The Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder (Review) in 2021

Last Updated December 25, 2020

Bird feeders are wonderful devices with the objective to bring us closer to nature. When you’re cooped up at home, the beauty and spirit of bird visitors will make anyone – whether you’re an avid bird-watcher or not – feel warm inside. However, no bird will come near if squirrels are about – after all, all this yummy food was bound to attract all kinds of creatures. And although you may not have any qualms with squirrels, your avian visitors will think quite the opposite.

So, how can you end the squirrel monopolization of what used to be a safe bird feeder for birds? By purchasing an anti-squirrel bird feeder, of course! We’ve listened to the objections of bird lovers and have compiled a list of the top ten best squirrel-proof feeders to ensure your bird feeder will become a safe haven for your feathered friends again.

The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 


Worried about the lack of seeds left for your avian friends to snack on due to pesky squirrels? Brome’s Squirrel-Buster Classic Bird Feeder will solve this problem, providing a safe place for birds to feed. The seeds will be kept fresh thanks to the patented seed ventilation system that encourages the humidity and warm air inside the seed tube design to escape through vents fitted at the top of the feeder.

But does Brome’s Squirrel Buster, according to customers, actually work to stop squirrels in their tracks? Absolutely. As Brome’s Classic Bird Feeder is sheathed in a sliding cage that responds to gravity. Therefore, when a squirrel tries its luck, the outer cage instantly responds to the extra weight, sliding down to close the feeding ports so the squirrel won’t receive any bird food. Plus, if any irked squirrel attempts to gnaw the seeds free, they’re teeth will be met with durable RoxResin. This feeder constitutes a win for customers and birds alike!

Squirrel-proof feeder automatically closes the seed pots

Negative grip tube stops squirrels grabbing the wire hanger with their hind legs

Product easy to fill and clean with detergent and warm water

  • Brand: Brome Bird Care
  • Model: 1015-V01
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds


Boasting a total of six feeding ports, Perky-Pet’s humorously named “Squirrel-Be-Gone” Bird Feeder provides the perfect location for our feathered friends to enjoy a relaxing feed. As it’s understood amongst experts that birds feel very comfortable on U-shaped feeding ports, the team over at Perky-Pet have made their porches out of durable aluminium for them to grip easily and spread out on.

The weight sensitive casing not only looks the part with its autumnal designs, but it’s equipped to stop squirrels from accessing the seeds. While we’re on the subject of bird seed, the shatterproof plastic reservoir allows you to see when your birds require more food.

Boasts six feeding ports with metal perches for birds to sit happily

Rustic metalwork surrounds the seed tower to keep seeds contained

Seed levels can be monitored thanks to clear, shatter-proof plastic

  • Brand: Perky-Pet
  • Model: 100061004
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds


Twinkle Star’s Wild Bird Feeder is that beautiful we reckon it could be displayed as a centerpiece in any room – although that would be a waste of a perfectly functional product! Its beautiful bronze design is only accentuated by the inclined roof boasting a metallic, petal-like finish. In addition, this inclined roof is the very reason squirrels won’t try their luck obtaining seeds.

Capable of holding a capacity of 2.15 lbs of all types of seeds, the twist lock cover allows owners to clean and refill this squirrel-proof feeder quickly and speedily. Customers have the luxury of checking from their window to see whether their wild bird feeder needs refilling; made possible by the 360-degree clear design. It’s hard not to be blown away by Twinkle Star’s bird feeder, made available at a respectable price.

Beautiful bronze feeder features an inclined roof to shade birds from the elements

Boasts a twist lock cover so seeds are kept fresh inside

Hexagonal shape capable of holding up to 2.15 lbs of seeds

  • Brand: Twinkle Star
  • Model: GAR528
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


Designed for cardinals, Roamwild’s Bird Feeder is a wonderful way to attract these colorful birds to your yard. A selection of safflower and black oil sunflower seeds can be enjoyed by them – after all, these are the seeds cardinals love the most – without the potential for these seeds to become stuck thanks to the weather guard.

Although prospective buyers may be concerned by this bird feeder’s plastic design, its built-in weather guard keeps seeds fresh. On a similar note, the bright red color of Roamwild’s bird feeder is a design perk in its own right, given that birds are attracted to the color red according to the Chicago Zoo Authority. Boasting a hassle-free warranty and a large capacity of three pounds, it’s the squirrel-proof solution you’ve been searching for.

Wild bird feeder is also squirrel-proof

Individually spring loaded perches fitted before purchase

No need for regular refilling thanks to feeder’s large capacity of three pounds

  • Brand: Roamwild
  • Model: FBA_SKU#PMS001
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds


When it comes to creating squirrel-resistant bird feeders, Brome Bird Care have nailed this skill down to the ground. In fact, they’re so confident of their abilities that they equip their product with lifetime care – you’ll never have to replace your feeder again. Like Brome’s squirrel-proof Classic bird feeder model reviewed above, Brome’s Standard feeder is designed to stop squirrels by closing its shroud after a squirrels steps on; although its seed capacity of up to 3/4 quarts of bird seed is indeed a little less than the Classic model’s 1.4 quarts.

We’re also pleased to confirm that the Classic model also features a negative grip tube that prevents acrobatic squirrels from precariously grabbing the bird feeder’s wire hanger with their hind legs while hanging upside-down. In addition, given that all components are UV resistant, we bet this model will be a garden feature for a long time coming.

Lifetime Brome customer care available

Seed ventilation system ensures seeds are kept fresh for longer

RoxResin design is both waterproof and rust proof

  • Brand: Brome Bird Care
  • Model: 1057-V01
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds


Whatever variety of birds you’re trying to attract to your garden, Nature’s Rhythm squirrel-proof bird feeder allows you to do so. Capable of containing black-oil sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, and thistles, we bet you’ll soon see your favorite kind of avian friend coming to snack at your feeder.

Nature’s Rhythm’s feeder has quite rightly earned the title of “squirrel-proof” by virtue of its four classic ports that open up whenever a bird wishes to feed but closes whenever an adult squirrel dares sit on any perch. These perches are even adjustable in length for bigger or smaller birds only to feed!

Classic tube design can be hung anywhere

Four classic ports allow four birds to feed at once

Seed compartment is transparent so bird-lovers know when to buy new seeds

  • Brand: Nature’s Rhythm
  • Weight: 1.43 pounds


Elegantly enclosed in a caged tube, Gray Bunny’s no-squirrel bird feeder is built to last. Besides its premium steel cage that’s so durable it’s chew-proof, the feeder is recommended for birdwatchers who enjoy having a wide selection of birds flocking to their feeders due to the variety of mixed seed blends that can be used. That being said, birds often understood to be “bullies” such as pigeons and grackles will be discouraged by the iron cage.

The internal tube is see-through as well as enclosed, meaning that seeds will be protected from building up mold. Plus, refilling couldn’t be simpler; all you’ve got to do is unlatch the raise the lid to refill. Squirrels will be kept at bay and your beloved garden birds will be left alone to snack once more.

Tube of feeder can be lifted to access for cleaning

2.5 cups of seed will be kept fresh in the feeder

Small openings suit smaller songbirds but not squirrels

  • Brand: Gray Bunny
  • Model: GB-6860
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces


Sorting out Christmas gifts for friends? Brome offer buyers the choice between buying one, two, three, or four bird feeders so your friends can enjoy nature from their windows too. We bet they’ll love the patented seed ventilation system that keeps the seeds for the birds and the fact that these feeders are arranged so when they reach their location, buyers can easily dismantle them by hand without having to invest in any tools beforehand.

Plus, if you’re worried about squirrels ruining your bird-watching entertainment, don’t be. Perky squirrels will be stopped by the shroud that closes access to seeds immediately after picking up on the weight of an adult squirrel. And with the tough chew-proof exterior, squirrels will have to commence their search for food elsewhere.

Mini feeder boasts compact size ideal for smaller backyards

Chew-proof metals kept in prime condition rom RoxResin TM

UV stabilized to ensure bird feeder is kept looking lovely

  • Brand: Brome Bird Care
  • Model: 1055-V01
  • Weight: 1.35 pounds


MEKKAPRO’s Double Suet Bird Feeder not only looks meticulous in aesthetic, but functions just as well as it looks. Perfect for bird-lovers who much prefer suet cakes than seeds, it features a unique mahogany-colored roof so your birds’ seeds never go stale. If you’re looking to treat your lovely birds, the two separate compartments allow for two types of food to be enjoyed at once – you can even put nesting materials in there to make MEKKAPRO’s feeder into a proper home for your avian friends.

Only after watching squirrels try to access this feeder’s goodies will you truly acknowledge the sturdiness of MEKKAPRO’s bird feeder. Expect to see many squirrels attempt to stand up on its roof top and, as a consequence, slip right off. After a while, they’ll give up and lurk away, meaning that you’ve finally won the war against these annoying critters!

Bird feeder is highly suitable for clinging birds like woodpeckers

Company offer a money-back guarantee

Double suet bird feeder features metal iron roof to uphold weather-resistant design

  • Brand: MEKKAPRO
  • Weight: 1.65 pounds


Boasting a patented-sure lock cap system, Perky-Pet sure didn’t mess around when constructing their Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird Feeder. Its ability to hold up to two pounds of seed means birds are able to feast for days to their heart’s content. From black oil sunflower to safflower seeds, mixed bags can be used if you’re keen to attract unusual visitors to your garden.

If you’re still racking your brain for gift ideas this Christmas, this wild bird feeder’s gorgeous design, featuring families of bucks and does, will impress any friend or family member hard to buy for. And importantly, it will impress the neighhborhood birds too; with the seed saving drain holes keeping seeds dry and fresh as well as the adjustable and comfortable U-shaped perches, what feathered friend couldn’t love Perky-Pet’s creation?

Aesthetically four-sided design features rustic patterns

U-shaped perches offer birds plenty of room to stretch out

Drain holes keep seeds dry and delicious for avian friends

  • Brand: Perky-Pet
  • Model: 8504-2
  • Weight: 1.56 pounds

Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Buying Guide & FAQ

How Do Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders Work

Squirrel-proof bird feeders work by employing different designs to stop squirrels from gobbling up all the bird’s food. Opting for such a design may drive away larger birds too, creating a secluded and safe place for smaller birds to feast.

Although it may seem cruel to deprive squirrels of the yummy sustenance within bird feeders, experts assert that this action is in the best interests of the squirrels themselves. When humans allow squirrels to eat the food from the bird feeders, they become dependent on this food source, whereas birds do not. In other words, if you move property a squirrel will struggle to adapt to scavenging for food once again, whereas birds will take to this new challenge with ease.

What to Look For in a Squirrel Proof Feeder

What’s the capacity like? Again, choosing the correct capacity for your bird feeder depends on your personal preferences. If you’re often elsewhere, a bird feeder boasting a large capacity will be more suitable for your needs. Alternatively, you may take a lot of pleasure from the simple act of refilling your bird feeder and want to carry out this task yourself.

Is your bird feeder durable? A durable bird feeder must firstly be made of high-caliber material, and secondly, be UV treated. Regarding the former, the sturdiest bird feeders are made of thick polycarbonate, metal, or RoxResin – all resolute materials that will come out intact from storms. To continue, bird feeders that can hold up to life in sunny states are UV-treated to withstand cracks and color fading. A plastic feeder that isn’t UV-treated will only end up in the trash after a few weeks.

What shape are the perches? Above all, birds like feeders to have comfortable, U-shaped perches so they can move around to grab seeds from different angles as they feed. Feeders boasting multiple perches are even better; they allow feathered families to feed together at separate ends of the feeder without any competitiveness breaking out amongst siblings.

Types of Squirrel-Proof Feeders

Weight-activated feeders: Although a little on the expensive side, weight-sensitive feeders are arguably the most high-tech type of feeder, Once a squirrel grasps onto the feeder, the weight-sensitive mechanism springs into action, closing the seed ports immediately.

Caged feeders: A durable metal-made cage is placed around bird food, allowing bird’s beaks to access food and squirrels winding up disappointed.

Decorative feeders: Amongst the most popular aesthetics of a decorative feeder is an inlined roof. Not only will this shade birds from the sun’s rays when they’re feeding, squirrels will find it incredibly difficult to fit under this design.

Pole-mount feeders: Last (and arguably, least), pole-mount feeders come with a pole to stick into the grass in your garden. This is the type of feeder we’d least recommend for preventing squirrels from stealing your bird’s nuts, as these little rug rats do tend to enjoy climbing up the pole to then slide back down after they’ve stolen some seeds. Plus, although adding grease or oil to make it too slippery for the squirrels has engendered the production of several hilarious YouTube videos, it has unfortunately been linked to causing illness and vulnerability to squirrels and birds alike.

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Tips for Keeping Squirrels Away From Your Feeder

As well as purchasing a squirrel-buster bird feeder outlined in our guide, there are even more ways to ensure squirrels stay away from your feeders, listed below:

Hang obstacles to the hanging feeder’s string: Depending on what your bird feeder hangs from in the garden, obstacles can be put in place to function as a deterrent. Hanging hosepipes and plastic drink bottles from a washing line on each side of the feeder will encourage the squirrel to think about whether the amount of effort to obtain your seeds is really worth it.

Sprinkle your bird feed with strong chilli powder or pepper sauce: The RSPB claim that dusting bird seed in spices such as paprika or tabasco is one of the best ways to keep birds coming to feast and squirrels away. Squirrels really dislike the smell of anything with chili in it, whereas spices don’t have any effects on birds in the slightest. If you’re not a spice fan yourself, squirrels are also known for disliking the smell of black pepper and garlic too.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder FAQ:

Q: Where to hang my squirrel proof feeder?

A: Hanging a squirrel-proof feeder from a washing line in the middle of your garden is the best place for preventing squirrels from stealing the nuts bought for your birds. Considering that squirrels can horizontally jump an impressive distance of nine feet, they can easily access a feeder right beside the garden fence? Accessing a feeder in the middle of the garden, however, is a whole new challenge for them – one that most aren’t willing to tackle. Hanging the feeder from a washing line will deter squirrels from trying to climb on such a small string to reach the bird food, as to them, a pole is easier to traverse and feels much more robust. You can thank us later!

Q: Can squirrel-proof feeders keep raccoons and chipmunks away?

A: Unfortunately, many squirrel-buster feeders are weight-activated, meaning that squirrels looking to snack on your bird’s stash will be stopped but chipmunks and racoons may not be. That’s why it’s recommended to purchase a feeder that’s weight-activated but also features feeding ports far too small for rodents to stick their noses into.


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