The Best Pet Safe Weed Killer for Your Yard (Review) in 2021

Last Updated March 11, 2020

Tolerating fast-growing weeds can be a pain, especially if you have to frequently take them out personally. Luckily, there’s a smarter, safer and more effective way of dealing with pesky weeds that seem to blossom too easily in your yard. This comes with the use of the best pet safe weed killers. They are both cost effective and reliable enough for pet owners to take charge of their surroundings. What’s more, many pet safe weed killers are manufactured to effectively take weeds out without posing any health risks to your pets who, most likely, love to explore your backyard. Sadly, there also many manufacturers who may promise hazard-free concoctions just to sell a few more bottles faster. However, you can trust that the products on our list are completely pet-safe, with the guarantee of doing exactly what they promise.

The Best Pet Safe Weed Killer for Your Yard


Pet-friendly weed killers are not easy to come by, nor is it easy to find effective products that reliably reduce weed overgrowth. If there’s one pet-safe formula we can trust, it’s the all new Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer. It contains 20% vinegar solution and ethanol, distilled from corn to safely desiccate weeds. This powerful solution can be used practically anywhere around the home and fields to take down weeds. Plus, it’s very fast-acting; taking care of annoying weeds in a matter of hours. If applied in the morning, the weeds are sure to be desiccated by noon.

Made for both domestic and commercial use, home and business owners alike can take advantage of a formula that actually works. What’s more, no toxic chemicals are included in the mix and the solution is made from corn-extracted ethanol which is proven to be safe for organic use. So, without using harmful chemicals including glyphosate, you can efficiently get rid of stubborn weeds around the premises.

No doubt, this 20% animal-safe weed killer deals with practically all types of broadleaf weeds like dandelions, oxalis, white clover and crab glass, once applied. As soon as the solution makes contact with the weeds, they immediately start to wither, and are sure to fully desiccate in less than 24 hours. And to make things even easier, the generous solution comes in a spray-bottle; farmers and homeowners alike can use gloves to spray weeds along side-walks, pavements, walls and fields.

It’s also worth noting that when applying the Green Gobbler dog-friendly weed killer, ensure to avoid areas with actual greens and plants. The solution doesn’t select which leaves are weeds or not, so it’s better to be careful when spraying the formula on.

Four times stronger than traditional table vinegar

Free of harmful chemicals

Organic, pet and environment safe solution

Certified by OMRI

  • Brand: Green Gobbler
  • Weight: 9.55 pounds


A lot of people want to get rid of the weeds around their field, but when there are kids and pets running around, the task gets more challenging. Using chemical weed killers may prove to be quite effective, however, they are not the safest choice for the environment or family as well. Toxic elements could quickly irritate or cause other health conditions, especially for pets playing on the yard.

Luckily, the Doctor Kirchner Natural Weed & Grass Killer is one of the safest options when it comes to getting rid of pesky weeds. The solution is made with potent ingredients derived from commercial strength food grade vinegar and soap as well as ocean sea salts. Rest assure that it’s as natural and safe as it could get, with no chemicals mixed in, or hormone distributing chemicals added. Your pets can dig around sprayed areas or gnaw on old bones without the concern of inhaling or ingesting toxic chemicals.

Additionally, this natural weed killer is also safe for dogs and is tough on practically all weeds. Furthermore, it’s effective on weeds and grass, withering them in a matter of minutes – the grass weeds will take about half an hour to a full hour to desiccate. Plus, thanks to the natural ingredients used, this solution could last for years on the shelf. It remains potent even after 4-5 years on the counter, effectively taking out weeds without posing any risks to the environment or animal life.

Safe for pets. Kids and the environment

Simple application

Works fast and efficiently on weeds

Guarantees long shelf life

  • Brand: Doctor Kirchner
  • Weight: 2.5 gallon


Our pets are practically part of the family, keeping them safe from harmful substances is one of our many duties. They are like kids; without the advanced knowledge to know what to avoid and areas to keep away from. In the past, chemical-based weed killers were used on farm lands, lawns and the likes. However, with more and more pets and even people getting endangered from using extremely concentrated chemicals, it was only wise to look for more natural options. The Natural Armor Weed and Grass Killer All-Natural Formula is one of the few effective, yet natural formulas that get the job done without putting pet-life in danger.

It doesn’t contain chemicals or toxic substances that could poison or prove to be harmful to pets. It’s a weed killer safe for dogs, cats, rabbits and the likes. It comes in an easy to use spray bottle that makes application quite simple. There’s no messy mixing or dilution required, it comes ready to use; simply spray weeds till wet and go. Areas like flower and mulch bed edges, shrubs, trees, patios, fences, barns and walls can be targeted for effective weed desiccation. Within 24 hours, weeds would have withered and started browning already. Within the week, they’ll be noticeably gone. Using this all-natural lawn weed killer safe for pets, is effective for tackling overgrown weeds while keeping both the environment and animal-life safe.

Made from all-natural ingredients

Safe for pets and the environment

No glyphosate or toxic chemicals

Withers weeds in 24 hours

  • Brand: Natural Armor
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds


Effectively using a product is slightly different from getting your money’s worth. Some products simply do better than others in the market because of the undeniable value they offer. While most pet-safe weed killers promise to wither weeds after they’ve grown out, this one offers to prevent growth in the first place. It’s hands down, one of the best pet-safe lawn weed killers safe for pets. Made with corn gluten meal, which is derived from the wet milling process of corn, it effectively tackles weeds and grass around the garden.

Furthermore, high levels of protein prevent seed growth, halting any type of maturing from the roots. Thankfully, the Preen Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer contains up to 60% corn protein, which is concentrated enough to inhibit growth and keep the garden free of weeds for longer. More so, its potent ability to prevent weeds from growing lasts for at least four weeks; giving other garden plants the opportunity to grow, and keeping pavements, sidewalks and lawns weed-free. Overall,  this is a pet-friendly product that works very safely once the granules are mixed into the soil; it’s very organic and can be used in areas where pets frequent.

Inhibits the growth of weed seeds

Kid and pet friendly

Prevents annual weeds for 4-6 weeks

Can be used on new plants 2-3 inches tall

  • Brand: Preen
  • Model: 2463782
  • Weight: 26.1 pounds


Owning a home is no easy feat, neither is managing one a walk in the park. It takes frequent maintenance, cleaning, weeding and so much more. Well here is a formula that practically does it all! It’s a must have in any home and small establishment for getting a load of work done with one powerful and reliable all-natural formula liquid formula. The Green Gobbler 30% Pure Vinegar solution can be used around the house and makes use of natural ingredients derived from corn to make a solution largely safe for kids, pets and the environment. What’s more, the solution is quite concentrated, being six times more effective than regular vinegar. It’s best to use it with discretion, or diluting it to a milder concentration.

Even after dilution, this pet-safe weed killer is still very tough on unwanted greens and overgrown grass. Plus, one gallon of 30% vinegar concentrate being diluted into different spray bottles would mean more formula for you, and enough to last for months. Beyond using it to tackle weeds around the house, this Green Gobbler formula can be used for a good range of chores. This includes cleaning carpet stains, deodorizing sheets, car seats, cushions, as well as other household appliances. Now, you can clean and deodorize the home without the use of bleach or ammonia, which proves to be more hazardous to pets. Equally take charge of your yard and garden space with a natural formula that powerfully takes out weeds and grasses in no time.

Powerful and effective household cleaner

6 times stronger than regular white vinegar

great for agricultural and industrial tasks

natural and safe option for kids, pets and the environment

  • Brand: Green Gobbler
  • Weight: 9 pounds

Best Pet Safe Weed Killer for Your Yard Buying Guide & FAQ

No one likes the look of overgrown weeds on the sidewalk, lawn or backyard. It’s simply off-putting and could make an actually clean house and environment look rowdy and unkempt. Weed killers have been available in highly concentrated volumes that contained chemicals that were not just harmful to the environment, but pet-life as well.

No doubt, pets love to dig, burrow, sniff around or roll in open spaces and the only way to deal with weeds and grasses without unintentionally poisoning or intoxicating them, is by using natural, pet-safe weed killers. This guide below should help pet parents make a more informed purchase on the desired pet-friendly weed killers available on our list.

What to Look for in Pet-Friendly Weed Killers

There are a few things that separate ideal pet-friendly weed killers from the crowd. Guaranteeing pet-safety is paramount, so we’ll be focusing on the natural and safe features to look out for.

  • Ingredients

Alot of manufacturers try to trick consumers into buying a product by putting up tags like natural or organic. However, the best way to certify such information is by looking through the ingredient list. Every pet-safe product has an ingredient list that outlines every component used to make the mixture.

Ingredients like vinegar or corn gluten meal are very safe for both lawn and garden use. On the flip side, ingredients like chloroform, carbon tetrachloride or products that contain 2,4-D should be avoided. These chemicals may be effective when taking on weeds, but could cause health issues where pets are concerned.

  • Certifications

Before buying a pet-safe weed killer, checking the labels for viable certifications is one of the definite ways to check how viable a product is. Our best choice; Green Gobbler 20% vinegar boldly includes on the label that it’s certified by OMRI. Others have gone as far as winning awards which shows how viable such products are. Looking out for certifications from bodies like the EPA, OMRI or even licenses form veterinarians would further enlighten you on which product is reliably safe on pets, yet tough on weeds.

  • Non-selective formulas

Weeds come in different variants and types, most people don’t know this, and simply want the weeds in their yard gone. However, it is an important factor to consider, especially for gardeners or farmers who know their greens. The type of weed killer required is determined by the type of weeds that need to be dealt with.

For users who want to get rid of all the weeds on the lawn, yard or sidewalk, look for a nonselective formula that will deal with broadleaf weeds, sedges and grasses alike. With non-selective weed killers, all weeds are targeted and desiccated. However, that means beneficial plants or flowers could be affected as well. In such cases, you may want to invest in a selective herbicide that targets only certain types of weeds.

  • Severity of the problem

Weed killers should be that last resort for a severe case of weeds that won’t stop growing. Such cases need an intensive treatment to tackle weeds overtime and probably even halt their growth for some time. The more weed killers are used on the overgrowth, the less chances the weeds have of long term survival. Their roots end up withering as well, resulting in evidently reduced growth of such weeds.

Dog in backyardBenefits of Using Pet-Friendly Weed Killer

Weeds are one of the top detractors of a beautiful, valuable lawn. Dealing with them means reaping the benefits of a cleaner, healthier space that’s equally much neater and organized. We’ll outline other benefits below

  • Pet-safe products are sustainable and biodegradable, this means they are safer for the environment. Their natural or organic make-up means they are the safest option to use for tackling without posing any dangers to the soil or environment.
  • Pet friendly weed killers are also quite effective, without compromising the health of pets around. Most formulas work in 24 hours, withering the leaves and even working down to the root. Pets can still play in the yard around this time without concern son their health or any irritations likely to occur
  • Some pet-friendly weed killers work great to tackle weed growth for the long haul. Continuous use, actually keeps withering the weeds from the roots, which eliminates continuous growth. In a matter of months, you’ll find those areas to be almost free from weed growth.

How to Use a Weed Control Fabric

There are different ways to prevent weeds from growing without posing any health risks to human or pet-life. One of them happens to be using a weed control fabric. These fabrics are usually made with quality materials, durable and strong enough to withstand plant growth, but light enough to cut and install.

The breathable materials still allow nutrients, air, and moisture to reach plants and roots as well. So, if you are exploring this option, it’s equally beneficial to prevent weed growth while encouraging plant growth.

To install it, follow these simple steps;

  • Cut the fabric to suit the specific area it will be applied to
  • Secure the edges and pin them into place with landscape staples
  • Place a layer of gravel, mulch or back on the top layer of the fabric
  • Cut a hole if you wish to place plants after the fabric has been laid out
  • After the fabric is installed, the weeds won’t grow higher than the fabric allows, while the planted greens will keep flourishing and growing

Simple DIY Pet-safe Weed Killer Strategies

  • Mulch:

Making use of mulch is another natural way to get rid of weeds. It’s very effective and safe as well, you just need to add a layer of mulch around the parts of the lawn where weeds grow. This layer of mulch will prevent weed seeds from growing. You can make use of pebbles and stones, straws or bark.

  • Pulling out weeds manually:

This is very effective for small areas that are clustered with weeds. Taking them out by hand wouldn’t be so much of a hassle, except the space is large and hard to get around.

  • Using fire or heat:

This method is an old but viably effective agricultural method of dealing with weeds. It’s a great choice when dealing with large grounds and spaces. It kills several weeds fast and effectively, without the use of herbicides. Using a torch kit is a more viable method, as the plan should not be to set the plants and weeds ablaze.

Best Pet Safe Weed Killer for Your Yard FAQ:

Q: How Do Traditional Weed Killers Work?                                                            

A: Weed killers are generally essential for a well-kept and beautiful lawn. However, there is a large selection of weed killers with a wide variety of characteristics. While some only work against weeds, others tend to use harsh chemicals and destroy practically everything that gets in the way. The special mixture of chemicals produces the killing effect and the photosynthesis of the plant is suppressed. As a result, the plant dies.

Q: Is Glyphosate / Roundup Safe for Pets?

A: Glyphosate works to destroy EPSP synthase; this is an enzyme that both plants and weeds alike need to survive. However, in recent years, glyphosate has been identified as an ingredient that is not safe for use where pets are concerned. Many argue that glyphosate on its own isn’t harmful, to pets, but the roundup contains other toxic ingredients.

Q: Is Sethoxydim Toxic for Pets?

A: Sethoxydim is another popular element found in herbicides, it’s actually one of the relatively safe ingredients. However, the dangers that accompany it haven’t completely been ruled out. Ingestion or inhaling of this compound was found to cause some unhealthy side effects in both humans, dogs and other pets.

Q: How to Pull Up Weeds by Hand or Tools?

A: Pulling out weeds by hand isn’t the most fun chore, but it is quite effective. Plus, there are now weed-pulling tools available to help with the process. First off, this method is extremely safe, no herbicides or chemicals are being used. For small spaces, simply hold on to the base of the weeds and pull; they should come out with the roots.

Also, there are weeders that can help with the whole tedious process. They come with claws that make it easy to move into the soil and pull out weeds from the root. To use a weeder, simply position it on the ground around the weeds. Use one foot to sink it into the soil, then pull it up again. Once it is out, you’ll notice the weeds stuck in between the claws, pull down the offset handle to release the captured weeds. Repeat as many times as needed.

Q: How to Kill Weeds with Heat?

A: First off, you may need to get a burn permit from the fire department before attempting to use heat to weed. Go ahead and water the soil to ensure it conducts enough heat. Also do a little cleaning, ridding the area of debris and other combustible materials. Next, light up the torch and move through the weed-ridden areas, slowly passing the torch over the weeds.

The leaves and roots of the weeds should be your target, this ensures any moisture in the leaves and

roots evaporate immediately, leaving the dehydrated weeds to die. After covering the entire area, try to weep through, and gather the fallen weeds and remnants.

Please note, that it is highly advisable not to burn poisonous weeds, as the smoke may cause allergic reactions, and end up affecting the pets you are trying to protect.

Our Top Pick

The Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed and Grass Killer is a home and commercial use solution most homeowners and farmers swear by. Made from organic ingredients obtained from corn, it effectively tackles stubborn weeds, causing effective withering in less than 24 hours. It’s a generous, yet an affordable option that can be diluted for expanded use, without compromising on its potency or effectiveness. This guarantee allows individuals to easily spray-on the solution without fear of poisoning, irritating or causing any type of harm to their pets.

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