Soulistic Cat Food Review

Last Updated March 12, 2020

The Soulistic brand has a mission to provide quality meals for felines to remain healthy and active. Their meals are cooked to human standards, and delicately prepared to suit the needs of your pet kitty. This brand also pushes to build confidence in the hearts of buyers, helping them realize the bright side of quality production. To elaborate more, this Soulistic cat food review is centered on all you need to know about this credible brand and also features five of the most recommended Soulistic cat foods.

Soulistic Cat Food Review


Our best choice is this yummy chicken recipe from Soulistic. Though the Soulistic Good Karma Chicken Dinner wet cat food may taste fantastic, that isn’t entirely what makes it our best choice for your feline. On the other hand, the purpose why Soulistic created this food is our motivation for this review. They observed from numerous studies that cats are picky eaters basically because they aren’t entirely moved by the taste or smell of foods. Rather, they appreciate the texture that foods possesses. With this knowledge, Soulistic went further to craft out several perfect texture-based meals for most, if not all cat breeds. This became one of their guides for production, and from which the Soulistic Good Karma wet cat food was concocted.

This Good Karma meal is particularly high in protein, and is certain to push your feline’s health to a supreme level. The chicken used in this recipe has the right texture and is shredded for convenience while eating; also building muscles and promoting growth. Deliciously enveloped in gravy, we can tell you that this Soulistic cat food is bound to be irresistible. The chicken was carefully selected from a cage-free background. Plus, growth hormones and antibiotics were completely excluded from its rearing stages. This was done to provide utmost safety for your pet, and to ensure the meal remains highly nutritious. This recipe is entirely grain-free to allow easy digestion, and is gluten free to maintain a healthy and happy system. With no genetically modified ingredients and artificial implementations, the Soulistic Good Karma wet cat food is a product you can trust.

9% minimum crude protein

1.4% minimum crude fat

0.5% maximum crude fiber

0.5% taurine

  • Brand: Soulistic
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds


As a premium worthy selection, the Soulistic Good Karma Chicken Dinner canned cat food is what your feline deserves. This is simply as a result of the immense quality production this canned cat food went through. To assure your pets are in the safest hands, Soulistic endeavored to take extra measures during production, by manufacturing only in human food facilities. Made in clean and humane environments, and with the best of equipment, there’s a sense of confidence for all pet owners, knowing the quality of food their cat is taking in. 

Soulistic also acquired the British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification for their quality production. The BRC certification happens to be a supreme certification given to food manufacturing facilities for their efforts towards production. This certification is focused on the safety provided through meals, and the overall food preparation standards. This further proves that Soulistic cares about the wellbeing of your pets, and thus, was able to reach their manufacturing standards.

Crafted with this same high quality standards, the Soulistic Good Karma Chicken Dinner canned cat food provides all the substantial nutrition your feline needs for a healthy lifestyle. Comprising a major protein diet, there’s enough room for growth and development. What’s more, the chicken is shredded, dipped in gravy, and enveloped with multiple vitamins and minerals to enrich your cat. And the inclusion of taurine also provides noticeable developments with vision, while also ensuring your cat’s heart is functioning optimally. As a safety measure, and to avoid tampering with the deliciousness of this food, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives were excluded from production.

10% minimum crude protein

1.1% minimum crude fat

1.1% maximum crude fiber

0.25% calcium

  • Brand: Soulistic
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


Soulistic is a brand that instills confidence in users who use their products. This is majorly achieved through their rigorous safety measures. They aren’t just concerned about the felines eating their meals but also about other animals. Thus, for the formation of their fish recipes, they endeavor to ensure all their fish is responsibly sourced, without any trace of dolphins or sea turtles. This means that when Soulistic sources for their tuna, they take extra safety measures to catch only the tuna, and no other kind of fish. This is achieved by line fishing which is contrary to using a net, for the safety of all kinds of animals.

Soulistic also intended to curb one major cat challenge with their recipe – weight issues. They acknowledged the fact that many cats battle to maintain healthy weights and made some extra efforts to implement a diet for this sole cause. Thus, the Soulistic Luna Tuna Dinner in Pumpkin Soup is a meal that doesn’t just provide utmost confidence for users to purchase, but also reflects the perfect diet your cat deserves. This wet cat food features an array of high protein ingredients all sourced to provide the healthiest nutrition for your cat.

Additionally, the brand intentionally excluded major forms of carbohydrates to increase the digestibility level of this meal. Plus, with such a nutritiously sourced meal, the major focus won’t be on how much your cat eats, but the high quality nutrition being ingested. This Soulistic cat food is deliciously packaged in cuts of tuna and dipped in a savory pumpkin soup to provide the perfect texture and taste for your feline.

9% minimum crude protein

1.4% minimum crude fat

0.5% maximum crude fiber

0.05% taurine

  • Brand: Soulistic
  • Model: FBA_P4
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds


Studies have shown that a major challenge cats often face is on the subject of hydration. Hydration is important for any system to function properly, and when there’s insufficient provision, further challenges may arise. Also on this topic, Soulistic acquired vital information on a cat’s tendency to take water willingly, and realized that although they may be in dire need of it, they don’t seek to satisfy their thirst like humans and other mammals do. Thus, it’s important to cater for a cat’s thirst as often as possible.

With this knowledge, the brand found a drive for the production of their cat food recipe. Strictly being wet-based foods, there’s enough moisture to keep cats hydrated for long periods. Unlike some dry food products that require water being served after, there’s complete security with this Soulistic cat food. The Soulistic Harvest Sunrise Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner recipe is a suitable example of extreme moisture incorporation. It has a high protein composition with chicken being the base ingredient. Not only was the chicken sourced from a cage-free background, but as always, no hormones or antibiotics were used during the rearing stage.

This composition is accompanied by pumpkin for a boost in flavor and nutrition. Essentially, both have been enveloped in gravy for utmost moisture and an intense burst in flavor. Being our best value option for purchase, this recipe is certain of keeping your feline healthy and happy. More so, being gluten and grain free comes as a bonus advantage to ensuring utmost health and safety.

8% minimum crude protein

1.1% minimum crude fat

0.5% maximum crude fat

84% maximum moisture

  • Brand: Soulistic
  • Model: 2420910
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


There are a lot of things that this brand strives to achieve with their meals, and amazingly, urinary tract health is one of them. Urinary tract infection for cats often results in frequent journeys to the litter box which is an unpleasant experience. Though a portion of this emanates from dehydration, Soulistic cat foods already provide the substantial composition for that. The major aim was to incorporate something extra to guarantee positive results. Thus, they stumbled on the need to have a low ash composition in their meals.

Ash is made up of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and is produced when bone is cooked. They realized that having a low ash composition properly promotes urinary tract health; and as such, adapted to making only boneless recipes. Whether their using cuts or shreds of meat, the brand ensures to keep the meals entirely boneless for a proper reduction in composition. The Soulistic Aqua Grill Tilapia & Tuna Dinner recipe inculcates the low ash content to ensure your cat has an unyielding healthy lifestyle. Made with wild caught fish, there’s sufficient proteins to keep your feline in constant health.

This recipe has an adequate composition of tuna and tilapia, cut precisely for convenience while eating. This was dipped in gravy for a tasteful adventure and to provide sufficient moisture for your cat. No artificial implementations were made to this food and it is strictly natural and safe for your cat to intake. More so, the seafood flavor this meal has is bound to appeal to your cat’s senses as cats generally love fish.

10% minimum crude protein

1.4% minimum crude fat

0.5% maximum crude fiber

2% maximum ash

  • Brand: Soulistic
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces

Soulistic Cat Food Buying Guide

Company Information

Soulistic is a brand formed by the company called Weruva. Weruva Soulistic specializes in providing pets with the topmost quality food that can be found. With carefully selected ingredients and human grade food production, pets are ascertained of utmost health and security. The Soulistic brand represents the type of meals that feeds the soul, and this is achieved by carefully understanding the needs of pets per time. This is also contributed by the drive they have to see your feline companions healthy and active. With proper nutrition incorporated for a healthy lifestyle, there’s a superior type of confidence when you choose Soulistic cat foods.

Cat lying near a food bowl in the kitchen

Why Choose this Brand?

  • Texture-based meals

The Soulistic brand focuses on the needs of pets, and for cats that are picky eaters, it’s important to have the right meal to pacify them. Thus, with sufficient research, they  discovered what appeals to such cats apart from the taste and aroma of the food; this is none other than the texture of the meal. With this incorporation into their cat foods, there are positive reactions for even the toughest cats.

  • Quality production

To ensure that your feline gets nothing but the best, the brand puts in the extra efforts to ensure their meals are produced to supreme quality. They are prepared in human food facilities, and with the best of ingredients to ensure the utmost safety of your pets.

  • Responsibly sourced ingredients

All ingredients used for the Soulistic cat food recipes were sourced from incredibly credible backgrounds. The chicken used is cage-free, and was exclusively reared without the use of hormones or antibiotics. More so, the tuna used are responsibly sourced by way of line fishing, to avoid getting other animals like dolphins or sea turtles if a net is used.

  • Promotes healthy weights

Being high protein diets, Soulistic cat foods provide the essential healthy weights that cats require, alongside ensuring muscle developments and proper growth.

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Ingredient Analysis

  • Chicken

Chicken is an incredibly rich source of protein which ensures cats get healthy weights and muscles. More so, it contains an array of vitamins needed for a healthy lifestyle, also providing substantial energy cats require for daily activities.

  • Taurine

Taurine is an insightful incorporation that Soulistic endeavors to include in their meals. This improves vision and ensures the heart is functioning optimally.

  • Tuna

Tuna is a great protein food that not only provides nutrition for cats, but provides essential moisture needed for hydration. Energy production and healthy weights are also attached to the intake of tuna.

  • Pumpkin

Pumpkin has great fiber content and keeps your cat’s digestive system in check. Amazingly, it also helps with urinary health, which is one of Soulistic’s aims for production.

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Pros & Cons

  • Quality meals
  • Promotes healthy weights
  • Provides essential moisture
  • Aids in urinary health
  • Excess fish may be unhealthy for cats
  • Some cats may not like pumpkin incorporations
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