The Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets (Review) in 2019

Just like us human riders, our four-legged friends need all the protection they can get when it comes to hitting the open road. If your pooch likes to ride alongside you when you hop on your motorcycle or scooter, they should always wear the correct safety gear. This includes goggles, an appropriate jacket, booties, and, of course, a helmet.

Dog motorcycle helmets are a simple but effective way to protect your pooch on the road. Not only do they soften the blow in the event of an accident, they also keep your pet safe from rocks and other debris which can be flicked up from the road on a journey. Choosing a dog bike helmet is an important decision – getting it right could make the world of difference if something goes wrong on your journey. To help you find the safest option for your canine companion, we’ve compiled this buying guide. We’ve scoured the market for the five best dog helmets available right now, so you can rest assured your pooch has the best possible protection. We’ve also answered some common questions about these helmets, so you and your pup can enjoy the safest journey possible.

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Best Dog Motorcycle Helmets Buying Guide & FAQ

These five helmets are the best of the bunch when it comes to keeping your dog’s head safe and sound as you ride. To help you work out which one is right for your pet, we’ve put together this handy buying guide. Below, we discuss some key factors to consider when choosing a helmet for your pup.

We’ve also taken the time to address some common questions and concerns about this handy piece of safety equipment, so you and your canine companion can get the most out of it.


What to Consider When Buying a Dog Motorcycle Helmet

As you pick out a motorcycle helmet for your dog, there are a few key factors to bear in mind:

  • Protection

The first thing to consider when choosing a helmet for your four-legged friend is exactly how much protection it can offer. Not all helmets are created equal, and some are designed to be tougher than others. If your dog rides with you on your motorcycle or scooter, look out for as much protection as you can get. A good motorcycle helmet will protect your dog against sun, wind, rain, projectiles from the road, and minor trauma. Look out for helmets made from a good quality ABS plastic, as this material is known for its impact resistance. A good layer of padding is also desirable, since this will cushion your dog’s head in the event of an impact.

  • Sizing

Even the toughest helmet is no good to your pooch if it doesn’t fit. Before you commit to a helmet, make sure it’s the right size for your dog. Each manufacturer will handle sizing slightly differently, but they should provide dimensions to help you work out which size is best for your pet. We’ll run through how to properly measure your dog for a helmet below.

  • Comfort

As much as we love them, dogs can be tricky – if they don’t like wearing something, they’ll put their Houdini-esque escape skills to the test in trying to squirm out of it. Motorcycle helmets are no exception! To help prevent this from happening, it’s important to choose a helmet that was built for comfort. Look out for plenty of padding, a sun visor, and an adjustable chin strap when picking out a helmet for your pooch. It’s also a good idea to choose a lightweight helmet, so your dog doesn’t feel weighed down.

  • Appearance

Although it might seem trivial, appearance can be important when choosing a motorcycle helmet for your dog. If you and your pup like the way a helmet looks, you’re much more likely to remember it whenever you hit the roads. Luckily, there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that reflects your pet’s unique personality – and looks adorable of course.

Why You Should Use Dog Motorcycle Helmet

Just like us humans, dogs should always wear motorcycle riding apparel to stay safe on the road. Helmets are an important part of this. Having your dog wear a motorcycle helmet helps protect them in a few different ways:

  • A good helmet will keep the sun off your dog’s head, protecting them against UV waves
  • Doggie helmets will protect your dog from other harsh weather, such as wind and rain
  • A good quality helmet keeps your dog’s head safe from projectiles, such as small rocks
  • In the event of an accident, dog helmets cushion your pooch’s head against the impact
  • Helmets can also protect your pooch from banging their head in general

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise than many owners are turning towards dog helmets in various scenarios. When you first try to put a helmet on your dog, remember that it’s important to be patient: the new sensation of wearing it will be frightening at first, so it’s a good idea to introduce them to it gradually.

First of all, just let them sniff and interact with the helmet, providing treats and praise to forge positive associations. When they’re comfortable, put it on their head for a short period of time, gradually increasing how long they wear it for. Again, every time your pooch wears their helmet, they should be rewarded with a treat. Finally, when your dog is fully comfortable with the helmet, you can take them for a ride while wearing it.

Best Dog Motorcycle Helmet FAQ:

Q: Do Dog Motorcycle Helmets Really Protect Your Pup?

A: The level of protection will vary from product to product, but yes: dog motorcycle helmets really do provide some benefits when you and your pooch hit the road.

At the moment, most doggie helmets are primarily made with novelty value in mind, but this doesn’t mean they can’t protect your pet at all. A properly fitted dog helmet shields your dog from rain, hail, and sun, as well as minor bumps, scrapes, and flying projectiles which can be flicked up from the road.

For optimal protection, helmets should be doubled with protective eyewear. This prevents your dog’s eyes from drying out, and shields them from UV rays, flies, dirt, and other debris.

Q: How do I choose the right size?

A: Measuring your dog’s head for a helmet is a fairly straightforward affair – all you’ll need is a tape measure, and a little patience from your pooch:

  • Measure Width

Use your tape measure to record the distance between your dog’s earns on the top of their head. To ensure the an accurate measurement, don’t bend the tape.

  • Measure Circumference

Wrap your tape measure around your dog’s head, from forehead to the back. If your dog has floppy ears, measure around them. If they have pointy ears, fold them down and include them in your measurement.

Head width and circumference are the most common measurements manufacturers use to describe the fit of their helmets. Armed with these two measurements, you’ll be able to work out whether a helmet will fit your dog fairly easily.

Q: How should I maintain my motorcycle helmets?

A: Like any piece of safety equipment, you’ll need to look after your dog’s helmet to keep it in tip top condition:

  • Replace the helmet if it has been exposed to a significant impact
  • Store the helmet in a cool location, to prevent any glue inside melting
  • Wipe down the helmet with soapy warm water if it gets dirty – stay away from solvents
  • Inspect the helmet now and then for signs of wear and tear

Our Top Pick

For us, the best motorcycle helmet your dog can get is this cute but tough design by Prima Dog. With its strong ABS shell, and comfortable layer of padding, the helmet offers your dog protection against some major road hazards: rain, wind, sun, flying projectiles, and minor trauma are all kept at bay by this handy piece of gear.

It’s comfortable to wear too, thanks to its soft interior, lightweight design, and adjustable chin strap. The helmet is ideal for smaller breeds, such as Yorkies and other Terriers, weighing around five to 10 pounds. Not only does this helmet help your dog stay safe on the road – it also helps them look good doing it. The fun skull and crossbones design looks great on all dogs, and will give owners a chuckle! Overall, the safe and comfortable helmet is a must-have for pooches who were born to ride.

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