The Best Cat Litter Scoops (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 5, 2020

Cats are renowned for their high standards when it comes to cleanliness, and this is especially true when it comes to their own litter box. While they can bury their waste outside, for indoor living this means as their human it’s your responsibility to keep their litter tray clean. To keep on top of that litter box, a scoop is going to be your savior. Cat litter scoops make the daily chore of cleaning their tray so much easier as well as safer health-wise for you and your kit. We take a look at some of the best cat litter scoops on the market so you can take your pick.

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Best Cat Litter Scoop


Made from aluminum with a rubber grip handle, the DuraScoop is one of the best cat litter scoops currently on the market. Lightweight with a reassuringly solid feel, the scoop is well designed and a decent size to scoop out larger clumps of wet or soiled litter without spilling over the sides. As it’s cast from one piece, there are no weak points and no bending or flicking as you scoop. The ergonomic design of the handle means it sits well in the hand and the aluminum is rust-resistant so will serve you year after year. Available in a choice of three colors, this is a reliable, durable kitty litter scoop that performs well and is excellent value for money. 

Find out more about DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop.

Rust-resistant single cast aluminum scoop

Lightweight and ergonomically balanced

Rubber handle grip for comfort

Deep, enclosed sides to prevent spillage

  • Brand: DuraScoop
  • Model: 910200
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces


With its deep shovel and gently rounded corners for precision cleaning, this scooper from Iprimio is a great size for most litter boxes. Made from solid cast aluminum with a non-stick surface, it also makes quick work of dirty litter. And the result of all this non-stick is an even easier to clean scooper after the work is done. Although the scoop is a little on the heavier side, with its ergonomic handle it balances nicely in the hand and gives a secure grip without any bending or flicking. We also like the long slots that create an effective sifting action as you dig deep to clean. And once you have finished, the scooper comes complete with its own hanger hook for convenient storage. 

Single cast aluminum with non-stick coating

Deep shovel with easy fit rounded corners

Long slats create an effective sift

Ergonomic handle with rubber grip

  • Brand: iPrimio
  • Model: 850466004810
  • Weight: 11 ounces


Lightweight with a really long scoop body meaning less scoops per litterbox clean, this plastic scooper from Litter Lifter is a neat piece of kitty litter kit. The plastic feels solid and although the scoop is long in its body, the bend is pretty minimal, making it a decent scraper for heavier messes. The idea is that it minimizes your need to sift – simply scrape in a straight line and the poop and wetted clumps stay with the plastic scoop for the whole ride, ready to tip out at the end, leaving cleaner litter behind. The raking blades are long and while there are a few wider ones at the side which can leave very small pieces of dirt behind, a final sweep across the litter box should solve the problem.

Molded out of durable plastic

Long bodied scoop with no-sift blades

Minimizes dust – no need to shake the litter

Available in a choice of colors

  • Brand: Litter Lifter
  • Model: Litter-Lifter
  • Weight: 4 ounces


The BasicForm cat litter scoop is a pretty fast worker. On first appearances its design seems a little no frills, but it’s the simplicity that makes it effective. Made from 4mm stainless steel wire to create a deep angled scoop with even slates, it looks similar to a deep fry scooper and works in the same way. The wire handle has dips for your fingers so you can comfortably grip as you dig into the litter. The slats are wide enough to let clean litter filter out, while the muck and wet clumps stay inside. Get into a rhythm and you can see why it has a speedy reputation. There’s nothing fancy about the BasicForm but it does its job and thanks to the smooth metal, it’s also really easy to clean. 

Rapid sifter with contoured handle

Made from 4mm stainless steel wire

Deep angled scoop for fast sifting

Easy to clean and store

  • Brand: BasicForm
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces


If you prefer a long handle cat litter scoop, then the Co-Z is a well-priced option. Made with an aluminum alloy body, the longer length handle has an ergonomic shape, softened by a thick layer of rubber for a comfortable grip as you scoop. The scoop is larger sized too, and slighted rounded for efficient scooping. It has a decent depth at the back, and while not full-length slats, the holes are a decent size to let clean litter filter through. The whole surface of the scoop has also been burred making it stick-free when it comes to poop as well as easier to clean. This is a big scooper, but it’s pretty light on its feet and while it may struggle a little with heavier or denser litter, the long handle certainly makes it easier when scooping and scraping. 

Anti-rust and durable aluminum body

Long-length handle with reinforced rubber grip

Larger sized scoop with anti-scatter sides

Easy clean and non-stick burred surface 

  • Brand: CO-Z
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces


 Sometimes scooping all that poop can be a pain in the back which is where this long handled litter scoop comes in. The detachable design of the Yangbaga means you can opt for a long handle then change down to a short handle when you need to. Made from stainless steel, this scooper can also deal with the heaviest soiling without straining the handle or scoop. The scoop bucket is a good size and angled to reduce wrist strain, with a nice depth to hold in the dirt.  However, the corners are curved so could miss those really hard to reach places. Rustproof, this is not a telescopic handled scooper and probably works the better for it, as each handle length screws tightly in for greater stability as you scoop. 

Dual handle converts to either long or short

Rust and odor-resistant stainless steel

Deep, large sized shovel with angled slats

Rubber grip handle for comfort

  • Brand: Yangbaga
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces


Our Best Price pick is a super scooper, both in size and capacity and despite its price tag, performs as well as many more expensive handheld scoopers. Made from a durable plastic, the design is simple but effective and is intended to work with silica litter beads. You get a large scoop bowl with oversized holes to separate and let the bead litter sift through, but the round shape and close proximity of the holes means poop and wet matter stays put. The handle is a little on the basic side and there’s no padding or cover, but it does taper to allow you to get a comfortable enough grip. And the size of the scoop will make quick work of larger litter trays. 

Designed for use with silica litter beads

Handheld scoop made from durable plastic

Large hole sift design for effect filtering

Oversized scoop for quick cleaning 

  • Brand: Catit
  • Model: 50578
  • Weight: 3.5 ounces


Ideal for high sided litter boxes, this large bowled and longer handled scoop enables you to get into all the nooks and crannies without straining or missing any debris. Made from plastic and with an ergonomically shaped handle which means you can get just the right angle, the Doskocil Petmate is also well priced. You get a sturdy scooper which can whizz through a larger volume of litter, catching the poop and letting cleaner stuff filter out. The shape of the scoop bowl is angled to get deeper into the litter but the serrated edges are square so you can get into any awkward corners. OK, the handle can flex a little but as an all-round kitty litter scoop, this is a decent tool to make clean work of your pet litter box mess. 

Ergonomically designed plastic litter scoop

Longer handle and deep, serrated bowl

Fast sifter, thanks to the well-spaced slats

Ideal for deeper litter boxes

  • Brand: Doskocil
  • Model: 22972
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Don’t let its fish fryer looks put you off, this heavy-duty wire scoop from Imperial Cat really is the cat’s whiskers and scoops up our Premium Pick! Made from chrome-plated wire with a heavy gauge and extra-long handle, this is a good choice for more hard-core poop picking or if your mobility is an issue. The bowl is grid meshed for effective sifting and a wide, rectangular shape for fast and effective coverage as you scoop. Add in a vinyl-coated grip on the 20-inch handle for a more comfortable hold. The bowl is perhaps a little on the shallow side for a really deep litter box, but this is a hardwearing litter scooper for pretty much all other eventualities.

Long-handled metal litter scoop

Made from heavy-gauge wire

Wide bowl for volume scooping

Vinyl coated handle grip

  • Brand: Imperial Cat
  • Model: 22972
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


If speed is of the essence when it comes to your litter box scooping, then check out this fast sifter from BasicForm. Made from stainless steel wire with foam padded handle, it doesn’t have the most sophisticated looks, but it does scoop in quick time. The handle is a little stubby, but it’s easy to hold while the scoop has 6mm-wide wire slats to trap most of the poop and let the clean litter sift free. The angled sides help to prevent splatter and the whole scoop is coated in epoxy resin for easy cleaning. Smaller debris may slip through the wires, but it should be minimal, and a final sweep will leave your kit’s litter box fresh and clean. 

Durable stainless steel wire scooper

Foam padded handle for easy grip

6mm-wide slats and epoxy resin coating

Large scoop for faster cleaning

  • Brand: BasicForm
  • Weight: 8.21 ounces

Best Cat Litter Scoop Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in a Cat Litter Scoop

Cleaning out that cat litter tray needs to be a fast, efficient job, so getting the right scooper is key. Here are the main things to consider:

Shape: The scoop shape should match the size of your cat litter box and type of litter you use. For example, round scoops may not get right into the corner of the litter box if the scoop head is large so opt for either a smaller head or a squarer shaped scoop. And, for faster cleaning, a deep shovel style scoop can help you to quickly plow through the litter.

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Slot size: The way the scoop filters out the poop can make all the difference in your cleaning.  Whether you prefer slots or holes, always go for the size that works with your particular size of the litter as you need to be sure it will effectively sift. Long slots also let loose litter flow easily while smaller holes will require more shaking and sifting work on your part.

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Durability: Any litter scoop is going to be put to regular work, so you need to be sure it’s tough enough for the job. It can’t be too heavy or cumbersome, but at the same time, you don’t want a flimsy scoop. Look for high-quality durable materials such as plastic or metal that are lightweight and will last you a decent amount of time without bending or snapping.

Comfort: You don’t want your cat poop-scooping to be more effort than it needs to be, so look for a scooper that’s comfortable to use. Check the handle of the scoop to ensure it sits well in your hand without pinching and opt for a rubber handle if you can.

Plastic scoop in a cat litter box, standing on a floor

Types of Litter Scoops

Not all cat poop scoopers are made equal and there are several types for you to consider:

  • Standard: These are straightforward and effective scoopers made from metal or plastic with a slotted or perforated scoop head, short handle, and a scraping edge. Look for a standard scoop with a hole or loop in the handle for easy storage when not in use.
  • Long handle: Long and ergonomic handle scoops can help to minimize back and knee strain as it means you can scoop, sift, and scrape without bending down and getting too close to the litter tray. Make sure the long handle is sturdy and doesn’t bend too much as you work.
  • Scoop and caddy: Similar to a toilet brush and holder, a litter scoop with matching caddy is one of the best cat litter scoops if you want to neatly and discreetly store the scoop in plain sight after use.

Benefits of Using Litter Box Scoopers

There’s nothing too complicated about a cat litter scoop, but this simple cat care gadget can make a real difference when it comes to keeping your kit’s litter tray up to scratch. Here are the main benefits of investing in a litter box scooper:

  • Easy to use: Simply dig, scoop and lift and a scooper will lift the solid waste and wet clumps away, while the loose clean litter filters through the holes.
  • More hygienic: A scoop means you can keep your physical distance from your cat’s waste.
  • Save you time: Once you get into the scooping rhythm, cleaning out that litter tray will take you no time each day.
  • Keep your puss happy: Cats are notoriously fussy creatures when it comes to cleanliness. A scooper means you can quickly and effectively remove their waste and maintain your cat’s high standards!

Best Cat Litter Scoop FAQ:

Q: Should I choose metal or plastic for my scoop?

A: Both metal and plastic make good pooper scoopers for your cat’s litter boxes but your final material preference should be based on durability, weight, and price:

  • Plastic scoopers tend to be cheaper than metal and while they are durable, they tend to bend or degrade over time.
  • Made from either stainless steel or aluminum, a metal litter scoop is overall more durable, but you will probably need to spend more on a high-quality one. However, they don’t tend to bend and will last longer than plastic.

Q: How big should the slots at the bottom of the scooper be?

A: You need the slots to be large enough for dry, unsoiled litter to easily flow through but small enough to stop your cat’s poop as well as keep the wet and large clumps of litter inside the scoop. The size of the slots or holes also needs to work with your particular litter product and the size of its litter grains.

Q: How do I clean a cat litter scoop?

A: Dishwash soap and hot water should be enough, although you can also consider using a disinfectant or bathroom cleaner on particularly soiled scoopers. Always wash away from your kitchen or main sink and wear gloves to scrub as you don’t want to be touching your cat’s waste. Scrub with a brush to remove stubborn or caked on dirt, then thoroughly rinse and leave to dry before storing away.

Small gray kitten in plastic litter cat

Our Top Pick:

The large scooped DuraScoop is an effective and hardworking cat litter scooper cast from a single piece of aluminum for durability and performance. The wide scoop with its enclosed sides help to prevent spillage and scatter while the rubber handle gives a nice ergonomic grip. Rust-resistant and easy to clean, the DuraScoop is also easy to handle and sits well in your hand. For many years of scooping use at a good price, the DuraScoop scoops our top choice pick.


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