The Best Cat Calming Treats (Review) in 2021

Last Updated October 16, 2020

It’s an awful process when you have to take your cat to the vet – for both parties. As your cat shakes in horror at the prospect of being examined by an unknown human, you feel guilt as you attempt to coax them into their cat carrier. Yet for owners who own cats who suffer from anxiety, the overwhelming guilt of feeling as if you can’t do anything to calm down your cat is often difficult to manage.

However, calming aid for cats provides owners with a viable and inexpensive solution for minimizing your cat’s stress-induced behaviors. These effective supplements are easy to introduce to your cat due to their palatability and will help them control their stress. We’ve compiled what we regard as the top six cat calming treats, all specially designed to help your pet combat stress. Let’s take a look below.

The Best Cat Calming Treats



Pet Naturals of Vermont’s Calming Chews for cats provide the most delicious solution for stressed cats. Its delectable chicken liver flavor sets it apart from the masses – your pet will wolf it down, just like any other chew. Each delicious chew isn’t a sedative, so if fed to your cat during the day, will prevent them from suffering from side effects such as mood changes or drowsiness.

This proprietary blend comprises of premium ingredients renowned for their calming effects, such as Thiamine, Colostrum Calming Complex, and L-Theanine to ensure your cat can reap the benefits of undisturbed sleep. On a similar note, the inactive ingredients present in these soft chews contain no wheat, corn, or artificial ingredients to speak of. Undoubtedly, they’re a fantastic calming product geared towards making the lives of both you and your cat plagued by stress that bit easier.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1): 65 mg

Colostrum Calming Complex: 9 mg

L-Theanine: 8.5 mg

First three ingredients (inactive): Brewers Yeast, Calcium Sulfate, Canola Oil

  • Brand: Pet Naturals of Vermont
  • Model: 070081C.030
  • Weight: 45.4


Delighted buyers everywhere are keen to promote VetriScience’s “Composure” – that is, bite-sized cat chews that will make both owner and cat feel calm once more. Thanks to acclaimed ingredients Thiamine, L-Theanine, and Colostrum and their positive effect on the nervous system, you’ll find your feline to be less irritable and stressed out as a result. Plus, weight-based dosages guarantee that your cat receives the correct level of stress support.

A Composure chews’ calming effect will become evident after a mere thirty minutes and last for four hours. What we love about VetriScience’s cat calming products in particular is that when your pet finds themselves more anxious than usual in a stressful situation, Composure is safe to double or triple the recommended dose.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1): 67 mg

Colostrum Calming Complex): 11 mg

L-Theanine: 10.5 mg

First three ingredients (inactive): Brewer’s Yeast, Canola Oil, Chicken Liver Flavor

  • Brand: VetriScience Laboratories
  • Model: 090081C.030


NatureVet’s calming aid will do exactly what it says in the name – to provide “quiet moments” in the lives of anxious cats. One glance at the back of the tin is all it takes to discern that these soft cat chews have been designed with the utmost care and precision; the comprehensive breakdown of active and inactive ingredients speaks for itself.

Not only does this calming product contain recommended calming ingredients L-Tryptophan and Thiamine Mononitrate, each chew also contains natural anxiety alleviators chamomile and ginger. The latter ingredient even supports sensitive stomachs, which is crucial if the situation that freaks out your feline the most is travelling to the vet.

*Warning: As no evidence exists concerning the effect these soft cat calming chews may have on pregnant cats, we advise against administering them as calming treats”

L-Tryptophan: 50 mg

Chamomile: 6 mg

Thiamine Mononitrate: 6 mg

Ginger: 1 mg

Melatonin: 0.01 mg

First three ingredients (inactive): Brewers Dried Yeast, Canola Oil, Dried Potato Product

  • Brand: NaturVet
  • Model: 79903640


If you own a stressed-out small dog as well as a cat, Tomlyn’s treat bag is recommended for your multi-pet household. Your pet will keep coming back for more of these chews by virtue of their incredible chicken flavoring and soft texture. One chew per day will help your distressed kitty relax to the point that they’ll be less keen to hide in a corner and more interested in snuggles.

Containing a commendable sixty-six milligrams of L-Tryptophan to naturally calm down your cat, manufacturers astute decision to include ginger and chamomile is another reason why these chews are sought-after amongst pet owners. Both ingredients calm a cat’s upset stomach, which is a typical symptom of stress.

L-Tryptophan: 122 mg

Chamomile Flower: 79.2 mg

Ginger Root: 13.2 mg

First three ingredients (inactive): Arabic Gum, Brewers Yeast, Calcium Sulfate

  • Brand: Tomlyn
  • Model: 430076


Since 1996, Ark Naturals has continued to succeed in their mission to produce exceptional pet supplements, and their Happy Traveler Bite Size Soft Chews feature as one of the company’s many accomplishments. Curated to curb the stress levels of senior dogs, these chews are bite-sized, meaning that they’re easy to digest and chew. As older dogs require an abundance of nutrients in everything they eat, Ark Naturals don’t disappoint in this respect, as the soft chews are packed full of natural prebiotics and probiotics.

An analysis of the ingredient list positions Arks Naturals as a company who aren’t afraid to feature herbal ingredients not usually found in cat stress supplements. As well as the usual L-Tryptophan featuring in these chews, St John’s Wort – an unusually-named herbal remedy that has been used for hundreds of years – is included in this formula to treat mild anxiety.

Calorie content: 3,017 kcal/kg (226 kcal/per chew)

Valerian: 40 mg

German Chamomile: 40 mg

L-Tryptophan: 40 mg

St. John’s Wort: 20 mg

First three ingredients (inactive): Black malt extract, Dry Poultry Liver Flavor, Flaxseed Oil

  • Brand: Ark Naturals
  • Model: 326003


Proudly made in the USA, ThunderWunders’ Calming Cat Chews are the anxiety supplement that alleviate pets’ stress, one bite at a time. Cats everywhere will be delighted by the heavenly chicken flavor of these chew. And with around 100 vet-recommended chews in each packet, they’ll be able to tear through a maximum of four chews a day to curb their stress levels.

Containing all the right ingredients to cater towards soaring anxiety levels – that is, a proprietary blend of L-Tryptophan, Chamomile, and Thiamine – these calming chews are drug-free and easy to work with. Plus, if these calming cat chews unfortunately don’t work as they’re supposed to for your anxious pet, the company urges owners to return this product to them to obtain a full refund that can be spent on other calming products. ThunderWunders aren’t in the business for profit; the company’s principal goal is to stop stress from running your cat’s life.

L-Tryptophan: 25 mg

Chamomile Flower: 6 mg

Thiamine Mononitrate: 6 mg

First three ingredients (inactive): Brewers Dried Yeast, Calcium Propionate, Canola Oil

  • Brand: ThunderWunders
  • Model: T05-C-Calm100

Best Cat Calming Treats Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Look for in Cat Calming Treats

As cat calming treats feature a different ingredient list in comparison to ordinary cat kibble, even seasoned cat owners don’t know where to start when scrutinizing the label for signs that the cat calming treats they’ve set their eyes on is of high caliber. Detailed below, we’ve formulated two questions to ask yourself when in this very situation.

What are the active ingredients included in your prospective cat calming treats?: For cats in particular, the best active ingredients that set cat calming products apart from the rest are described below.

L-Tryptophan: This amino acid naturally occurs in many proteins. Its greatest benefit for cats is its role in creating neurotransmitter serotonin. Although buyers may be perplexed when D-Tryptophan appears on the label, the only real difference between both forms of this amino acid is the orientation of the molecule. Put simply, the D at the front of D-Tryptophan is derived from the Greek prefix dextro, meaning “right”. Surprisingly enough, the L at the beginning of L-Tryptophan doesn’t actually mean “left” – it’s similarly derived from the Greek prefix “levo” which, of course, means left. Anyway, both forms of the essential amino acid are fantastic for cats, and even create vitamin B6, which is essential for energy metabolism.

L-Theanine: This fantastic amino acid has a fast calming effect on cat. Thankfully, all chewable tablets containing this amino acid have presented themselves as a palatable option for cats who need it.

How often can you feed these cat calming treats to your stressed out kitty?: For cats who spend their entire day impacted by anxiety, only feeding cat calming treats to them at night won’t be enough to calm them down. Accordingly, it’s essential to check the frequency to which these tablets can be administered to your cat.

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Benefits of Using Calming Treats for Cats

They have been scientifically proven to calm down kitties: Cat calming treats aren’t another one of those marketing products that were advertized so hard buyers started to believe that they worked. These products actually work for when your cat finds themselves in a stressful situation or suffers from chronic anxiety. The overwhelming amount of evidence speaks for itself. One prominent 2018 study published by the Irish Veterinary Journal found that administrating amino acid L-Theanine to thirty-three stressed out cats for a month dramatically improved undesirable manifestations of stress in cats, of which shaking, inappropriate elimination, and overall mood were among them.

Treats can be used as a positive reinforcement technique: All cats – stressed-out or not – love when their owner gives them human attention, despite what most people think! Giving them treats won’t only help them combat stressful situations, you’ll simultaneously be able to demonstrate to your feline that you care.

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Best Cat Calming Treats FAQ:

Q: How can I tell if my cat is stressed out?

A: We’ve highlighted a number of symptoms of anxiety below, as well as including other possible causes for these symptoms to have arisen. Our intention isn’t to suggest that the diagnosis of your cat may be incorrect; we simply don’t want you to jump to conclusions when there may be other reasons why your cat isn’t themselves.

  • Physically shaking: If your cat physically shakes at times, this does indeed points towards the fact they’re stressed out. This is one of the easiest anxiety signs to spot.
  • Sores and lesions on their skin: Although a reaction to medication and poor grooming may also cause sores and lesions to form, anxiety is another common explanation.
  • Failure to produce solid stools: If a cat isn’t mentally or physically healthy, their poop should be one of the first indicators that something isn’t quite right. Other reasons for loose stools can be a change to a cat’s diet, or even Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Not using their litter box: If your cat’s failure to use their litter box is the only symptom, remember that cats are clean animals and hate to be amongst mess – even if that mess is their own!

If your cat is displaying the vast majority of these symptoms, chances are they’re stressed out. However, due to the plethora of illnesses these symptoms are associated with, we recommend taking your cat to their veterinarian for a proper diagnosis. Not only will you stop worrying over an incorrect diagnosis, your vet will be able to rule out any underlying issues that may be provoking anxiety in your pet.

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Q: How can I calm my cat down at night?

A: In no way should you punish your cat for being anxious. This certainly won’t help them and, most likely, will exasperate their anxiety. Therefore, throughout every stage of the process, be kind and treat your kitty with the utmost kindness.

Create a cozy spot for your stressed-out kitty to relax in: As many breeds of cat are tree-dwellers, being elevated at night may help them relax. To this end, buying your feline a cat tree or elevated bed may make them feel more in control. Your cat’s brand-new elevated bed should be tucked away someplace in your home that doesn’t see much footfall.

Streamline the positioning of your cat’s essentials: If your anxious cat’s litter tray is all the way down in the basement and their cat food in the kitchen, the thought of making their way to each corner of the house is enough trigger chronic stress. Although placing a litter tray in your bedroom is a horrifying thought, it’s a small sacrifice to ensure your cat becomes less anxious and sleeps through the night.

Calming essential oils induce sweet dreams: If your anxious cat struggles to calm down at night, there are natural cat calming products out there to help them, such as calming essential oils. Honeysuckle and lavender oil in particular has been renowned for making stressful situations a little less nerve-racking. In fact, vets even state that when they’re dealing with an aggressive cat in the examination room, they often put a few drops of lavender oil on a paper towel to calm the cat down.

Give your cat calming products: We wish to finish off our buying guide by reiterating the power of the cat calming products displayed in our product selection. Just one chew a night will allow your beloved feline to relax and transform back into the cat you know and love.


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