The Best Window Bird Feeders (Review) in 2021

Last Updated July 7, 2020

Nothing beats the excitement of watching a bird at your window. As they nervously flutter towards your window feeder, it takes everything within your power not to cry out with excitement or move too quickly so not to startle them. Although it takes barely any time at all for your feathered visitor to tentatively reach for their seed and take flight, their visit is a gentle reminder that the beauty of nature persists; no matter what is going on in your own life.

So, how can you decide which window bird feeder is the perfect fit for your home? In our buying guide, we’ve compiled together the best window bird feeders on the market – each design unique in their own special way – so you’ll be able to bring the joy of nature right outside your window.

The Best Windows Bird Feeder


Dubbed as our best choice of bird feeder, Nature’s Hangout gives you the best window bird feeder on the market. Able to mount easily to your window, this see-through acrylic feeder caters for a wide variety of wild birds such as purple finches, chickadees, and cardinals – now, you’ll be able to admire their beautiful feathers and timid movements from the comfort of your sofa.

Manufacturers have designed this feeder to ensure its longevity, boasting drainage holes to prevent mold from forming and three, strong suction cups to keep the feeder attached; no matter the weather. Undoubtedly, this first-rate feeder oozes luxury – even the perch for the birds features a padded grip so they’ll feel comfortable and safe at their deluxe feeding station.

Comes with three extra suction cups

Features mold-free drain holes to keep seed dry

Capable of holding four cups of birdseed

Made from 100% clear and durable acrylic

  • Brand: Nature’s Hangout
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Operating as a home away from home for your feathered friends, the roof-shaped design of the feeder doesn’t only look welcoming; its weather-proof so your friendly neighborhood birds can continue to stop by, even when the rain is battering against your windows. What’s more, the roof and sidewalls are squirrel proof; finally, these nuisances won’t stand a chance at attempting to steal seeds.

Made from premium, see-through acrylic, the manufacturers over at Nature Gear are so confident concerning their feeders’ sturdiness that they will provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee at any point if customers aren’t completely fulfilled when it comes to their feeder. Yet we believe its impossible not to be content: with industrial-strength suction cups, reputable integrated moisture removal system, and removable drawer, it’s not a surprise that it’s our premium pick from our esteemed list.

Weather-proof feeder manufactured from premium, see-through acrylic

Strong suction cups able to sturdily hold bird feeder in position indefinitely

Extremely large drawer comes fully out to facilitate cleaning

Clear design so not to block window light

  • Brand: Nature Gear
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


Perky-Pet’s bright and beautiful feeder is adept for attracting one of most delightful birds known to man: the hummingbird. Featuring three comfortable ports for them to perch on, this plastic feeder is capable of holding a reputable eight ounces of nectar.

The bright red base isn’t only aesthetically pleasing for our own gardens. This splash of color was specifically chosen to capture the attention of hummingbirds’ astute eyesight in the same way that beautiful flowers do. Accompanied with the yellow, flower-shaped ports that are inspired by the hollyhock flower itself, the feeder is a fitting tribute to nature’s beauty.

Hummingbird window feeder features three soft and flexible ports

Feeder is incredibly easy to clean and fill with nectar due to pop-off design

Choose to mount a total of two separate ways

Naturally keeps bees out thanks to tapered stem

  • Brand: Perky-Pet
  • Model: 100061042
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces


As Nature Anywhere’s name implies, their bird house grants the entire household the opportunity to immerse themselves in what nature has to offer without even having to leave the house. The unobstructed view that this feeder offers is unbeatable for spotting all kinds of birds: from finches to bluejays, its covered design will appeal to all birds of a minute size.

One top tip to attract a wide variety of birds is providing a selection of different seeds to choose from. This is entirely possible thanks to the two separate compartments this feeder offers. What’s more, if one type of seed proves to be more popular than the other, the sliding seed tray ensures you won’t have to remove the entire feeder from the wall to refill your feathered visitor’s snacks. Even the cat will get hours of fun staring at this bird feeder, although this will be for more carnivorous reasons…

Sliding seed tray allows for easy cleaning

Window bird feeder design is squirrel proof

Comes with lifetime guarantee with no-hassle refund available

Two separate compartments to hold distinctive seeds

  • Brand: Nature Anywhere
  • Model: 2020
  • Weight: 1.25 pounds


Investing in one of Joegoal’s Hummingbird Feeder is, arguably, an investment into nature. Capable of holding up to eight ounces of nectar, every single ounce of this sweet drink will be reserved for hummingbird visitors due to the inclusion of an ant moat that aims to stop ants from drowning and decomposing in the liquid.

This feeder clings robustly to glass with the help of the durable two suction cups that can attach to the base. Another reputable design feature is the hinged lid so, when the hummingbirds have scoffed down all the delicious nectar, you’ll be able to fill it up without any hassle.

Window hummingbird feeder has eight ounce capacity to hold plentiful amount of nectar

Feeder includes ant-moat that prevents ants from entering

Durable suction cup keeps feeder mounted to glass

Hinged lid to ensure filling feeder with nectar is effortless

  • Brand: Juegoal
  • Weight: 9.8 ounces


Ideal for bird hobbyists and enthusiasts, Perky Pet’s clear window feeder will bring much pleasure for the entire family. Kids and pets will be fascinated as small birds come to feed at your window from either of the two separate compartments.

If the impossibility of this window feeder falling arises, all you’ll have to do is stick it back on to the window without a second thought: this feeder is constructed from shatterproof plastic to ensure its durability. Another considerable advantage is the surrounding feeder walls, stopping squirrels from stealing your feathered friends’ seeds and nuts.

Shatterproof plastic guarantees bird feeder longevity

Able to hold up to one cup of seeds

Suction cup bird feeder manufactured by reputable company that have produced bird feeders since 1958

Brings endless joy watching birds feed at your window.

  • Brand: Perky-Pet
  • Model: 348
  • Weight: 8 ounces


Besides the sloped roof design being incredibly cute, it also ensures the top of the cleaner doesn’t become messy with bird droppings – essentially, the less cleaning, the better!

Featuring two separate seed tray compartments, bird hobbyists are able to put two different kinds of seed out at the same time to attract a diverse demographic of feathered friends. If you have children living in or as frequent visitors to your home, Aspect’s bird feeder will surely be remembered as one of their most exciting educational lessons, and will remain as one of their most treasured memories growing up.

Feeder design ensures cover for birds at both sides

Can be removed for cleaning when leaving suction cups on window

Kept clean from bird droppings as birds unable to perch on sloped roof

Separate windows able to hold variety of seeds

  • Brand: Aspects
  • Model: ASP155
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces


If you’re searching for a feeder that can fit a family of finches on at one time, Droll Yankees’ feeder guarantees bird family’s the opportunity to eat their meal right beside your human family! As well as the tapered roof’s ability to avert bad weather from spoiling the seeds, the feeder is capable of holding an impressive two cups of bird seed at a time – the optimal amount to last a family of hungry finches several days at least.

The company are, quite rightly, so confident in their feeder’s longevity that every feeder they create is equipped with a lifetime warranty – if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, all you’ve got to do is say. Unfortunately, one major downside of this feeder is that if you wish to clean it, you’ll have to take the entire feeder off the window for cleaning. However, thinking optimistically, deep-cleaning your feeder regularly maximizes the longevity of the bird feeding station – ensuring that you’ll reap the benefits of nature unfolding right at your window for a long time yet.

Equipped with three strong suction cups to keep bird feeder secure

Comes with lifetime warranty

Tapered overhanging roof ideal for bouncing off bad weather

  • Brand: Droll Yankees
  • Model: OWF
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces


Birdious circular-shaped design includes three separate compartments, of which the smaller two side compartments are ideally shaped for providing your feathered friends with water to wash down their seeds. The larger, middle compartment contains several drain holes to prevent the seeds from becoming moldy. Plus, the feeding tray is even removable to allow for fast cleaning, so you’re able to press play on your live nature show as quickly as possible.

Not only does the circular design look far more avant-guard than traditional bird feeders, it also provides a large viewing window which, to quote Birdious themselves, allows you to connect with your visitors “nose-to-beak”. The prospect of not being satisfied with your circular bird house is, albeit, incredibly slim. However, if you decide Birdious’ product isn’t for you, every customer is eligible for a full refund.

Circular feeder can be filled with water in separate side sections

Three-cell detachable tray can be separated from feeder for easy cleaning

Company willing to provide 100% full refund if unsatisfied with purchase

Multiple drain holes stop seeds from becoming moldy

  • Brand: Birdious
  • Model: B-ACR-03
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces


If you haven’t found the feeder for you, we’ve been withholding one of our favorite feeders for last so you’ll leave our product selection satisfied: Kovot’s Acrylic Window Bird Feeder and Perch. This feeders construction from durable acrylic ensures optimal strength, durability and a highly-transparent design. This will provide you, your children, or your cats hours upon hours of free entertainment.

Numerous bird-lovers are skeptical regarding suction cups, most likely due to being let down in the past. Kovot’s feeder will restore their faith, as their three, high-quality suction cups have served as the principal character in many stormy tales told by customers, in which their feeders have emerged victorious as a result of the tenacity of the suction cups. Including a removable tray, a comfy built-in perch, and drainage holes, it’s no wonder Kovot’s design is one of the most popular on the market today.

Made from durable acrylic

Suction cups keep feeder safely attached to the window

Built-in perch so birds are comfy when feeding

  • Brand: Kovot
  • Model: KO-163
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

Best Window Bird Feeders Buying Guide & FAQ

Now that you’ve chosen a fantastic feeder from our first-rate selection above, it’s about time you educated yourself on how to ensure your feathered friends have the best spot to fill their bellies. Read on below to discover the do’s and don’ts of choosing and setting up your bird feeder below in our buying guide and FAQ.

Features to Consider When Buying a Window Bird Feeder

With all the weird and wonderful window bird feeders out there, it’s easy to become lost when staring at the various designs and lose sight of the finer details. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. By asking yourself these two questions below, you’ll soon find yourself with the perfect feeder that will bring you endless hours of bird-watching.

Is my favorite feeder squirrel-proof?: Squirrels may be soft and fluffy, yet don’t be deceived by their adorable features. Befriending squirrels by providing them with food can actually encourage them to give up fearing humans and rather become aggressive. Yet the ultimate deal-breaker for us on “team no feed” is that squirrels will become dependent on the food they’re snatching from your feeder. This means when, ultimately, you decide to stop squirrels from constantly eating the birds food, they will find it impossible to become self-sufficient once more.

Does the bird feeder I’ve got my eye on have separate compartments?: Having a bird feeder with separate compartments isn’t only wonderful if you wish to diversify the variety of seeds to attract other species, separate compartments are advantageous for filling up with water. Small birds always have their eyes peeled for safe and clean water spots, and you’ll be much more likely to attract more birds if you provide not only a feeding location, but a drinking location too.

bird on feederBenefits of Using Window Mount Bird Feeders

You’ll become one with nature: As bird lovers ourselves, we can confidently say that purchasing a bird feeder is a product that brings so much joy for surprisingly little money. If you work full-time and, when off work, spend your time juggling various other commitments, it can be hard to find time to reconnect with your surroundings. Purchasing a bird feeder is a way of bringing the world to you.

Your children will reap the educational benefits of wild bird feeding: The educational advantages of owning bird feeders have been well-documented over the years. Several studies have generated conclusive results concerning how watching wild birds congregate at the window became an enjoyable family activity, in which every family member participated. Consequently, if you’re finding it difficult to engage your teenager in any sort of conversation, setting up a bird feeder should generate plenty of enthusiastic family chatter concerning your beloved family friends.

Tips for Installing a Window Feeder

Ensure your windows and suction cups are squeaky clean: Before you even consider attaching your window feeder, it’s essential to wipe down the window surface with a glass cleaner. Next, it’s time to inspect your suction cup for any dirt, debris and dust that may be lurking so it will stick firmly to the window.

Warm up your glass: Although this may seem like a strange request, warm glass will encourage your bird feeder to stick in a firmer manner than cold glass. In order to warm the glass up, blowing it with a hairdryer or waiting until the warmest part of the day so the sun’s rays heat it up is recommended.

Apply olive oil to suction cups: One trusted, yet unusual, tip from bird hobbyists is applying a light coating of oil on the inside of the suction cup. How is this effective? Using water to stick the suction cups securely onto the window is less efficient. as the liquid will evaporate off the cup over time. Oil, on the other hand, will not dissipate. Although oil may make your window look grimy, we promise it will be worth it when your feeder stands firm throughout any storm.

Window Bird Feeders FAQ:

Q: Are window bird feeders safe?

A: Absolutely. Many bird-lovers are incredibly fearful that birds may fly into their windows as they attempt to reach the food placed out for them. Quite the contrary; window feeders, as a matter of fact, decrease the chance of birds flying into your window due to the reflection of the window feeder in the glass, rather than the plain sky that often confuses birds. Therefore, if you really think about it, you’d be doing cumbersome birds a favor in more ways than just feeding them!

Q: How to attract birds to the window feeders?

A: Pick a popular seed to start off: Just like different types of restaurants for humans, birds in an area will keep coming back to the places that serve the best food. Accordingly, we recommend starting off with a favorite staple seed: sunflower seed. Loved by small birds everywhere, it’s the perfect way to prove to your feathered friends that your bird feeder is the best on the block.

Make your brand new bird feeder stand out from the crowd: As window feeders are incredibly close to our homes, garden birds may be fearful to approach the house to obtain food. This is certainly the case when there are other bird feeders hidden in the shrubbery of the garden: why would birds venture into the unknown when they can obtain the same food from a trustworthy spot? Ergo, taking other bird feeders down so that birds decide to approach your window to obtain food is a top tip that works wonders.

Q: Should window bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

A: If possible, bird feeders should be placed in a sheltered spot with little sun. Hummingbird feeders in particular should be placed in the shade as sugar spoils rapidly when subjected to the sun’s rays.

Q: How often should I clean window bird feeders?

A: You should aim to clean your bird feeder once every two weeks. Cleaning is essential for preventing diseases birds often pick up by eating contaminated droppings hidden amongst the seeds.

Our Top Pick

So, if we were forced to pick one feeder out of the wacky and wonderful designs exhibited in this buying guide today, what one would we proudly hang from our window for neighborhood birds to find? Among even the best window bird feeders, Nature’s Hangout’s Window Bird Feeder emerges as the clear winner. Made from premium acrylic, the lightweight, clear design will make any household chore such as making dinner or working from your desk entertaining with the comings and goings of such beautifully feathered birds. Equipped with a removable tray so you can keep your bird feeder house attached when filling up seeds, you won’t have to carry out this chore often due to the astounding four cups of bird seed this feeder is capable of carrying. You won’t even have to worry about seeds left out for a few weeks becoming moldy by virtue of the drain holes in both the tray and main feeder. The neighborhood birds will adore the comfort of their new-found watering hole, and you’ll feel at peace knowing that you are making a difference in their lives.

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