The Best Water Bottle for Hamsters (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 9, 2020

We all know how important water is to maintaining a healthy body, and the same is true when it comes to the health of your furry friends. Since dehydration can have such a serious impact on your hamster – sometimes producing fatal results – it’s vital that you invest in a water bottle which won’t leak whilst you’re out, allowing them constant access to fresh water.

Many bottles can malfunction, letting water seep out, and putting your hamster at risk. That’s why we’ve scoured the market for the best hamster water bottle around. Below we walk through our top picks, and answer some common questions about how to properly keep your hamster healthy and hydrated.

The Best Water Bottle for Hamsters


Choco Nose put all their years of experience looking after pets when they manufactured this bottle. Its patented No Drip technology does exactly what its name suggests; ensuring that water doesn’t leak away, even when the bottle is jostled.

Another great thing about this bottle is that it’s eco-friendly. The nozzle can be taken off and attached to most PET bottles. This not only gives those plastic bottles a second lease of life, it also makes the product easy to use on the go. Designed and made in the USA, this high quality bottle can be easily screwed onto your pet’s wire home, or mounted elsewhere via a bracket included with the product. Choco Nose’s offering is a sturdy, environmentally conscious, cost-effective, and convenient way to keep smaller pets well hydrated.

Suitable for small pets including hamsters, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs

Patented No Drip technology holds water securely

Nozzle can be attached to most PET bottles

Easy to install; unclips from its mount quickly for convenient cleaning

Designed and manufactured in the USA

  • Brand: Choco Nose
  • Model: H128
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces


Are you tired of buying `no-leak’ bottles that actually leak a lot? You are not alone, a lot of small pet water bottles come with a leaky mouth which doesn’t help the hamster beddings at all. What every pet parent needs is a reliable water bottle that compliments the habitat of the hamster. When the No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle promises, they deliver.

This 32oz bottle is kind to every hamster, rabbit or ferrets habitat by staying leak proof all day long. It is easy to fill and refill keeping your fun and furry friend hydrated at all times. It balances sturdily at the edge of the cage and hangs low enough for the hamster to drink from. Its chew-resistance also comes in handy since hamsters love to gnaw at their bottles and there is a curved metal bracket that aids easy attachment on the cage ensuring a hassle-free installation. To brighten up their home the lid comes in two vibrant colours; green and red. It is definitely a great water bottle for hamsters who love their homes dry, moisture and odor-free.

32 oz

Guaranteed Leak-free

BPA Free

Red and green lid available

Easy to refill

  • Brand: RentACoop
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Kaytee’s hamster bottle is a great option for those of you with hamsters with a penchant for chewing. Made from sturdy glass, pets who like to get their teeth into plastic hamster accessories won’t be able to gnaw it to shreds. Its careful design also delivers the ideal amount of water to your pets, letting them drink comfortably.

The bottle also includes a small floating duck – this might sound strange, but it’s actually a fun and effective reminder to refill the bottle regularly. A purple duck is much more readily visible than the water line on its own. The bottle is resistant to leaks too, and holds water for your pet perfectly. Despite being a little heavier than its plastic counterparts, the mounting equipment provided with this bottle holds firm, preventing your pet from knocking it down and compromising their access to water.

Suitable for small pets including hamsters, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs

Constructed from sturdy glass and steel which pets won’t be able to chew through


Floating duck indicator makes it easy to tell when you need to refill

Comes with sturdy mounting equipment

Dispenses ideal volume of water for comfortable drinking

  • Brand: Super Pet
  • Model: 100079434
  • Weight: 1 pounds


For hamsters who have discerning taste when it comes to their interior design, there’s the Kordon Oasis Bell Bottle. Its attractive design features embossed flowers on durable blue, plastic. The bottle also comes with a hold guard, designed specifically to hold it firmly in place to avoid any spillage. The rounded nozzle is cleverly designed to discourage your pet from any chewing which might damage the mechanism, and it can be safely and securely attached to most cages and tanks with its adjustable hanging strap.

Customers report that these bottles last for a long time, making them a great investment, and hold up against leaks incredibly well. Despite the bright color, the water level inside the bottle is very easy to see.

Attractive blue floral design

Constructed from durable plastic

Nozzle designed to discourage chewing

No-drip design

Easy to install via an adjustable strap

Suitable for small pets including hamsters, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs

Hold guard protects against spillage

  • Brand: Kordon
  • Model: 479091
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


Hamsters move around a lot and love to burrow and dig into their bedding. It is only wise to get them a water bottle instead of a water bowl. This will prevent the water pans from turning over on the bedding when they play. The challenge with water bottles is the regular drops of water that spills on the bedding. The second would be setting it up securely and tightly on the cage so your hamster friend can have access to water when they’re thirsty.

The Poodle Pet Water Feeder Bottle Dispenser provides an excellent solution to both of these challenges and more. With a non-drip guarantee, the habitat remains dry and fluffy overtime; the spigot spout mouth ensures they get all they need without wetting themselves or the bed. It is also quite easy to fill, there’s a screw at the top of the bottle that can be removed and replaced after the water has been poured in. The bottle is also quite easy to set up; it’s securely fitted with a movable fixer wheel that allows easy turning of the bottle. For an affordable and reliable option, you may want to try out this drip-free, versatile water bottle.

Easy to set up

Easily refillable

Spigot spout


Made from eco-friendly and hamster-safe products

  • Brand: Poodle Pet
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces


Choco Nose Hamster Water Bottle
Choco Nose No Drip Hamster Water Bottle

This bottle is the smaller cousin of the first on the list. It features the same patented No Drip design, diverse nozzle, and sturdy mounting system, but with a smaller size, suitable for petite pets.

The reservoir is smaller, but can be replaced with a larger bottle if need be. The important part is the nozzle itself, which has been scaled down to a smaller size to make it easier for dainty pets to comfortably drink. The bottle is also quiet during use, and keeps your furry friend’s home dry, whilst keeping them well hydrated.

Smaller, 10mm nozzle, is perfect for small or infant pets

Patented No Drip Design

Constructed from sturdy plastic

Easy to attach to cages with mounting kit (included)

Bottle snaps on and off of mount for easy cleaning and refilling

Suitable for small pets including hamsters, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs

Quiet during use

Reusable nozzle can also be attached to old PET bottles

  • Brand: Choco Nose
  • Model: ChocoN
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


This handy bottle also doubles up as a comfy and private spot for your hamster to enjoy some down time. Not only is this a great use of space, it also saves you the hassle of mounting the bottle to the side of your furry friend’s home.

This accessory won’t tip over, thanks to its stable base which houses a cozy nook for your hamster to bunker down in. The bottle itself slides easily out of the base for convenient cleaning and refilling, whilst its nozzle protects against drips with a premium roll ball. Cleaning the bottle is easy, thanks to its anti-odor, anti-dust plastic, which is also non-toxic. The stand is versatile too – you can slide a larger or smaller bottle into the base, retaining the benefit of the sturdy stand and hiding place.

Combines a water bottle with a small nook for pets to hide in

Hiding spot suitable for smaller rodents such as dwarf hamsters or mice

Sturdy base won’t fall over

Free-standing design negates the need for fitting it to the outside of a cage or tank

Ant-lead design

Anti-odor, anti-dust, non-toxic plastic

Bottle slides in and out of base for easy cleaning and refilling

Base is compatible with other hamster bottles

  • Brand: B.C
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


Like B.C’s hamster water bottle, this product features a cozy ‘hut’ in its base, where your hamster can retire for a little peace and privacy. The base is made from sturdy ceramic, so is a little weightier, and perfect for pets prone to chewing their bottles or knocking over accessories.

The bottle itself is constructed from durable plastic, and features a no-drip design which prevents precious water from leaking away, and making a mess in your hamster’s home. It is also odor-resistant and easy to clean, as the bottle smoothly slides away from the base. This is a great space saver, allowing more room in your hamster’s cage for them to explore and exercise.

Bottle combines water provision with a cozy space to rest and sleep

Hideaway nook suitable for smaller rodents such as Dwarf hamsters and small mice

Base is constructed from sturdy, chew-proof ceramic

Available in a variety of bright colors

No drip desing prevents leakage

Stable free-standing base does not need to be mounted on the side of a cage or tank

Bottle itself constructed from sturdy, non-toxic, anti-odor plastic

  • Brand: Alfie
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


Hamsters love a dry, fun and fluffy bedding and would not play much if everywhere was soggy. Seeing as their bedding is made of soft fibrous materials, it would easily get wet and undesirable with time. The Living World + Water Bottle is a phenomenally designed bottle that provides water to your hamster without wetting the habitat. It is not only a reliable non-drip bottle but a pet-safe one too. Made with recyclable glass, the bottle is durable and quite safe since there is no fear of harmful substances or chemicals. 

Accompanied by a water level indicator you can track exactly how much your furry friend is consuming per time. The glass design makes it a lot easier to clean out and refill for your pets delight and pleasure. To mount the bottle on the cage, there is a sturdy spring attachment that enables convenient hanging at the side of the cage. Available in three different sizes, pet parents have the choice of picking out which bottle best suits their warm and cuddly friends’ needs.

Double ball bearing bottle


Water level indicator

Made with recycled glass

Pet and Eco-friendly bottle

  • Brand: Living World
  • Model: 61581
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces


Your little furry friend needs basic things to survive, one of them obviously being water. Since they don’t live in their natural habitat they depend on their pet parents for necessities they would independently source for on their own. A good water bottle provides your pet with water as naturally as possible so they understand how to suck from it. The Little Giant Farm & Ag 32oz Water Bottle does even more!

With a stainless steel ballpoint tube and a small pet-themed design on the front, it’s quite a fun and edgy bottle. The bottle itself is made from pet-safe clear plastic that allows you to see the water level. The plastic is a bit softer than normal and won’t crack if any accidents happen (slipping out of your hands, etc.) This Bottle is also leak-free and won’t leave the habitat wet when mounted upside down, which is usually the case with regular bottles. The Cap is secure enough to keep all the contents in, just letting out water when your precious hamster is ready to suck on it.

Great for pet cages

Stainless steel ballpoint

Soft plastic make


Secure mounting bracket

  • Brand: Little Giant Farm & Ag
  • Model: CPB32
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces

Best Water Bottle for Hamsters Buying Guide & FAQ

And there you have it – the best hamster water bottles on the market right now. We hope that, with the variety of sizes and types, you’ll find something here that’s perfect for your pet.

With so much choice, though, it can be difficult to decide exactly which bottle is the right fit for you and your hamster. Below we help you choose, by answering some common questions about choosing the right bottle, and keeping your hamster hydrated and healthy.

hamster drinking water

Things to Consider When Buying Water Bottle for Hamsters

When choosing the right water bottle for your hamster, it’s important to bear the following in mind:

  • Your Hamster’s Home

The type of cage your hamster usually lives in might dictate what kind of bottle you purchase. Some bottles can only be attached via the bars of wire or plastic cages, for instance, so won’t be suitable if your hamster hangs their hat in a glass tank. Using a tank is sometimes necessary for smaller hamsters, who can squeeze their bodies between the bars of most cages. If this is the case, choosing a free-standing hamster water bottle holder, or one which adheres to the side of the tank, is the best option.

  • The Size of your Hamster

For smaller breeds, such as Syrian and dwarf hamsters, the nozzles of some standard sized bottles can be too large, preventing them from accessing the water they need. If your pet is particularly small, you should consider buying a bottle designed with this in mind. For example, number four on our list has a 10mm nozzle, which is often easier for pets of this size to drink from.

  • Space

In smaller homes, choosing a bottle which doubles up as a place for your pet to sleep can be a great space saver. The amount of space you have will also dictate the size of the bottle you can use, so this is worth bearing in mind when you’re choosing one.

Benefits of Using Water Bottle for Hamsters

One common question that hamster owners have is whether they should use a bowl or a bottle to keep their pet hydrated. Both have advantages and drawbacks, but, as long as you properly choose, place, and clean a bottle, it can be far better for your pet than a bowl would be. Here are the main advantages of using a water bottle to keep your hamster hydrated:

  • Water bowls can be knocked over, whereas water bottles are held in place on the side of a cage of with a sturdy base.
  • When using a bowl, there’s always a risk that your hamster will urinate in it, and no longer have access to clean water.
  • Bottles generally hold more water than bowls, keeping your hamster hydrated when you have to leave the house.
  • It’s much easier for the water in bowls to be polluted with detritus from your hamster’s cage.

If in doubt, it could be a good idea to leave both a water bottle and a water bowl in your hamster’s cage. This is also a great way to find out whether they have their own preference. Catering to this will encourage them to drink the healthy amount of water. Bowls do allow your hamster to drink in a more natural posture; if bottles are mounted too low, your pet will have to hold their head at a strange angle. Make sure you bear this in mind when mounting a bottle – it should be high enough that your hamster stands on their hind legs to use it.

rodent drinking water

Hamster Water Bottle Cleaning Tips

One potential drawback of using a bottle rather than a bowel for your hamster water is that bottles are harder to clean. If not properly cleaned, bacteria can flourish in the bottle, potentially leading to your hamster falling sick. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to ensure their bottle stays clean and germ free:

  • Change your hamster’s water about three times a week
  • Avoid using bleach, especially on plastic bottles, as this can damage the plastic and risk leaving a residue
  • Boiling water can be used to disinfect glass bottles, but avoid using it on plastic bottles because they can melt
  • Try using vinegar to sterilize bottles naturally
  • Baby bottle sterilizer can also be used as a safer alternative to bleach. Some pet stores also sell cleaning products specifically designed for small animal water bottles, so these are probably worth a try
  • Whatever your bottle is made from, use a bottle brush to clean the inside, and always rinse thoroughly
  • Use warm rather than cold water when cleaning your hamster’s water bottle

Water Bottle for Hamsters FAQ:

Q:  How much water do hamsters need?

A:  This will depend upon the size of your hamster, but generally speaking they should consume around 4 teaspoons (20ml) each day. Dwarf or Syrian hamsters may consume less due to their smaller body size, and this is nothing to worry about. You can keep tack how much your hamster is drinking using the measuring lines on their water bottle. If the bottle doesn’t have any, you could use waterproof marker or stickers to make your own.

If your hamster does not seem to be drinking for a day or more, you should take them to the vet’s as soon as possible since dehydration can be extremely dangerous for hamsters. You can also treat them at home by syringe feeing them an electrolyte solution such as Lectade. Here are a few ways to tell if your hamster is dehydrated:

  • The pinch test; when a section of their skin is pinched between your thumb and forefinger, it will remain tented rather than spring immediately back to its original position.
  • Their fur may appear dishevelled
  • Their eyes may appear sunken
  • You may observe changes to behavior such as unusual lethargy

Q:  Where should I place the water bottle for my hamster?

A:  This will depend upon the size of your hamster. The most important thing to bear in mind when placing your bottle is to keep it at a height which your hamster can comfortably reach without contorting themselves. Too high, and they will have to stretch to get a drink; too low, and they will have to lean down and hold their head at an odd angle. Hamsters generally prefer the bottle to be placed high enough that they can drink whilst standing on their hind legs.

Knowing exactly where to position the bottle in the cage can also be a challenge. This is typically up to you, but it might be a good idea to place the bottle at a distance from your hamster’s food bowl. This can prevent their food becoming soggy and unappetising if any drips escape or your pet is messy.

If you have more than one hamster, placing an extra bottle is a good idea, so that more than one pet can drink at once, and you have a back-up in place should one malfunction.

Q:  How do water bottles compare to water bowls?

A:  In most cases, having a water bottle is a better alternative than providing your hamster with a water bowl. Bowls can be easily knocked over, and the water they contain can become spoiled quickly if pieces of food or bedding are dropped into it. This can be a particular problem for messier pets.

Although bowls are easier to clean, this needs to be done every single day, so opting for a bottle instead will also save you a lot of time. Finally, bottles generally hold more water than bowls, so you don’t need to worry about your hamster having constant access to fresh water when you aren’t around.

Our Top Pick

And our prize for the best hamster water bottle has to go to Choco Nose’s H128 model. It’s cost-effective, tough, and easy to use. What sealed the deal for us was the fact that the nozzle can be used with other bottles too, so you can keep as much water on hand for your hamster as you need. We also like the fact that this bottle is designed and made in the USA, to the high quality you’d expect.

For a sturdy and multi-functional water bottle which doesn’t leak or fall off the cage, Choco Nose have you covered.


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