have the ‘Adidog’ logo printed on them. This pet hoodie is made from the same cotton material that is used to make human sweatshirts so it is both comfortable and breathable. On colder days, the soft Sherpa fleece lining will keep your pooch cozy and the elastic is dog-friendly for total comfort. It’s fixed on using durable buttons and is double stitched for strength. Wash it in cold water and dry flat.


  1. 7 Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Your Dog – Pet MD
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