Canidae Cat Food Review

Last Updated May 21, 2021

Cat owners are often faced with the difficult decision of choosing the right food for their felines. Some cats are very picky; some felines also have allergies, while some others are sensitive to certain foods. This becomes a challenge for most cat owners as they would want to treat their furry friends to delicious meals but are constrained due to their cat’s sensitivities. Others simply do not know what food to feed their cats who have these problems. If your cat is fussy or suffers from food allergies or is sensitive to some ingredients, then Canidae cat food products are your solution. The producers of this brand have carefully selected the ingredients to suit every cat’s taste, condition, and every feline owner’s budget. Read our reviews to learn more about its nutritionally dense products.

Canidae Cat Food Review


Canidae Life Stages Cat Food is our first pick for this review. The recipes of this quality product are vet recommended and formulated for felines of different ages. This feature saves you the time of having to prepare different foods for your cats based on their age and size. This Canidae kitten food is made without the use of soy, wheat, and corn. The primary source of protein in this staple is chicken which will strengthen your cat’s muscular construction. Another ingredient used in making this product is brown rice. Brown rice is highly rich in nutrients as compared to white rice.  Again, the source of fat in the Canidae kitten food is chicken fat, and natural flavor is used instead of artificial preservatives.

Moderate carbohydrate content

Highly rich in protein

Is made without wheat, corn or soy

Balanced nutritional content

  • Brand: CANIDAE
  • Model: 5008
  • Weight: 8 pounds


Next up on our list is CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Cat Food. This Canidae product is prepared using essential recipes to cater to sensitive felines. Crucially, it is made without wheat and corn which are known to cause allergies in some cats. This Canidae Grain Free product is manufactured using seven to ten main ingredients, and these components are very identifiable. It comes in different varieties, and the key ingredient is usually fish or meat. Other Canidae limited ingredient includes sweet potatoes, lentils, and peas. It has antioxidants that help boost your cat’s immune system. Again, it contains omega three and six fatty acids which beautify your feline’s skin. The primary source of fat is chicken fat, and natural flavor is used instead of artificial additives.

Real meat is used as the first and main ingredient

High protein content

Made using natural flavor instead of artificial additives

Contains omega three and six fatty acids which embellish your feline’s shiny coat

  • Brand: CANIDAE
  • Model: 3317
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds


Moving on to CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Ancestral Diet Cat Food. Cats flourish and develop well on diets that are rich in animal nutrients or ingredients. This Canidae grain free pure variety is prepared using fish and lots of real meat. It has an incredible taste that any cats will crave for and the mixture of the ingredients means that it is suitable for their nutritional and health needs. It is grain-free; as such, it is made without soy and corn. Other parts are pollock, tuna, mackerel, turkey meal, and salmon. The meat is raw-coated, frozen, and later dried to conserve the natural taste. Cats love the natural flavor, and it is also right for their nutritional needs. It also comes in different formulas and sizes to meet your feline’s needs.

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Rich in animal protein


It has additional taurine content of 0.15 percent

Made to imitate the quality diet of the feline’s ancestors

  • Brand: CANIDAE
  • Model: 3745
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds


CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Wet Food

Another great product on our list is CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Limited Ingredient Diet Cat Wet Food. It has a pate texture and features chicken as the first ingredient which delivers plenty of protein but is gentle on the digestion. The four key ingredients, including chicken broth, pea flour and chicken liver, provide a balanced nutrition together with a taste and texture that cats love. There are no grains, potatoes, or carrageenan so it is suitable for delicate and sensitive felines who have an issue with these ingredients.

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Prepared with four main ingredients

Chicken is used as the first ingredient

Your feline will easily digest the food

Grain free for sensitive cats

  • Brand: Candidae
  • Model: 10134
  • Weight: 3 ounces


To round up our review list, we have CANIDAE Adore Dry Cat Food. This Canidae grain-free product uses lavish shreds and spicy morsels. It comes in different flavors that will leave your feline asking for more. It is made with a mixture of shrimp salmon, tuna, sardine, whitefish, and chicken and, are all blended in a delicious broth. Also, it is prepared without the use of carrageenan or grains and sold in beautifully designed cans. Again, it is rich in minerals and vitamins, and this helps your cat stay healthy. This dish has a smooth and quality texture. The meat is also naturally flavored, which leaves a great taste in your feline’s mouth. Additionally, this dish is easily digestible and is suitable for felines with food allergies or sensitivities. It also contains additional taurine, which supports your feline’s heart to function correctly and also helps to improve your cat’s eyesight.

Suitable for cats with food allergies

Contains additional taurine which helps improve your feline’s eyesight and vision

No artificial carrageenan

Available in different cans and sizes

  • Brand: CANIDAE
  • Model: 10208
  • Weight: 5.3 pounds

Canidae Cat Food Review Buying Guide

Company Information

The Canidae company was co-founded by teenagers Scott Whipple and John Gordon. Whipple took control of a company by name San Dimas store in California at the age of 19 years. He employed John Whipple, who was then 16 years old at San Dimas. John Whipple worked at the store, and they both became good friends. They had several discussions concerning the future of the company and the new things they wanted to introduce in the animal food business. After numerous deliberations with their clients, they both concluded that they needed to venture into the industry to fill the gap between the consumer’s needs and what the animal food sector was offering. Scott Whipple and John Gordon got expert advice from veterinarians and animal nutritionists, and in the year 1996, they launched their first animal food product.

Canidae now sells about 100 different formulations of food for both cats and dogs. Canidae commissioned the Ethos animal nutrition and manufacturing facility in 2012. This pet facility in Texas is where many Canidae dry and wet foods are made. Even though Canidae has its unique manufacturing facility, Canidae has also partnered with some of the external manufacturers to meet the client’s demands. Canidae is very secretive and protective of its recipes; as such, they do not reveal the content of their methods. Over the years, they have outsourced their manufacturing to a company called Diamond Pet Food. Canidae has also collaborated with many farmers in the United States to develop crops such as parsley, pumpkin, millet, sage, tomatoes, and rosemary. Canidae, in the future, want to make use of the ingredients grown through their farms in preparing their product. However, for now, the volume of crops developed on their farms is inadequate to meet their supply. In the year 2012, Canidae’s product was recalled because of salmonella product contamination. When the product was recalled in that year, Canidae partnered with Diamond Pet Foods to make the product. However, it is uncertain whether Canidae is still in partnership with the company after the incident or recall.

Why Choose This Brand

  • Reviews:  It has been veterinarian formulated and approved. The reviews are very positive, and it is rated highly among cat owners. The kind comments about the product show that the variety is widely accepted and used around the globe.
  • Naturally made: The company believes in creating a product that will help your feline grow healthy instead of developing new diseases. As such, they carefully select natural-based ingredients to use in making various Canidae products. The components are naturally flavored, and no additional carrageenan or preservatives are used in manufacturing their products.
  • Rich in protein: The protein source in this product is meat, chicken, turkey, and fish. The Canidae variety is rich in protein, and high protein content is essential in developing your feline’s muscle mass. A weak muscle mass will inhibit your cat’s physical activities. It will also make it difficult for you to play with your feline and bond with your cat. As such, you must feed your kittens with products that have high protein content such as the Canidae cat foods to strengthen your cat’s muscles.
  • Available in a variety of flavors: It is big on flavors and taste. As such, it is made with different flavors, and you can buy from varieties including meat, chicken, tuna, and salmon. The unique scent is sure to leave your feline licking his bowl and yearning for more.
  • Contains Antioxidants: Every Canidae cat food contains antioxidants, which help boost your cat’s immune system. It also has probiotics that help your cat digest the food easily. Again, it contains omega three and six fatty acids, which helps to beautify your feline’s coat and skin.
  • They are made for cats of all ages: The Canidae cat food products are manufactured for cats of all sizes and ages. All you need is one bag to feed your cats irrespective of their ages or size.

Ingredient Analysis

Canidae makes about 36 varieties of feline food items. Each of the Canidae products is made using a specific number of components or ingredients to meet your cat’s nutritional needs. Canidae uses about 114 sets of different elements or parts. Here is a general analysis of the ingredients.

  • The combined components used in manufacturing the product are chicken, turkey, fish, tuna, salmon, vegetable broth, pea, water, barley, taurine, salt, beef liver, brown rice, millet, chicken fat, lamb meal, natural flavor. Others include potassium chloride, chlorine chloride, manganous oxide, biotin, niacin, copper sulfate, potassium iodide, zinc sulfate, sodium selenite, and manganese sulfate. The rest are vitamins A, E, B6, and B12 supplements.
  • The Protein sources in the Canidae cat food are meat, turkey, chicken, and beef liver are the main ingredient used. As such, it is very rich in protein, which supports your feline’s heart and helps your cat stay healthy.
  • Again, it is nutritionally rich and dense in minerals as well as vitamins. The blended ingredients carry different types of vitamins and minerals, which are vital in helping your cat overcome diseases.
  • Additionally, they are sensitive to your cat’s allergies; as such, they do not use ingredients that will affect your cat’s sensitivities. Canidae do not use corn, soy, or wheat in making their products, and they also do not use by-products from chickens in preparing their products.

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Pros & Cons

  • Rich in Protein: Canidae is big on protein as they believe your cat needs high-level protein content to enable him to grow and function properly. They use high-quality natural protein such as tuna, chicken, lamb, and egg in manufacturing their staples. Your cat meal must contain at least eighty-five percent of natural protein to aid in their growth.
  • Grain-free: Some felines may be under the weather and allergic to corn, wheat, or soy; as such, feeding them with this feline product could prolong their life.
  • All-natural ingredients: The natural ingredients used is excellent for clients with felines with difficulties in digestion foods and suffering from gut trauma. They believe that the Canidae cat food is the only cat food item on the market that works for their cats and makes their felines stay healthy because of the natural components used in preparing the variety.
  • Added nutrients: Canidae products have probiotics that improve your feline’s gut condition and health. This variety also contains omega three and six acids, which are responsible for your feline’s beautiful hair and skin.
  • Canidae’s product was recalled in 2012 because of the salmonella product contamination.
  • Some of Canidae’s product is rich in carbohydrate, and too many carbs may harm your cat’s and may lead to obesity.
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