10 Best Hamster Cages in 2017

One of the best ways we can help children learn to care about animals is by giving them pets. We can choose to give them dogs or even cats. However, if our kids have problems with airborne pet dander, then these pets will not really be a great idea. A better one will be hamsters. They’re small and docile enough to be handled by even the youngest member of your family. Like all pets, hamsters deserve to live in a home that will allow them to feed, rest, sleep, and, of course, play. That’s why we’re going to share with you our 10 best hamster cages in 2017.

10 Best Hamster Cages

1Deluxe Habitat by Living World

Considered by many hamster and small pet enthusiasts as one of the best habitats for small critters, the Deluxe Habitat truly lives up to its name of luxurious living. Now, if your idea of luxury living accommodations for critters is floors that glitter and walls that shine, there’s nothing of that sort in the Living World. Instead, what you get is a hybrid cage that masterfully combines the durability and ease of maintenance of a touch plastic base and the superb strength and superior ventilation of a wire frame that makes up its walls and roof. Inside the habitat is a beautiful balcony complete with modified access ramp. A food dish that has been designed to be tip-proof is well integrated into the base of the balcony so you can be sure the dish isn’t going anywhere especially if you have a critter that’s quite very active. The bottom pan is deep enough to fill it with your pet’s favorite bedding whether it’s aspen or corncob litter or even shredded white paper. The depth is ideal for encouraging the burrowing behavior of these little critters so they remain happy and safe while inside the habitat. Of course, you will need to buy their own toys as well as exercise wheels. Cleaning the Living World is also easy as the roof can be easily opened to provide instant access. For a more thorough cleaning, you can simply unsnap the latch between the wire frame and the plastic bottom pan, douse it with water, clean it well, dry it completely, and you’re done.

What We Like about It – There’s reason why close to 2,000 pet owners consider the Living World the best habitat for their little pets. Its open design helps provide the customization that you may require.

2Critter Nation Small Animal Cage with Stand by MidWest Homes for Pets

For families who would like a larger enclosure for the little pets so these can roam around as much as possible inside their habitat, the Critter Nation Small Animal Cage with Stand should be the perfect solution. The legs of the Critter Nation have casters to allow for superb mobility without having to lift or carry the entire cage. A second level platform underneath the cage can also serve as a storage compartment for the different tools or resources necessary for caring for your pet hamsters. You can place their favorite food as well as cleaning and bedding materials in this storage space. The cage itself is spacious and provides a two-story habitat for hamsters as well as other small critters like rats, ferrets, dagus, and chinchillas. The bottom pan is designed to be leak proof and fully removable so it will be easy to clean. It has full-width double doors giving you superb access to the interior of the Critter Nation as well as to help organize the different accessories for your pets. The wire frame is spaced at half an inch to provide a safe environment for your pets while giving them the maximum freedom to explore and stretch their muscles.

What We Like about It – The mobility and spacious interior of the Critter Nation is something all hamster owners will surely love. We’re also pretty certain that the critters themselves will love their new home.

3Favola Hamster Cage by Ferplast

One very important aspect of hamster care is the provision of separate areas for a variety of their activities. Like us humans who need a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a living room or media center for a variety of our needs, so do hamsters. That’s why the Favola Hamster Cage is one truly excellent habitat for our little friends. Just imagine a cage with two separate vertical compartments. The bottom compartment is where you’ll place your pet’s bedding and this is where it will play, burrow, and even eliminate – defecate and urinate. On the upper compartment, separated by a wire netting from the lower compartment, you’ll have your pet’s feeding dish, drinking bottle, and even den. Gaining access between these two compartments is made possible by a plastic ramp on one end of the platform. Right in the middle of the structure is an exercise wheel for your pet to really flex those muscles. The base is designed to be fully transparent so you’ll still be able to keep an eye on your hamster. The wire frame is also beautifully spaced to provide adequate ventilation at all times.

What We Like about It – The Favola has a simple design; no doubt about that. However, this is nonetheless, elevated to a whole new level by the functionality of the two-level styling separating feeding and resting needs from playing and eliminating requirements.

4Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage by Lixit Animal Care

If you have a Syrian hamster, then you know how territorial it can be. While the Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is not necessarily designed purposely for the Syrian, it does provide endless fun for the hyperactive rodent. With so many platforms that can provide the perfect hiding place for these critters, the Savic Heaven is indeed a haven for these pets. It’s more than just a habitat for our lovely pets; it’s a complete ecosystem for them complete with tubes to run through, a variety of slides to slip in, and several wheels to have splendid fun. The pathways made by the various platforms serve as the roof for their hideaways, enabling them to completely hide themselves from view only to run speedily across the maze of tubes and other accessories. The deep plastic basin is just perfect for concealing these critters as they are naturally shy. Filling the basin with their bedding should help stimulate and/or encourage their natural tendency to burrow. And as they say, a happy pet is a healthy pet. And this essentially means that if your Syrian hamster is able to act out all of its expected behavior in the wild, then it will grow to become a happier and healthier hamster.

What We Like about It – The Savic Heaven Metro is a fantastic playground and habitat for your Syrian hamster as well as other breeds. With plenty of accessories to keep them busy, your pet will never lead a boring life ever again.

5CritterTrail Extreme Challenge Habitat by Kaytee

If your pet is a dwarf hamster, a mouse, a gerbil, or any other really small critters, then the CritterTrai Extreme Challenge Habitat is the perfect cage. With a petting zone on top of the cage plus a variety of tunnels, spirals, spinners, and exercise wheels, your small furry friend will never feel bored again. And while the top and bottom panels are made of translucent plastic that is guaranteed to be tough on your pet’s tiny claws, its walls are made of wire frame that has been designed with a 6-mm gap or space in between the horizontal bars. This gives your pets the ventilation they need while also keeping them safe and well-protected from outside interference. Cleaning the maze of tubes is made easy with its snap-on features. Do take note that the CritterTrail Extreme Challenge is designed primarily for smaller breeds of hamsters so you have to really take this into consideration. The CritterTrail already comes with all the accessories your pet will ever need including a water bottle and a food dish. The only thing that’s missing is its bedding which should not really be too difficult to source.

What We Like about It – It’s lightweight and built primarily for smaller breeds. The mazes and toys inside the cage will provide the stimulation your pet needs.

6OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat by Habitrail

If you need a home that has a very unique design and styling and built specifically for your dwarf hamster, then the OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat fits the bill. The design is more like the international space station where living pods are connected to one another by tubes. The same design concept is clearly present in the OVO. You have a large center pod that serves as the exercise center for your dwarf hamster then another pod directly above it used for resting purposes. There are other pods that are connected by clear tubes with the whole system having the ability to be connected to other Habitrail products for expansion purposes. It already comes complete with everything that your little rodent needs.

What We Like about It – The unique design is simply amazing and truly a product of space-age technology. Being part of a greater expansion system, the OVO makes for an interesting starter home for your smaller friends.

7Super Pet CritterTrail Pink One Level Habitat by Kaytee

If you think the KayteeCritterTrail Extreme Challenge looked marvelous but wished for less clutter and more space for your hamster, then the Super Pet CritterTrail Pink One Level Habitat is for you. Now, take note, as the name implies, the cage comes in one color: pink. So, if this is an issue for you, then you might want to head on to our next entry. But, if you don’t mind the pink color, the Super Pet should provide the kind of home that your Syrian hamster requires. It’s got an exercise wheel to keep it healthy and happy as well as a water bottle and a food dish, all manufactured in pink. There’s also a petting zone on the roof of the Super Pet so you’ll have a dedicated area to really show your affection for the little critter.

What We Like about It – The Super Pet is one complete system that’s easy to clean and assemble. Since it’s made of high grade plastic you can expect it to be durable as well.

8WARE Chew Proof Four Story Hamster Cage by Ware Manufacturing

It may look like a very tall cage for a hamster but the WARE Chew Proof Four Story Hamster Cage is just perfect for those who would like plenty of vertical space for their pets. With three scissor type ramps leading to each of the three upper floors, the WARE provides a unique exercise for hamsters as they run up and down the ramp. But wait! What if they jump? The ramps were designed to overlap one another to help minimize the impact of accidental falls. You can add other toys like spinners and exercise wheels onto each floor. Or, you can assign each floor for a specific purpose so your hamster will also be trained on how to properly use the WARE. The wire frame is coated with durable powder giving it superb chew-resistance regardless of how tenacious a chewer your pet is.

What We Like about It – The superb optimization of vertical space is a much better design philosophy compared to a horizontally oriented space optimization. It’s pretty much like skyscrapers that utilize the abundance of vertical space.

9My First Home Tank Topper by Kaytee

If you have an old 10-gallon aquarium or fish tank that you are no longer using and would like to use as a home for your hamster, then the My First Home Tank Topper provides an excellent solution. With an open bottom, the Tank Topper conveniently sits on top of any 10-gallon fish tank. You can then turn the fish tank as the playground for your hamster. Fill it with appropriate litter and it will be burrowing in your material, keeping it happy. You can even place an exercise wheel in the fish tank. Just make sure that it will be in an area that is different from the area where your pet urinates and defecates. The feeding and drinking station can then be positioned in the top floor in the Tank Topper. The system already includes safety ramps, a water bottle, comfort shelves, a food dish, and a brick house hideout.

What We Like about It – It’s a unique way to add versatility and functionality to an old yet still usable fish tank. Just remember that the Tank Topper is essentially an extension tool. If you don’t have a fish tank, then you’d have to improvise the base.

10Laura Hamster Cage by Ferplast 

Unlike the Favola Hamster Cage, which is also manufactured by Ferplast, the Laura takes on a more boxy appearance. The Favola has a shorter yet longer profile compared to the Laura’s taller and stouter stance. Additionally, whereas the Favola only has an exercise wheel to provide the fun in your pet’s life, the Laura has several tunnels or tubes to let your pet do what it does best. It still comes with the exercise wheel, a hideout house, a water bottle, and even a food dish. The bottom pan is also deep enough to be filled with your preferred litter. Cleaning is a breeze, too, as the whole bottom pan can be easily removed. Now, you can guarantee your pet a healthier and happier life.

What We Like about It – The Laura is a stark contrast to the Favola with more vibrant colors and more toys for your pet. It should make for an interesting home for these furry creatures.

How We Chose the Amazing Hamster Cages in Our List

One of the main considerations that we had to look for in choosing the rodent cage to include in this particular project is the space of the enclosure. We know that these lovable rodents are small. However, they do need ample space for them to roam around, play, and even exercise. In many instances, we had to imagine ourselves being the colorful furry rodent and determine if we can safely allot separate spaces or areas for feeding, for defecating and urinating, for playing, for resting and sleeping, and even for giving birth to little hamsters. It is imperative that these areas do not mix as it can wreak havoc in our pet’s general well-being.

Once this has been established, we then focused on the construction of the enclosure. It must be very durable so that you don’t need to worry about buying a replacement any time soon. Of particular importance too, was the ease of assembly, disassembly, and reassembly. One of the inherent tasks of owning a colorful pet hamster is keeping its home clean and free from odors so that it will be happy inside its home. This often entails regular cleaning. As such, the whole system must be easily disassembled to be cleaned before reassembly. Otherwise, if it will be too difficult for you to clean it, then there’s a greater chance of the cage not being cleaned at all. And that will not really be a good idea.

And then there’s the issue of the styling of the hamster cage. While we do recognize that this is pretty much dependent on our own perceptions or ideas of what can be considered cool or stylish, we nevertheless, included this parameter in our selection. We believed that these pet enclosure systems are meant to be displayed so that other people will also see your pet, in the same way that we also like to display our fishes in our beautiful aquarium. So, if the design could very well be a great addition to the aesthetics of one’s property, then we included this particular product. At any rate, you’ll never grow tired looking at your little furry pals playing inside their very own playground and home.

How to Clean Your Hamster’s Cage

Now that you have an idea of the 10 best hamster cages in 2017, the next thing you need to master is how to clean your pet’s cage. While choosing your hamster’s cage wisely can already solve half of your cleaning problems, you still have to learn how to clean a hamster cage. Here’s how.

  • Assess your pet’s cage. Look for areas that need to be cleaned on a daily basis. The point is for you to understand that the more frequent you clean your pet’s cage, while it may be healthy for them, the greater is the chance that they will also be stressed out. So, it is best to visually inspect the cage if it needs daily cleaning or not.
  • Always assemble your cleaning materials first before attempting to clean the cage. This helps minimize the stress for your pet by cleaning its home as fast as you possibly can.
  • Gently remove your hamster and place it in another cage or even an improvised enclosure. It would be unwise to clean the cage with your pet inside. Make sure to wash your hands immediately before and after moving or handling your pet to minimize cross-contamination.
  • Remove all of your pet’s accessories and place them in a box. Discard all of the old bedding or litter. Remember, this is the material that your pet uses to defecate and urinate on. Typically, it will have a very strong scent of ammonia.
  • Proceed to clean the cage. You can use disinfectant solutions; just make sure it’s safe for your pet. Additionally, make sure to rinse it well before drying it completely.
  • Put on a fresh layer of bedding or litter. Allow at least 2 inches deep between the topmost surface of the litter and the bottom of the pan. This depth should be enough to allow your pets to burrow. Return all the accessories and toys inside the cage.
  • Return your hamster back in its cage and leave it for a while. Resist the temptation to interact with it immediately. Your pet is still stressed out from the ordeal.

The Bottom Line

Hamsters can be great stress-busters. However, unlike other pets, these are more dependent on our attention. Hopefully, with these 10 best hamster cages, you’ll be able to provide your pets the kind of environment they need to thrive.

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