Annamaet Dog Food Review

Last Updated September 21, 2020

As we observe companies all around the globe competing to increase their sales and influence, it’s always refreshing to find a brand who refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity. Dog food company Annamaet are one of those companies who haven’t let the market effects of globalization change the ethical and sustainable way in which they produce bags of dog food.

If your dog has grown tired of their old kibble, developed sensitivities due to eating the same formula for so long, or you’ve recently become aware of the amount of fillers included, Annamaet provide the human-grade dog food your pet craves. With a wide variety of lines and proteins to choose from, we’re decided to narrow these down to our favorite Annamaet kibbles on the market. Specifically designed for different dogs and their particular needs, we’re positive that you’ll discover the optimal kibble to feed your dog below.

Annamaet Dog Food Review


Accepting that your dog is a little on the tubby side is an important step, and buying Annamaet’s reduced fat formula is the next. Their “lean formula” was created after consulting with a veterinary nutritionist. Including extra carnitine that plays a major role in energy production, the addition of omega-3 fatty acids facilitates the oxidization process.

As well as the reduced amount of fiber, the inclusion of L-carnitine is also beneficial for maintaining lean muscle mass. Despite catering towards reduced fat consumption, Annamaet’s formula likewise ensures that your dog’s brain development is at its peak by virtue of its fortification with DHA. It seems as thought the brand have put some serious thought into how their “lean formula” can help dogs everywhere thrive.

Minimum crude protein: 30.0%

Minimum crude fat: 7.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 3.5%

Maximum moisture: 10.0%

Calorie Content: 3,242 kcal/kg (350 kcal/cup)

First three ingredients: Chicken Meal, Field Peas, Lentils

  • Brand: Annamaet
  • Model: 757946204251


Annamaet’s “Salcha formula” has been specifically designed with palatability at the top of the list. Made for dogs who suffer from sensitive skin and coats, the formula is both grain and poultry free to minimize any risk of allergies. Although the premium low ash chicken and duck cost a fair bit more than meat in formulas that aren’t human-grade, we believe the extra cash is worth it for higher quality of meat containing less bone and more delectable flavors.

When designing their dog food back in Salcha – a small village in Alaska where the kibble was named after – the company were careful to either meet or exceed the nutritional levels recommended by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages. Based off of the responses of delighted dog owners who claim this grain free Annamaet dry dog food has cleared up yeast problems in their dogs, their strategy has clearly worked!

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Minimum crude protein: 30.0%

Minimum crude fat: 16.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 3.5%

Maximum moisture: 10.0%

Calorie Content: 3,980 kcal/kg (430 kcal/cup)

First three ingredients: Chicken Meal, Lentils, Duck Meal

  • Brand: Annamaet
  • Model: FBA_NAN-061


As our premium pick of this buying guide, Annamaet’s Salmon Meal and Brown Rice dry dog food is the perfect choice for dogs at all life stages. Indistinguishable from all other Annamet kibbles, the extra chelated minerals are important for supporting the immune system.

Owners with dogs who deal with food sensitivities, listen up. This bag of Annamaet pet food contains no corn, soy, or wheat. Catering this effectively towards dog sensitivities has led to Annamaet’s “Option” formula becoming one of the most popular holistic recipes on the market.

Minimum crude protein: 24.0%

Minimum crude fat: 13.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 4.0%

Maximum moisture: 10.0%

Calorie Content: 3,802 kcal/kg (406 kcal/cup)

First three ingredients: Salmon Meal, Brown Rice, Millet

  • Brand: Annamaet
  • Model: 757946124252


Annamaet’s dog food caters towards the needs of your small dog who requires a nutrient dense ultra formula due to eating less food overall in any given day. Available in 4 and 12 pound bags, Annamaet’s decision to include marine microalgae – a sustainable, natural ingredient that functions as a source of omega-3 fatty acids – proves that the company have deliberated each and every ingredient in this formula.

Although buying a bag of Annamaet puppy food is recommended to meet the specific nutrition requirements of a young dog, small dogs of all life stages can happily feast on this formula too. Given the amount of DHA, L-Carnitine, and proteinated minerals included in this formula, the level of pet nutrition it provides is unparalleled.

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Minimum crude protein: 32.0%

Minimum crude fat: 20.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 3.0%

Maximum moisture: 10.0%

Calorie Content: 4,228 kcal/kg (480 kcal/cup)

First three ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols)

  • Brand: Annamaet
  • Model: 757946132134


Manufacturers over at Annamaet have constructed this formula with the needs of athletic, working, and canine dogs in mind. This explains the dry dog food’s slightly higher fat content and inclusion of human-grade protein sources such as ash chicken and brown rice. L-Carnitine also helps active dogs maintain a lean body mass, as this supplement has even been proven to revert the age-dependant decrease in muscle functioning.

The benefits of this formula for dogs have been secured thanks to Annamaet’s extensive research on pet nutrition. Although it’s unsuitable for pets who require grain free diets, the inclusion of fatty acids and chicken fat (functioning as the fourth ingredient in this dog food) are advantageous and set up athletic dogs to reach their full agility.

Minimum crude protein: 26.0%

Minimum crude fat: 16.0%

Maximum crude fiber: 3.5%

Maximum moisture: 10.0%

Calorie Content: 3,992 kcal/kg (425 kcal/cup)

First three ingredients: Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Sorghum

  • Brand: Annamaet
  • Model: 757946126256

Annamaet Dog Food Buying Guide

Now that you’ve found the right bag of dry dog food to meet your beloved pet’s nutritional requirements, we bet you’re wondering why we deemed it necessary to publish a buying guide solely focusing on one single company, Annamaet. Well, because of their sustainable attitude paired with their delectable food, that’s why! In our buying guide below, we’ve exhausted everything you need to know about this reputable family brand.

Company Information

Based in Telford, Pennsylvania, family-owned company Annamaet have been breaking barriers in the dog food industry since 1986. One little nugget of information which we believe showcases the family values Annamaet holds dear is the fact the company was named after CEO Robert Downey’s mother, Anna Mae. In fact, the first ever bag of the dog food was sold on Anne Mae’s birthday in 1986! With Downey’s wife and co-founder Mary Jo in the capacity of Vice President, the husband-wife team work together to provide dogs everywhere with the nutrition they deserve.

The brand describe their food approach as holistic – meaning that the food they place in front of your dog at dinnertime is the closest to its natural, nutrient dense state as achievable. The strict standards of quality control that the company abide by also ensure that all included protein sources are human-grade, whereas all high-risk GMO (genetically modified) ingredients are left out of Annamaet kibble.

One element that allows Annamaet to stand out from the crowd in comparison to other companies is their board-certified Veterinary Nutritionist on the team. The two nutritionists who make up an integral part of Annamet’s staff are incredibly experienced regarding pet nutrition. What proves this statement’s validity is the vast number of peer reviewed publications the two on-board nutritionists have written combined – over one-hundred appearing in Veterinary and Nutrition journals, to be exact!

Over the years, the brand have altered the ingredients in their food in order to keep up with the scientific breakthroughs. Several examples include Annamaet’s canine supplement line in 2001, and adding marine microalgae to all formulas to ensure dogs received a sustainable source of omega-3s in 2015. Given the exciting developments the pet food world has witnessed over the last thirty years, we recommend keeping your eye on what Annamaet will create next.

Why Choose This Brand?

Annamaet’s CEO is in the business for more than profit: Robert Downey, the current CEO of the company didn’t found this pet food company in pursuance of profit alone. In fact, the CEO spent seven years carrying out graduate work in canine nutrition and exercise philosophy. The result of this time spent learning? A reputable company who care about the wellbeing of their canine customers.

They’re a quality US-based company: All Annamaet food is manufactured in the United States. What’s more, the company don’t obtain any of their ingredients from tainted sources. Plus, due to the company’s success in increasing their online profile in recent years, the growing global demand for US-made products means that pets are receiving high-quality ingredients all over the world.

Both Annamaet’s ingredients and values are sustainable: Annamaet don’t simply want to provide your dog with the best dry dog food possible. While doing so, they focus on sustainable ingredients to achieve a dog’s recommended protein intake. Their quest to integrate sustainable ingredients into their product line began by the company’s securing of partnerships with sustainable companies. Among these reputable companies who are actively trying to make our world a better place are the Marine Stewardship Council (a non-profit organisation who safeguard seafood supplies for future generations) and the Pet Sustainability Coalition (who provide sustainability solutions for issues facing the pet industry).

Ingredient Analysis

Do you feel overwhelmed by taking even one peek at ingredient lists containing multiple unknown components? We’ve done our research and compiled an alphabetized analysis of ingredients that further augment the reputation of Annamaet as a quality-conscious company.

Blueberries: We’ve taken blueberries as an example of the various ingredients that contain anti-inflammatory properties and function as a brilliant source of antioxidants and vitamins. Your dog will adore their acidic taste in their dog food!

Chelated Minerals: Bound to chelating agents (which are commonly amino acids or organic compounds), chelated minerals are a staple ingredient in any bag of Annamaet and work to strengthen the immune system. Annamaet include the following chelated agents in their food that minerals latch onto:

Amino acids

  • Methionine
  • Lysine

Organic acids

  • Acetic acid

Dried Chicory Root: Composed of prebiotic inulin, a dog’s GI cells are grateful to Annamaet for including chicory root in their kibble. Utilized by bacteria to make short chain fatty acids, a dog’s gut bacteria is fostered as a result.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus: This ingredient is an essential probiotic – the “good” bacteria that reside in pet food – that ensures the lower intestine maintains a healthy balance of bacteria. In turn, this optimal bacterial of bacteria promotes gut health, reduces the number of unwanted bacteria in the gut, and produces lactic aid to support a healthy immune system.

L-Carnitine: Synthesized from methionine and lysine, L-Carnitine is beneficial for ensuring an optimum metabolic rate for your dog. It’s that spectacular an ingredient that this supplement is often used to treat dogs with heart disorders!

Marine Microalgae: This high-quality natural ingredient contains an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids. Besides, one 2014 study even proved that DHAgold, a high quality microalgae, improved cognitive function in older canines. This is by virtue of this ingredient containing optimal amounts of protein, fibers, and minerals. Another major perk concerning marine microalgae is its sustainability in comparison to fish oil.

Pros & Cons

Pro – Annamaet have no recalls to date: The 2007 pet food recalls of March 2007 due to contamination with cyanuric acid and melamine affected many pet food giants, including Hill’s, Natural Balance, and Blue Buffalo. However, CEO Robert Downey claims the recalls had very little effect on the company due to their rigorous testing of their products and ingredients since their outset, leading to them not being one of the brands who had to recall their pet food. If anything, sales have increased for Annamaet as a result of customers looking for companies without a tarnished reputation!

Con – Annamaet place a heavy emphasis on chicken and duck-based meals: Featuring chicken as the main protein in a kibble isn’t always beneficial for dogs who are sensitive to particular ingredients. In fact, dogs aren’t born born being allergic to chicken or duck, but develop this sensitivity to these proteins over time. For example, if a dog eats protein regularly, their body may struggle over time to break down these proteins. This eventually leads to a dog’s body identifying this protein as harmful and, in a bid to protect itself, creates antibodies to fight what it believes to be an apparent “invasion”.

Pro – The company considers it important to include low ash protein sources: Protein sources with a low ash content point towards a higher grade meal. How so? As ash refers to the inorganic residue that remains after a food source has been heated. Put differently, lower levels of ash indicate that there is less bone included in the protein source. Although dogs do require some ash content to remain in their pet food, around 2% to be exact, it’s important not to have an abundance so their gastronomical tract can function effectively.

Con – Canola oil features in Annamaet dog food as a controversial ingredient: Although we’re usually brimming with enthusiasm over the quality of Annamaet’s dog food, there’s always a few controversial ingredients that every company use. Canola oil is such an ingredient of embroilment in Annamaet’s kibbles. Developed in the 1980s to provide a cheap source of monounsaturated oil as the world discovered the health benefits of olive oil, this ingredient is detrimental for a dog’s cardiovascular system.

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