The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

All dogs have a unique personality, but it’s no secret that certain breeds will have a particular predisposition to personality traits. Whether it’s being something of a livewire with endless energy, or a Velcro dog that loves to be nearby at all times – each of these traits comes with a range of benefits, as well as natural drawbacks. One such predisposition is stubbornness – and, if you’re looking for dogs that are naturally stubborn, or want to avoid these breeds, this is the list for you.


Beagle on meadowWith a lineage hailing from as far back as 400 BC, the beagle has an extensive history, although the specific breed guidelines weren’t brought into play until the 19th century. It’s believed their ancestors were brought to England with the Romans, where their rabbit-hunting pups were cross-bred with local hounds. Over time, these came to be the lovable, stubborn and affectionate beagles we know and love, today.

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Standing at roughly 13 inches at the shoulder, these are a short and stocky breed that adapt well to living in apartments. They’re incredibly curious little pups, particularly when it comes to scents, as they can easily get carried away with searching out odors – often ignoring their owner, if the scent is exciting enough. Of course, they are also very stubborn and will require plenty of obedience training from a young age, as well as plenty of socialization, for a happy household.

Siberian Husky

Portrait of siberian husky in autumnMassively affectionate and great for big families with a big home to offer, the Siberian husky is a playful partner that also happens to be one of the most stubborn dog breeds. They’re also notoriously difficult to train and can easily become one of the most disobedient dog breeds, without a firm hand in training.

These are not dogs that do well to be on their own for long periods of time, as they crave interaction with their pack. They’ll also need plenty of exercise and daily grooming. That said, once this dog has had plenty of training and becomes well-socialized, you’ll quickly find that this bounding beast can fit right in to your busy home. Unfortunately, because of their naturally stubborn nature, this breed of dog is one of the most common dog breeds to end up in shelters. For this reason, we recommend plenty of reading up on the husky, before buying or adopting.


Akita DogOriginally bred for guard duties in feudal Japan, the Akita is a stoic, fearless and loyal companion. Naturally, with these personality traits, it’s to be expected that this dog breed is also one of the most stubborn dog breeds. Never backing down from a fight, and fiercely protective of their families, this breed can be a handful for inexperienced dog owners.

Incredibly sensitive, this dog will not suit busy households, as the constant coming and goings of daily life can cause significant stress. However, for smaller homes and single households, the Akita is a fantastic choice for a furry friend. Their highly affectionate personality pairs well with their stubborn nature, lending themselves to one person, over all others and being wary of strangers. Just be aware that this working breed also needs plenty of exercise, to burn off all their excess energy.

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Cute black dachshund portraitSmall but mighty, the Dachshund dog breed may not come across as very stubborn or a moody dog breed, but they certainly know how to hold their own. Initially bred to fight with badgers, where they get their name (“Dasch” meaning badger and “Hund” meaning hound), these small dogs are surprising tough and come with plenty of energy, to boot. They’re extremely adaptable and make great dogs for apartment living, thanks to their small size and how easy they are to care for.

Like many small and toy dog breeds, the Daschshund – also referred to as the wiener dog or Doxie – can be very protective over their favorite member of the family. For this reason, proper socialization is important from a young age. This is an intelligent breed, with a high prey drive, so plenty of training is required to divert their attention and work with their stubborn nature.

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Scottish Terrier

The Scottish TerrierThe Scottish Terrier is one of the most stubborn dog breeds on the planet. This, combined with their independent nature can make them one of the most difficult dog breeds to own. Because of these character traits, they require lots of one-on-one time to ensure their training is up to scratch. That being said, this stubborn dog breed is also highly adaptable and very affectionate with family.

The high energy level of this dog can be easily counteracted with a good walk, each day, making them one of the easiest dog breeds to work with. Once they’ve had their walk, and a quick play, they’ll learn quickly and be eager to please. For those with gardens, owners will soon find themselves free of any backyard creatures, in lieu of some holes which these dogs love to dig. They’re also great for apartment living, although they do have a tendency to vocalize, loudly!

English Bulldog

Hailing from a bloody past as fighting dogs within bloodsports, the English Bulldog has a much more relaxed lifestyle, these days. Instead, you can expect a much lazier, much friendlier canine companion with this stubborn but affectionate dog. Ideal for new pet owners, this furry friend is incredibly easy to care for and works well with almost any household, thanks to their adaptable nature.

With a short, stocky build, their stubborn nature matches their looks – as this is one of the most moody dog breeds in the world. While overall very chilled out and happy, this can sometimes reveal itself through their disinterest in doing what they’re told. Instead, they’d much rather be a lap dog than run laps around the block – which can mean they’re prone to quickly gaining weight. If you’re looking to bring this dog home with you, be ready to have some arguments about exercising with your new family member.

Dogo Argentino

Dirty Dogo Argentino in NatureOne of the most exceptionally intelligent and hardy breeds, the Dogo Argentino requires ample training from a young age and their stubborn nature does not suit new pet owners. Without a firm hand in training and lots of socialization with other pets and people, this breed can quickly become aggressive. Many owners struggle with these dogs, due to their naturally protective traits and prey drive and, thus, these dogs are unfortunately often given to shelters as they can be hard to handle.

With this in mind, it’s important to note that a well-socialized and trained breed such as this can make for an invaluable, lifelong friend and companion. With a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, owners will find a firm favorite in this breed, which can also be highly affectionate with the right master.

Shar Pei

Chinese Shar pei puppy portraitKnown for their wrinkly skin and protective nature, the Shar Pei has an extensive history, dating back to beyond the Han dynasty (200 BC). Their original breeding was suited to a wide range of purposes, from guarding, hunting and herding right through to their most well-known job of being used for bloodsports. These days, however, they’re more well-known for being fantastic companions and are still used to protect properties, due to their predisposition to guarding their home.

These breeds require plenty of grooming, as poor hygiene can result in cracked, infected and painful skin within the wrinkled areas of their body – particularly around the head and neck areas. They can also be very loud, and frequent vocalizations are to be expected with these dogs. In the right household, these dogs are superb pets and can make for lifelong companions.


Dog and dry treeTall, with a commanding presence, the Weimaraner is a live-wire of a pooch, requiring plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, to help burn off their naturally stubborn streak. These dogs make for fantastic pets under experienced owners and are known for being the right side of playful and affectionate.

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Originally bred as a gundog, to help take down deer and larger animals, their strong stature and impressive build, combined with their natural prey drive, can make these stubborn dogs one of the most difficult to care for. That said, with enough space to run free and plenty of training, this is one of the best breeds for large, active households. In the right home, they’re incredibly sensitive and get along great with kids, as well as being very easy to train, too.

Russel Terrier

Jack Russell TerrierA relatively new breed, when compared to others on our list, the Jack Russel Terrier dog is a very common choice for a wide range of households. Very excitable, happy and intelligent, this dog was originally bred to hunt foxes in Southern England. However, their fast feet and high energy, combined with their friendliness and ease of training soon made them incredibly popular with all kinds of owners.

These days, the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most common dog breeds in the world. Their boundless energy and quick mind making them the ideal choice for a wide range of needs, from TV shows through to simple companions. If you’re looking for a dog that can handle everything from agility to being a kid-friendly companion for the family, you can go far wrong with this dog.


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