10 most expensive dog breeds

10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

While many people are more than happy to get their four legged friend from a shelter, there are some people who go all out to invest in a pet that costs some serious money. When it comes to the world’s most expensive dog breeds, there is a surprisingly long list, and every pooch on it will cost you thousands. If you’re ready to add a furry friend to your family and you don’t mind spending big, here are the top ten breeds you should consider.


Samoyeds are seriously beautiful dogs with thick coats and alert expressions. Although they are competitive, strong and tough, they’re incredibly friendly and make wonderful and loyal family pets. Their origins go back to herding reindeer, so they’re also hardy and have a natural herding instinct. One thing to be aware of though – Samoyeds have an unusual propensity for digging unless they’re kept busy, so unless you want to run the risk of falling into holes in your garden, make sure that your pet doesn’t get bored! On the upside though, although they’re incredibly hairy there’s no reason to worry about allergies – Samoyeds are actually hypoallergenic dogs so you won’t have streaming eyes and a running nose from hanging out with your new pet. As Samoyeds are difficult to breed they aren’t very common, and this has led to their high price tag.

samoyed dog

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are among the biggest dogs in the world, having its origins in China and Nepal. This ancient breed is strong willed and territorial, so if you’re thinking of getting one as a pet you need to be prepared to put in plenty of time with socialization and training. Tibetan Mastiffs also get easily bored and they can be very destructive, so they’re best for very active families. Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs aren’t very common, so you can expect to pay a very high price for one. In fact one especially rare example of the species was sold in China in 2013 for almost $2 million!

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tibetan mastiff dog


Originally bred to be pulling dogs the Rottweiler is territorial, fearless and highly protective of its owner. While beginning its socialisation as early as possible is essential, a well trained Rottweiler will be a placid and good natured family pet, and several celebrities including Will Smith have made one part of their family. Although Rottweilers are pretty common, if you want to go for a pet that has been bred from champion lines you can expect to pay thousands and that’s before the vet bills kick in. Rottweilers are highly susceptible to a number of conditions that are extremely expensive to treat including gastric torsion, hypothyroidism, allergies and cancer.

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rottweiler dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Small, loving and incredibly cute, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is well known for its long ears and huge puppy dog eyes. Named after King Charles II who was a huge fan of this toy breed, these lovable pets are an ideal choice for families and first time dog owners because of their friendly and sociable nature, their small size and their ease around children. On the downside though, apart from the initial expense of buying your pet you’ll probably also end up paying out a fortune for visits to the vet. Cavaliers are very prone to health problems, from infections in their long floppy ears to heart problems.

cavalier king charles spaniel dog


Akitas have a bit of a negative reputation for being aggressive, however when properly trained and socialized they are loving and loyal family pets and can be wonderful with children. Surprisingly feline in many of their mannerisms, Akitas have a tendency to want to clean themselves once they have eaten! Although there are other strains of Akita which can be costly, purebred Japanese examples of the breed are extremely pricey.

akita dog


Hailing from Africa, the Azawakh is a rarely seen breed outside its country of origin which makes its price tag extremely high, and importing a purebred dog is very costly. Originally bred as hunting and guard dogs by African tribes of nomads, these dogs are incredibly fast, reaching speeds as high as 40 miles an hour, even faster than greyhounds and this means they need plenty of exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

azawakh dog


A very rare breed, the Lowchen, with its name that means Little Lion in the German language, may look like other toy breeds such as the Maltese but is a lot more difficult to find. There are only a handful of these dogs registered at the world’s kennel clubs every year and this makes them costly to get hold of. Nevertheless, if you can find one their intelligence and playful nature makes them a wonderful companion.

lowchen dog

English Bulldog

The flat adorable face of the English Bulldog has led to them becoming an iconic symbol of England. With silly and funny personalities, this breed has become very popular despite their high price tag, and they are commonly owned by celebrities like Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler. After paying out for your new pet, expect to pay a lot for vet treatments too since they often suffer from a host of expensive medical problems from breathing difficulties and hip dysplasia to other congenital conditions.

english bulldog dog

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow has a very distinctive appearance, looking similar to a cuddly bear. With their fluffball good looks, adorable faces and unusual blue black tongues, they have proven to be very popular with families although they can cost thousands to buy. Chow Chows are yet another dog which will end up spending a lot of time at the vet – insurers have said that this breed is among their top claimants on pet insurance.

chow chow dog

Saint Bernard

If you’re looking for a gentle giant to add to your family, the Saint Bernard is the ideal choice. With their long shaggy coats you’ll save on grooming bills, but you could find that they don’t cope very well on hot days because of over-heating problems. Originally bred for mountain rescue, these loyal and brave dogs are wonderful family pets but they cost a lot to feed because of their enormous size.

So, there you have it – the world’s 10 most expensive dog breeds. If you’re ready to make a serious investment in your four-legged friend, any of these beautiful breeds would be the perfect choice!

saint bernard dog


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