The Best Dog Grooming Scissors (Review) in 2021

Last Updated January 14, 2020

Having a dog to call your own is amazing. Not only are they the most cuddly, loving companions (take that cat lovers) but they are also very fun and loyal. As rosy and daisy this all sounds, by now you must have figured how much of a responsibility raising a pet is. Brushing their teeth, giving them occasional baths, providing nutritional meals, and of course, grooming them. An extra-furry dog needs to be groomed regularly to stay in top health and maintain that cool, clean look. Instead of taking them out for ‘professional-grooming’ stay at home and develop your own spa. Buying a regular set of scissors won’t cut it either, dog grooming scissors are specially crafted for a dog’s thick fur and bodily needs. Here we have outlined some of the best dog grooming scissors suitable for the special needs of your dog.

The Best Dog Grooming Scissors


The Pet Magasin Grooming Scissors comes with two high quality scissors for suitable and complete pet grooming. The long one measures 6.5inches, providing extremely smooth edges suitable for you dog’s delicate skin. These sharp smooth Japanese steel blades deliver one-touch clipping when trimming fur; the smaller pair sports micro-serrated blades for detailed work around the mouth, ears and face of the pet. Whether you are using these for professional or home use, it’s a great addition to the grooming tools of well-deserving pets.

Rounded tip for safety

High quality Japanese stainless steel blades

Pre-sharpened blades

Cushioned handles for extra comfort

  • Brand: Pet Magasin
  • Model: PET0000100
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

Sharp surgical snipping blades

Crafted for long term use

Easy-action blades


The grips are not so comfortable

Aren’t the most professional pair


Looking for a full-on grooming set for dogs? Then the Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit should interest you. The set comes with a pair of scissors as well as clip-on combs to brush through the hair before trimming. Interestingly, these combs also act like clippers and are perfect for those who are used to using clippers. And of course, are more affordable. There are seven differently sized combs for all fur types and lengths as well as rounded tip blades for safe grooming.

16-piece grooming set

Soft gel finger inserts

Quiet cutting tools

Stainless steel scissors with serrated blade

  • Brand: Scaredy Cut
  • Model: SCDP
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces

Easy to use at home

Adjustable screw

Sharp, safe blades


Inconsistent quality

Finger rings aren’t smooth


The Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissor is a round-tip stainless steel pair, suitable for grooming sensitive areas. The sturdy yet comfortable TPR handle ensures convenience on the hands as well as the elongated finger rest for stress-free grooming sessions. Watch the quality, pre-sharpened blades cut with precision, ensuring an efficient, clean cut every time.  Get more out of grooming sessions with this well-rounded blade that will ensure safe and fear-free trimming sessions.

Safe round-tip blades

TPR handle with finger rest

Premium stainless steel blades

Measures 6.7 inches long

  • Brand: Chibuy
  • Model: PS-01
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces

Safe and durable

Ergonomic design

Sharp blades


Handle isn’t that comfortable

Rounded tips are still a bit sharp

Doesn’t open and close quite smoothly


For the perfectionist’s complete plug in to an all-round grooming session, there’s the LILYS Pet Professional Pet Dog Grooming Set. This all-purple set comes with an 8” cutting scissor, a 7” thinning scissor, an 8” curved scissor point up and an 8” scissor point down. Also included in the set is a grooming comb to brush through those tangles and reveal hairs that are not in place. The stainless steel, titanium coated scissors are hand-made to precision, extra-strong, durable and functional.

4-piece dog grooming kit

6CR stainless steel coated with Titanium

Razor-sharp edges

Full stainless steel construction

  • Brand: LILYS PET
  • Weight: 1.19 pounds

Great thinners


Each pair is individually useful


May have to sharpen regularly

Are a bit squeaky

Don’t open and close smoothly


These Pet Thinning Shears were made for professional use, but can still be used at home by pet parents that know their way around grooming. They work great for thinning out extra thick fur and balancing out the lengths of short and long hairs. No doubt, these shears are needed for that cherry-on-the top finishing after a smart cut. With 28 teeth on the serrated blade, its full form ensures precise thinning and snipping off stray hairs. For quality control and precision, all blades are pre-sharpened to deliver clean, smooth snipping.

Serrated comb blade

Extra-finger rest

Comfortable moulded handles


  • Brand: Sharf
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

Ergonomic grip

Comfortable use overtime

Provide professional finish


Not so sharp


Tame those overgrown hairs with the Sharf Gold Touch Pet Scissors; its 7.5” form is great for those full body snips. What’s more, it stuns in a beautiful silver and gold design made to stand out among the other basic grooming tools. Made with premium quality Japanese steel, these dog scissors are sharp, smooth and durable and deliver a fine, clean cut on overgrown hairs; ensuring your treasured pet emerges with a cute, healthy looking and adorable coat. Get that fast-fix with this pet grooming scissor made for long and thick hairs alike.

7.5” straight shears

440c Japanese steel

Gold accents

Finished with shiny, durable polish

  • Brand: Pet Magasin
  • Model: PET0000103
  • Weight: 1.28 ounces

Rubber comfort rings

Extremely sharp shears

Deliver precise cuts


A bit heavy on the hands

Finger holes are a bit small


The Gimars Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Scissors has to be one of the best dog grooming kits on the market. Made with Titanium-coated 3CR stainless steel, they are not just smooth and attractive, but they are also super durable. Each tool was reinforced via cold treatment to ensure they remain extra-hard and sturdy form for enhanced durability. The kit comes with 6.7” thinning shears, 7.3” straight scissors, and a 7.3” curved scissors. In addition, there’s a stainless steel grooming comb, a cleaning cloth and a protective zippered case.

4-piece dog grooming equipment set

Adjustable screw

Separating blades

Well-contoured handles

  • Brand: Gimars
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Great for both professionals and beginners

Glide easily

Sharp blades


Not great for professional use

Case is a bit tight

Finger openings run a bit small for larger fingers


The LovinPet Pet Grooming Scissors rock a 7” form that’s perfect and safe enough for your furry friends’ overgrown facial hairs. The blunt rounded-edges are a reassurance to snip away without the concern of poking or hurting the dog. Designed with curved shears that accurately thin and trim the fur, the blades are sharp and will quickly shave off overgrowth. These scissors are made with fine stainless steel for extra-durability and long term use.

Blunt tips for safe use

Cushioned handles

Adjustable screw

Roomy finger rests

  • Brand: LovinPet
  • Weight: 2.56 ounces

Sharp blades

Great length for trimming

Provide a sturdy, balanced grip


Blade tips may pull dogs hair


If you’re looking for a luxurious, premium pet grooming shear, we just have to recommend the Kenchii Scorpion 8” Straight Pro Dog Grooming Shear. They are designed exquisitely from Japanese steel that won’t rust or get lost to corrosion. What’s more, these are great for professional use; they’ll be able to bear all the hard work without compromising on the excellent sharpness and smoothness they deliver. Incredibly sharp, extra sturdy, smooth hinges; the Kenchii grooming shears are made to deliver clear, clean cuts.

8” straight blade

Butterfly handle

Durable edge

Lifetime warranty

  • Brand: Kenchii
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

Provide clean cuts

Suitable for trimming bulk hairs

Smooth feel on the hands


May be a bit heavy on the hands

Best Dog Grooming Scissors Buying Guide and FAQ

If you happen to have a lovely, furry dog, then a good pair of grooming scissors is essential. Grooming the fur actually makes them feel more comfortable, healthy, and has them looking neat. Of course, there’s the option of getting a professional to do it, yet it’s better to learn to do so personally. That being said, before jumping right in and getting the seemingly right pair of grooming scissors, there are important information nuggets to digest first.

Dog grooming

Things to Consider When Buying Grooming Scissors

  • Material

It’s common knowledge that scissors are commonly made from metal, different kinds of metal. Ensure to pick a pair made with a metal that won’t corrode or rust over time like stainless steel or carbon steel. Most people go for stainless steel, not only is this metal durable, it’s also lighter than its counterpart. It equally promises an extra-sharp edge for clean, precise cuts and longevity as well. You’ll also find that stainless steel is the affordable option when it comes to price, it may be affordable yet it’s very reliable when it comes to high-quality and durability.

  • Type

There are different kinds of grooming scissors in the market; this is because different manufacturers have them designed to suit different purposes. It’s important to know the purpose for which you are buying a pair of grooming scissors. Whether for cutting the fur around the tail, trimming the hair under the paws or cutting out matted hair, there are different scissors to designed suit those purposes.

  • Brand

Just like most pet products on the market, the brand is exceptionally important. Some brands have been up and running for years, proving their viability when it comes to delivering top-notch, pet-friendly quality products that actually do the work. Others have built a good reputation for themselves over such little time; it’s hard not to trust them. At the end of the day, it’s important to ensure the brand has a reputable history of making quality and durable pet products that are safe enough for them to use.

  • Size

Grooming scissors come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the purpose they are to serve. Long scissors could measure up to 8.5 inches in length while short grooming scissors would stop about 5.5 to 6 inches. As you may have already guessed, longer scissors cover more areas and invariably cut more hair.

When looking for efficiency and a cleaner finish, long scissors are the groomers’ top choice. On the flip side, short scissors are used to pay more attention to certain areas, providing more control for a detailed finish. Since they are lighter and smaller, short scissors may also be easier to handle.

Types of Dog Grooming Shears

  • Straight-edged scissors: Just as the name implies, straight-edged scissors deliver a straight cut through the fur. They’ll be an evident straight cut indicating the areas that have been groomed.
  • Curved scissors: These kind have a slight curved tip, they are great for pet-parents who are just getting the hang of grooming fur. Curved scissors are used to trim fur around the coat; they are the most effective grooming tool for trimming. They can especially be used on the face, feet, and ears for a well-finished fur cut.
  • Thinning scissors: These types of scissors are designed with notched teeth on the inner blades which are used to thin the fur on dogs with an extra-thin coat. They don’t completely cut hair, but nibs off specific hairs for a less fuzzy and full look.

Benefits of Owning Grooming Shears

  • Saves Money: Owning a pair of grooming scissors will actually help save those dollars previously spent taking the pet to get groomed professionally. Dogs should be groomed regularly, say, once every month; by getting it yourself, that extra buck could go to buying some reward-biscuits after a good trim.
  • Healthy Grooming: Grooming your dog is great for the dog’s health; it keeps overgrown hairs out of intricate areas like the ears, paws, mouth and their privates as well. Trimming the coat could also help identify any skin condition under their thick fur.
  • Proper Coat Care: Most people just wing it and use any pair of scissors available around the house, not only is this unhygienic, it’s also point blank wrong. Dogs have different needs, and grooming scissors for pets are designed to suitably trim and properly groom the dog.

Dog trimming

Tips for Trimming Your Dog’s Hair

  • To ensure safety and less fidgeting during routine trims, it’s best to train your dog to sit through grooming times. This will ensure they stay still, and eventually end up with a clean, well-finished look
  • Always start by trimming the fur around the ears and face; they are the most sensitive areas on the dog’s body.
  • Use thinning scissors to take off excess hair off the mouth, ears and face area for a better finish
  • When trimming the paws, use short scissors that measure about 3 to 4 inches long, also ensure the dog is calm and possibly lying down when doing this. It’s also better to have the paw in hand, to ensure stability as this is a sensitive area.
  • When trimming the tail and surrounding areas, brush the hair out first then trim the hairs that stand out. Take your time to trim the tail and hind legs and around the anal region for a cleaner hygiene after bowel movements.
  • Full length shears are necessary when trimming the full body overgrowth; start from the front area just around the neck and work your way down.
  • If you notice the pet is scared and starts to squirm, it’s best to take a quick break while reassuring the pet, wait a few minutes before starting again.

Best Dog Grooming Scissors FAQ:

Q: Can I use human scissors on dogs?

A: It is not proper or advisable to us human scissors to trim a pet’s fur. This is because they lack some of the safety features in dog grooming scissors to get the job done safely

Q: How do I clean dog grooming scissors?

A: To properly clean dog grooming scissors after use;

  • Place the scissors in hot water treated with an anti-bacterial soap. Leave them in for about 30 minutes, before taking them out and drying them off with a soft towel.
  • Use a soft hand-towel or cotton wool with a dab of rubbing alcohol to wipe the edges of the blade,
  • When dry, store in a clean plastic bag or place in a dry compartment and cover it.

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Q: How often should I clean dog grooming shears?

A: You should clean grooming shears immediately after use to ensure any bacteria or dirt gets washed off before storing away.

Groomer cutting dog's hair

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick is the Pet Magasin Grooming scissors, which comes with a pair of scissors, one for trimming the paws on the face and paws and a longer one for trimming body hair. Both scissors are superiorly smooth, with quality, sharp blades that would make its way through even the thickest fur.


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