Memphis Woman’s Car Stolen With Multiple Dogs Still Inside

Memphis Woman’s Car Stolen With Multiple Dogs Still Inside

Whilst stopping off at a shopping center, Elena Manubens’ car was stolen, containing her beloved pet dog. Memphis Police are asking for any and all help in locating the lost dog and stolen vehicle as quickly as possible.

“They stole my dog. She is my absolute life,” Manubens told WREG. Manubens spent the entire night following the theft desperately searching for her lost dog with the help of her friends. Her dog’s name is Kiwi, and she is a 4-year-old Belgian Tervuren.

Manubens told WREG that she had never imagined in a million years that something like this could possibly happen to her or her animals. Sadly, Manubens’ dog is not the only one that has gone missing as a result of this theft. Her friend’s Cocker Spaniels, which go by the names of Ruby and Oakly we also in the truck alongside Kiwi.

According to Manubens, the truck and dogs were taken from the Ridgeway Trace shopping center parking lot, located in East Memphis. The theft took place at around 10 pm on Sunday night.

They had apparently been on their way home from a dog competition in Missouri when they decided to make a quick pit stop at the shopping center in order to refuel and grab a bite to eat before continuing the journey on to Florida. Manubens explained that they had been inside the restaurant for around 10-minutes, before heading back outside to find that their truck, along with their three beloved dogs, had been taken.

In downtown Memphis, at the side of Pontotoc Avenue, they found Ruby and Kiwi unharmed with their crates sometime later. However, sadly, Oakley appears to have been dognapped, with him being nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, the stolen truck was also nowhere to be found.

According to Manubens, this had been their first time taking the dogs to compete out of state. To aid anyone that intends to help in the search Manubens has provided details of the vehicle in question. Oakley went missing in a brown 2015 Ford Explorer. The truck has Georgia tags as well as a stick on the back that reads “Cocker Mom”.

She has also issued a plea to the person that stole the truck. “I understand it was a mistake. I get it. We don’t want to hold anything against you.” Manubens explained. “We’re saying that all we want is our dogs. You can have everything else in that car. We just want to get our dogs back safely.”

She has also said that she will provide a cash reward for anyone that can give valid information that can lead to the whereabouts of Oakly and hopefully lead to his safe return. If you have any information you feel could be of use in this case, or have any knowledge as to Oakly’s whereabouts you are encouraged to contact Memphis Police.

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