The Best Kitten Toys to Keep Your Kitty Entertained (Review) in 2021

Last Updated March 11, 2021

Kittens are adorable bundles of fluff and fun that simply love to play. And that precious playtime is important for your little kit’s development as it provides mental stimulation as well as honing their hunting and motor skills. Which is why you need to make sure your kitty has the opportunity for plenty of playtime.

Adding some toys to their routine can really help to give your young kit the stimulation they need as well as help to burn off some of that youthful energy. And having a variety of toys will also ensure they don’t get bored.  We take a look at some of the best kitten toys to keep your gorgeous kitty happy and entertained.

The Best Kitten Toys to Keep Your Kitty Entertained


Petstages Cheese Chase Catnip Interactive Cat Track Toy

This three in one pet toy has something for all kittens, whether they like to solve ‘puzzles’ or prefer to hone their hunting skills with a more active way of playing. Offering your kit the chance to chase, pounce or track their ‘prey’, this is a well-built toy from Petstages that is ideal for helping to develop young bodies and minds.

For the price, you get a durable interactive play toy which features a rolling ball for your kit to chase, an inner ball to find and catch and a catnip-stuffed soft mouse for batting fun. And as it encourages active play, the whole toy features a non-slip base, so everything stays in place, no matter how boisterous your kitty gets! The added bonus of this track toy is that while it works to entertain your young kitten, it also offers both physical and mental stimulation to support your precious pet’s healthy growth and development. And it is designed to be able to take the weight of your kitten so they can get really up close and personal with what will no doubt become one of their favorite toys. 

Three games in one track toy

Hones their hunting and motor skills

Made from durable plastic

Features a non-slip base

  • Brand: Petstages
  • Model: 736
  • Weight: 14.72 ounces


Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

This simple yet effective ribbon teaser can give hours of fun, for both your kitten and his special human. And the design of the Rainbow Cat Charmer is uncomplicated but well made, meaning it can stand up to some seriously tough kitten play. With a decent length to the polycarbonate pole and a long, funky colored ribbon, it is easy to use – simply wave, swirl and twist in front of your inquisitive kit and watch them delightedly leap around as they make chase. Designed to mimic the fast movements of your cat’s prey if they were in the wild, this cat dancer toy not only builds your kitten’s fitness and mobility but also their reflexes and natural hunting instincts. And it is super safe for your furbaby too, as it is made from non-toxic material and dyes, which are colorfast so won’t ruin your carpet or soft furnishings. And as it is built to last, the Rainbow Cat Charmer will charm your kitty as they grow to adulthood too. 

Durable and cat-safe design

Wand made from polycarbonate

Colorfast and non-toxic dyed ribbon

Helps to build aerobic health 

  • Brand: Cat Dancer Products
  • Model: 301R
  • Weight: 0.71 ounces


SPOT Ethical Wide Colorful Springs Cat Toy

For such a simple idea, these springs from Pet Ethical are a genius idea, if your cat likes to get light and fast on their feet. And each spring in this good value 10 spring pack puts your kitten in charge of their pawsome playtime. Made from cat-safe plastic, molded into springy spirals that leap and bounce at the touch of your kit’s paw, these high energy interactive kitten toys will fast become your kitten’s playtime favorite. And the spirals are extra-large to boost each spring’s bouncing power, creating an unpredictable movement to keep your young cat on their toes. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, they are also silent and can be used by your cat on his own, although playtime supervision is strongly recommended. One of the best kitten toys for the price.

Made from molded plastic

Extra wide springs for greater movement

Creates random bounces 

Available in a 10 spring pack 

  • Brand: SPOT Ethical Products
  • Model: 2515
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


Youngever 24 Cat Toys

With an impressive 24 toys per pack, this is the ultimate playtime surprise for your cat, at an affordable price. While these may not be high end, the build quality is good and there is something for every type of kitten. The pack includes a neat collapsible tunnel, perfect for your cat to play hide and seek as well as a host of teaser wands, cat dancer and ball type toys. You also get toys which have added sensory and sound abilities to totally capture your little kitten’s curious attention. While the toys in this kitten toy assortment are not the most durable, they should last a fair few play sessions as your kit learns and grows, and with so many pieces in each assortment pack, there’s plenty to go around. Just make sure your kit only plays with these kitty toys under your supervision, as there are small parts which could be swallowed.

Great value 24 toy pack

Includes cat tunnel and fluffy mice

Ideal for kitten play and learning

Always use under supervision 

  • Brand: Youngeve
  • Model: FBA_TP111R
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces


Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy for Cats

Cleverly designed, this fun motion toy for kittens and cats will capture your pet’s attention, thanks to the moving ball that illuminates as it whizzes through the circuit tube. Made from eight connecting pieces to create the full circuit, the Super Roller is a sensory ride for your kitten as they swipe to keep up with the moving ball inside. We like how durable the design is, as it needs to take some serious paw swatting as your kit’s excitement picks up a pace.

Watch as they visually keep track of the ball, which moves at a range of speeds for added tension, then leap into life as the ball comes close by. The eight sections are also joined by openings so your kit can safely touch the ball as it rolls past. The illuminated swirling ball is eye-catching, and the ball’s motion makes this one of the best kitten toys when it comes to encouraging your kit to observe, crouch and pounce.  You will need to self-assemble this kitten toy before you start but it is easy to do and once connected the whole toy feels sturdy and ready for whatever your kitten or cat throws at it, time and time again. 

8-piece connected circuit toy

Internal illuminating ball

Moves in a range of speeds

Encourages natural hunting instinct  

  • Brand: Catit
  • Model: 50736
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds


Petstages Purr Pillow Kitty Soothing Plush Cat Toy

When your new kitten first comes home, it can be a stressful transition, and your little pet may show signs of anxiety as they try to settle in. Which is where this super-cute cat pillow can work wonders in helping your kitten come out of their shell. Shaped like a cat, the fur is lovely and soft, giving your kitten a comforting pillow to snuggle up to and feel safe. And it is also touch activated, emitting a soft purr for around two minutes, every time this kitten toy is cuddled or squeezed. Available in a choice of bright and happy colors, the Petstages Cat Pillow is simply adorable and will help your kitten relax as well as give them something to snuggle into, when your lap is not available! And for your kit’s human, it is practical too, as the whole toy (with the purring mechanism removed) can be popped into the washing machine when it is time for a clean. 

Soft cuddle toy to soothe

Ideal for anxious or stressed cats

Includes a touch activated purr

Can be machine washed  

  • Brand: Petstages
  • Model: 719
  • Weight: 0.71 ounces


Zenes Cat Toys

Up the cuteness quota of playtime with your cat or kitten with this gorgeous butterfly flutter toy from Zenes. With its stable wide plastic base, you get three pretty butterflies on stalks that flutter and circle enticingly to encourage your cat to follow the movement, ‘hunt’ and swat their ‘prey’. Powered by three AA batteries, it is operated by a simple on/off button and the movement of the butterflies is unpredictably skittish to give your kitten a fun workout as they play. It is a little noisy when in full flying butterfly mode, but not enough to scare off your cat. We also like the fact that the base is nice and heavy so won’t move in response to your kitten’s bodyweight and comes complete with three rubber feet to stop it sliding on smooth or wooden floors.

Features three ‘flying’ butterflies

Encourages your kit’s hunting instinct

Battery operated – 3 x AA batteries

Stable base with rubber feet  

  • Brand: Zenes Cat Toys
  • Model: DMWJX
  • Weight: 11.9 ounces


Yeowww! Catnip Toy

For older kittens (six months plus) as well as adult cat, a little bit of catnip is a mellowed out treat and the Yeowww! Banana is a fun way for your pet to chill out and play. Made from soft yet durable cotton twill which is strong enough to cope with cat bites and scratching, the banana shape of this toy is perfect for your kitten to grasp and hold as well as use as one of their kitten teething toys. The seams are securely stitched too, to keep the 100% organic catnip inside, so your cat gets all the benefits while safely playing with their toy. The catnip is a premium blend and contains no fillers or artificial products, so your catnip-loving kit is getting the best and there’s only vegetable-based dyes in the fabric for a natural playtime toy your young cat can hone their hunting skills on. Not all cats respond to catnip but if your kitten likes its soothing effect, this is a good toy to buy.

Made from durable twill cotton

Hand-stitched for strength

Contains premium grade catnip

No artificial dyes or fillers  

  • Brand: Yeowww!
  • Model: 8 12402 00004 1
  • Weight: 1.03 ounces


Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

If your kitten loves to run as well as burrow in your cushions or play hide and seek, then this tough three-way tunnel will become their new playhouse. And for extra sensory fun, it has a built-in crinkle fabric as well as a cute center peep hole and an added bell toy. With three entries/exits, your kit will love to give you the slip as they run and hide inside the tunnel chutes. And as it is made from tear-resistant polyester, supported by a sprung steel frame it can stand up to the roughest kitten playtime fun. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, this cat toy is also big enough for adult cats, meaning you get a lot of value for your money. And the beauty of the Prosper Cat Tunnel is that it is both washable and collapsible, so easy to store or transport once your kit’s play session is done. 

Three-way cat play tunnel

Made from tear-resistant polyester

Collapsible sprung steel frame

Built in crinkle fabric and peep hole

  • Brand: Prosper Pet
  • Model: Cat Tunnel Grey
  • Weight: 11 ounces


EcoCity Cat Toys

Our top toy for kittens is this lovely teaser toy which comes with five natural feather lures in a range of bright, eye-catching colors to grab your kitten’s attention. The lightweight wand is a decent length, giving you a good reach and the line flicks out well, for lots of feather cat teasing action.  Simply hook one of the well-made natural feature lures to the end of the line and move and wiggle around your cat to encourage them to catch it. The line is a little on the long side, however, so you may need to trim to suit your pet, especially if they are a smaller kitten or cat. Used regularly, not only are these tease wands a fun way to bond with your new kitten, but it will also encourage their reactions and hunting skills as well as give them plenty of cardio and muscle-building exercise. And once the feather is past its best, simply swap for a new one and the teasing fun time can start all over again. 

Made from pet-safe, durable material

Pack of five natural feather lures

Lightweight and flexible wand

Padded handle for comfort  

  • Brand: EcoCity
  • Model: wand005
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces

Our Top Pick

One of the best kitten toys in our review, the Petstages Cat Tracks cat toy is also good value for money as you effectively get three toys for the price of one. A ball to chase, balls to find and a catnip-stuffed toy mouse to bat and paw, this interactive play toy also works to help your kit hone their hunting and motor skills, while having a whole heap of fun. So, when it comes to choosing toys for kittens, this is a good one for your list.

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