Colorado Deputies Locate Missing Golden Retriever Using Drone

Colorado Deputies Locate Missing Golden Retriever Using Drone

After Farrah went missing 3 months ago, her family was in despair. They adopted the Golden Retriever after Fili Salazar was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2019. Fili’s wife, Taylor, thought that Farrah could be a good companion dog to help brighten up their household once more.

“She did just that. He was in love with her the minute he saw her,” Taylor told KRDO.

Unfortunately, Fili Salazar died three months after Farrah was adopted, but the pup continued to serve as Taylor’s faithful and loving companion.

How Farrah Was Found

Thanks to the help of a drone’s infrared camera, deputies spotted her in the area where she was last said to be seen. She’s lost a lot of weight, weighing around half of what she weighed before she went missing, and will require an operation to amputate one of her legs.

Farrah’s vet believes she may have been hit by a car. This could certainly explain why she hasn’t been found so far or made it back home.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office reunited Farrah and Taylor after all this time.

How Farrah Went Missing

According to the family, Farrah went missing after Taylor Salazar’s father crashed his car. He had a seizure and lost control of the vehicle the dog was in at the time. Farrah likely fled the scene out of fear.

The car crashed near US 50 and Colorado 9, specifically in a dark, rural area with which Farrah wouldn’t have been intimately familiar.

Although 3 months had passed, Taylor Salazar was convinced little Farrah was still out there. Local sightings, including surveillance footage, gave her more than enough evidence to keep looking for her lost pup.

Many locals were aware of the situation, and several had attempted to catch Farrah whenever they spotted her.

“If they got too close, she’d run away, knowing where to go. She was hiding,” Taylor said.

Why a Drone Was Used

It wasn’t just random drone training that happened to find Golden Retriever Farrah. A dispatcher from the sheriff’s office was aware of the lost pup and suggested that the department could use some time during training to look for the dog.

The department could locate the dog in minutes because they tried this tactic. Taylor accompanied them and used chicken pieces to try and lure her pup toward them.

“The next minute, she’s laying in my lap,” Salazar recalled.

The infrared camera played a huge part in locating the pup but having her pet parent on scene at the time helped Farrah approach the team after being located.

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