Natural Balance Cat Food Review

Last Updated February 3, 2020

Natural Balance Pet Food has been around since the 1980s and was created by Joey Herrick and Dick Van Patten. Two entertainers with a shared love for animals and animal rescue. The pair decided to meet increasing demands for organic pet food and wanted to create a brand that was void of artificial colors, preservatives, and fillers. While the company did face a recall situation in 2007, they have not had any recorded recalls since. Their products boast great variety and their protein sources ensure that foods are rich in omega 3 and will support healthy muscle development, skin and coat health, and optimum brain health.

So, let’s take a look at Natural Balance and some of their top products that might be the perfect pick for your fur-baby.

Natural Balance Cat Food Review


The first pick on our awesome list of New Balance Cat Food is a grain-free, dry food pick. This brand prides itself on its limited ingredient forumlar. Limited ingredient foods aim to offer your pet food that is free from grains, corn, soy, and wheat and thus focus on wholesome ingredients that enhance health and wellbeing. This brilliant choice comes in an array of flavor choices including green pea and salmon, green pea and duck, and green pea and chicken. The single animal protein source food aims to enhance energy and maintain strong muscles, while the fibre source aims to regulate healthy digestion. It is said that the gut is the seat of overall health and choosing foods that support a healthy digestive system is of great importance to ultimate health and happiness. This pick comes in a choice of a 2 lb bag, a 5 lb bag, or a 10 lb bag and thus is suited for single cats, or owners with multiple feline-friends.

Grain-free dry food

Pea and salmon, pea and chicken, or pea and gut

Free from grains, corn, soy, and wheat

2 lb, 5 lb, or 10 lb

Great value

  • Brand: Natural Balance
  • Model: 2363306230
  • Weight: 5 pounds


The second pick on our list is a wet food option. Each pack contains 24 6 ounce tins of this nutrient-rich pick. This option brings protein to the fore with its chicken, duck, and salmon formula and is bound to tantalize the taste buds of your best friend. Wet food is a great choice for older cats who might struggle with dental issues or lost teeth, or kitties who have recently undergone medical treatments or surgery. This option is suited to adult cats and is also available as a calorie reduced option. Reduced calorie foods should only be given to your cat as per the advice of your vet. Calorie reduction is best suited for cats with weight issues and will enable them to lose weight in a healthy way while still getting the required nutrients and vitamins needed for health and development. This pick offers cats an optimal balance of protein and key nutrients and is void of artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.

Wet food can

Free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives

Chicken, duck, and salmon flavor

24 6-ounce tins

  • Brand: Natural Balance
  • Model: NB53352
  • Weight: 9 pounds


Number three on our list is a fantastic dry food option for indoor cats. This pick is rich in protein and fibre and boasts a delicious chicken, salmon, and pea recipe. The pea fibre aids healthy digestion and the salmon and chicken protein are brilliant for healthy skin and a shiny coat. Natural Balance’s specialized nutritionists work tirelessly to ensure that their food promotes optimum health and balanced nutrition. This product is free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives and thus aims to offer your cat whole foods that are free from harmful ingredients. Customers have a choice between a 6lb bag, or a 15 lb bag and thus is suited for single cats, or those with a few feline-friends. Users have commended this choice for its tasty flavor, ability to reduce hairballs, great quality, and fantastic value.

Dry food for indoor cats

Free from artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors

Salmon, chicken, and pea recipe

High in protein and fibre

Great value

  • Brand: Natural Balance
  • Model: NB52335
  • Weight: 6 pounds


Number 4 on our list is a seriously tasty treat for your fur-baby. Natural Balance’s Platefulls wet cat food is a delicious pick that comes in gravy. This premium cat food comes in an array of yummy flavors including chicken and giblets, chicken and pumpkin, chicken and salmon, tuna and beef, sole and shrimp. Each sachet is 3 ounces and each pack comes in a set of 24. As always, this pick is free from corn, soy, wheat, and artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. It is made with high quality protein for healthy muscle development, skin, and coat health and nutrient rich thanks to the added vegetables. The veggies also ensure that your cat will get enough fibre. Fibre is essential for healthy digestive health and will boost optimal wellbeing. This pick is suited for adult cats and boasts amazing value, delicious flavor, and nutrient-rich amazingness. Users have commended It for satisfying even their most fussy cats and thus it is made to impress!

Wet cat food sachets

24 3-ounce sachets per pack

An array of flavors including chicken and giblet, chicken and salmon, sole and shrimp, and chicken and pumpkin

Rich in fibre and protein

Great value

  • Brand: Natural Balance
  • Model: 54005
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


Last on our list of best Natural Balance picks is low-calorie dry cat food. This premium pick is suited to adult cats who need to lose some extra pounds and has been specifically formulated by Natural Balance nutritionists to meet all your cat’s needs. The recipe includes chicken meal, salmon meal, garbanzo beans, oat groats, and peas. It is this rich in protein and fiber and will support healthy digestion and optimum skin and coat health. This food has been created to maintain a healthy weight, but it is imperative that cats with weight issues visit a medical professional so as to analyze their unique medical needs. Obesity in cats can lead to an array of health problems including high blood pressure and diabetes and thus needs to be medically treated. Users can also opt for low-calorie wet food if their cat prefers wet food varieties. Users have commended this product for its ability to maintain a healthy weight, great value, and delicious taste. Even fussy cats seem to like it! If your cat is dealing with weight options be sure to get them an appointment with your vet. They will be able to advise you about the best possible food and treatment plan for their medical needs.

For a full list of our favorite options, see our round-up of the Best Cat Food for Weight Loss.

Dry kibble, low-calorie food

Chicken meal, salmon meal, garbanzo beans, oat groats, and peas recipe

High in protein and fibre to keep cats feeling full for longer

Great value

  • Brand: Natural Balance
  • Model: 52001
  • Weight: 6 pounds

Natural Balance Cat Food Buying Guide

Company Information

Formed in the 80s, this company has stood the test of time. It is known for its limited ingredient food and is thus well suited to cats who have problems with digestion or certain allergies. In 2015 the company was taken over by Big Heart Pet Brands and their ingredients are sourced from an array of countries around the world including India, Canada, New Zealand, and France. All food is produced in the US and one of their primary manufacturing centres is in Topeka, Kansas. While the brand did have two recalls in 2007 for their venison-based products, they have since not had any recorded recalls.

Why Choose this Brand?

Many users praise this brand for its limited ingredient qualities. Limited ingredient picks are often a great idea because they are free of harmful fillers, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Limited ingredient diets aim to offer your cat food that is true to its original source and thus offers a healthier and more wholesome choice for pet parents. This brand has been praised by many cat-lovers and many have noted its ability to support cats with digestion issues. Since it is rich in protein (sources include chicken, salmon, tuna, sole and more) it is great for muscle development and overall skin and coat health. It is also a brand that has stood the test of time, and while they did have some recalls in 2007, they have since been promoting healthy foods with no problems.

Ingredient Analysis

  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

One of the key things about Natural Balance is the fact that their food is free from harmful fillers and artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. This gives pet-parents the confidence that they need and ensures that their health and wellbeing is at the fore when it comes to creating this product.

  • Quality protein

Each pick, whether dry food or wet, utilize a quality protein source or two. Protein is important for muscle development, and healthy skin and coat health. Many of their foods are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and these are important for skin and coat health, and optimum brain function. Since cats are carnivorous by nature, it is important that they get a high-quality protein source in their diet. Protein sources vary between picks and most foods have the option of diverse flavors. Protein sources include chicken, salmon, sole, tuna, and more.

  • Vegetables

While some people have critiqued this brand for being plant-heavy, others like the digestive support these vegetables offer. Veggies offer a brilliant source of fiber and fiber is super important for digestive health and wellbeing. If your cat is struggling with their digestion this might just be a great pick for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Great value
  • Limited ingredients recipes
  • Great diversity in flavor and product
  • Support a buy with confidence approach and have available lab reports
  • High plant-based content in recipes. Not the most species specific and many prefer a carnivorous diet
  • Recalled in 2007, but not subsequent recall reports
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