Exotic Shorthair Cat: Breed Information, Characteristics, and Facts

Exotic Shorthair Cat: Breed Information, Characteristics, and Facts

Coming complete with laid back personalities and an expressive face, the Exotic Shorthair cat – also known as the Exotic Persian Cat – has quickly found its way into our hearts. Hailing from the original Persian and British Shorthair cats, there is a lot to love about these little creatures. However, when looking into whether this bright spark will fit well into your home, it’s always worth doing a little extra research. Below, we take a look at everything you need to know about the Exotic Short Hair Persian Cat and what kind of household is a good fit for the breed.

Ginger Exotic Shorthair Cat on black chair

History of the Exotic Shorthair Cat

The Exotic Shorthair cat came about through the breeding of American Shorthair cats and Persian cats. It’s believed that the breeders originally wanted to introduce the striking eyes and silver coloring of the Persian breed to the American Shorthair, to create a truly beautiful new breed.

Instead, the Exotic Shorthair took more of the similarities from the Persian, while maintaining the short hair of the American cat. Similarly, Russian Blues and Burmese cats were also bred with Persian cats – and all of these had a similar look and personality to the Persian, instead of any other lineage.

As it currently stands, the breed standards required for both Persian cats and Exotic Shorthair cats remain exactly the same for both – bar the length of the coat, which is longer for Persians. This makes the Exotics much easier to care for in terms of grooming, although they have also picked up some of the predispositions to health issues that Persians can have.

With a unique expression, loving nature, and plenty of intelligence to boot, you’ll find that these sweet little cats are a joy to have around the home. All of this has led to the Exotic short hair cat becoming one of the most popular breeds – coming second only to the Persian cat.

Quick Facts About the Exotic Persian Cat

Want to brush up on your general knowledge, or just want to learn some cool facts about the short hair Persian cat? Read on for some quick facts about Exotic Persian!

  • They were initially bred in the 1950’s, making them one of the most recent breeds to be introduced to the world.
  • They’re incredibly low maintenance and require very little in the way of grooming and general care.
  • They love to lounge around and can happily sit on your lap all day.
  • Exotic shorthair cats are a great choice if you have other animals in the house, as they love company and are very patient with others.
  • Garfield is believed to be an Exotic Shorthair cat.
  • They can be a little aloof with strangers, but will soon warm up to them if their family members show that they are comfortable with the new person being around.
  • They have an average life span of up to 15 years.
  • While they are very similar to the Persian, this breed is a little more playful than their ancestors, as well as having shorter hair.

Exotic shorthair kitten

Things You Should Know


One of the most common problems with the Exotic Shorthair cat is due to their flat face, which can create breathing problems for some. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid these problems beyond ensuring that the breeder has cleared them of any problems through their parentage. Over-breeding can make this issue much worse, so do be sure to ask the breeder before bringing your Exotic Shorthair kittens home.

Exotics do have a tendency to suffer from polycystic kidney disease too, which can cause enlarged kidneys or kidney dysfunction. However, DNA testing for cats is available, which responsible breeders will take advantage of, so that this trait can be bred out of the bloodline.

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The Exotic Shorthair Tabby can be prone to obesity – mostly due to their laidback nature. To avoid problems relating to this, it’s important to feed your cat the right amount for their weight. This can differ from brand to brand, so be sure to always read the guidelines here.

It’s also important that your Short Hair Persian cat receives plenty of water, especially when you consider their predisposition to kidney problems. Always provide a fresh supply of water alongside their food, that they can access at any time.

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Care and Grooming

While the Exotic Shorthair does take after its name, there is still some grooming required for a happy and healthy cat. These cats have a tendency to tear, due to their flatter face, so regular wipes down with a fresh piece of cotton or medical gauze can help resist tear staining.

They also shed seasonally and will require regular brushing to help keep their coat healthy. If you spot them molting more than usual, then do give them a bath in tepid water to help remove the dead hair. You can follow this up with a brush, making sure to dry your Exotic Persian cat thoroughly before letting them outside, again.

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Exotic Shorthair Cat on sofa


Generally, the Exotic Shorthair cat is a pleasant and amiable feline friend to have around the house. Their laidback personalities and desire to be near their family makes them some of the best choices in cat breeds for families. While this is a breed that enjoys sitting on your lap and getting a good fuss, however, do be sure to spend plenty of time playing with your furry friend – and you’ll soon see a playful, cheeky side come out!

You’ll find that the Exotic Persian cat can also be very vocal, and will often gently cry for attention and they can easily become lonely if left alone for long periods of time. For this reason, they are better suited to a house where there is always someone nearby. That said, many owners note how adaptable this breed is to new situations and – more often than not – they will fit in with your lifestyle, rather than the other way around.


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