Solid Gold Cat Food Review

Last Updated March 9, 2020

Solid Gold is a company known globally for the production of solid animal food. They make use of organic ingredients that come together to improve your pet’s health. In this article, we review five of the best cat foods from Solid Good, listing all their ingredients and benefits. The cat foods looked at here are the Solid Gold indoor formula, superfoods and holistic adult cat foods. There are no biases in this article; as such, you’re assured of honest feedback on all products. Our Solid Gold cat food reviews are based on hands-on testing and extensive research undertaken by cats and their parents.

Solid Gold Cat Food Review


Our first product is the Solid Gold Holistic Food for adult cats, or Let’s Stay In, as it’s often called, which also happens to be a dry cat food enriched with superfoods for healthy development. This Solid Gold Food for adult cats further guards against the formation of hairballs; for this reason, it features probiotics and fermentable fiber, which work well with all sensitive stomachs to ensure that your cat is hale and hearty.

Equally, this meal is grain-free by design and features nutrient-packed superfoods such as almonds, pumpkins, lentils, and broccoli. And just like the Solid Gold Indigo MooN, the main ingredient is chicken, and this is included in the formula to provide high levels of protein for muscle growth. What’s more, the choice of superfoods used here ensures that this probiotic blend is packed with all the minerals and vitamins your cat will need to thrive. 

You can rest assured that this is a completely safe and trustworthy option for your pet as it is packed in the USA under safe and strict conditions. Altogether, it provides your feline with a lifetime of nutrition for both indoor and outdoor fun. And even better is the fact that every product is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No doubt, Solid Gold cares about what goes into your pet’s mouth and as such, only the highest quality of food is offered here regardless of your cat’s age and species.

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400 calories

36% minimum protein

8% minimum fiber

16% minimum fat

  • Brand: Solid Gold
  • Model: 21712
  • Weight: 12.3 pounds


The next best product is the Solid Gold Goat Milk Mousse Pate. This option happens to be gluten and grain-free and further supports the development of your kitty at all life stages. The exclusion of harmful ingredients makes it suitable for both kittens and seniors to enjoy while getting nourished. No doubt, cats all around the globe love this mousse because it is made with real meat; best believe that your kitty is no exception.

In addition to the fact that this mousse pate is wet to allow for easy eating, the inclusion of goat milk, high amounts of poultry, seafood, and nutrients makes it a suitable option. And apart from chicken liver and goat milk, this wet cat food also contains eighteen other ingredients for a sweet and savory meal. Altogether, it offers them the required amount of protein, needed for growth and development.

So, why goat milk, you ask? Not only is it easily digestible and highly palatable, but it is also filled with all the essential nutrients required for protection against certain diseases. Even better is the fact that you can feed this balanced and nutritionally rich meal to all your cats, regardless of their age and gender. For added convenience, serving it is no issue at all, cat parents can serve the food straight from the can, as a pate style meal or stir the mix for an airier, mousse texture. One thing is for sure, the flavors here are so bold and tantalizing that even the pickiest cats will love.

84 calories

10% minimum protein

1% minimum fiber

4% minimum fat

  • Brand: Solid Gold
  • Model: 49403
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds


Give your cat a taste of heaven, with the Solid Gold Touch of Heaven Superfood. This cat food is not only grain and gluten-free but it is also dry which ensures that it lasts for quite some time which is a lifesaver on different fronts. Even better is the fact that this superfood is made for all cats and can equally be eaten throughout the day. Only a selection of holistic ingredients is used here and as such, the meal encourages health and all-around development.

In the spirit of being an all-natural option, this cat food contains minerals and vitamins that aid in joint, bone, and immune system development. All of these, of course, are derived from natural ingredients put in place to thoroughly nourish your pet. For instance, the inclusion of PEA and DHA, help to support brain development as well as growth. Note that, it is mainly formulated for kittens and every single kibble comes at an ideal size for their tiny mouths.

All in all, we can guarantee that the Solid Gold Touch of Heaven kitten food will cater to all the nutritional needs of your kitty. This brand even offers All-American Kitten meal formulated under safe, hygienic conditions. It’s a precious gift, practically heaven-sent from Mother Nature to your feline.

430 calories

46% minimum protein

3% minimum fiber

18% minimum fat

  • Brand: Solid Gold
  • Model: 21506
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds


The Winged Tiger from Solid Gold is the best cat food for both adult and senior cats. As great as that is, it does not even scratch the surface of how effective this cat food is. The Solid Gold – Winged Tiger Dry Cat Food is the perfect choice for cats that have sensitive stomachs since it not only contains ethically sourced quail but also lean proteins which are, of course, great for cats of all ages. To add to all that, there’s also the inclusion of pumpkin added here, which is rich in fiber and also makes for smooth sailing digestion instantly and in the long run.

Speaking of fiber, there is also the incorporation of fiber-rich probiotics created and patented by Solid Gold. Here is something fascinating about them; they actually stay alive and useful until they are ingested. This makes them a lot more effective once they are introduced into the digestive system. Even better is the fact that this cat food is void of wheat, corn, soy and preservatives which are liable to spark up allergies.

No doubt, Solid Gold company is one company you can trust wholly, they are far from being the new kid on the block as they started over 40 years ago, with the mission of delivering the best quality in pet foods. It goes without saying, they have exceeded their own expectations.

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380 calories

30% minimum protein

3% minimum fiber

13% minimum fat

  • Brand: Solid Gold
  • Model: 21106
  • Weight: 6.2 pounds


The final product in this review article is the Solid Gold Pate. This wet cat food happens to be formulated using real seafood, so best believe that your feline friend is in for a real treat. It is important to note that the Solid Gold Pate In Gravy Wet Cat Food was previously marketed as Solid Gold Evening Tide And Wild Harvest but was changed to encompass its ingredient composition and performance adequately. We love this cat food because even with a new name, it offers the same great nutrition that your kitty requires.

Here is something all cat parents will love; this solid gold wet cat food is ideal for all picky eaters. And with highly tasty and nutritious ingredients, this is an additional source of hydration for your pet. With its main ingredients as sardine and real tuna, you can choose to serve it as a side, a topper or an entire meal on its own. The sardine and tuna are mixed with a savory gravy that appeals to your pet’s taste buds. What’s more, for a number of reasons including this one, the Solid Gold Pate is known by many as America’s first holistic pet food.

That’s not all; it is filled with balanced amounts of omega and fatty acids which make for a shiny and soft coat. It also contains minerals, antioxidants, natural vitamins and five superfoods that your cats will love. Tying everything together is the fact that it is BPA and carrageenan free as such, it is considered the best meal accompaniment on the market today.

90 calories

10% minimum protein

1% minimum fiber

4% minimum fat

  • Brand: Solid Gold
  • Model: 47103
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds

Solid Gold Cat Food Buying Guide & FAQ

Company Information

Solid Gold cat food is produced and distributed by Sissy Harrington-McGill. This company was founded in the United States after it’s founder noticed a vast difference between dogs in the country and those in Germany. You see, Sissy was a Great Dane handler and a very competitive one at that. What she observed was that her Great Danes lived to be nine years old, while German dogs who stayed in Europe lived three to four years younger. Research and observation led her to conclude that the only difference between the European Danes and their American-bred counterparts was their diet.

It took a while, and a lot of preparation but Sissy began work to bring German dog food standards into the United States. She obviously did not stop there as her hand has been extended to cats as well. The official launch of Solid Gold in the 1970’s the brand became one of the first food brands to incorporate a variety of carefully curated superfoods that aid in holistic health.

cat eating on a metal bowl

Why Choose this Brand?

There are a lot of cat food brands in the market today. Some of them are considered more affordable, tastier, and even more long-lasting than others. Many cat parents choose foods depending on the preference of their felines, and this has given rise to the formulation of several cat foods and flavors. In this section of the article,  we take away thoughts of any solid gold cat food recalls and take you through the reasons why Solid Gold is the best option for your kitty.

  • Safety & Quality

The first reason why we recommend the Solid Gold cat food for any cat parent is that; they have been in operation for 40 years. Over these years, Solid Gold has built trust within the animal community with its safety and ingredient quality. All their foods are delicious, and as such, they receive a lot of global acclaims. More importantly, a handful of cats seem to like the way their meals taste.

  • Nutritionally sound

This is yet another great reason why these meals are recommended. The Solid Gold franchise is ranked above-average when compared to other brands. The dry foods from Solid Gold emphasize animal protein over protein from plants. It contains a relatively low carbohydrate content which is unlike any other kibble product on the market.

  • Moderately priced

We all love purchasing affordable products, and animal food falls under that category. In many cases, we wish to invest in affordable meals that offer the same nutritional value to your feline when consumed. Solid Gold is that brand. This company uses organic ingredients, but have all their products priced so that anyone can afford.

  • Variety

Food can get annoying when there’s no variety of taste and flavor. To help curb this problem, the Solid Gold group formulates a little bit of this and a little bit of that. They equally offer a wide range of options that beat conventional grocery store animal foods. And although some may complain that their meals often lack the meatiness of other brands, we are confident in their taste and excellent variety.

woman feeding her black cat

Ingredient Analysis

  • Meat

In the Solid Gold foods, meat is the primary ingredient. They make use of lean proteins such as quail, chicken, turkey and salmon. They avoid grains and gluten as much as possible since they often trigger allergic reactions in cats. With the addition of high quality meat, you might also be wondering, is Solid Gold a good dog food? Certainly, there is no harm in trying out this wholesome recipe on your pup, as it has been carefully formulated for both cats and dogs.

  • Living probiotics

The living probiotic is an organic substance that stays residing until it’s consumed. They are found mostly in dry cat foods, and they help in the overall growth and development of your feline. Living probiotics are great for cats with sensitive stomachs; thus, it can work excellently with cats experiencing issues such as IBD.

  • Superfoods

Superfoods are used in cat food to deliver all the required nutrients and minerals for growth and development. Giving your cat superfoods is a sure way to protect them from diseases and any form of malnutrition.

  • Grains

Grains aren’t advised for cats because of their allergies, but if you do decide to go in for meals with grains, we suggest that you avoid foods with wheat, soy and corn as they always cause allergic reactions. Consider other carbohydrate options like fruits for more benefits.

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  • Solid Gold foods are formulated from high-value animal protein sources.
  • They create a wide variety of meals to appeal to all cats
  • Their foods are free from artificial elements such as color and preservatives.
  • When compared to other dry foods, Solid Gold dry foods are less starchy
  • In some cases, cats don’t receive the much-needed hydration their body requires.
  • Solid Gold cat foods often contain multiple plant ingredients.
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