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The Best Pet Safe Ice Melt (Review) in 2020

Key features

Will not irritate pet paws and eyes

Will not cause harm if ingested by pets

Long shelf-life

Starts melting ice immediately on application

Key features

Can be applied using a spreader or by hand

Safer on pet paws and skin than salt

Environmentally friendly and naturally harvested product

Less likely to cause concrete spalling

Key features

Long lasting effect

Anti-caking agent for long shelf life

Gentle on paws

No slimy residue

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Destin Benoit
Published 15:05 pm

Are you looking for the best pet safe ice melt that will do a great job of clearing your pathways but is not harmful to your precious pets? Ice melts that use alternative chemicals to sodium chloride (salt) are less likely to cause health issues if ingested and are kinder to paws. They are also less likely to damage your garden surfaces or the environment. To help you choose the best product for you, we’ve prepared this useful guide.

The Best Pet Safe Ice Melt



A completely safe and non-corrosive product for clearing paths and roads of snow and ice that is very easy to use. It is non-conductive and safe to use on cured concrete. Because you need so little of it, it lasts for a full 72 hours, and has a long shelf life, it is the cost-effective option. It works in two ways – there is a liquid that instantly melts ice to break the surface tension so that the crystal core can penetrate the ice and speed up melting. The compound itself attracts heat as the endothermic reaction uses energy from the sun to work even more effectively.

This deicer can be used on decking. The pellets will not harm your dog, cats or other animals that come into contact with it. It will not hurt their eyes, paws or skin and will not even harm them if it is ingested.

Safe and non-corrosive

Easy to use

Lasts for 72 hours

Safe for all pets

  • Brand: Safe Paw
  • Model: ZW152 08
  • Weight: 8.3 ounces


A great pet friendly ice melt that can be applied using a spreader or by hand. It contains naturally harvested magnesium chloride which is highly effective at melting ice and keeping driveways, sidewalks and walkways clear of ice and snow. It works at temperatures as low as -15 degrees F but does not contain salt so it is much less likely to cause concrete spalling.  The exothermic reaction is effective even in the harshest of conditions.

This ice melt is completely safe to use if you have pets. It has a low toxicity and is gentle on their paws. It will not cause stomach upsets if ingested in small amounts but pets should be discouraged from eating a lot of it.

Safe for sidewalks and walkways

Exothermic reaction

Contains magnesium chloride

Ingesting small amounts will not cause pets harm

  • Brand: Green Gobbler
  • Model: B07HN9R29H
  • Weight: 15.95 pounds


An eco-friendly and pet-safe product that’s popular with pet owners. It contains calcium chloride as a time-release formulation so it lasts longer and helps to prevent re-icing. It’s very easy to apply and very safe for pets.

This safe paw ice melt is a non-toxic and non-corrosive alternative to traditional rock salt. If it gets tracked back into your house on paws and boots it will not damage carpets and rugs. It drastically reduces corrosion rates on cars. You can apply this ice melt directly from the bottle and because it is green, you can see where you have applied it so there is less waste.

Contains calcium chloride

Safe for dogs and other pets

Prevents re-icing

Applied direct from the bottle

  • Brand: Natural Rapport
  • Model: B0197B0Z4I
  • Weight: 9.3 pounds


A long-lasting and effective ice melter containing calcium magnesium acetate for effective ice clearance on a range of surfaces. These crystals offer superior traction control and are are color-coated so you know where you have applied them. It starts working on contact and will prevent ice forming again during winter conditions. This ice melt contains an anti-caking agent so it has a longer shelf-life.

This benign compound does not damage path surfaces or the bodywork of cars and trucks. It is gentler on dog’s paws and will not cause irritation to their soft skin. This makes it a safer alternative to rock salt and it does not leave a slimy residue on your outdoor surfaces.

Contains calcium magnesium acetate

Superior traction control

Color coated for ease of application

Starts working on contact

  • Brand: Snow Joe
  • Model: AZ-25-EB
  • Weight: 25 pounds


A natural ice melt that is environmentally friendly and highly effective. The graded crystals provide excellent traction and because it contains more than 60 minerals, it starts working faster and lasts longer than rock salt and sodium chloride alone. It’s a very cost-effective way of clearing ice – one bag will cover 400 square feet.

It contains no dyes, urea or polymers and is therefore a safe option to protect your pets, wildlife, and the surfaces of your yard and driveway. By using this product you are drastically reducing the alkali load that you are adding to the environment.

Graded crystals for traction

Contains more than 60 minerals

One bag will cover 400 square feet

Safe for pets and wildlife

  • Brand: Redmond
  • Model: DNB10
  • Weight: 10 pounds


You can avoid any issues with sore dog’s paws by using this magnesium chloride ice melt that will not irritate or burn your pet’s delicate skin. Because it comes as smooth round pellets, it also does not cause injuries or abrasions.

This fast-acting ice melter gets to work as soon as you spread it and is suitable for all sorts of surfaces including sidewalks, driveways, steps and patios. The chemical compound will carry on working at temperatures as low as -13 degrees F. It is also kinder to the environment than rock salt ice melters and causes less corrosion than both sodium chloride and calcium chloride making it kinder to your concrete surfaces. The constituent chemicals have been listed with the Organic Minerals Research Institute. It comes with a handy scoop for easy application.

Kind to dog’s paws

Contains magnesium chloride

Works down to -13 degrees F

Kinder to concrete than rock salt

  • Brand: Harris
  • Model: B07XZMYCK9
  • Weight: 16.2 pounds


A safe and toxin-free ice melter that is kind to your pathways and that will not irritate your dog’s paws. It will also not harm vegetation and does not cause staining inside your house if it gets tracked in to your carpets or solid floors.

It clears snow and ice quickly and effectively and can be used on pavements and driveways without damaging concrete. It has a bright green color so it shows up clearly on the ice and you get great coverage with no wastage. It carries on working, even when temperatures plummet. This ice melter does not contain calcium chloride, instead it draws in water from the environment. The formulation includes a fetilizer that will keep your lawn lush even in harsh weather. As the ice melt is washed away, the nutrients enter the soil and nourish the plants.

Clears snow and ice quickly

Gentler on surfaces than salt

Will not irritate paws

Contains fertilizer

  • Brand: Keep it Green
  • Model: B00C0E2F84
  • Weight: 12.95 pounds


There are no chlorides at all in this snow and ice melter so you can avoid the skin irritation, sore paws and upset stomachs that are often associated with some other commonly used ice melts. It consists of smooth pellets that do not lodge in paws and don’t cause painful abrasions. As soon as it comes into contact with snow and ice it starts working.

This product carries on being effective down to temperatures of -15 degrees C. You can spread it by hand using the useful shaker jug or you can use it is a rotary spreader. Because it contains no harmful chemicals, you can use it safely on sidewalks and walkways without damaging the concrete but it is also safe for decking and lawns. If it leaches onto your garden it will not harm shrubs and plants. If it gets tracked back inside, it will not damage rugs and flooring.

No chlorides – safe for pets

Smooth pellets that will not damage paws

Safe for plants and shrubs

Will not damage surfaces

  • Brand: Just for Pets
  • Model: B07WTMQHPZ
  • Weight: 8.4 pounds


A fast-acting and highly effective ice melt that is a gentler alternative to salt. It provides excellent traction control to prevent slipping and to make walkways safe. It does this without harming concrete surfaces because it forms a protective layer on the surface. However, it should not be used on concrete that is less than a year old.

It works quickly to break the bond between ice and the ground surface and will carry on working down to temperatures of zero degrees F. It is less harmful to pets than traditional ways of melting ice with salt. It will not harm plants and will not damage floor surfaces if it gets tracked back inside your house. When it gets to work, it does not produce a sticky residue.

Provides excellent traction control

Does not damage concrete

Fast acting

No sticky residue

  • Brand: Petsell
  • Model: B000WFIR5S
  • Weight: 25 pounds


A highly effective but gentle way of clearing ice from walkways and yard surfaces. It comes in an 8-pound jug and is very easy to apply. This product has been developed with the help of veterinarians and is much safer for pets than traditional salt products that contain salt. This product is completely chloride-free.

It carries on working down to 10 degrees F and is a pale blue color to help with even application.

Gentle ice melt

Safe for pets

Approved by veterinarians

Blue color for even application

  • Brand: Morton
  • Model: B005Y34SFG
  • Weight: 8.49 pounds

Best Pet Safe Ice Melt Buying Guide & FAQ

What Are Ice Melts?

Ice melts are products that you apply to outdoor surfaces to prevent ice and snow from causing slip hazards and to make the surfaces safer to walk on. They work by breaking down the ice and breaking the bond between the ice and the surface. You can either apply them by hand or using a spreader.

Things to Look For When Buying a Pet Safe Ice Melt

When buying an ice melter, check what temperatures it will work at. If you live in an area where temperatures get very low, you do not want it to stop working. You may want a product that is kind to concrete surfaces and that will not damage plants.

Think about the container that it is provided in and whether you can use it in a spreader. Also check out the color! If it's brightly colored you can see where you have spread it.

Serious woman in a fur hat with a Husky dog

Dangers of Ice Melters for Pets

The first danger of ice melts is exposure to skin, paws and other sensitive body areas. Prolonged or repeated exposure to just about any ice melt has the potential to cause issues. You should always be on the look out for this by checking your pet's paws regularly. If there are any irritated areas or rashes, your vet should check them out.

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Ingestion and the associated gastrointestinal irritation is another potential hazard. In general, the more of the product that is ingested, the greater the hazard. You should consult your vet and have the container at hand so that you can tell them exactly what has been ingested. Melts based on sodium chloride can cause high blood sodium levels which may lead to weakness, lethargy and muscle twitches. Sadly, this can deteriorate into a coma or even death.

Helpful Tips For Using An Ice Melter with Pets

There is a lot that you can do to reduce the risk posed by any ice melt. The obvious thing is to thoroughly wash paws after pets have walked over a treated surface. You could consider using a paw wax to provide further protection or buying some dog booties. However, be careful that your pooch does not chew at the booties because that will result in them ingesting a lot of the melt!

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To cut down the risk of ingestion, always use the product according to the manufacturer's instructions and keep it locked up, with the lid securely in place, when not in use. If your pooch does ingest a large amount, you must seek advice from your vet right away.

Best Pet Safe Ice Melt FAQ:

Q: What makes ice melts safe for pets?

A: Pet safe ice melts do not contain chemicals that are highly toxic to pets if ingested. They also do not cause irritation to skin and paws if your pet walks or rolls on them. An added benefit is that the crystals of animal-safe ice melts are smooth and do not, therefore, cause small abrasions in your pet's paws.

Q: Can I make my own ice melter to use around my pet?

A: Some pet owners prefer to make their own ice melters using glycol which is a type of organic alcohol. Others have made their own product by mixing dish soap and rubbing alcohol with hot water. You may find that homemade products are not as effective the commercial products.

Yellow Grit Salt Bin against Brick Wall

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is completely safe and non-corrosive and lasts for a full 72 hours. It also has a long shelf-life and will not damage cured concrete. It contains a liquid that instantly melts ice to break the surface tension so that the crystal core can penetrate the ice and speed up melting. It also attracts heat and uses energy from the sun to work even more effectively.

The pellets will not harm your dog, cat or other animals that come into contact with it. It will not hurt their eyes, paws or skin and will not even harm them if it is ingested.

Destin Benoit
Destin Benoit
A former Special Forces Canine Handler, Destin Benoit has extensive knowledge and experience with military canine training. He has worked with multiple military dogs in the most stressful places and situations in the world. Currently, Destin is a SOC Canine Handler, aiding in the protection of the US diplomats abroad.
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