The Best Bird Cage Covers (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 4, 2021

Whenever we think of pets, it’s mostly a 4-legged pet that comes into our mind. And why not? They make great companions and are good for our mental health as well as physical health thanks to the long walks prompted by our dogs. While all that’s true, birds make wonderful pets too! A 4-legged pet might be large, too loud, expensive and ultimately too much to handle, and if you think so too, birds are certainly your next best alternative!

For dogs, cats and hamsters we all have a basic idea of their needs since they’re widely popular pets. But now the question arises, what about birds? Well, the good news is that they don’t require much of anything. A cage, bowl, perches and toys – these are just some of the basic necessities of your feathered friend. However, when it comes to petting a bird, the first and most important thing you will ever need is a cage and subsequently a cage cover.

Here are some of the best bird cage covers that are a must for your feather friend:

The Best Bird Cage Cover


prevue hendryx bird cage cover
Prevue Hendryx Good Night Bird Cage Cover

We recommend you this because this cage cover is lightweight and made out of 100% non-toxic material. This cage cover can fit a birdcage that computes 41” x 27” x 18”. The breathable fabric lets air circulation through the cage even when it’s covered. This quality of the cage cover also ensures your bird’s peaceful sleep reducing distractions. Whether your machine washes it or you hand-wash it, the colourfast textile will not fade out.

The slack material will not completely block airflow, providing plenty of coverage. Use this birdcage to set sleep schedules for your bird at any time of the day. It will also help you establish a regular sleeping pattern for your feathered friend. Easy to use and simple to maintain, this full black cage cover has a Prevue logo at the bottom, creating the elegant look for your cage!

Black fabric

Machine washable


Non-toxic, breathable materials

Reduces stress and ensures better sleep for your bird

  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • Model: 12503
  • Weight: 1 pounds


midwest bird cage cover
MidWest Homes for Pets Bird Cage Cover

MidWest brings you a quality cage cover that is necessary to keep your pet’s cage quiet and dark at night. You won’t have to worry about the materials used to make this cover as it is 100% durable black polyester. The reason why polyester is a good fabric for your birds is that it does not mix with liquid making it an ideal upholstery.

This cage cover is machine washable and includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The hook and loop tabs work well to secure privacy cover to be in place and allows for full or half cage coverage. MidWest is undoubtedly one of the best brands for any type of bird’s cage cover with optimal price, size, shape and material.

Black colour polyester fabric

Machine washable

Hook & loop tabs to ensure security

Promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety for birds

  • Brand: MidWest Homes for Pets
  • Model: NA-CC
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


pony dance cage cover
PONY DANCE Birdcage Cover

PONY DANCE Universal Birdcage Cover is an ideal cover, matching your chosen style and the look of your house at the entrance. The door panel is designed in such a way that you can easily put it up and down according to your need and regulate the light and air into the birdcage. In addition to that, the handle on top is designed for an easy installation and removal.

The breathable, heavy-duty and non-toxic material is an amazingly triple woven blackout fabric that can block 90% sunlight and harmful UV ray. Thus, reducing distractions and allowing an uninterrupted sleep for your birdy.

The neatly seamed edges of the birdcage cover provide the perfect look along with wrinkle free and loose thread protection. Available in 5 glamorous colours and 1 size, the product is colourfast, machine washable and can be tumble dried. PONY DANCE provides the best supplies!

Show More

5 colours

2 sizes

Machine washable

Tumble dry


Protects from sunlight and harmful UV rays


Front cover can be rolled up and down to regulate light and air

  • Brand: PONY DANCE
  • Model: PONYDANCE bird cage covers
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


ueetek bird cage skirt
UEETEK Mesh Bird Cage Cover

The birdcage covers come in all shapes and sizes. The UEETEK Bird Cage Cover comes in black colour and 3 different sizes of small, medium and large. This cover fits over the cup area of your bird cage. The mesh seed catcher fixes tightly around your bird’s cage that helps to remove any messy seed to scatter on the floor.

Moreover, the fabric allows thorough airflow and prevents blocking out the light so that your bird’s cage remain bright. Easy to maintain, machine washable, this is a good investment for your birds and birdcage.

Black colour

3 sizes; small, medium & large

Machine washable

Fits the cup area of your birdcage


Airy fabric lets air and light to get into the bird cage

  • Brand: UEETEK
  • Weight: 0.64 ounces


This bird cage cover is made of nylon, which is transparent and allows you to see your bird any time you want without having to remove the bird cage cover. If your bird cage is placed inside your house or on your balcony and you find it difficult to sweep the floor every now and then. This cage cover will help you keep the floor clean as the stretchy seed catcher will eliminate messy scatters.

The material is both hand and machine washable and the thin nylon fabric will dry up fast. Furthermore, the soft, airy fabric allows airflow without blocking the light, ensuring the interior of your bird cage remains bright. The large material fits any cage of 52 – 99 inches dimensions with a height of approximately 13 inches.

Black colour

Nylon mesh cover


Elastic holds the seed catcher

Machine washable

Soft, airy fabric

Ensures airflow but does not block sunlight

  • Brand: pranovo
  • Weight: 2.6 ounces


If you have a larger bird cage which needs a cover, this one could end up being the perfect option. At the top and bottom is quality elastic, which helps to ensure that the cover fits snugly over the cage. It is also easily washable when it comes the time to give it a clean.

For many bird owners, the style of the cage is important, which is why it is nice that seven different colors are available depending on your preference. As always when you are buying a product which needs to fit a specific size, make sure that you measure the cage properly to get it right.

Made from attractive sheer material

Available in four sizes and seven colors

Quality elastic at top and bottom

Made in the USA

  • Brand: Sheer Guard
  • Model: FBA_191
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


POPETPOP Bird Cage Cover
POPETPOP Bird Cage Cover

Next, we have this bird cage cover with a drawstring design, which allows easy adjustment if and when needed. Fit it properly and it will do the job of stopping mess from the cage from getting all over your floor. The net is lightweight enough to allow air circulation, while the black cover helps your bird to get to sleep.

The heavy-duty elastic at the top and bottom of the cover helps to stop it from sliding around all over the place. When you need to clean the cover, simply put it in the washing machine on a cold-water cycle. It will dry quickly in minutes.

Easy to install

Light weakening effect

Tight fit around the cage

Simple cleaning

  • Brand: POPETPOP
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover

A great choice that not only provides your birds with comfort and shade during those hot days – but also gives your birds somewhere to play. With their patent-pending design, this is a one-of-a-kind bird cage cover that gives you those all-important options, when caring for your pets.

Magnetic buckle attachments to keep the bird cover in place, also make this option very easy to install. Breathable material keeps your bird feeling comfortable while the design maintains a good level of shade for birds.

Play top to keep parrot entertained

Magnetic buckle attachments

Easy to install

Breathable material

Provides excellent shade

  • Brand: Colorday
  • Weight: 15.03 Ounces


Good Night Bird Cage Cover

Simple bit effective, this bird cage cover has been design with medium to large bird cages in mind. Again, this option is made with a breathable material, to help keep your pet comfortable on even the hottest days. At the same time, it’s dark enough to discourage your bird from playtime at night, and keeps their mind on keeping themselves happy and healthy.

A two-handle top makes this option easy to uncover, when you need to, with a roll-up side for easier access when you need it. Brighter than most other covers, it’ll also help to reflect sunlight, to ensure that your bird cage stay cools during the hot summer months.

Designed for large cage size 20″x20″x29″

Made with breathable materials

Provides excellent shade

Two-handle top

  • Brand: Lumeiheng
  • Weight: 8.78 Ounces


Amazon Basics Cover for Small Animal Cage

If you’re looking for an affordable option, then look no further. Perfect for smaller cages, this bird cage cover offers fantastic value for money. Dark enough to help encourage sleep at night, and stop your bird from getting distracted, you can even purchase add-ons, if you decide to upgrade your bird cage, later down the line.

Customers love the user-friendly design. Namely, the easy installation and ability to check on their birds when it’s needed. Through the roll-up sides, you can quickly gain access to your cage when you need it, and let your bird out during the day, without the need to remove the bird cage cover entirely.

Very affordable option

Designed for small bird cages

User-friendly design

36.2 by 23.4 by 34.5 inches

Add-on can be purchased

  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Model: 9090-1C
  • Weight: 2.87 Pounds

Best Bird Cage Cover Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Bird Cage Covers

  • Shape

The reason why the shape is one of the most important factors when buying a cage cover is that most commonly available bird cages are rectangular, square or circular. However, you need to consider the type that you have. The one that you have, is it flat, dome or triangular? Mainly, before buying a cover, look at the shape of the main part of the cage and the top of it.

  • Size

While most of you might think that buying a cage cover that is small might be ideal, well, you’re wrong.

Always buy a cover that is fitting or a bit bigger than its cage. You can always roll it a bit upwards if it’s big, but if it’s small, light and excessive air will enter the cage, keeping your birds awake and anxious, especially at night. Best is if you can double check the dimensions of your cage and buy as appropriately as possible. Most bird cage covers come in different sizes, giving you the freedom to choose the best for you.

  • Fabric/Material

Birdcage covers can be made of an array of fabrics and materials. Some materials are just perfect while others are not suitable for your birds and can affect them with a lot of illness. Before you want to buy a cage cover, these are some of the questions that you are to ask yourself:

  • Is the material breathable?

Your birds need to breathe even through the cover. Make sure the cover that you choose is breathable and has a good air circulation.

  • Does it block the sunlight?

Make sure that the cover blocks outside light from entering the interior of the cage. This is to assure that your birds are able to sleep in peace.

  • Is the material safe for my birds?

It’s always best if the materials that the cover is made from is non-toxic, breathable and bird-friendly. Many companies making these cage covers come up with covers that are made from poly-cotton blends and might not be safe for your birds.

  • Is it machine washable?

You surely wouldn’t want the trouble of having to hand-wash your bird’s cage covers at least 1 – 2 times a week that has your bird’s dust and dander. Everyone likes easy stuff. In that case, choose the cover that is machine washable and dries up easily for you and your bird’s benefit.

These factors will make it easier for you to come to a conclusion about which cage cover will be suitable for your birds.

  • Price

Although you always want the best for your feathered friend. However, there’s always a limit to your pocket. Take the budget into consideration. Luckily, there are really good covers at very low prices. At times, you might even get promotional deals from the manufacturers during special seasons. But for large bird cage covers, you might have to pay a little bit more to get the best.

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bird in a cage

Benefits of Using Bird Cage Covers

It’s no surprise that your bird will benefit a lot from the use of bird cage covers. In fact, your birdy will gain the most from the use of one. Here are some benefits that we have listed:

  • Establish Sleeping Schedules: Whether you admit it or not, but your bird cage cover has a huge contribution to their sleeping pattern. With sleep having so many health benefits to your birdy, the cage cover will keep it warm and quiet so it doesn’t disturb the bird. The purpose of a bird cover is to ensure that it reduces stress and noise thus relieving them from anxiety.
  • Regulates Temperature: Your birds feel cold at night, even if you stay in a country where the temperature is hot and moist, chances are that your bird will still feel cold. Covering them with a cage cover helps to maintain a stable temperature. The thicker the birdcage cover is, the more protection it provides from wind and dust.
  • Blocks Noise and Light: Buy the cage cover that blocks noise and sunlight. Your pet bird needs to be protected from noise and light in order for them to relax and. Even though you might feel that they are being isolated by putting the cage cover on, in reality, they are being protected from constant noise and light that can be upsetting to your bird.
  • Blocks Breezes: Airflow is very important for your bird, however, excessive breeze every day can be very dangerous for your birdy. More specifically, the excessive breeze might bring in more dirt which can harm your bird. Therefore, covering them would actually mean protecting them against any injury and exposing them to become much healthier and calmer birds.

Bird Cage Cover Maintenance

When you have a pet bird, it’s not just cleaning them and the cage, you also have to make sure that their cage cover is also clean. That is to ensure that your bird is in healthy condition. The cage cover is there to enrich their health, but if you don’t clean it regularly, it will not sustain, degrading your birdy’s health. In that case, be determined to clean your bird’s cage cover regularly. At least a quick hand-wash or machine wash once a while should suffice. The ones that are netted and fitted to catch the birdy’s food if it spills, are to be cleaned even more. That is to ensure that the food beads or any dusty filth are not blocking proper airflow, in and out of the cage. Anyhow, a regular wash and clean is all you need to do to keep your bird’s cage cover clean.

Best Bird Cage Cover FAQ:

Q:  Should I cover my bird-cage?

A:  It is not always necessary to cover the bird cage at all times. A birdcage is usually covered mostly during night hours because the birds need at least 8 – 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If the cage is not covered at night, the light from outside might hamper their peaceful sleep. In case the place where the cage is kept is serene and secluded then it is not compulsory to cover it. During the cold season, the cover-up is mandatory. The small birds which are unable to create heat by themselves must be covered up inside their cages and failure to do so might end up to their death.

Q:  Are cage cover safe for my bird?

A:  Absolutely! With breathable, non-toxic and comfortable materials, your little birdy is completely safe to be covered in a cage cover. In fact, it is said to cover your birds for safety.

Q:  When and how often should I use bird cage cover?

A:  As indoor bird owners, it is extremely important to cover your birds at night. If you do not cover them, they feel cold. You might not understand their feelings, but birds do feel very cold at night.

Plus, uncovered birds are exposed to sun and excessive airflow, which has the tendency to make them fall ill. It’s always best to use a bird cage cover to protect your bird, rather than using any other thing. The birdcage cover has got excellent benefits associated with it, which makes it a necessity for your bird.

Q:  How long should I expect my cover to last?

A:  How long your cage cover is going to last totally depends on your usage and maintenance. If you have been using it and washing it regularly, you can expect it to last over a year or so. While if you keep using it without cleaning or maintaining it, it wouldn’t last long. Nonetheless, the thicker fabric lasts longer than the flimsier one.

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Out Top Pick

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover is indeed good at reducing distractions and providing a good night’s sleep for your birdy. That being said, the materials used in this are 100% non-toxic and breathable, with good airflow within the cage. The colourfast fabric is undoubtedly long-lasting. The rich black colour with Prevue logo imprinted at the bottom is a stylish addition to your home and your pet’s accessories. Leave it to the washing machine for a quick wash after which it will dry out easily. More to the point, this cover is suitable for any kind of bird that you pet.

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