20 Fluffy Dog Breeds

Go Fluff Crazy With Our Guide to 20 of the Best Fluffy Dog Breeds

If a fluffball is your ideal canine, there are many furry and hairy dog breeds you can choose from. From tiny ‘pompoms’ to bear-like giants, a fluffy dog can bring you great joy.

However, they can also bring a lot of work, as their luxuriant fur needs to be carefully maintained. And all that fluff means your new pooch could be a heavy shedder, turning your soft furnishings and clothes into a total fuzz zone.

But if all that excess fur doesn’t put you off, then we can help you find your perfect fluff monster with our guide to 20 coolest fluffy dog breeds.

Small Fluffy Dogs

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon frize dog close up portrait.

  • Shedding Level: Light

A mini bundle of fluffy fun, the Bichon Frise are super cute fluffy dogs with big personalities that make for an adorable, if a little attention-seeking, pet.

Measuring around 10 inches high and with an engaging face, the Bichon Frise is often likened to a little teddy bear. The soft fluffy coats of the bichon are white and low shedding, so brushing a couple of times a week should suffice, along with regular trips to the groomer. And they can make good pets if you have mild allergies.

The outgoing Bichon Frise also makes a wonderful family pet, as they like to be at the heart of the action. But they don’t like to be alone and can succumb to separation anxiety if left on their own for longer periods.

2. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa apso dog show champion portrait in Slovakia

  • Shedding Level: Light

Hailing from Tibet, where they were originally used to guard palaces, the Lhasa Apso is a regal-looking mini pooch. And this guarding heritage makes them brave, loyal, and independent, as well as a little wary of strangers. That aside, they also have their goofball side and love to play, so expect to buy a cupboard full of toys to keep this fluffy scamp entertained.

However, as one of the most popular small fluffy dog breeds, their independent nature can make them stubborn to train, and they need a clear pack leader in their home and early socialization.

Known as the bearded lion dog in Tibet, their fur is long, silky, and beautifully fluffy, and despite the volume, Apso fluffy coats are minimal shedding. However, they do need daily brushing to keep their flowing locks tangle-free.

To learn more about feeding them an appropriate diet, check out our review of dog foods best suited for Lhasa Apso.

3. Cairn Terrier

Couple of Cairn Terriers Sitting in Grass

  • Shedding Level: Light

The scruffy and fluffy Cairn Terrier has elevated to icon status thanks to the film the Wizard of Oz – Dorothy’s cute pooch Toto was a Cairn. And as moderate shedders and small enough to pop into a basket, you can understand why the Cairn Terrier was Dorothy’s dog of choice.

Hailing from the Scottish isles, this tiny terrier was originally bred to be a working dog, keeping farmsteads free of vermin. And those tenacious, brave, and smart traits remain in this popular fluffy dog breed today. Cairn Terriers are also super friendly and love to play, with their small size and lower shedding levels making them an ideal apartment or family pet. However, he can be a tad sensitive, so needs a kind, positive approach toward training and general care.

The coat of this little dog is more wiry than silky and has an impressive double coat which will need consistent grooming to keep it looking and feeling its best.

4. Toy Poodle

white and chocolate poodles in autumn leaves.

  • Shedding Level: Light

Another little ‘teddy bear’ dog, the toy poodle, is extremely cute and, like other poodles, is incredibly intelligent and so a joy to train. However, this smart brain needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation otherwise, it can be prone to barking and destructive behavior.

So, while this breed makes great family pets, you must be prepared to give them the time and attention they crave.

When it comes to their soft coat, it is a cloud-like delight, with soft, fluffy fur that has the cutest curls. The toy poodle is also a good choice if you are looking for a more hypoallergenic pet, as they are minimal shedders. But that doesn’t mean minimal maintenance, as they will need daily grooming to prevent those curls from becoming tangled or matted.

5. Shih Tzu

Shih-tzu dog standing on lake shore.

  • Shedding Level: Seasonal

Our second small breed with a fluffy coat comes from Tibet, the Shih Tzu’s name translates to Lion Dog. And this reflects not only their luxuriant coat but also their feisty personality.

Long used as lapdogs by Chinese royalty, these are engaging little canines with large eyes, a wide smile, and a somewhat unruly yet super soft fluffy coat. And that coat needs maintenance, which can get long and matted if left ungroomed and untrimmed. The fur around their face and eyes, in particular, can get very long, hiding that gorgeous, cheeky face.

As one of the popular small dog breeds, Shih Tzu was bred solely to be companion pets, reflected in their temperament. Happy, outgoing, and playful, the Shih Tzu is sunshine on legs, even if they look like fluffy clouds!

Medium Fluffy Dogs

6. Keeshond

Beautiful Keeshond Male in a Puppy Field

  • Shedding Level: Seasonal

If you want to go all-out fluffy, then check out the Keeshond, a powderpuff of a breed that ticks all the boxes.

A member of the Spitz family, the Keeshond, is similar in looks to an oversized Pomeranian and comes in combination shades of cream, black, and gray. They also sport adorable fur patterns around the eyes, which makes them look as if they are wearing spectacles!

Also known as a Dutch barge dog, the Keeshond is an old breed used as a companion and watchdog. They are loyal and loving but tend to be vocal, especially if left alone and can be prone to separation anxiety.

There’s no getting away from the Keeshond’s cloud-like double coat, but it is surprising that despite all that fluff, they are not heavy shedders, although they will ‘blow’ their coat twice a year.

7. American Eskimo Dog

Japanese Spitz in the Park in winter.

  • Shedding Level: Heavy

Despite its name, the American Eskimo Dog originates from Germany and is a member of the Spitz family. And while his looks give you the impression he was perhaps a working canine out in the snow, the Eskie is more of a companion dog.

Couple his medium size with a lively, loving personality, and the American Eskimo is the perfect active dog for kids or an on-the-go family. He is smart, needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation, and loves to roam, so you will need plenty of yard space or energy for long daily walks.

So, what about that fluffball coat? He has two layers – a short undercoat and a super-soft long outer- giving him that puffed-up look. And, as you would expect, the American Eskimo Dog is a heavy shedder, especially during the seasonal changes, so you will need to groom him daily to keep on top of all that fur.

8. Border Collie

Adorable Young Border collie laying on the ground.

  • Shedding Level: Moderate

You can’t help but love a collie – quick-witted, energetic, and easy to train as well as energy levels to keep you on the move and entertained! And let’s not forget that super-soft fur can be long enough to create a wonderful fluff ball effect in some dogs.

As one of the most intelligent dog breeds, the Border Collie is the ultimate working dog and excels in agility sports with their highly trainable attitude.

They love their humans but be warned, they do need a lot of exercise as well as plenty of space to play.

As they were bred to be outdoor dogs, their silky fur also has a dense undercoat to keep them warm. This thick and fluffy double coat means they shed, but overall, they are considered moderate shedders.

But you will need to groom them regularly – at least a couple of times a week – to keep their awesome fur soft and dirt-free.

9. Chow Chow

Cute chow chow in the field

  • Shedding Level: Moderate/Seasonal

Of all the dogs in our review, the Chow Chow has the ultimate fluffy appeal due to an oversized fluffball coat that always turns heads. The Chow Chow fur is gorgeous and comes in shades of red, blue, black, cinnamon, or cream. Another distinctive feature of this fluffy breed is their bluish-black tongues which loll and curl when they pant.

The thickness of their double coat means Chow Chows need regular grooming as they are moderate shedders so brushing at least two to three times a week is a must to keep their fluff under control.

The Chow Chow is an ancient breed originating in China. However, it’s important to note that no matter how teddy bear-like they are, Chow Chows are not always the big, soft, cuddly type. They are powerful dogs that are protective of their owners, so can be suspicious of strangers invading their space.

This means as a medium-sized breed, the Chow Chow is best suited to an experienced home.

10. Australian Shepherd

young merle Australian shepherd portrait in autumn

  • Shedding Level: Moderate

The Australian Shepherd is renowned not just for its fluffy coat but also its icy blue stare, with some dogs also have different colored eyes. Add a typical blue/gray merle color into the mix, and you have a very handsome fluffy breed.

Bred for herding cattle, these are hardy, energetic dogs that are smart and so need plenty of exercises – typically around two hours a day – and mental stimulation. But if you are an outdoor or active family, the Australian Shepherd could just be your fluffy dog match made in heaven.

They are also great fun for kids, although you must be mindful of their natural herding instinct.

When caring for their sumptuously fluffy coat, Aussies have naturally thick double coats designed to insulate and keep them dry. This means they will shed all year round, especially during the season changes. So regular brushing – ideally daily – will be needed to rake out loose fur and keep their coat dirt and debris free.

Learn more about their nutritional needs in our guide to the top-rated dog foods for Australian Shepherds.

Big Fluffy Dog Breeds

11. Siberian Husky

Portrait of gorgeous Siberian Husky dog standing in the bright enchanting fall forest.

  • Shedding Level: Moderate/Seasonal

Taking it up a size notch, we are now in big fluffy dog territory. And leading the pack is the pretty cool Siberian Husky. Measuring up to 24 inches, this husky is a sizable animal and one that is intelligent and family orientated.

Bred to pull sleds across the harsh tundra, these curious dogs are high energy and thrive with a family that loves the outdoor life. But it’s important to note that the Siberian Husky is a pack animal with a high prey drive and makes excellent escape artists. Hence, obedience training, high-yard fences, and consistent handling are necessary.

The Siberian is a handsome, wolf-like canine with striking blue eyes that shine with intelligence. And their fur is the perfect protection against extreme winter climes, with a dense double coat as insulation against the wet and the cold.

The Siberian Husky is a consistent moderate shedder most of the year but does shed heavily during seasonal changes.  This means you must regularly groom your Sib, moving to daily brushing at the height of those seasonal ‘blows’.

12. Alaskan Malamute

Malamute dog running on autumn's trees background in park

  • Shedding Level: Heavy

A look-alike of the Siberian Husky, the Alaskan Malamute, is a powerful breed that thrives as active dogs thanks to an arctic sled-pulling heritage.

A little larger than the Siberian, the Malamute also has boundless energy but can be stubborn and tricky to train. This means the Alaskan Malamute is better suited to an experienced dog owner.

That said, this eye-catching large breed is affectionate, especially with his human pack, and loves company and playtime. But they are boisterous and tend to chase and dig, especially if left to their own devices.

Now, onto that Malamute thick fur. Another waterproof double coat designed to protect against the worst of the Alaskan winter, their fluffy outer coat has a habit of matting if not groomed regularly. And these big fluffy dogs are also very heavy seasonal shedders, reducing your home to a mass of fluff twice a year.

13. Rough Collie

Collie dog lying down on autumn forest with golden leaves at sunlight

  • Shedding Level: Moderate

A Scottish native, the Rough Collie, is instantly recognizable if you’re a fan of the Lassie movies and books. Regal-looking and as intelligent as the screen Lassie portrays, the Rough Collie is also loyal and protective without aggressive tendencies, making them excellent companions and watchdogs.

However, the Rough Collie can be excessive barker and over-sensitive; at times, reluctant to bond with new faces. But they love children and are very trainable, making them a good choice as a family pet.

Looks-wise, Rough Collies are gorgeous, with a long flowing coat in sable, blue merle, tricolor, or white that’s also soft to the touch. But all that long fluffy fur does require consistent grooming to keep it tangle-free and looking its best.

14. German Shepherd

Beautiful german shepherd dog, smart and easy to train on the edge of the forest in Hungary

  • Shedding Level: Heavy

The third most popular dog in the US amongst pet lovers, the German Shepherd is not naturally associated with being a fluffy dog but gets closer. The longer coat of some GSDs can justify the fluffball tag.

With multiple colors, including black and tan, blue and completely black, the German Shepherd is certainly a handsome chap, and that shaggy coat is a delight to groom and pat.

The downside of having such a fluffy canine is the double coat, which GSDs consistently shed all year round, upping their shedding game even more during the twice-yearly coat ‘blow’.

So, if you are bringing a German Shepherd into your life, you must get used to the GSD fur trails left around the home.

15. Old English Sheepdog

old english sheepdog bobtail

  • Shedding Level: Heavy

If you’re asked to think of a large fluffy dog breed, the Old English Sheepdog is one of the first to come to mind. Originally a herder, this thick-coated dog is now more likely to be seen as a family pet than out on the farm. But their working heritage makes this large dog a smart cookie that’s also loyal, energetic, and friendly.

The thick, extravagant, and shaggy double coat of the English Sheepdog makes him stand out, not least the trademark bangs that give rise to the image of a “can’t see my dog”.  His fluffy hair doesn’t sprout wildly on his body either, as tufts on his feet and between his paws can also get out of control if not regularly trimmed.

It should be no surprise that as a heavy shedder, the Old English’s coat is also high maintenance, requiring a combination of regular brushing and professional grooming to keep it looking its best.

Giant Fluffy Dog Breeds

16. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog in evening sun

  • Shedding Level: Heavy

Giant dogs can be fluffy, too, and there are some stunning breeds to choose from. Not least, the oversized Bernese Mountain Dog has earned the reputation of being a big, soft fuzzball.

Originating from the farmlands of Switzerland, Bernese Mountain Dogs have double coats and not only herded but pulled carts and worked as watchdogs. They also have a soft, friendly, silly side which today has made this mountain breed a wonderful family pet.

Due to their size, the Bernese need plenty of exercise, so an active family would be the ideal home as they love kids and playtime. But their 100-pound-plus size can make them a little clumsy.

With a Bernese, you can’t expect to always have an immaculate home because as well as their slobber, they are also heavy shedders, especially when the seasons change.

17. Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees laying in a local park during fall with the autumn leaves on the grass around them

  •  Shedding Level: Seasonal

Bred to protect livestock from wolves and other mountain predators, the Great Pyrenees is a powerful, strong-minded breed. But they have their soft side, including their super-fluffy fur. Think of an over-fluffy Golden Retriever. Add more fluff, and you have the Great Pyrenees!

Despite their size, the Great Pyrenees also has a gentle character. While they can be stubborn and need consistent training, this giant fluffy dog breed can make a calm companion dog and a devoted family pet.

The Pyrenees sports a waterproof coat designed for cold weather that can be all white or with added shades of tan, reddish-brown or gray. Their fur is also very dense and is surprisingly tangle-proof, although regular grooming is advised to help manage their undercoat and reduce shedding.

While not excessive shedders most of the time, the fluffy double-thick coats of Great Pyrenees will indulge in an impressive seasonal blowout twice a year.

18. Tibetan Mastiff

beautiful Tibetan mastiff.

  • Shedding Level: Seasonal

There’s no doubt that the Tibetan Mastiff is a giant dog as fully grown, they can be up to 30 inches tall and tip the scales at over 175 pounds. Add a muscular body and an exuberant fluffy fur covering, and you have an imposing animal, indeed. But their large, fearsome looks hide a soft side; they love being cuddled and adore family life.

Originally guard dogs, they can be wary of strangers, but with their human pack, they are loyal, gentle, and patient. However, as they are known to be stubborn, early training and socialization are necessary if they settle with other dogs.

This is also a giant breed that loves to be groomed, which is handy considering their dense double coat that builds itself up for a mammoth seasonal shed twice a year.

19. St. Bernard

St. Bernard dogs resting nearby the Matterhorn on the Gornegrat mountain

  • Shedding Level: Moderate

The ultimate rescue hound, St. Bernard, is associated with the Swiss Alps and helping climbers lost in the snowy, mountainous terrain. And they are certainly hardy animals, bred to survive in deep snow and extremes of cold.

Named after the Swiss hospice they originally guarded, St. Bernard is an old breed that has transitioned to domestic pets. However, they can be on the protective side once they have bonded with their special humans.

You weigh up to 180 pounds, however, need the space and time for this gorgeously oversized breed. Playful and loyal, he needs regular exercise and indoor shelter and is a moderate shedder, so he needs plenty of regular grooming. And, as fluffy pups, St. Bernards can be a handful, but they mature to make great family dogs.

20. Newfoundland

Amazing newfoundland dogs in autumn

  • Shedding Level: Heavy

Our final giant fluffy dog breed is a water-loving superstar known for their big, soft personality. Hailing from Newfoundland, Canada, where they were bred to be fishermen’s dogs, the Newfie is a natural swimmer and has webbed paws.

Today, they are popular family dogs thanks to their temperament and loyal nature.

Weighing up to 150 pounds, you need the space for a Newfoundland and plenty of time for play, exercise, and general affection. And grooming is a must in their routine, too, as they have a soft, dense double coat which is highly effective at keeping out water and the cold.

Characterized by curly fur on the ears and top of the head and a lion-like mane, the Newfoundland is prone to drooling and shedding. They then up the shedding quota twice a year when you can expect your home to need vacuuming significantly more than normal!

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Yes, all that cloud-like fur may look and feel adorable but choosing a fluffy dog breed does come with a caveat – you need to maintain all that fur. Regular grooming is essential for both big and small breeds, as their fluffy coats can quickly become unkempt and matted if not taken care of.

Many fluffy dog breeds are also prone to overheating in warmer weather, so great care is needed to ensure they can keep cool during the summer.

While a few breeds, such as poodles, can be hypoallergenic, most fluffy dog breeds have a thick double coat with an inner insulating layer. This double layer means your pooch could be prone to at least a twice-yearly coat ‘blowout’ where they shed their insulation – leaving you and your home covered with this excess fur.

But if you are unfazed by the grooming and maintenance upkeep of an overly furry dog, then the rewards of opting for a fuzzball are certainly worth it.

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