Best Dog Pool For Outdoor Fun in 2019

Unlike us, our dogs don’t sweat as efficiently as we do. They do sweat but only in areas of the body that do not have fur like the paw pads and the nose. Sweating is an important mechanism for cooling the body. That is why dogs pant a lot if they are tired or when the environmental temperatures are way too hot. It is through panting that they are able to release most of the excess heat from their bodies. You can just imagine how hot your dog will feel during the summer. And just like you, it also needs a way to keep its core body temperature down. This is exactly why you may want to consider a dog pool

A dog pool is an accessory that actually doubles as a bathtub for your young child. Choosing the right dog pool is crucial to help ensure optimum cooling fun for your pet this summer. If you’re lost on how to proceed, you can start with our 10 best dog pools in 2019.

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FrontPet Foldable Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub

FrontPet Foldable Dog Pet Pool Bathing Tub

One Dog One Bone Paw-Shaped Play Pool

One Dog One Bone Paw-Shaped Play Pool

Intex Snorkel Buddies

Intex Snorkel Buddies

How to Safely Use a Dog Pool

Not all dogs love the water and will thus, enjoy a great time in a swimming pool. But for those doggies that have a knack for staying in a tub filled with refreshingly cool water, the concern is mostly related to their safety. Most experts recommend training dogs to ensure swimming pool safety. But, if you’re only using a portable pool that is only several inches deep and fits only one or two of your pooches, a different approach may be considered. Here’s how to safely use a dog pool.

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  • Always choose the right dog pool

This is already a given. As much as possible, you need to pick a doggie tub that’s made of almost-indestructible material. Most of those available in the market today are made of durable PVC then lined with fabric material to improve its comfort. If you have the budget, it is better to get an accessory that comes as a one-piece design. This helps negate the risk of the pool bursting at the seams and injuring your dog. Heavy-duty plastics should be tough for the job. At any rate, the product you choose should be puncture-, chew-, and scratch- proof.

dog pool

The size of the dog pool should also be taken into consideration especially if you haven’t taught your pooch how to properly swim yet. Don’t get a pool that is significantly deeper than what your pooch is capable of. Consider this as an introductory to swimming in the human-sized backyard swimming pool.

  • Train your dog in obedience

Before you even start considering various canine swimming pool safety tips you may want to invest time and effort in obedience training your mutt. The doggie pool may be shallow but it needs to understand and obey certain commands such as “come” if ever you want it to have a much safer time in the doggie tub. “Sit”, “lie down”, and “stay” may not be used in the pool but these can surely be used elsewhere. The point is that you will need to train your dog to follow your commands so you can help ensure its safety even in a shallow pool.

  • Never leave your pooch out of sight

You may have trained your dog to follow your commands but that doesn’t give you the right to leave it alone in its kiddie swimming pool for dogs. Accidents happen all the time and mostly when you least expect it.

  • Learn Pet CPR

As absurd as it may sound, learning how to perform CPR on your pet is very important and should never be taken lightly. The water may be shallow but your mutt can be too playful that it can actually drown because water will be entering its lungs and not the digestive tract. That is why you should also not leave your pet swimming unsupervised so you can jump right in and save your pet.

  • Protect it from the heat

Sure the dog pool is cool. But did you know that heat is actually more intense near the water? It may be cool in the pool, but once your pet jumps out of it, it’s exposed to an unusually high level of heat. So, make sure you have plenty of shade and provide your pooch plenty of water to drink and stay hydrated.

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Getting your pooch any of the 10 best dog pools in 2019 could very well be one of the most sensible ways you can help ensure your mutt gets a really fun time while helping it cool itself from the summer heat. To help ensure your mutt truly enjoys its time in the pool, you’ll also have to observe some safety tips. Give your mutt the best summer fun today.

pools for dogs

The Benefits of a Dog Pool

You may have a dog that is already a prolific swimmer. While there are certain breeds that are naturally attracted to water, don’t expect your puppy to go out and jump straight into your swimming pool at first instance. You have to understand that swimming isn’t something that all dogs are inherently born to do. They have to learn.

One of the safest ways to get your puppy to learn how to swim is to get it a puppy pool. Dog pools give your dog a much safer area which it can learn to appreciate the feel of the water and slowly learn its doggie strokes.

Another benefit of a dog pool is that it can be used for other purposes, such as bathing. Again, not all puppies love getting smothered and then lathered with a puppy shampoo. This is especially true if you’re going to put them in a bathtub where they will feel trapped. Bathing them in a dog pool should help dispel any apprehensions they may have.

A dog pool is a great tool for your pup to have fun in the backyard. Sure, it may run around your yard together with its littermates and playing with their toys. But, if you can add another element to their playtime, then it will be all worth it. Don’t mind them getting all wet and dirty. It’s all part of play time. Just make sure to give them a bath right after, though. Plus, in the scorching heat of the summer, having a puppy pool should keep your young hound cool.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Pool

If you’re looking for the right dog pool to bring home to your pet dog there are several things you might want to consider before settling on a particular pool.

  • Purpose

You have to decide whether the pool you are looking for is basically for swimming only or do you want to be more like a wading pool. The thing is that if you want it to be for swimming, then it should be large and deep enough to allow your dog to really swim. If it is only for wading or cooling purposes, then a pool with lower sides or a relatively shallow pool should suffice.

  • Dog’s activity level

This relates to the material of the dog pool that you will be buying. If you have a pet that is known for being hyperactive with the tendency to scratch and chew on things, then you’ve got to choose a pool that’s made of virtually indestructible material like metal or perhaps heavy-duty polyurethane or some similar durable polymer. If you’ve got a hound that’s not really known for scratching things, then a dog pool made of heavy-duty PVC should suffice.

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  • Amount of supervision

Any activity that your dog is engaged in requires your supervision. If you get a doggie swimming pool, then it’s a must that you supervise it the entire time your dog is in the pool. If you cannot commit to full-time supervision, then a wading pool or a shallow pool should be in the offing.

  • Ease of entry

If you do get a large and deep dog pool for your pet, you’d also have to consider getting a dog ramp built specifically for dog pools. Smaller or shallower pools usually don’t require any dog ramps. However, the height of their sides should be low enough to make it easy for your pet to jump right in and out of the pool.

Different Dog Pool Designs

One of the things you’ll have to consider when buying a dog pool for your canine is its design. Here are a few of the more common dog pools:

  • Swimming pool

These are large and deep pools intended primarily for swimming. They’re made of sturdier materials since they will be holding larger volumes of water. Additionally, they will need plenty of space in your backyard as well as ease of access for your dog to get in and out of the pool. This can be in the form of a dog ramp or dog stairs.

  • Wading pool

They call these pools paddling or wading pools because the water will be too shallow. It’s perfect for dogs that prefer simply lying down and lapping at the cool water enveloping its body. It can come in various designs such as paw- or bone- shaped pools.

  • Inflatable dog pool

As the name suggests, these pools need to be inflated for them to be filled with water. If it is large enough it can actually function as a dog swimming pool. If it is small and shallow, then it functions more as a wading pool. The problem with this design of dog pool is that it gets easily punctured.

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Best Dog Pool FAQ

Q:  Why should I buy a dog pool?

A:  While you can actually use your kid’s swimming pool for this purpose, it may not be able to stand up to your pet. Kiddie pools are designed to accommodate the weight of your baby, not a 100-pound hound. It is for this reason that a dog pool may be necessary especially if you have a water-loving breed like Labradors.

Now if you already have a full-sized swimming pool in your backyard and you don’t mind your pet jumping in the water with you, then you clearly don’t need a dog pool. But if you don’t like your pool to be full of pet hair afterward or you don’t want your pet to get chlorine or any other swimming pool chemical treatments on its body or into its system, then you’ve got to really buy a dog swimming pool.

Even if your dog is not a swimmer, it will still be able to benefit from its own swimming pool especially in the summer.

Q:  How do I get my dog in the dog pool?

A:  Some dogs do get it the first time they are presented with a pool of water. You can almost see them enthusiastically jumping right in. But if your pet is a bit skittish with the pool around, you may need to help it get accustomed to the dog pool.

Setup the dog pool in your backyard and allow your pet to inspect it. If it sees or feels that there’s water, it might even jump right in. Alternatively, encourage your pet to go near the pool. Stay beside the pool and call your dog. If it comes to you, praise it and give it its treat. Put a rubber toy into the pool and play with it. Or you can step into the pool and encourage your pet to do the same. The thing is for you to always reinforce the behavior that you want from your dog by giving praises and treats.

Repeat the process several times until your dog will jump right into the pool on its own. The trick is to make going into the pool be recognized by your dog as something very pleasurable. So don’t ever force your pet to like going into the pool. Be patient.

Q:  Is a dog pool for swimming or just cooling off?

A:  It all depends on the depth of the dog pool. If it is deep enough that your dog cannot really touch the bottom of the pool without submerging the rest of its body, then it could very well be a great dog pool for swimming. However, if the water is only up to the level of your dog’s chest or your dog can easily stand on its feet while inside the pool, then the purpose of the dog pool is more for wading. Shallow pools can provide dogs with a more comfortable way to cool themselves, especially during the hot summer months as they can easily lie down on the pool without having to worry about being submerged.

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Q:  Do I need a ramp for my dog pool?

A:  It depends on the size of your dog pool. If it is large and deep enough that your dog will need assistance in getting on and off the dog pool, then you may want to get a dog ramp. Otherwise, if you’re talking about an 8-inch high pool, then your dog can just as easily jump over the edges.

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Our Top Dog Pool

With a reliably tough and durable construction in addition to its no-fuss setup, the FrontPet Foldable Large Dog Pool Bathing Tub easily wins the plum for the best dog pool. Its individual panels allow for easier folding and storage while also giving the FrontPet the rigidity needed to sustain its shape when in use. It’s puncture-proof and rip-resistant, too. And while it is more expensive than the other products we have reviewed, it makes up for it by making sure this is the last dog pool you’ll ever buy since it will last a lifetime.

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