10 Ways to Pick Up Dog Poop

If you are a dog parent, you know the struggle is real when it comes to picking up our beloved dog’s poop. It’s a dreadful task, but ignoring it or leaving it just as it is would means inviting germs and pollutants. Like it or hate it, every dog parent has to go cleaning up after their dog’s business.

It’s about time every dog parent master the art of properly picking up dog poop. Luckily, there are some really good, innovative ways to scoop dog poop.

1. Dog Pooper Scooper

If you feel nauseous and don’t feel like getting too personal with the poop or if you have any difficulty bending over, then the dog pooper scooper is just for you. You will find it at any pet stores. With the pooper scooper in your hand, all you need to do is just squeeze the handles and scoop up the poop. After you are done, deposit it to an appropriate place.

Pro: You don’t need to come in contact with the poop.

Con: You will need to carry the dog pooper scooper along with you to the walk sessions. In tune with that, you also need to bring bags to collect the waste.

Owner Clearing Dog Mess With Pooper Scooper

2. Poop Bags

Did you know? About 40% of the dog parents do not pick up the poop and throw it to the designated place. So, make sure that you are in the 60% and you throw the poop at a proper place. To reduce the trouble of picking up the waste, how does the idea of using a biodegradable bag sound like?

It’s really simple and easy to use. You just need to put your hands inside the bag like as if you are wearing a glove and pick up the dog. Turn the bag inside out so that the poop goes inside the bag and you can tie it up.

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Now, here’s a reason why we are suggesting you use biodegradable bags. It’s eco-friendly and won’t slip the poop through a hole.

Pro: Easy to use and won’t cause any mess.

Con: A bit expensive than ordinary plastic bags.

3. Flushable Dog Poop Bags

These are also dog poop bags, but the only difference is that you can flush it through the toilet. However, if you choose this method, there are two essential things that you need to take note of:

  • Ensure that it’s legal in your state
  • Make sure that the flushable poop bag meets the criteria in your area in terms of being suitable

You sure wouldn’t want to go on creating a safety issue by flushing down dog poop into a human area and thus clog your toilet.

Pro: Safely take away the smell, germs, and bacteria.

Con: Buying these poop bags could be expensive.

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woman holding trash bag

4. Short Handled Dust Pan with a Rake

Dustpans are quite standard and inexpensive equipment that you surely would have at your front or back yard. You probably might even have a rake to rake the poop into the pan. If you actually have them at your yard, scoop the poop with the pan and rake manually and dispose of it off to the bin.

However, a dog pooper scooper is a better option than this. But if you don’t want to spend individually on a pooper scooper, make use of this equipment to clean away the mess. At least, something’s better than nothing.

Pro: Touch-free.

Con: It’s limited to your garden only; you cannot be carrying the heavy equipment when walking your dog.

5. Make Use of Newspapers

If you are trying to save the Earth and are totally against using plastic bags, here’s an excellent solution for you; newspapers. We’re sure you have at least a month’s newspapers stacked at your house. Recycle them!

Wrap the dog poop tightly in a newspaper and dispose it off to an appropriate place. Make sure not to throw it in the paper bin as it may cause terrible smell in the surroundings, causing to annoy the neighbors.

Pro: Recycling old newspapers is a great idea. Plus, it decomposes faster than plastic.

Con: It could be a bit messy since you cannot completely seal the newspapers. In some cases, you may need to couple this procedure with a shovel or a scooper.

Shar Pei dog with newspapers

6. Gadgets for Picking up Dog Poop

Power Picker is a fantastic tool! It’s such a clever device that vacuums the poop right into a bag attached to it. Of course, the motor is powered by rechargeable batteries, and the LED display does help you during nighttime. The machine sucks up the pile for you and then releases it at your discretion.

This very new solution is a lifesaver. This is applicable for those of you who have several puppies, and it’s nearly impossible to pick up each of their poop from the ground at least 2 – 3 times a day. Go that extra mile and get this machine to make things easier for you.

Pro: You don’t need to bend or touch the poop. The machine does all the work.

Con: You need to clean the machine on a regular basis.

7. Litter Trays

Although this is more for cats, dog parents residing in apartments may consider this option. That’s because, if you live at least 20 floors up, it wouldn’t be possible for you to take your dog outside for 2 times a day. Or even worse, if your furry friend is suffering from an upset tummy, you may need to spend most of your time outside (if you don’t want to mess up your apartment).

So, you make a designated area for your dog and put a litter tray in there. Train your pup to use the tray when he or she needs to release themselves. Accordingly, you need to clean the tray on a regular basis too.

Pro: Convenient when you cannot take your dog outdoors.

Con: The tray needed to be cleaned on a regular basis and sanitized too.

tray for a dog

8. Freeze the Dog Poop

Not literally freeze it in the refrigerator! You can spray aerosols like Puppy Freeze. This will harden the poop and make it easier for you to pick it up.

Pro: Reduces any kind of foul odor. It is more useful when your puppy has loose stool.

Con: Needs to be coupled with another solution like flushable dog poop bags or dog poop scooper.

9. Put it in a Streetlamp

In many parts of the world, streetlamps are powered by nothing but dog poop. This is such a great recycling idea! Although it sounds like a crazy plan, if you have heard that your state does this, do give it a try! It’s so worth it.

So, the dog poop creates methane gas that powers the streetlamp. This is pretty simple too. All you need to do is put down the poop bag in the lamp and turn a handle. The machine will do the work. It will break down the microorganisms and create the gas necessary to fuel the light. That’s unbelievable!

Pro: Creates an alternative fuel source for the streetlamp.

Con: If your state does not have this system, you may not be able to use this facility.

Please clean up your waste

10. Call a Home Cleaning Specialist

This sounds like an ideal plan for those who are apartment dwellers. Your dog may have pooped around the corners of your apartment, and you won’t even have an idea. Hence, call in the dog-waste removal companies, who provide this cleaning services to individuals in order to keep the environment clean. Sign up with one of those companies, and they will send you a cleaner at your home at the time that you have specified them. They will do all the clean-up, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Pro: You don’t have to do anything.

Con: Expensive to keep up with such services.

How to Clean Dog Poop from Grass

If you have a yard where you take your dog for walks, chances are they have pooped in the grass and bushes too. The best way to clean the dog poop from your yard is to let it dry and go for a weekly pick up.

You sure must be mowing your grass every few weeks just to come across some patches which are discolored by the poop. So, clean up the poop only when you find it while mowing.

Other than that, if the poop is wet or runny on the grass, here’s what you can do:

  • Wait for the poop to dry up and pick it up with a scooper or shovel
  • Coagulate diarrhea by sprinkling sand, litter, or dirt. This way, the poop will become clumpier, making it easier to pick it up
  • Freeze spray diarrhea until it hardens. This method has shown inconsistent results for different situations
  • Spray diarrhea with a hose in order to separate it and move it. Spray and move it to your nearby garden bed and wait until it becomes hard and dry so that you can scoop it with a shovel

Besides, mow and cut the grass in your garden every 1 – 2 weeks. This attempt should make your yard look clean and fresh.

Woman gathering dog poo

How to Clean up Dog Poop in House

While cleaning dog poop from the grass requires you to wait until it gets dried up, in case of cleaning such accidents at your home, you need to act immediately; meaning, you need to wash and scrub as soon as you see it.

Think about what you have in your house. Carpet, sofas, upholstery, tables, chairs, and so on. You wouldn’t want the poop to sit on such surfaces for longer and disinfectant your house. Therefore, clean it while it is still wet! In some cases, the poop or urine may leave a stain, which might become a nightmare for you to get rid of.

There is an array of products available in the market for you to clean your dog’s poop from your house. We’ve listed some ways below, too. You can give each a try and see what works best for you.

  • If the poop is solid, pick it up using poop bags, newspapers or even a tissue paper
  • If the poop is wet, leave it for a while so that it dries out. Afterward, scoop it off
  • Don’t forget to apply enzyme cleaner to areas where your dog had pooped. This is to remove the odors or any other evil stains.

We always recommend using an enzyme deodorizer to clean dog wastes. However, did you know that dog poop and urine contain a great amount of protein? Different types of bacteria are attracted to this and consume it as their food. The bacteria are what creates the strong odor during the digestion process. Enzyme cleaners have micro-organisms that work to eat up the proteins. Eliminating the protein means removing the bacteria and thus the smell.

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Final Words

Your pet dog is undoubtedly your best friend, but they are not friends with your carpet. No matter how well-intentioned your dog may be, he might still sometimes poop on your carpet, sofa, yard, and elsewhere. Accidents may happen, and there’s no need to create a fuss about it.

Being a dog parent, this is something you have to deal with on a daily basis. As much as we hate mis-stepping on pet poop, know that it has harmful pathogens that may cause illness in humans. It is never okay to leave dog poop open. You must act on it.

We hope that the steps as mentioned above will help you clean your dog poop efficiently. And if we have missed something out, let us know so that we can add it to our list and help others too!


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