Over 100 Rescued Dogs Taken to North Texas Shelters

Over 100 Rescued Dogs Taken to North Texas Shelters

On Thursday 23rd September, 111 dogs were rescued by staff of Mesquite Animal Services from a single home. The rescue came as a response to reports from local residents indicating a large number of dogs on the property in need of help.

Maria Martinez, director of Mesquite’s Neighbourhood Services, spoke with the city press describing the rescue process. According to Martinez, when rescuers arrived at the property, the homeowner surrendered the dogs to the City. The rescued dogs were then transported to the Neighbourhood Services shelter. Once there they received intake vaccines and were impounded whilst officials figured out how to move forward.

“We worked with our rescue partners and by the end of the day, all the dogs left the shelter to begin their new journey,” Martinez told the city press, adding that the city code permits a maximum number of three dogs per household.

Hailing Mesquite ShelterMesquite Animals Pawtners posted to their Facebook page regarding the impressive rescue. Hailing Mesquite Shelter for their efforts in rescuing a much large amount of dogs than anticipated. According to the post, the rescue team had originally done in expecting to rescue around 20 dogs but left with over five times that amount.

The Facebook post also explains that the unprecedented nature of this rescue has resulted in the closure of the shelter due to the unexpected turn of events. Furthermore, the dogs are temporarily unavailable for adoption as every dog that was rescued was in need of some form of medical care.

Fortunately, Mesquite Animal Services were able to work with fellow rescue services in order to place all of the dogs with various rescue partners until they have recovered and are able to find their forever homes.

“This was a successful rescue event,” Martinez explained in a press release. “We could not have done it without our hard-working city staff who acted quickly and with compassion, and our rescue partners.”

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