The Best Hamster Treats (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 9, 2020

Hamsters are adorable pets, and as pet owners, there will be a constant urge to treat them to something special. That something special might be a hamster treat, or snack because hamsters, like other household pets, deserve treats from time to time, and in order to show adequate love to them, getting the right treat that would serve as a proper nutritional supplement is a plus. This leads to our list of the best hamster treats, which are extremely suitable for hamsters, and are explicably delicious for them to chew and enjoy. Though treats cannot replace a hamster’s main diet, these ones listed below do contain ideal health benefits that hamsters need in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Best Hamster Treats


Apples are extremely nutritional supplements, providing the essential health benefits needed to sustain a healthy daily life. They are rich in dietary fiber, and also help to reduce the chances of major illnesses occurring. Apples also contain vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals such as calcium and potassium and giving apples to hamsters as a supplement is a great health benefit.

Amazingly, Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Apple Treats has a useful implementation of apple, used as treats for hamsters. This is ascertained to give hamsters all the desired nutrients it needs during the occasional treat intakes. It also has an insightful incorporation of timothy grass hay. This grass hay has been attested to possess a high amount of natural high fiber. This is yet another nutritional ingredient that helps to regularize bowel movements, and sugar levels in the blood. This only assures one thing – the Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Apple Treat is a suitable and nutritious hamster fruit treat.

High fiber content

Healthy fruit treat

Contains apple

4 ounces in weight

  • Brand: Kaytee
  • Model: 100037504
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Whole grains are tagged as useful additions to any meal. This is majorly because they are enriched with antioxidants and vitamins that are known to improve the general wellbeing of an internal system. The intake of whole grains also deliver multiple essential minerals such as iron, zinc, and much more. Taking whole grain has also been ascertained to reduce the probability of having heart diseases and diabetes. This is why it’s no surprise that it serves as a great treat for hamsters. Not only will they enjoy the taste of whole grains, but will have outstanding health benefits as well.

This is what the Vitakraft Triple Baked Crunch Sticks Hamster Treats offers. It adequately features yogurt, honey and whole grains, suitable of achieving great nutritional value. This combination is known to be irresistible to hamsters, making them more engrossed in their treats. This crunch stick has been triple baked to ensure the best crunchy chew for hamsters.

Triple baked

Crunchy whole grain treat

Contains honey

Contains yoghurt

  • Brand: Vitakraft
  • Model: 34701
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces


In the process of turning cow’s milk into cheese, there is a by-product that is formed. This is what is referred to as whey. Whey is considered as a tremendous source of protein. It is also insightful to note that there are two main types of protein found in milk, of which whey has been attested to be one. Furthermore, whey is an essential supplement for growth, simply because it contains a high amount of amino acids, which the body essentially needs. This is useful for increasing strength, building the body, and much more.

An implementation of whey as a treat for hamsters is an intuitive idea; and amazingly, Vitakraft Strawberry Drops has made this implementation. Not only does it possess whey, but has a useful incorporation of strawberries, which is a good source of vitamins and minerals. This strawberry drops also has an insightful addition of yoghurt, making it quite irresistible for hamsters. This treat is guaranteed to serve as a healthy and nutritional supplement, anytime.

Contains yoghurt

Strawberry included

Features whey protein

Contains lecithin

  • Brand: Vitakraft
  • Model: 25451
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


Are you in search of a treat that offers more for the value of a purchase? Then the Oxbow Simple Rewards Oven Baked Treats is a suitable choice to consider. This treat offers a total of four pouch treats to choose from. These treats include, apple and banana, bell pepper, carrot and dill, and cranberry which all serve as nutritional supplements. Bell pepper has a lot of nutritional benefits, since it is packed with vitamins, and minerals such as potassium. Incredibly, it is also extremely low in calories, making it healthy for hamsters to take.

No doubt, carrots are great fruits for reducing cholesterol levels, while dills help to fight off infections and build healthier bones. Cranberry also helps to prevent infections from the body, while at the same time building up the digestive system. Lastly, apples and bananas help to reduce the chances of having diabetes, which is a known illness that some species of hamsters are prone to having. This combination into four separate pouches, serves as a great health supplement for hamsters.

Contains four pouches in total

Re-sealable pouches

Treats are oven baked

Each pouch weighs two ounces

  • Brand: Oxbow
  • Weight: 1 pounds


Ecotrition is a manufacturing company that is focused on delivering the absolute best products that will prolong the lifespan of birds and small animals. Aside from prolonging life, their products are aimed at ensuring these animals live healthy and happily. They have been dedicated towards achieving this because they know these animals aren’t just pets, but are considered family. Hence, the necessary procedures have been put into place by manufacturing and testing these products to ensure they provide the best.

One of such products is the Ecotrition Yogies Hamster Treats. This healthy hamster treat contains a unique blend of ingredients obtained from a hamster’s natural habitat. However, a major ingredient that sums up its premium taste is yoghurt, which provides essential protein and calcium for growth. It has also been known to aid digestion, making this treat a highly nutritional one. With the intake of one or two treats daily, your hamster is ascertained of a healthy hamster snack.

Contains yoghurt

Drop treat snack

Bag weighs 3.5 ounces

Contains whey

  • Brand: eCOTRITION
  • Model: E4730
  • Weight: 3 ounces


Fruits and vegetables are the most common sources of treats given to hamsters. This is because they are essentially healthy for intake and provide all the nutritional benefits that hamsters need. Another reason why fruit and vegetable treats are highly recommended is because these are the sources of food majorly found in a hamster’s habitat; meaning, it’s the first thing they can eat without having complications involved. Also, fruits and vegetables don’t pose any health risks. On this note, manufacturers have developed hamster fruit treats, which provide all these benefiting factors.

An insightful product is the Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuit Baked Treats. This treat has a healthy blend of all natural ingredients, which are ascertained to give hamsters a taste of the food seen in its natural habitat. It also has a useful implementation of organic hay, which is known to provide a great amount of high fiber, needed to regulate blood sugar and control bowel movement.

Barley Biscuits

Contains organic hay

All-natural ingredients used

Oven baked treat

  • Brand: Oxbow
  • Model: 744845710501
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


In 1871, Brown’s Industry, a family owned cooperation, focused on pet nutrition, was founded. They have had six generations of the knowledge for adequate pet nutrition passed down, and till today, they are standing strong on the wings of delivery and trustworthiness. The Tropical Carnival Food and Treats was only created 20 years ago, but was done to ensure that pet owners can get adequate doses of nutrition for their pets, and ensure their pets have a healthy lifestyle.

The Brown’s tropical Carnival Natural Sweet Potato Yummies Treats are a blend of natural and healthy ingredients, which are also incredibly delicious. The manufacturers believe that adequate nutrition shouldn’t be tasteless, but should also give pets a joyful encounter when chewing them. These treats combine nutrition, with tastiness, as well as a useful implementation of sweet potatoes, which offers a great amount of fiber and essential vitamins to help to enhance the immune system, and is highly nutritious for hamsters.

Sweet potato treat

Great flavor

Contains essential vitamins and minerals.

Contains essential antioxidants

  • Brand: Tropical Carnival
  • Model: 423202
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


Hamsters’ teeth grow at an incredibly fast rate, which demand constant trimming. Hamsters have a constant inclination to want to chew, and this is a natural process that helps in the trimming of their teeth. Without proper trimming, the teeth would be overgrown, and ultimately become unbearable for the hamster to chew with. Hence, the need for treats that aid in their desire to chew, and maintain great dental health. Often at times, wooden chew treats are recommended, but the wood is not digestible substance. This calls for chewable digestible treats, and a great recommendation is the Ecotrition Cheese Chews.

This treat is suitable for all hamsters chewing habits, and has a nutritional blend of both cheese and rice bits. Cheese is an incredible source of protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals; whereas, rice is great source of energy. The rice bits also aid in the put-together nature of this cheese treat, ensuring it doesn’t break down, in order to ensure the major aim of chewing and obtaining a great dental habits, is guaranteed.

Contains rice bits

Contains cheese

Fun shaped treats

Doesn’t splinter

  • Brand: eCOTRITION
  • Model: 26851840022
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


Corn is an amazing nutritional cereal grain, which can be used as a supplement in hamsters treats. It’s a great energy booster, and also regulates blood sugar. Apart from regulating blood sugar, corn is also known to reduce cholesterol level. It is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, supplying all the desired fiber content, as well as enough antioxidants to help maintain general health. Rice also has similar beneficial properties like corn. It is also an incredible energy booster, providing all the necessary fiber content for use and is a great food recommendation for those with a food sensitive nature.

A wonderful hamster treats and chews that incorporates both rice and corn is the Ware Manufacturing Large Rice Pops Treats. Apart from serving all the major health benefits, this treat has been attested to be a suitable boredom-killer for hamsters. It is also a great snack for helping them to maintain adequate dental health and is extremely crunchy, making it ideal for hamsters. What’s more, it delivers the perfect burst of flavor to keep them happy and satisfied.

Contains corn

Contains rice

High fiber content

Crunchy and delicious taste

  • Brand: Ware Manufacturing
  • Model: 3076
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces


Wild harvest is a manufacturing company that is keen on providing the best of dietary needs to small animals and pet birds. To live up to their desires, they have put in the necessary work in order to provide healthy snack with high nutritional values. Apart from obtaining healthy treats, their products have an attestation of resounding great tastes. The Wild Harvest Bake Shop Pretzel Treats is one of their outstanding products, which serves as a useful hamster snack, with a high healthy benefit, and an incredible taste.

Pretzel is known to be an irresistible snack, but amazingly, also has a lot of benefits. It contains a high amount of fiber content, known to aid bowel movements. It also has a substantial amount of zinc and iron and are also considered to have a lower amount of calories unlike other snack, adding up to its health benefits. It’s no doubt that the Wild harvest Bake Shop Pretzel Treats, with an amazing pretzels taste, serves as a good hamster snack, and assured to leave your hamster excited for more.

Crunchy treat

Pretzel snack

Has a great taste

2-ounce pouch

  • Brand: Wild Harvest
  • Model: P-84133
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces

Best Hamster Treats Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Hamster Treats

  • Nutritional needs

It is important to note that hamsters have diverse nutritional needs. For example, dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters have similar but varying nutritional needs, and must be fed accordingly. Dwarf hamsters adore mealworms, whereas, Syrian hamsters like sunflower seeds. Dwarf hamsters are prone to having diabetes unlike Syrian hamsters, and should be given less sugar. Also Syrian hamster treats are larger than dwarf hamster treats. So, giving a Syrian hamster treat to a dwarf hamster would demand you cutting down the size, and ensuring the sugar is not too much for the dwarf hamster. A lot of factors have to be put into place to ensure that the right nutritional needs are administered to your hamster accordingly.

hamster eating

Additionally, fruits and vegetables offer hamsters a great deal of nutrition, which is why they are a good consideration for hamster treats. Insightfully, they are both delicious and healthy, giving hamsters a double dose of what they need. Aside from all fruits that are healthy for hamsters to take citrus fruits should be avoided. This is because they are not recommended for intake. Fruit and vegetable treats should be taken in small portions and quantities to avoid stomach upset.

  • Taste

Hamsters won’t necessarily take treats that aren’t delicious, which is why it is a noticeable fact that they pick out the most delicious treats out of the bowl first, before going to other ones. This means treats shouldn’t be entirely bland in taste because hamsters will most likely not eat them. However, this doesn’t mean that the entire bowl of treats should be the delicious portions, due to the fact that it’s not a healthy choice for the hamster, and could cause several health challenges. In other cases, the hamster would start to pick these treats over its main meals, which could result in a bothersome challenge. There should be an adequate blend of both the delicious and healthy treats, to ensure that your hamster is getting the proper nutrition, while taking treats.

  • Ease of chewing

Hamsters have teeth that grow like fingernails, and as such, need proper dental care. They often at times, do most of the work by chewing on hard substances to trim the teeth, and keep it from over growing. When their teeth get over grown, it becomes quite difficult for them to chew, and would need the help of a professional to help trim the length. Hence, hard treats are a great consideration because they help hamsters to trim their teeth, and maintain a proper dental care process.

Another intuitive substitution are dog biscuits or milk bones. They help to supply the right nutrition as well as efficient in trimming the teeth. They should not, however, contain substances that could be unhealthy to the hamster, but should contain the most basic ingredients.

Can You Give Your Hamster Dog Treats?

Although it is not advisable to give food recommended to other animals to hamsters, dog treats are healthy exceptions. They serve as great treats for hamsters, and this is because they have hard-like textures. These hard treats are great for helping hamsters trim down on their teeth. For the best dental care regimen, hard treats are a great consideration. Since their teeth grow really fast, and the more they grow, the more uncomfortable it will be for the hamster to chew, it is recommended to give them hard treats occasionally. This will help them maintain healthy teeth. However, dog treats should not be considered as a meal, but a necessary supplement to the hamster’s main diet.

How Often Should I Give My Hamster Treats?

Hamsters should be given treats only occasionally. This is because taking too much of these treats is quite unhealthy for hamsters. They should also be given in small quantities. Treats are meant to be supplements, and not to be considered a meal in entirety; and so, should be taken only when the need arises.

Our Top Pick

The Ecotrition Yogies For Hamsters is a great choice for a hamster treat. This is because it has been created specifically to supply nutrition and an outstanding taste. The yogurt taste helps to make this treat irresistible for hamsters, as well as providing the necessary nutritional benefits to them. Forged from the dedicated mindsets of the manufacturers to provide a healthy treat for hamsters to sustain a healthy life, the Ecotrition Yogies For Hamsters lives up to that expectation. With a crunchy taste that also helps hamsters to develop and maintain a healthy dental condition, this hamster treat serves as an adequate choice for hamsters to chew on and undeniably enjoy.


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