Royal Canin Dog Food Review

Choosing the best food for your dog is about balancing the nutrition that they need to maintain their health and wellbeing, with a taste that they love. Deciding between wet and dry food, different brands, recipes, and ingredients can be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be. Our panel of dog lovers and animal experts have explored the food on offer from Royal Canin and offer you their 10 best dog foods.

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Royal Canin Company Information

The Royal Canin company was founded by veterinarian Jean Cathary in 1968. Based in France, Dr. Cathary’s vision was to create pet food that was grounded in science. His company is based on the principles of acquiring knowledge of pets, showing and maintaining respect for them always, and creating advanced food that satisfies the needs of the pet, rather than the desires of the owners. Royal Canin is now a global company. Its headquarters remains in Southern France, while the U.S. division of the company has its headquarters in St. Charles Missouri. It also has manufacturing facilities in Missouri and South Dakota.

Why Choose this Brand?

One of the main reasons for choosing this brand is that it puts the nutritional needs of the animal first. The foods Royal Canin create are based on continual scientific research, rather than fashions and fads.

Everything that is offered by the company is based on over 45 years of experience and hard work and the company partner with veterinarians and professional breeders to continually research and improve the food they offer. If this was not enough of a reason to choose this company, then the fact that they offer foods that are age, stage and breed specific, as well as foods for dogs with specific dietary and health needs should tip the balance.

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