how to manage litter box odor like a pro

How to Manage Litter Box Odor like a Pro

Litter box odor is the most difficult aspect of having a cat as a pet. Usually, cat owners are not bothered about the litter box odor. But how about your friends visiting and complaining about the smell? Embarrassing isn’t it? Keeping a cat and maintaining proper hygiene is crucial for both the owner and the pet.

To this effect, some simple steps that can help you remove litter box odor are discussed as followed:

Scoop the Box Frequently

Old feces and urine are not only unhygienic but also emit a pungent odor. What you can do is scoop your kitty’s litter box on a daily basis because the longer you take to clean the litter box, the more your house will be invaded by the smell. Studies show at least 10% of cats stop using the litter box at one point of time, the most obvious reason being a dirty litter box in most cases. If you are unable to clean their litter box every day, you may want to consider purchasing an automatic litter box.

odor in cat litter box

Scoop the box at least once a day, if not twice. Remove the solid and liquid clumps if you use a clumping litter. You can also use a solid metal spoon to remove the urine soaked areas each time you clean. Use a mild detergent to wash the box every week depending on the type of litter box you might be using. Do not use any ammonia-based cleaners as it will only enhance the stinky smell.

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Replace the Litter Box Once a Year

Your kitty’s claws, as well as the scooper you use, can make deep grooves in the sides and bottom of your kitty’s box. These grooves can hold on to the odor even if it is cleaned on a regular basis. Do not use such a litter box – rather provide your kitty with a new box at least once a year. You can donate your old box to any shelter or rescue group, thus helping them care better for stray animals.

Use a Deodorant

You can use baking soda as a deodorizer for your kitty’s litter box. Various perfumes or additives are also available in the market that can help in keeping the litter box free of odor.

However, your kitty might not like this smell and might refuse to use the litter box as a result. You have to try and experiment using these additives in rotation to seek out the deodorizer that your feline likes. Unscented deodorizers are also available wherein you can sprinkle a little deodorizer every time you scoop your kitty’s box. However, vets do not recommend using a deodorizer.

Select the Correct Litter Box

Any clean plastic container available in your home can serve as the litter box for your kitty. Provide your kitty with the biggest litter box that your house can accommodate. The thumb rule is that the box should be twice as long and as wide as your adult cat is. Cats tend to avoid stepping on already soiled areas. Also, do not use covered litter boxes as this can trap the odor.

Keep the Litter Box in a Ventilated Area

Cat parents keep the litter boxes in dark and hidden corners of the house, not realizing that this further aggravates the odor. Moreover, your cat might be uncomfortable using it. Your kitty will then venture to other parts of your house. Therefore, keep your kitty’s box in a well ventilated area where it has enough space and light to use the box comfortably.

litter box odor

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Final Words

Keeping a pet involves a lot of responsibilities. You have to ensure proper hygiene for your pet in addition to maintaining overall health. Litter box and its odor is one such aspect that will not be as disgusting if maintained properly.


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