The Best Toys For Hamsters (Reviews) in 2021

Last Updated May 13, 2020

Do you have a pet hamster that you love almost as much as you love your own kids? Hamsters are adorable creatures and the perfect pets. If you want your hamster to stay happy and healthy, then you should definitely be investing in toys for your little fur buds.

Just like most pets, hamsters are creatures of the wild. They are used to a certain way of life, but that gets changed when they move into a human’s home. Even if they are bred in labs, they do have their natural instincts in their DNA. The main change they have to face is the lack of activity in domestic places compared to the wild, and also the different habitat overall. Hence, it is mandatory that you provide them with toys which will keep them active and give them a feel of their natural habitat.

If you don’t know where to begin shopping toys for your beloved hamster, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about hamster toys.

The Best Toy For Hamsters


Made of durable plastic, with sturdy construction, the Kaytee Iglo Hideaway is a great accessory for hamsters and other small animals as it encourages nesting instincts and promotes playful behavior. It’s a perfect little home for your small furry family, plus it’s fun to climb on and explore.

The igloo is made of translucent plastic so you can see your hamster while they’re inside. This also makes it easy to clean – a one piece construction, the hideaway can be quickly wiped with a damp cloth and maybe a little soap if extra cleaning is necessary. Another plus of this sturdy material is that it’s surprisingly chew-resistant (although not chew-proof!), plus odor-resistant too.

The hideout offers a safe place for resting and nesting and is a must-have if your hamster is currently out of a small, secure house of their own. Since it comes in various colors and sizes, it’s easy to find the right fit for any type of a hamster.

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Hamster hideaway made of durable plastic

Provides a safe place for resting, encourages nesting instincts

Fun to climb and explore

Odor-resistant, easy to clean

Surprisingly chew-resistant too

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100079167
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


WINOMO Hammock Toy For Hamsters
WINOMO Hammock Hamster Toy

Who among us doesn’t like to see a neat and tidy hamster cage? Most of us probably don’t like to see that kind of mess with several chew toys lying around here and there. However, that does not mean your hamster does not need a source of entertainment! In such cases, if you have a bit of space to spare, then you can definitely consider buying this pet hammock. Why should humans be the only species enjoying hammocks, after all?

This hammock is quite big, sufficient to hold your hamster well enough that it can sleep comfortably in it. It’s not only a toy but bedding as well. It has a hole in one side, so your hammy can get the feel of peeking out of a tunnel.

Customers are incredibly happy with this product, and they have rated the fabric as really high quality. It hangs from 4 sturdy chains which are anti-rust and corrosion resistant, and you can easily hang it from the top or roof of the cage. Make sure you have adequate space to hang it from a good height since hamsters LOVE climbing.

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Can be used to house squirrels, hamsters, chinchillas, rats, guinea pigs, rats etc.

Very soft texture of fabric which makes it immensely comfortable for your pet

Very easy to use and easy to hang anywhere, very portable

Sturdy structure with very good stitching. Durable and can be used for a long time

Both toy and bed: 2 in 1

  • Brand: WINOMO
  • Model: aa–70
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


Ware Manufacturing Exercise Wheel Toy For Hamsters
Ware Manufacturing Exercise Wheel Toy For Hamsters

To stay healthy and happy, hamsters not only need good food, a safe home and plenty of toys, but lots of physical activity too. The Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel by Ware Manufacturing is perfect for this –safe, sturdy and silent by design, this spinning wheel promotes exercise and is super-fun to use.

The Flying Saucer has a solid running surface and is perfectly safe for your hamster’s tail and paws (there’s literally no place where they can get stuck). It offers fun daily recreation without making any noise, which is not something you could say for most standard mouse wheels. Since it’s made of durable plastic, it’s also easy to clean with a damp cloth.

This hamster exercise toy is quite durable too – pretty much guaranteed to last a few years, even with daily running and cleaning. This size, the 7 ¼” model,  fits most adult hamsters, although there are smaller sizes for hamster babies.

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Exercise wheel made of plastic

Promotes fun, active lifestyle

Solid running surface, safe for paws and tail

Silent by design

  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Model: 3282
  • Weight: 3.84 ounces


Another comfortable running wheel, both for your hamster and yourself, the Comfort Exercise Wheel by Kaytee is completely safe for pets, and has a quiet operation that won’t grind your gears day after day. Made of sturdy plastic, this wheel can be free standing or attached to the wire cage  – whatever works best for you and your pet.

The Kaytee Comfort Wheel has a solid running surface, so it offers a 100% safe way for your hamster to exercise and have fun. There are no areas where their tail or toes can get stuck, plus, since there are no wires, it’s easy on their tiny feet. With a traditional shape, the wheel offers easy entrance and exit, making it suitable for both large and small cages. It should be mentioned that although more silent than some wheels, this model is not completely quiet – for example, it’s slightly noisy when compared to the Flying Saucer Wheel by Wire Manufacturing. That being said, it’s still on the silent side.

The exercise wheel comes in three sizes – small, large and giant – where the 8.5” model (the large one) seems to fit best most adult hamsters.

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Exercise wheel made of plastic

Traditional design, easy entrance and exit

Solid running surface, tail and toe safe

Free standing or cage attachment option

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100079363
  • Weight: 8 ounces


Ware Manufacturing Hamster Toy
Ware Manufacturing Hamster Toy

Simple but super-fun, tunnels and tubes are always a good choice for both adult hamsters and hamster babies. The Fun Tunnel Play Tube by Wire Manufacturing is made of durable and stain resistant plastic that is also flexible and easy to set up in different shapes. Perfect for exploring, crawling and running!

Since it’s made of plastic, the tube is not only flexible, but easy to clean too – when your hamster makes it dirty (which is a tall order, considering the material is stain-resistant!) you can simply wipe it with a damp cloth/rag and maybe even add a little bit of gentle soap to freshen it up. What we love most about this particular model is that you can set up the tube in unique positions over and over again, giving your hamster endless ways to have fun and be active.

The Fun Tunnel Play Tube comes in two sizes – medium and large – where the former one measures W30” x D4 x H4”, making it perfect for most adult hamsters.

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Hamster tunnel made of plastic

Flexible, can be set up in various positions

Encourages active playtime

Stain-resistant and easy to clean

  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Model: 3292
  • Weight: 4 ounces


Rosewood strikes again! With their third and final product on this list, we have to admit that even we’re surprised at how many awesome hamster toys they have.

Not only are these toys extremely fun for your hamster, they’re incredibly cute as well. And this rainbow play bridge definitely tops the list in terms of cuteness. With a rainbow painted on the side, the wooden play bridge will brighten up any cage and fill it with colour.

A feature of this bridge is that due to its arch shape, it forms a tunnel underneath it. Hamsters enjoy playing in that tunnel as they are accustomed to building and living in their own tunnels in the wild, and so they get a feel of their own environment. Alongside, we have seen many hamsters fall asleep peacefully in that tunnel, so it serves as bedding too.

Customers just love this bridge and we are yet to find anything negative about it; other than it might be a bit small for bigger Syrian hamsters. Since the wood is chewable, you don’t have to worry about your hamster’s digestion either! The chewing also helps to keep the ever-growing incisors in check.

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Colorful toy that looks adorable anywhere you put it

Pets can safely sleep under the bridge and chew on it as well

Can be used for mice, gerbils and hamsters

  • Brand: Rosewood Pet
  • Model: 19277
  • Weight: 2.72 ounces


It’s no secret that hamsters love to sleep and snuggle in smaller, more secluded areas, both in the wild and in their cages. The TRIXIE Natural Living Frida Tunnel System is perfect for this – not only does it offer a safe, secure home for your pet, but plenty of opportunities for fun and exercise.

Made of natural wood, with two stories house, a tower, a tunnel, and several climbing areas, this small animal house is absolutely perfect for all hamsters. It’s an ideal home and entertainment center in one that allows pets to both feel safe and protected, and to be physically active and have fun. The wooden castle is big enough to fit a couple of hamsters, and it’s a good fit for a Syrian hamster as well. With that said, it does take up a rather large portion of the cage, so make sure your pet’s habitat can actually support it.

The TRIXIE Natural Living Frida Tunnel System comes in one size, but since it fits most hamsters, even the biggest ones, we don’t object.

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Wooden hamster tunnel system and house

Two stories house, 1 tunnel, 1 tower, various climbing opportunities

Provides a safe and secluded resting and sleeping space

Encourages active lifestyle and exploration

Easy to put together

  • Brand: TRIXIE
  • Model: 6163
  • Weight: 3.09 pounds


As we have mentioned previously, hamsters just love tunnels as it represents their natural habitat. So, what could be a better toy for them than a tunnel tube toy?

This tunnel tube has 9 exits, and it drives hamsters ABSOLUTELY crazy! They keep entering, exiting, poking their noses out, trying to climb the walls and what not. Especially great as a hamster house toy, you can put this in their cage and forget about it as they can easily sleep in it as well. The material is extremely soft and safe for chewing, so there is nothing to worry about.

If you have a fatter than usual Syrian hamster, then the problem you might face with this tunnel is that it might not be able to enter fully. Even then, you can use it to hide treats in the hole openings, which the hamster can easily retrieve. Even if they cannot enter fully, hamsters do love peeking into tiny holes.

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Made of soft natural wood which can be chewed

Intriguing toy that will keep your hamster busy

Can be used for mice and hamsters

Has 9 holes/entrances

Measurements: 7.9 x 2.8 x 2.8

  • Brand: Niteangel
  • Model: FBA_9886319
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


If you’re looking for an interactive exercise toy for your Dwarf hamster, definitely check out the Mini Run-About Exercise Ball by Kaytee. Perfectly sized, made of sturdy plastic, this small wheel allows hamsters to maneuver with ease, providing a fun opportunity to be physically active.

The Run-About ball has a durable and sturdy construction – the lid stays on no matter how hard your pet may bash into it. It’s a perfect opportunity to let your hammy outside of their cage to explore other rooms while having their exercise – just place the ball on a carpet/floor and watch your furry pet run around joyfully. The manufacturer advises using the toy for 15-30 minutes at a time, after which you should return your hamster into their habitat so they can hydrate and rest.

This interactive ball comes in one size (5” in diameter) but fits most hamsters with no issues. There are various colors available, including pink, blue, violet, clear and “moon glow”.

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Interactive exercise ball for Dwarf hamsters

Made of sturdy plastic

Promotes physical activity

Fun both for the pet and the owner

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100079351
  • Weight: 4 ounces


Rosewood pet does indeed have some good pet toys, hence they seem to be appearing on our list again and again. Even from our non-biased point of view, we cannot but acknowledge the highly praised toys they have in the market, and their suspension bridge is not an exception either

This unique toy hangs from 4 points and sets up like an actual suspension bridge, which makes it quite adventurous for tiny hamsters. It’s not just any small flimsy toy that you can fit anywhere, so you will definitely need a big cage or playpen to set this up.

The material is pet safe wood, hence your hamster can chew on it as much as they want. Alongside the ladders, it also has a hanging hoop type thing that your little furry friend will adore. One huge advantage we have found is that this toy is greatly customizable. Even if the whole thing together does not match your needs perfectly, you can easily use the parts separately in different places.

All in all, if you have any interest in buying hamster stuff, this one is a must-buy.

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Made of perfectly pet-safe wood. Will not damage your hamster’s skin or digestive system

Can be used with or without glue

Customizable and screws can be unscrewed easily

  • Brand: Rosewood Pet
  • Model: 19362
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces


Pevor Hamster Toys Pack of 5
Pevor Hamster Toys

What’s better than 3 chew toys in a pack? 5 chew toys!

When you have a hamster in a house, you’re going to get accustomed to constant chewing and gnawing. These are their favourite jobs and therefore you have to make sure the things they are chewing on are safe for them. This is why this pack of 5 toys is definitely one of our favourites as the toys are of really good quality wood which is perfectly safe.

They can be a bit big as Russian dwarf hamster toys, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue as all 5 things are of different shapes and sizes. This versatility ensures that hamsters of every size enjoy their time playing with these toys. However, their use is not only limited to hamster toys, they can easily be used as gerbil or rat toys as well.

And obviously, the more the merrier! At least you will not have to worry about repurchasing as soon as 1 gets worn out. At the end of the day, you will still have 4 more available.

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Helps to keep them healthy and active

Very suitable for grinding teeth

Contains 1 Bark Watermelon Balls, 1 dumbbell, 1 unicycle, 1 small bell roller and a larger bell roller

Can be used for hamsters, gerbils, rats. Chinchillas, guinea pigs etc.

  • Brand: Pevor
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Looking for a way to spice up your hammy’s boring habitat? Try creating fun tunnels in various shapes and sizes with Kaytee Expansion Kit. Made of colorful and translucent plastic, this kit allows for expansion of hamster habitats so that they can feel and act like they would in the wild.

This connector kit can be easily attached to any CritterTrail Habitat or Accessory, giving your pet additional space to explore and exercise. This particular kit allows hamsters to climb, run and explore in a safe and secure way, promoting fun daily physical activity. Importantly, the bubble wave’s design features a comfort fit, so it’s perfectly safe for your hamster’s paws, even if they’re normally sensitive.

Like all Kaytee’s expansion kits, the CritterTrail Loop-d-Loop kit is universally connectable. There is only one size available- 5-1/2-Inch long, 8-1/4-inch wide, 18-inch high – but the kit is suitable for hamsters, gerbils, mice and a few other small animals.

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Accessory kit for habitat expansion, made of plastic

Promotes exploration and physical activity

Helps create a more natural habitat

Universally connectable

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100079224
  • Weight: 1.43 pounds


Looking for something that will fulfil your little hamster’s desire of climbing things all the time? Named as the “activity assault course”, this toy does give the feel of a military training post just like the ones soldiers use to practice their climbing and hanging skills.

The setup is quite big, so make sure you have a big open air playpen from which your hamster can’t escape. You will not be able to use this inside most bin cages that do not have lids, or smaller cages either. You should also consider your hamster’s size before buying this since hamsters come in all sizes. For example, dwarf hamsters will not be able to climb it easily, while Syrian hamsters will not fit into the log.

Customers have reviewed that it is very easy to assemble and the parts stay in place with the glue (unlike most flimsy toys that fall apart due to low quality glue). It is made from chewable and harmless wood so you need not worry about your hamster’s digestive health.

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Made from good-quality, pet safe wood which will not cause any problem if chewed

Very easy to set up with clear instructions. Often comes with a glue

Will make your hamster happy and active, will not let it get boring

  • Brand: Rosewood Pet
  • Model: 19360
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds


Kaytee Chew Hamster Toy
Kaytee Chew Hamster Toy

When you’re buying hamster accessories, hamster chew toys are great options. Due to the ever-growing incisors of hamsters, they are constantly chewing on whatever they find, which ultimately helps to wear down their teeth. Kaytee’s tiny chew toys serve this purpose very well.

This set is the carrot patch variety. Even though the pack says it is primarily for rabbits and chinchillas, they have been reported to be way too small for rabbits, which make them all the better for hamsters since they are much smaller than rabbits anyway. The pack says it’s meant for gnawing, cleaning and flossing, and we have found that they absolutely do live up to their promises.

However, we would advise you to be careful about the glue. Some customers have reviewed their packs came stuffed with hot glue, which can prove to be very harmful to your Syrian or dwarf hamster. On the other hand, we have seen these to be huge hits with dwarf hamsters, and can even be used as gerbil toys!

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One carrot is made of wood which is good for gnawing

The second carrot is made of sisal which has a medium texture beneficial for cleaning

Lastly, loofa is good for soft chewing and flossing

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100516388
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces

Best Toys For Hamsters Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying Toys For Hamsters

When it comes to buying toys for pet hamsters, you have to remember the main purpose: to keep your hamster active and healthy. Therefore, there are a few things you should consider, such as:

  • Is the material chewable?

This is not a major concern for other pets, but when you are taking care of hamsters, mice, gerbils or any other small pets that like chewing, you have to keep this in mind.

Hamsters have 2 pairs of sharp incisors (one in the upper jaw and one in the lower jaw) that continuously keep growing throughout their life. Hence, for their own comfort and well-being, they constantly keep chewing on things so that their teeth are worn down on a regular basis. Hence, when you tame them and keep them as pets, you have to be prepared for a whole lot of chewing on anything and everything they find.

Which is why you have to make sure that WHATEVER you keep near your hamster is chewable and will not harm or hamper their digestion in any way. It is better to have softer items rather than harder ones (their teeth might get hurt) and it should definitely not be toxic in any way.

  • Is the material/toy comfortable for them?

Since they love running around and chewing about, you have to make sure the toy does not have protruding or sharp edges that might hurt them in any way. Also, take the size and shape of your hamster into account. Do not make baby hamsters play with toys that have large holes as they might fall through them, and do not make fat hamsters play with toys that have too small holes for them as they might get stuck.

Hamster in Cage

Benefits of Using Toys for Hamsters

Well, first of all, toys will be really beneficial for your hamster’s health. Since they are not living in their own habitats, they are not getting their regular exercise which they would have gotten in the wilderness. In the wild, hamsters are accustomed to hunting for their own food by going huge distances, hence they never get bored nor do they become unfit. But in domestic homes, they do not have that much to do hence the lack of activity might make them fat or diseased.

Moreover, since they are crepuscular, they will be active when you are asleep so having toys will help them stay active even when you are not around. Hamsters love running, which makes them stay fit and not become fat.

Alongside, their incisors are something you always have to think about. Having chew toys around ensure that their teeth are not getting out of control, which would otherwise hurt them and make them very uncomfortable.

Best Toys for Hamsters FAQ:

Q:  What is the best playtime for my hamster?

A: Hamsters are crepuscular, hence their day starts after sunset. It is best not to wake them up before a complete sleep cycle or they might bite. Even if you are very tempted to play with your beloved hamster, you have to understand that hamsters are that way due to their genetics and you cannot change it overnight.

However, if you see that your hamster is staying awake during daytimes, then you can play with it in the daytime too.

Q:  How far does a hamster run?

A: Well, a lot. According to Wikipedia and other sources, a hamster can run up to 9 km per night, or 5.5 miles. The reason behind this is simply their nature and instinct. In the wilderness, hamsters run a lot in search of food. They have to go huge distances to find something suitable for eating while not getting eaten by their own predators.

This is why it is quite important to have a hamster wheel in its cage. Running keeps hamsters healthy and motivated, and what better way to achieve this than the good old hamster wheel?

Q:  How often should I change my hamster’s chewing toys?

A: Since hamsters are always chewing, their toys will eventually becoming too ragged for them to chew anymore. You will notice that they have stopped chewing on them or are ignoring them completely, and so you will know that it is time to change chew toys.

On another thing you should remember is that chewing a lot on a toy might make it unhygienic at a point. Think about it, the constant chewing is making it wet, which might eventually turn into a breeding place for microorganisms. Hence, in our opinion, you should change the chewing toys at somewhat regular intervals of a few months.

Q:  Can I let my hamster play outside the cage?

A: Yes, you can. Just make sure that you are being careful.

Hamsters are tiny creatures that might get lost or even escape if you are not careful with them. When they are out of their cage, make sure they stay in a room under your supervision, and that all sorts of exits such as doors and windows are closed. Also, make sure that there are no hiding places such as vents or coolers around where your hamster can hide and eventually get injured.

Q:  How often should I play with my hamster?

A: Hamsters-or any pet for that matter- are like babies who need attention. Having said that, there are no minimums or maximums to how much you can play with your hamster. Hamsters have their own way of telling you that they want to play, so make sure you are there for them then!

Hamster on Wheel

Our Top Pick

In our opinion, good old rainbow Play Bridge is the best hamster toy out there.

Not only is it incredibly safe, it is also very easy to assemble. Hamsters can safely climb up and down without worrying, use the bottom part as a tunnel AND sleep in it as well. On a whole, we found no cons of this toy hence it wins our first prize.


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