Pure Balance Cat Food Review

Last Updated January 30, 2020

Many cat owners are cautious when picking cat food products from the shelves. They carefully consider the ingredients, the nutrient components, as well as the brand name of the product. One cat food brand that is very popular with most cat owners is Pure Balance Cat Food. Their variety of cat food products stand tall among other feline food labels on the market. This cat food manufacturer is best known and recognized for making affordable and healthy products. However, one may ask whether it is indeed better than its competitors? Or could their products be more popular because it is better marketed and branded than its rivals. Read our review on Pure Balance Cat Food products to get answers to these questions and more.

Pure Balance Cat Food Review


The first product on our list is a Pure Balance Salmon Dry Cat Food.  This Pure Balance Cat Food product supplies your feline with the appropriate nutritional ingredients that your cat needs to grow and live a healthy life. The manufacturers of this brand of cat food believe that picking the finest ingredients is the foundation of a healthy food product. This variety of food is corn-free, free of soy, and wheat. They have thoroughly chosen elements that are highly nutritious and are needed for your cat’s growth. This salmon product uses salmon as the first ingredient. The use of salmon will help your feline build muscle mass, and a healthy muscle mass will enable your cat to perform any physical activity without quickly getting tired. Another rich source of ingredient used in the pure balance salmon dry cat food is Omega six, which maintains your feline’s shiny coat and gives them a healthy skin.

Added taurine

Corn-free and free from soy

High in protein

Salmon is used as the main ingredient

  • Brand: Pure Balance
  • Weight: 3 pounds


Next up on the list is the Pure Balance Gourmet Cat Treats Starters Poached Salmon Recipe (5 Pack). If you want to treat your feline like a King, then this product is for you. This variety of products has high protein content and is free from grain. The recipes were made without wheat, corn, and soy. The super-premium product is manufactured with well-thought-out ingredients. These ingredients are carefully picked to provide your cat with all the vital nutrients that your feline will need for his growth without compromising on quality. This Pure Balance Cat Food is formulated to help your cat’s muscles grow so that your cat can carry out his or her physical task without getting fatigued quickly. Again, the Pure Balance Gourmet Cat Treats Starters Poached Salmon Recipe is made using real salmon and no artificial additives.

Well-balanced nutritional content

Made without grains

A good mixture of minerals and vitamins

Very tasty and delicious

  • Brand: Pure Balance
  • Weight: 9 ounces


Moving on to Pure Balance Wild & Free Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food, which is made using real Turkey. The first and significant ingredient used is a real turkey. Even though turkey contains protein, raw turkey has above sixty percent moisture. The benefits of the turkey in this product is that it helps grow your feline’s muscle mass. Also, this variety contains omega-six fatty acid, which aids in maintaining your cat’s shiny coat and keeping your cat’s skin healthy. The Pure Balance Wild and Free Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food does not contain any wheat, corn, or any extra flavors. Because it is low in carbohydrates, it is right for your feline’s waistline and overall health.

Real turkey is used as the first ingredient

The flavor is natural

Low in carbohydrates

Contains omega-six acid which maintains your feline’s shiny coat and skin

  • Brand: Pure Balance
  • Weight: 7 pounds


The fourth on our Pure Balance Cat Food review list is the Pure Balance Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food. This product uses pure, simple, and best ingredients available. Fish are known to cause allergies in some cats, but the chicken used in this variety has been carefully chosen to provide a balanced diet to your feline. The Pure Balance Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food helps improves your cat’s vision as well as helps prevent vascular disease. The older the cat, the poorer his sight becomes. As such, this product is vital in helping improve your feline’s ability to see appropriately. This variety also meets the nutritional needs that your cat requires to grow successfully and healthy. Another good thing about this Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food is that it is easily affordable and is ideal for all felines irrespective of their ages.

Helps to improve your cat’s eyesight and vision

It is affordable

Helps to keep your feline’s heart-healthy

Net weight of seven pounds

  • Brand: Pure Balance
  • Weight: 7 pounds


To round up our Pure Balance Cat Food review list, we have six cans of Pure Balance Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey Dinner Wet Cat Food. Cats need variety to spice up their meals and give them different types of nutrients that they need but can’t get in one product. This pure balance canned cat food is high in protein as the main ingredients are chicken and turkey. The Pure Balance Grain-free Chicken and Turkey Dinner Wet Cat Food is ideal for cats of all ages. It is made without grains, corn, or wheat, and it is a mixture of damp chicken and high-quality turkey that is soaked in gravy. This product strengthens your cast’s muscles, helps in digestion, and boost your feline’s immune system since it contains vital vitamins. This variety also has omega three and six fatty acids, which ensures that your cat’s coat remains shiny and beautiful.

Take a look at our Wet Cat Food Review.

It has a very low carbohydrate content

Very rich in protein

A balanced nutritional formula

Beautifies your cat’s coat and skin

  • Brand: Pure Balance

Pure Balance Cat Food Review Buying Guide

Company Information

Walmart, an American company, manufactures Pure Balance Cat Food. It began operations in 2012 after customers of Walmart communicated to Walmart that they needed to provide their dogs and cats with food made using mostly natural ingredients. They also wanted an easy way of shopping for their pet food without having to trek to the local pet shop. Again, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, which is a family-owned company based in Meadville, United States, also manufactures some of the Pure Balance products. Ainsworth’s working relationship with a huge company such as Walmart started when Ainsworth produced a successful brand called Ol’Roy, which was sold in Walmart stores as well. Later on, Ainsworth developed a series of products that sold well in Walmart stores. Walmart recognized the business opportunity in the pet food industry and decided to partner with Ainsworth to make Pure Balance for both cats and dogs. Thus, Ainsworth develops varieties of Pure Balance Cat Food and also collaborates with several companies to make different recipes. There is no record of any Pure Balance Cat Food recall. Pure Balance gives customers varieties in terms of dry or wet feline foods. Some of the pure balance products are made with grains, but every one of the pure balance products is developed without wheat, soy, and corn.

Why Choose This Brand

  • Reviews

Pure Balance Cat Food has great and mostly positive reviews. The positive reviews from around the world prove that the product is widely known across the globe. It also shows that customers love quality products, and Pure Balance Cat Food ticks the quality box.

  • Comes in different flavors

The Pure Balance Cat Food is manufactured using different natural flavors. You can purchase from varieties such as from chicken and turkey soaked in gravy to salmon or brown rice. The ingredients have been carefully hand-picked to give customers different options to select from.

  • All-natural

The manufacturers pride themselves on using only natural ingredients in developing Pure Balance Cat Food. The ingredients are all-natural, and the recipes are made without any additives or artificial preservatives.

  • Rich in protein

Another good thing about this product is that it has high protein content, which is vital for your cat’s muscles. The sources of the protein in the Pure Balance Cat Food includes chicken and turkey. The protein level in a cat’s diet should be between eighty to eight- six percent.

  • Additional nutrients

The Pure Balance Cat Food product contains vital minerals and vitamins that your feline needs for him or her to grow properly and stay healthy.

  • No recalls

For a product to be on the market since 2012 and not experienced any Pure Balance Cat Food recall is remarkable. This is an excellent indication of the overall quality of the Pure Balance Cat Food products and also its production or manufacturing quality.

  • Affordable

They manufacturers of this variety want to provide quality cat foods at a modest price. Compared to their competitors on the market, the Pure Balance Cat Food is quite economical.

Cat eating food from metal bowl

Ingredient Analysis

As stated above, Pure Balance Cat Foods are developed using varieties of mixtures of several natural components. Read below to get to know more about the ingredients used in preparing this great product.

  • The mixture of ingredients used includes brown rice, dried peas, turkey, chicken, sorghum, animal fat, ground barley, carrots, taurine, salt, yeast, Vitamins A, E, B12, and D3 supplements. The rests are zinc, copper, and ferrous sulfate. Others are manganese oxide, water, cobalt carbonate, niacin, folic acid, sodium selenite, biotin, thiamine mononitrate, and calcium iodate. Chicken and turkey meals were also used in preparing the Pure Balance Cat Food review.
  • The meat sources such as turkey and meat make up about forty percent of crude protein in the product. The forty percent of crude protein in Pure Balance Cat Food products helps your cat to grow muscles, improves your cat’s heart function as well as helps your feline to grow correctly.
  • There is eighteen percent of Crude fats in every Pure Balance Cat Food. Cats need fats but not too many facts as excess fats will result in your feline having vascular diseases, and also additional fats above the percentage required can cause your cat to have high blood pressure.
  • Again, there is about 5.9 percent of crude fiber in every Pure Balance Cat Food. Fiber is ideal for your cat as it aids your cat to digest certain foods easily.
  • Furthermore, Pure Balance Cat Food products have been specially blended with essential minerals and vitamins. The mixture of the minerals and vitamins in different forms helps to boost your feline’s immune system.

Pros & Cons

  • Rich in protein: As discussed earlier, the various feline foods manufactured by this company have high natural protein content. The sources of protein in Pure Balance Cat Food products are mostly chicken and turkey. The high-level protein content in this product is essential because your feline needs about eighty- five percent protein in his or her dish to enable your cat to grow healthy.
  • Well-balanced ingredients: Walmart’s range of foods for cats includes a mixture of vital minerals and vitamins that helps boosts your feline’s immune system and improving your cat’s overall health.
  • The components are natural: The manufacturers believe in using natural based ingredients in preparing the product. The Pure Balance Cat Food recipes are made without any artificial preservatives. Additionally, it is low in carbohydrates since the product is made without corn, soy, and wheat, and this makes it the ideal staple for your feline.
  • Low-cost: When you compare the prices of this product to their competitors on the market, you will realize that the Pure Balance Cat Food item is affordable. The high-quality ingredients and the vitamins contained in this variety makes it a bargain.
  • Easily accessible: This quality product is readily and easily available on Amazon and at all Walmart stores, unlike other cat products that are displayed in only specialized pet or cat shops.
  • Some of the components of this product may cause food allergies in some cats. As such, consult with your veterinarian before dishing out the Pure Balance Cat Food item to your feline.
  • The wet Pure Balance Cat Food variety has a short lifespan on the shelves, and the wet cat foods are very light; hence it may not adequately satisfy your feline.
  • Again, Pure Balance Cat Foods are mostly sold out quickly from the shelves, and as such most shops run out of stock quickly.
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