Abound Cat Food Review

Last Updated May 18, 2021

Are you thinking about making changes to your cat’s diet? Maybe you want to add variety or you are looking to try a different brand. Well, you’re not alone in this predicament. Picking your feline’s food from the shelves can be daunting and a painstaking process, especially if you want to make sure that your cat’s nutritional requirements are being met. The Abound cat food brand has a primary objective to not only to produce products that satisfy your cat’s hunger but also provides your feline with high-quality protein and moisture that contributes positively to your cat’s overall health. They have selected the finest ingredients that are specially blended to give your feline the essential minerals and vitamins that his body requires. In this Abound cat food review, we have selected the best products in their range that you should be considering.

Abound Cat Food Review


We kick start this review with Abound Salmon & Brown Rice Adult Cat Food which is also our pick for best choice product. This natural feline meal recipe is specially formulated with cranberries, brown rice, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and fresh carrots. This product is rich in essential nutrients and will improve the overall well-being of your cat. It is made with brown rice, which contains additional fiber. The added fiber helps promotes and support healthy digestion. The blueberries and cranberries supply your cat with antioxidants, which is necessary for boosting your feline’s immune system. Another quality ingredient used in producing this variety is real salmon, which provides the right amount of protein and is vital in building your cat’s muscle mass.  Abound Salmon & Brown Rice Adult Cat Food contains other elements, such as potatoes and peas which contribute to the carbohydrate content of this brand of food. Abound cat products are manufactured without thickeners, fillers, and artificial components and as such ideal for felines who have food allergies.

Contains 32% crude protein

Available moisture

Made without fillers

15% crude fat

  • Brand: Abound
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds


Next up on our list is Abound Grain Free Natural Adult Cat & Kitten Dry Food, which is relatively inexpensive to buy so has been selected as our best value product in the Abound range of products. It is a healthy snack and is perfect for a feline with a sensitive stomach. It has high protein content, which is derived from ingredients such as real chicken and fish. A diet rich in protein supports your feline digestive system. Aside from protein, Abound Grain Free Natural Adult Cat & Kitten Dry Food is enriched with taurine, which is excellent in supporting your cat’s healthy eyes. This unique feline formula is produced with entirely natural components, and as such, it is free from unnatural flavors or colors.  This variety uses no corn, soy, or wheat in its composition. As such, it is safe for cats who experience allergic reactions when they eat grain foods. This cat food contains essential vitamins and minerals, which helps your cat grow and stay healthy. Apart from the vitamins, other carbohydrates ingredients such as oatmeal, barley, and brown rice enable your cat to be active throughout the day.

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Added taurine

Contains 4.5 percent crude fiber

Sufficient carbohydrates for daily energy

  • Brand: Abound
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds


Abound Crunchy Dental Treats Salmon Flavor

These super tasty salmon flavored treats provide your cat with a strong crunchy texture that will help to maintain their dental hygiene and prevent tartar buildup. Several customers have remarked that their veterinarian had noticed a substantial difference in their cat’s teeth whilst using these treats. Abound have also carefully avoided troublesome ingredients in this recipe such as soy, corn, and animal byproducts, so as to prevent the risk of digestive distress, or possible reactions. This delicious multipack gives you a total of 7.5oz of treats to keep your cat happy and healthy. By spacing these treats out over 3 easy 2.5oz bags, you can ensure that you only have open the amount that you will use, removing the risk of treats being left open for too long and turning bad. They are a hearty and decadent all-natural recipe, guaranteed to be the treat your cat will love.

A 3-pack bundle of delicious cat treats.

Crunchy texture to help fight tartar build-up.

No wheat, corn, soy, or animal byproducts.

No artificial flavorings or colorants.

  • Brand: Abound
  • Weight: 3 x 2.5oz bags


Abound Center-Filled Dental Cat Treats is uniquely made and prevents tartar and plaque buildup. As kittens develop and age, they become vulnerable to several health challenges, especially with regards to a cat’s teeth. This variety is center filled to produce enticing flavors to suit your cat’s taste. The primary flavor used in this feline treat is roasted chicken, and it is available in three pack bundles. The rest of the ingredients are barley and rice flour and pork fat. Aside from these, these Abound cat treats has 30 percent crude protein and, as such, helps fuel your cat’s lean muscles. It also comes with a complete blend of vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help promote and keep your cat’s teeth healthy. The recipes used have been superbly selected to make this cat food ideal for different cats of all ages and sizes. Again, it is prepared without animal by-product and unnatural preservatives. This corn free food is tasty and boosts your cat’s appetite.

Contains 30% crude protein

A well-balanced nutritional formula

Helps prevent tartar and plaque buildup

Rich in vitamin A and E

  • Brand: Abound
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces


To round up our list of Abound cat food reviews, we have Abound Freeze-Dried Chicken Cat Treats, which has chicken as its main ingredient. Thus, it contains high-quality protein content and also carbohydrates that are easily digested. The carbohydrate content gives your feline energy to perform his normal activities, such as playing and bonding with you. While the high-level of protein in this cat food helps promote a healthy heart and ensure that your cat’s lean muscles are well-fueled. Apart from the chicken content, it also has 30 percent crude fat, six percent moisture, and two percent crude fiber. Again, the recipes used in producing this treat contains essential vitamins such as vitamin E. It is an all-natural healthy dried cat food, and as such, it is a perfect fit for kittens as well as adult felines.

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Promotes a healthy heart

Contains 30 percent crude fat

Has six percent moisture content

Rich in vitamin E

  • Brand: Abound

Abound Cat Food Buying Guide & FAQ

Company Information

Abound launched its brand of animal food in 2014. The Abound pet food brand markets its food products as a natural variety that is made without grains or synthetic flavors. It is uncertain where Abound makes all of its food varieties. However, their dog food is produced by a company known as Sunshine Mills. This company is based in the United States and has multiple manufacturing plants in that country. The cat food, on the other hand, is made by Kroger with its offices in Cincinnati, a city in the United States. The Kroger brand is the second-largest retailer after Walmart in the United States. Abound sources most of its ingredients in the United States. Abound makes wet and dry feline foods, dog meals as well as cat treats. The Kroger company aims to manufacture foods that will make cats healthier, happier, and increase their lifespan. Again, quality is their hallmark, and as such, they believe that cats and dogs deserve to be served with the same high-quality nutrition that we feed our families

The only Abound cat food recall happened in 2018. The Abound dry pet staple was called back from the market because of the elevated or very high levels of vitamin D.

Why Choose This Brand

  • Made with meat: Felines are carnivores; as such, they require diets that are rich in protein. Each Abound cat food has real meat as its primary ingredient. The recipes used are healthy and contain protein sources that are vital for your cat’s well-being. However, the food should be served in moderation. This is because foods that have a high amount of protein increases the content of phosphorus and urea that your feline’s body requires. Therefore, a meal with high phosphorus levels will damage your cat’s kidney.
  • All-natural: To prove to its customers that their products are made without synthetic flavors, the company invites staff from a recipe blog based in Los Angeles known as Little Epicurean to a food event. At the function, they are served with meals that contain some of the ingredients they intend to use in the production of the abound cat treats. All the components that are suitable for their guests are then added onto their company’s recipe list.
  • Allergy-free: The Abound brand understands and is aware that your feline may be living with sensitivities; hence their nutritionists have picked ingredients that are free from additives and fillers. The recipes they have used won’t activate the sensitivities or allergies of your feline.
  • Available in convenient pouches: The Abound label stands tall among its competitors by offering its wet food in a flexible and re-sealable bag. This makes their product easy to open and dish out to your felines. Thus, the Abound cat food varieties are easy to carry along, particularly when embarking on road trips or vacations.
  • Added nutrients: The Abound brand of cat food is made with vegetables and fruits, which contains essential vitamins and minerals which protect your cat from diseases. They also provide taurine, which helps your cat’s heart function correctly and improves your feline’s vision.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to other labels on the shelves, abound cat food provides top-notch meals to your felines at a relatively reasonable price. It is economical and hence will fit into your budget.

Scottish fold cat

Ingredient Analysis

Abound cat foods are created using different ingredients. Read below to get to know more about the elements used in preparing this formula.

  • The combined components used include rice flour, pork fat, chicken meal, barley flour, natural flavor, salmon, brown rice, turkey, barley, chicken, peas, beef, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, carrots cranberries, salt, and water. The rest are potassium chloride, chlorine chloride, copper sulfate, zinc oxide, manganous oxide, phosphoric acid, and magnesium oxide. Others are Ferrous sulfate, sodium selenite, iron proteinate, folic acid, biotin, and niacin. Vitamins A, E, B-12, and D3 complete the list.
  • In many feline meals, 50 percent of your cat’s energy is gotten from fats. Your cat requires about 20 to 24 percent crude fat in his diet. Some of the Abound cat foods contain 15 percent of crude fat, while others provide 30 percent. Fats regulate your feline’s body temperature.
  • Adult felines need about 35 to 40 percent of crude protein in their dish. Abound wet cat food has a high amount of protein than the Abound dry cat food. Protein is crucial for your cat as it can repair and build vital parts of your feline’s body, such as muscles, skin, fur, and claws.
  • Again, abound cat food supplies your cat with essential minerals and vitamins. These high-quality nutrients help to protect your feline’s joint, eyes, liver, brain, and immune system.

Pros And Cons

  • Low Phosphorus content: The phosphorus levels in the Abound brand of feline foods are quite low. Thus, the small amount of phosphorus in their diet minimizes the risk of your cat developing renal disorders.
  • No carrageenan and fillers: The Abound label is produced without any fillers, carrageenan, and thickeners.
  • Contains Moisture: Some of the Abound feline meals have moisture, which is crucial to your feline’s well-being. The moisture levels in the food avert illness of your cat’s kidney and digestive tract.
  • Easily accessible: It is readily available on the website of Kroger or Amazon. You can also purchase this variety in Kroger stores and other pet stores.
  • Abound dry cat food has a significant amount of carbohydrate content, which can result in your feline becoming obese and developing cardiovascular diseases.
  • The Abound wet feline food has a short lifespan on the shelves, and it is also too light, hence not filling or satisfying enough for your cat.
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