The Best Bird Toys (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 10, 2020

If you’re a fan of our feathered friends, then you’ll be no strangers to the needs and endless chewing desire of your little cheepers. Especially those larger birds who have a tendency to destroy their bird toys within a matter of days. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this and it is indeed encouraged as part of healthy bird activity.

However, this often leads to more confusion and stress for owners – especially first timers – who need to be sure that their bird toys aren’t going to be dangerous for their pets. This, along with an intense desire to bring your great quality at a great price, is one of the reasons why we decided to bring you our list of Top Picks when it comes to parrot toys, bird perches and all manner of mental and physical stimulation for birds.

New to bird ownership? Then don’t forget to check out our buying guide, below, to learn everything you need to know about caring for your bird with high quality bird toys. As well as having the answers to all your most frequently asked questions, too.

The Best Bird Toy


Marketed as parrot toys but ideal for birds of all shapes, sizes and species, this 5-piece set of toys, including parrot play stand, bells, perches and chains provides amply mental and physical stimulation for your feathered friend. These multifunctional toys attach easily and are well made, which has caused them to be one of the highest-rated options online, today.

These toys are brightly colored and great for meeting all of your birds’ sensory needs, without the need to worry about safety or hygiene. They are ideal for new owners, as they provide almost everything you could need for your birds’ toys.

5 different toys for birds

Meets all sensory needs

Made with bird-safe materials

  • Brand: BWOGUE
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

A great selection of toys to keep birds entertained

Bright colors and plenty of sounds keep your pet’s attention

Perfect for parrots and larger birds


Not ideal for smaller birds

Don’t last long if your pet bird likes to chew or gnaw


Prevue Hendryx are known for making bird toys from 100% natural, sustainable materials and this rope ladder toy is no different. Ideal for encouraging physical stimulation and providing plenty of room for improved coordination, this rope ladder is made from hevea wood branches and sisal rope, the feel of this rope toy is designed to give a natural, rugged feel for your birds.

Easy to attach to your cage and suitable for all bird types, this is a great choice for chewing, perching and climbing. It can even be placed vertically for an extra challenge, if you so choose.

Made with natural materials

Natural variety of textures

Easy to connect to the cage

  • Brand: Hendryx
  • Model: 62806
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

A very popular option with buyers

A great way of providing physical stimulation

Made with completely sustainable, natural materials that are safe for birds


Not ideal for birds who struggle with unstable perches

Sizing can be off from the description


The perfect perch for birds who love to climb, this bungee rope toy can be adjusted and wound up, thanks to the inner wire which makes moving this bungee to the right shape all the easier. The bell at the base of the bungee cord adds an extra dimensions of fun to your pet’s new toy, too.

Ideal budgies, cockatiels, parrotlets and lovebirds, this toy is made with 100% cotton and easy to attach with the C-hook, making this is one of the best, bouncy, bungees out there for your pet bird.

Twisted rope toy

Made with internal wire for easier shaping

Bird-safe and non-toxic

  • Brand: Petsvv
  • Model: 008-BD-2
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

A great toy for animals who love to climb

Bouncing action improves stability and coordination


Can come with a smell from transportation and need washing


If your bird loves to chew, gnaw and tear at their toys, then this is the ideal option for your birdcage. Made with natural materials, birds will go to town on this item, making quite the mess in the process. Luckily, it’s completely biodegradable – which is perfect, considering this is often referred to as “bird catnip”.

You might find that you’ll need to buy a few of these at a time, as they don’t last all that long with larger birds. However, we feel that the value for money here is still exceptional, as they come at a very affordable price.

Destructible chew toy

Great for birds who love to gnaw

Made with natural materials

  • Brand: Wesco
  • Model: BK20071
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

Satisfies the instinctual desire to chew

Made with a soft, fibrous wood that is ideal for tearing and gnawing


Doesn’t last very long (especially for keen birds!)


Safe to chew and very brightly colored, this may look like a mess of different wooden blocks on a rope, but this toy actually works very well to reduce excess energy and provide plenty of mental stimulation.

Great for satisfying their chewing needs and also a great little climbing and hiding place for your birds, this chew toy works in many ways. This is another destructible item but being made from a bird-safe wood, you’ll find there’s a little less mess than usual to be had, here.

Provides physical and mental stimulation

Hanging chew toy with colorful blocks

Edible and safe to chew

  • Brand: SunGrow
  • Weight: 12 ounces

Plenty for your bird to choose from

Lots of colors and plenty of mental/physical stimulation


Destructible and therefore you may need to buy a few


We love pinata toys and this foraging toy is great for all bird species. Created to engage your pet in foraging activity, this “pineapple” has been made with completely natural palm leaves and vegetable dye. The bright colors capture your bids attention while the foraging aspect appeals to their natural instincts.

Hand woven, these textures are easy to grip onto and provide a natural feel, so you’ll never have to worry about your bird struggling to gain purchase. It also comes at a great price, when considering the quality, so feel free to grab a few of these.

Hanging toy

Lots of shapes and colors to catch your bird’s attention

Hand woven and stuffed

  • Brand: Planet Pleasures
  • Model: 3366
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Packed with palm leaves for your bird to forage and discover

Loved by customers and birds alike


Will be destroyed easily, so we recommend buying a couple


Ideal as a climbing frame, perch and general foraging toy, you can place your own treats along this item, to increase the level of fun and rewards that your bird will appreciate immensely. Made with seagrass and wood, the materials are completely safe to chew on and attack, effectively and safely relieving boredom.

Made in the US, the pods are ideal for stuffing and appealing to your bird’s natural instincts, while the bright colors will certainly grab their attention, making this a great choice for new bird owners.

Ideal for medium and large birds

Variety of toys woven into the net

Made with natural materials

  • Brand: Super Bird
  • Model: SB746
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces

Can be used as both a perch and a toy

Lots of variety to choose from


Plastic hooks can fall from the cage with heavier birds


Brightly colored, super shiny and completely bird-safe, this metal chain with collection of acrylic and stainless-steel items will be sure to entice your bird into playtime. Perfect for curious birds who love the noise of metal jingles, this particular toy can be hung across the cage or simply hang vertically, depending on your own preference.

This is a great option for those birds who are comfortable with having a multisensory experience, especially as the metal can also act as a mirror, which can mean plenty of mental and physical stimulation for your pet.

Selection of metal spoon-shaped toys

Great for providing mental stimulation

Multiple hanging options

  • Brand: Bonka Bird Toys
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Long lasting toy for birds of all sizes

Can be used to swing on, climb, pull or create sounds


Very noisy option


We all know how social birds are and this is the ideal toy for encouraging plenty of interaction with your pet. Perfect for those who might be out during the day but don’t want their pets to feel lonely, or simply to teach your chatty parrot a few new phrases.

This toy provides both social interaction and mental stimulation by using your own voice. Simply record what you’d like to say to your pet and play it back by pushing the “play” button. Overall, this is a great choice for any bird who appreciates their owner.

Mimicking bird toy

Records words and phrases

Great for teaching new tones and words to your pet

  • Brand: Prevue Hendryx
  • Model: 62900
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces

Provides a high-quality playback of your voice

Gives plenty of mental stimulation


Should not be placed in the cage or too close as can be harmful if broken or chewed


A great choice that comes in two different sizes, depending on the size and species of your bird. This elongated bell is made from stainless steel, so is a very heavy-duty option that works perfectly for those pets who have a habit of destroying the weaker options.

Loud enough for your birds to enjoy but not so loud that it can become irritating to yourself and houseguests, this bell is a solid option that is great for all bird types. The quick links and c-hook ensure that you’ll never struggle with accidents and safety hazards, while being available at a great price, these easy-to-clean options are ideal for any birdcage.

Simple hanging bell toy

Very durable and long-lasting

Heavy duty hanging hooks

  • Brand: Yoyoung
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

A very durable toy that can handle lots of inquisitive play from your birds

Comes in two sizes to best suit your pet


Can still be a little too small for some species


If you’re simply looking for a reliable bird stand which provides plenty of space to stand and sleep, while being fun to gnaw, this is the choice for you. Created with a rough quartz sand upper, to help maintain claws and beaks, this option is designed for rough use and plenty of chewing.

This is the best bird perch for grinding and chewing, as it’s been made with a completely bird-safe set of materials. It’s also very sturdy and secure, with a wingnut and bolt attachment to the side of your cage. It is, however, quite difficult to clean, as the sanded upper means you’ll struggle to get some of the messier parts of your bird’s life out, well.

Rough surface

Wingnut and bolt installation

Available in multiple colors

  • Brand: Mrli Pet
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

A great perch for birds to gnaw and wear down their claws

A very sturdy option that holds well, even with heavier birds


Hard to clean

Can be too small for larger birds


Another great option from Planet Pleasures, this bird toy is, once again, made from completely natural, sustainable materials and works brilliantly as a foraging toy for your bird. Made from palm leaves and hand woven, you can easily stuff this toy with additional bird treats to keep your pet’s attention in a safe and fun way.

The shreddable stuffing is almost too enticing for those birds who enjoy tearing, gnawing and chewing up their toys. It’s also available in four sizes at fantastic prices, so can be used for any bird species. 


Made from all natural, sustainable materials

Stuffed, chewable pinata toy

  • Brand: Planet Pleasures
  • Model: 3114
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

Provides ample mental and physical stimulation

Birds love to pull these pinatas apart and get to the stuffing


Easily destroyed and therefore we recommend purchasing multiples

Smaller strips can be a hazard to beaks and nostrils


Another big, bushy set of wooden toys which are attached with 100% cotton ropes, this is a great choice for climbers and chewers alike. The eye-catching design works brilliantly to entice your bird into playtime, while the wooden blocks are completely safe to chew and tear. You’ll also find that your pet bird can climb this toy, without any issues, too.

You should be aware, however, that this option is known to have the upper chain links that attach to the cage be fairly brittle, so we recommend purchasing a C-hook attachment instead to negate this point.

Eye-catching design and colorful toys

Provides lots of physical stimulation

Moneyback guarantee

  • Brand: Kintor
  • Model: CW066
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds

A vibrant, eye-catching design which larger birds love to play with

Heavy duty materials are perfect for providing physical stimulation


More expensive than other options

Chain links at the head of the toy can be easily broken


While we wouldn’t normally recommend mirrors for most birds, it’s no lie that they can be a great source of company for those who might be left to their own devices during the day. This particular mirror comes with a handy perch, so you’ll find that your bird might enjoy preening themselves in front of their new friend, on a regular basis.

Safe for birds and even suitable for chewing, this wooden perch and mirror combination is a great choice as it’s easy to clean, easy to set up and provides a great comfort to your pet while you’re away.

Mirror and perch combination

Made with natural wood

Easy installation

  • Brand: Old Tjikko
  • Model: Bird Swings01
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

A simply but effective toy which is safe and secure

A great option for smaller birds


Not big enough for larger birds

Should only be used with multiple bird cages


Can’t decide on which toy is best for your pet, or new to bird ownership and looking for a complete set? This is the choice for you. Made with everything your bird could want, this set of bird toys is perfect for almost any bird and comes in a range of sizes to best suit your cage.

Made up of ladders, ropes, bells and ropes, you can add further layers to your new bird toy with handy additions which are available at a further cost. Just be aware that you may need to change the bell, which is made of copper and therefore not safe for bird species.

Wide variety of toys

Very affordable and versatile option

Can be expanded with further purchases

  • Brand: Penn Plax
  • Model: BA147
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds

A huge variety of different toys and perches will keep your pet’s interest

Bright and colorful, this playpen provides both physical and mental stimulation


Can be difficult to clean

Bell is not safe for all bird species and can break easily

The Best Bird Toys Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Parrot Toys

  • Size

The size of your toy should always be in direct correlation with the size of your cage. Too big and you won’t leave your bird any room to move around freely. Too small and you’ll find it likely torn to shreds in a matter or minutes or even ignored entirely.

It’s also important to consider the size, as many smaller species such as the budgie or cockatiel could be a little more toy-shy. If they have an item that is then too big for them, it can cause distress which, in turn, will make your pet bird very ill.

  • Stimulation

The best budgie toys are ones that stimulate your pet both physically and mentally. Birds are incredibly perceptive, intelligent creatures and they love to have their wits tested against a new toy, as well as a good circulation of different cockatiel toys. Try to opt for macaw toys that keep the senses stimulated, in that they make an intriguing sound, feel good, are brightly colored, smell interesting or even those that have a unique taste.

You should also remember that your bird is meant to be out in the wild, flying from place to place with no restrictions. Without constant use of their muscles, they are likely to become a little stir crazy. Luckily, a good toy that works their coordination skills and encourages plenty of playtime with parakeet toys will do a great job of keeping these requirements met.

  • Bird Species

The species of bird you have chosen as your pet will make a big difference in which bird toys you should choose. Macaw toys and parrot toys will need to be much tougher, as these muscular birds with keen beaks will often make short work of destructible items.

Meanwhile, smaller birds will require smaller toys so as not to be intimidated, so you’ll often find that budgie toys and cockatiel toys will be smaller but also more delicate. Opting for a larger or tougher toy here means they’ll likely get bored, since they can’t destroy their new toy (always a big plus in your bird’s eyes).

As a rule, you might also notice that smaller birds prefer to grapple, attack and chew their new toys, whereas smaller birds often prefer audio-based introductions to their cage. Items such as bells, mirrors and swings are better suited to the little guys, in these cases, although there will always be individual differences between your birds. It is generally agreed that all breeds enjoy fleece toys which have grown in popularity, recently.

  • Safety

The safety of your bird should always be of paramount importance and it’s important to remember that birds often have greater additional needs when compared to other pets. Their smaller orifices need special consideration as these are prone to breaches. You should also be aware that most birds enjoy chewing and gnawing, which means you should always ensure that your toys are suitable for accidental ingestion, and soft enough to be pulled apart without creating further problems, such as splinters.

Take special care to check the materials of your new bird toys, as these are the biggest giveaway as to the quality of your new toy. Some woods aren’t suitable at all, and we’ll discuss this in more detail below. But it’s not just the wood in your bird toys you need to be careful of, strings are likely to end up in their nostrils and even the dye used in the toy can be dangerous to their health.

  • Cleanliness

Remember that you’ll need to clean out your bird cage – and toys – quite a bit over time, so your new bird toys should be easy to attach, remove and clean thoroughly for your pet’s overall health. For those toys that are designed to be chewed, be sure that you’re comfortable with having lots of mess around your bird cage (something that should be a given with these animals). If you prefer to have a toy that isn’t as messy, opt for slightly tougher options, while still being aware of your birds’ needs.


Why You Should Buy Your Pet Bird Toys

  • Physical Stimulation

Birds were created to fly about, free in the wild. As a responsible pet owner, it’s your job to try and emulate their natural habitat as much as you possible can. In these cases, that means giving your bird ample room to fly around from place to place, eat freely and have a general frolic.

Bird toys are the best way to create an environment that allows for all of these needs and more. By encouraging plenty of play and working with their natural instincts, these bird toys can help keep your birds physically stimulated to the best of your ability.

  • Mental Stimulation

Birds are incredibly intelligent creatures and, when they don’t have enough mental stimulation, you’ll find that they quickly become stir crazy – acting up and even self-harming in an attempt to create some form of mental stimulation for themselves. To avoid this, you should work with your bird to find the best bird toys on the market for their needs.

Bird toys are a great way of providing little day-to-day activities that ensure their overall happiness. Puzzles or sensory activities are bound to keep your feathered friend very happy, since their natural curiosity will take over whenever a new toy is around.

Just be sure that the toys you’re purchasing are of interest to your birds. Each pet will have their own individual differences, and these can come from a huge range of different bird toy types. Check out our list below of the different types and feel free to try a few different types, to see which your pet prefers.

Types of Parakeet Toys

  • Swinging and Perches

One of the better-known styles of bird toys and a huge hit with smaller birds such as the cockatiel or budgie. These are great for providing a simple place to rest and even sleep, if your bird is so inclined. Swinging items in particular provide a great way of improving your bird’s overall coordination skills and also gives them a good little workout for their legs.

  • Destructible and Chewing Toys

Birds are well-known for wanting to have a good gnaw and this is a completely healthy behavior. Gnawing on their toys helps to work their beak and facial muscles, as well as scratching that itch of needing to chew, which most birds have.

These can make a bit of a mess and, most importantly, should always be bird-safe before placing in your cage. Destructible toys for birds that aren’t suitable can lead to pieces of the material getting stuck in their orifices (mouth and nose), harming their legs and feet, as well as being indigestible.

  • Climbing

Another great way of providing plenty of physical stimulation and meeting the instinctual need to climb, rope toys and springs are a great way to give your bird a climbing toy. Again, these improve your bird’s coordination and balance, while providing them with an interesting new plaything to mess around with.

  • Puzzles and Foraging Toys

Giving both physical and mental stimulation, these toys are likely to only last a few days at a time, as your bird will become enamored with their new toy. Treat dispensers are a popular choice but we prefer to go with the more natural varieties, which allow for your bird to fully explore their full range of motions, while retrieving the goods from these little puzzles.

Pinatas especially are a fantastic choice as a foraging toy. They work with their full range of physical abilities, as well as being brightly colored and fantastically sensory. Better still, you can even stuff in some of your pet’s favorite treats inside to give extra stimulation and a fantastic reward for all their hard work.

  • Noisy Toys

Appealing to their natural desire to communicate, noisy toys provide fantastic auditory stimulation, supporting their social skills and giving an extra dimension of fun to their cage. These are generally preferred by smaller birds, although there are some fantastic choices out there for larger birds, which are reinforced to ensure that your macaw toys or parrot toys aren’t instantly destroyed by an over-enthusiastic bell ringer.

A green domestic budgie eating grass

Common Parts Used in Cockatiel Toys

  • Rope

Great for bouncing, chewing and climbing, ropes can be made of a range of bird-safe materials from seagrass to bird-safe cotton. No matter what you choose, you’ll need to ensure that the rope is made with 100% edible fibers, to minimize the risks associated with swallowing pieces of the rope.

  • Platform

Designed to give your bird a stable place to rest, platforms are often built-in to other parts of bird toys or can be used in a standalone way. Only some woods should be used for these, which we discuss in further detail, below. Better still, a good choice is to opt for seagrass or similar, natural materials, to negate any risk at all. You should also be sure that colors used on your platform should be suitable for birds, such as being made from natural vegetable dye.

  • Bells and Sounds

Birds love to meet all of their senses, and audio is just one of these. Bells, tinkles and any unusual sound will keep your pets entertained all day long – so you might want to be sure that the sound is suitable for yourself, too.

Best Bird Toys FAQ:

Q: How do I attach a toy to my birdcage safely?

A: The safest style of attachment for your bird toys is what’s commonly referred to as a C-hook. These can be screwed open or closed as a thread is based on one side. If you think your bird toy doesn’t have a safe attachment, it can be worth purchasing a few of these to replace the standard attachment.

Avoid long cords or chains which can tangle or cause your pet bird to become entangled in the length of the attachment. You should also ensure that there is no risk of your bird getting their beak stuck in small spaces, which you might find in chains.

Q: Are wooden toys safe for my bird?

A: Birds love wooden toys, as they are usually firm enough to perch on but also a great texture to chew and gnaw. Unfortunately, not all wood is suited for use in bird toys. In particular, you’ll need to stay away from Apricot, Box Elder, Cherry, Chinese Snake Tree, Chinese Popcorn, Chinese Tallow, Crepe Myrtle, Holly, Hemlock, Nectarine, Oak, Horse Apple, Peach, Pitch Pine, Plum, Prune, Redwood, Sequoia, Sitka Cedar, Umbrella Tree, Yellow Cedar and Yew.

While the majority of these are simply unsafe for use in bird toys, there are also some that are toxic and should never be used under any circumstances, when it comes to bird toys.

Q: Can I put mirrors in my birdcage?

A: Many birds appreciate having a mirror in their cage, as they are very social animals. However, the risk with mirrors is that your bird may become far too attached to their new “friend” and the result can be a little heartbreaking.

If you do decide to put a mirror in your birdcage, it’s worth making the extra effort to ensure they are properly socialized – ideally with another bird but also with yourself. If you do think your bird is getting a little too attached, then try to limit the time they spend with their mirror.

Q: Is nylon rope safe for my parrot?

A: Because nylon is likely to untangle, and become stuck in the orifices of your bird, it is advised that you never use or buy nylon rope for your parrot or any other birds. While some blends of nylon and other materials can be more suited, it’s best to stay away from it as a whole, since the strength of the material can cause cuts and other injuries.

Our Top Pick

We love the 5-piece set of parrot toys from BWOGUE because it provides a huge range of multi-sensory and physical stimulation for your birds, without the need to spend over-the-odds on a simple set up.

To be used as a full set of split up to rotate and create a longer sense of playtime from week-to-week, these toys are made with 100% pet-safe materials and are massively popular with buyers. Great for chewing, making noise, perching and generally having fun, these are easily the best bird toys on the market, today.

Wendy Young
A freelance writer and word nerd, Wendy is a content writer with a knack for getting into the nitty-gritty of pet ownership. For the past three years, she’s been researching and writing a huge range of different topics – but always comes back to her beloved pet articles. Lover of all things four-legged and owner of Harley, Pepper and Rush, Wendy is currently completing her MNSW at Edge Hill University.
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