best dog breeds for college students

Best Dog Breeds for College Students

It’s very easy to get attached to your furry friends at home as they soon become an important part of our everyday lives. What’s a day without them, right? Coming back home after a long day of class could be really stressful; but for most of us animal lovers, having a furry friend by our side is all it takes to wipe off the stress of the day.

dogs for students

While your college might even allow you to keep a pet inside your hostel room, you must be worried about which breed would be the easiest for you to take care of. Since you’re a college student, chances are that you might not have much time or money for a serious commitment of owning a dog. But if you feel that you have the time and budget to adopt one, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t!

Before you proceed to the adoption process, you need to learn about the breeds first. If you ask why, we already have your answer: there are many dog breeds that require a lot of time, attention and are regarded as high maintenance, while some will fit into the busy lifestyle of college. You see the difference. Since your dog will highly impact your lifestyle, personality and interests, it’s important that you choose the right breed for yourself.

Here are some of the coolest dogs for college students, eagerly waiting to be your friend:

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This sweet-tempered, playful and gentle breed will never leave you alone because of their dependent personality. If you’re the type of college kid who loves to come back home the minute your class ends, this would be your ideal furry friend. In fact, they do best when someone is with them at home.

When it comes to Cavaliers, they are soft, both inside-out. As furry as they are, they have an even softer personality, so shouting at them might result into frequent sulks or hiding. Even though they might bark at strangers at your door, they have a friendly personality and will surely make your friends their own too! Take them out for a walk with enough opportunities to let them do their business outdoors and they’ll never let you down at home.

cavalier king charles spaniel for students

Black & Tan Coonhound

If you ever feel paranoid of living alone, this is the perfect dog for you. Having a coonhound at your apartment, you never have to worry about having any creeps around your home as your coonhound will bark them right away. Coonhounds are very protective over their owners naturally.

Coonhounds love being lazy! However, they tend to put on weight very easily for which they need proper exercising to keep them healthy. Do remember to take them for jogs along with you, not just to keep them fit, but also to shred off their energy, so that they are easier to manage.

black & tan coonhound for students


Papillons have their own boldness. They are extremely energetic and friendly towards everyone, starting from their owners to other dogs as well as strangers. So if you like having friends over at your place, Papillions are what you’ve been looking for!

Papillons also make great apartment dogs, especially if you have a studio apartment. You can always bring in toys at home and arrange for physical activities to keep your fur buddies busy and entertained. They are just 10 pounds and require very small space for playing. Although papillons are very furry, they shed at a moderate level if you can brush them regularly. This little bundle of joy will snuggle with you as you enjoy reading your book or watch your favorite series.

papillon for students


Many students and kids tend to avoid this breed because of how snobby they might get. But hey! Pekingese make very good dogs for college students because they have low energy so you don’t have to worry about getting them to exercise regularly. And most importantly, they are not yappy, so you can rest assured that you won’t be getting many noise complaints from your neighbors. This dog breed is excellent as lapdogs and as loyal companions.

Also, do remember that they are indoor dogs and are therefore not meant to be kept outside for long hours since they can develop breathing problems due to their flat faces. The heat or cold makes it difficult for them to regulate their breathing.

pekingese for students

English Bulldog

If you ask us, there is just one difference between an English bulldog and a college student, and that is one is a dog and other is a human. And we’ll tell you why. All they do is eat and sleep all day, and as college student, we’re sure that is what you love to do as well! They don’t like exercising, do you? We doubt! If you have an all-nighter to pull off, don’t feel pressured to take them out. They are completely cool as they love staying indoors! Plus, they don’t need to be brushed every other day, so go ahead lazying all day together. These are the reasons why you and your English bulldog will instantly become bffs!

english bulldog for students


No, it’s not the Spaghetti Bolognese that you order at the restaurant, it could be your next cute little furry friend. In fact, did you know that the Bolognese is said to be the best among all the breeds? Bolognese breed is very low maintenance so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money for vet visits or other common doggy problems. This does not mean you will never have to take them to the vet, but the number of times will be fewer and farther between. The dog is best described as a ball of fur with two black dots for eyes and a black dot for a nose on a pure white body aka ADORABLE.

bolognese for students

So folks, we know the ups and downs of your college life and we also know how much your willing to own a pet dog. Go ahead with your decision of owning one, wisely choosing the best breed suitable for your lifestyle and most importantly, your budget. Dogs are the most patient and friendliest creatures on the planet. Love them and they will be loyal to you. They are also intelligent little beings you could ever pet, so treat them accordingly. So, are you ready to own a dog? Tell us which one is your favorite dog breed in the comments section below.


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