5 simple cat games your kitty will go crazy for

5 Simple Cat Games Your Kitty Will Go Crazy For

Compared to dogs, cats seem to be happy to lie around and just groom itself. While your puppy is running around the yard like crazy, cats are happy to just watch them. Still, you might see your cat streaking across the room and playing happily with a box. This means they also enjoy games, whether by themselves, with other cats or with their humans. Moreover, they love the physical and mental stimulation that play brings them.

Kittens especially love to wrestle around with their siblings. You will see them trying to pounce and catch each other because for felines use it to learn hunting and survival skills. Although they are domesticated, they still have the instinct to stalk, chase, and catch their prey. This is why cats love to play, to keep their instincts sharp, and to be able to show their natural behavior.

kitties playing in a tub

Because cats tend to stay indoors most of the time, playtime is also important for them to get some exercise. They can be prone to obesity especially when they receive too many treats and too little exercise. Because they are not the kind of animals that would walk or run around a lot, the best way to make sure they move enough is to add players to their routine.

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Your games do not have to be complicated, because cats already find the smallest things fun and interesting. Even a simple ball of string is enough to keep them going crazy for a long time. Here are also some easy and simple games for your kitty’s entertainment.

Bathtub Ping-Pong

For this game, all you need is a ping-pong ball and your bathtub. First, make sure the tub has no water and remove all the shampoo and other bottles away. You also need to close the drain so that the ball does not end up there.

Now ready yourself for tons of fun and laughter as you watch your cat chasing the ball all over the tub. On solid ground, your cat can easily catch the ball but on the bathtub, you will see it slip or fall tons of times. For more fun, you can add another ball and you will see your cat confused and trying to choose which one to run after. Another option is to use plastic Easter eggs, which are lighter and less noisy. However, they do tend to open into 2 pieces. Just make sure you hide the balls afterward unless you want your cat playing on the tub in the middle of the night.

Paper Bag Hide-and-Seek 

Regardless what gifts you buy your cat, you will always find them loving the packaging instead of the actual gift. Cartons are perfect for hiding, and paper bags are also fun. When they go inside to play, the paper gets rustled and they love the sound. You can leave one on the floor for your kitty to play with and inspect, even sleep on.

cat playing hide and seek

For more interactive play, try teasing them with a hand or a toy tied to a string just outside their paper bag hiding spot, and spot those curious paws trying to catch it. Make sure you use only paper bags but remove the handles, plastic bags are a choking hazard.

Blowing Bubbles

Felines, much like kids, love bubbles floating in the air. They go crazy trying to catch them in the air. However, ordinary bubbles that burst are not good for cats, as they get into the eyes, the fur, and in their mouths.

If you want to play with bubbles, get some special bubble mix specifically produced for kitties that also have a special catnip scent. They are also very cheap, as little as $2 a bottle, and they are safe for your pet. Because of the scent, they will very eagerly try to catch them and will be shocked when they burst.

kitty playing with bubbles

Feather and String

There are tons of cat toys you can buy in the pet store but you can also make one easily with only string, stick, and something at the end like a bell, a feather or a toy. You can play with them by teasing them with the wand, waving it above its head. They love jumping and trying to catch it. They can also use their pouncing instincts with this game by laying the bait on the floor or even under furniture. Just make sure you play in an open room that has tons of space to run and jump around.

cat playing with feather and string

Post-It Hockey

Something as simple as a post-it can already be your cat’s newest favorite game. Much like a paper bag, they love chewing and crumpling these little sheets of paper. While you can let your kitty play freely with them and walking around with these sticky notes around the house, you can also turn it into an interactive game.

You can fold them a little or turn them into little balls and flick them with your finger into your cat’s path and wait for your cat to chase them and swat them like hockey pucks. This is especially fun when you are on a smooth surface, like laminate flooring or tiles. This is also a fun game to play with more than one cat, and they will have fun chasing several pucks all over the room. For a few dollars, you already have easy cat toys that will last you many days.

cat playing with the paper

All You Need Is a Bit of Creativity

These are just 5 games you can do with your cat at home, but there can be tons more you can think of. Again, felines are such curious creatures that even day-to-day objects will interest them and they will have lots of fun trying to dissect and figure out how these things go. They will also have tons of fun already with just some boxes or paper bags, especially amazed at the difference between the darkness inside and the brightness outside.

In fact, you just need a bit of creativity and willingness to play with your kitty cat and you can be sure to have hours of fun with each other.


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